it's about how i have pepper spray in my pocket when i leave the house

Backpack tips

I am a commuter student and last year was my first year of college. It was tougher on me than the students who lived on campus. I had to keep all my things with me all day because I couldn’t just hop over to my dorm if I had forgotten something. I wasn’t a commuter who could drive, I don’t even have a license so I took the bus each day. I had a lot less flexibility and I had to be more conscious of what I had to do each day. I learned a lot about what I had to bring and how to organize my bag each day. I don’t want people to get frustrated so here are some tips!

1) Have a sturdy backpack

I suggest you get one with lots of pockets and space. Pockets help! Also get a backpack with two straps. Shoulder bags dig into your shoulder if they’re too heavy (and they will be). With a backpack the weight is more evenly distributed and it saves you a lot of back pain. I have an Eddie Bauer backpack. Large hiking backpacks are great, and this brand actually has a life time guarantee so if anything happens to it I can return it and get a new one for free (though it has to be the same model).

2) Laptop pockets

Most backpacks have them now but if yours doesn’t have a laptop sleeve to protect your baby. And always have your laptop to the back of your backpack (i.e. closer to you). The front is the place where it can be abused easier. It is bumped more, it bends, that’s where you rest your feet during lectures, and where you have your books and notebooks. Closer is safer.

3) Supplies

Fill your bag with your needed books and supplies with your heaviest closer to you. Books and binders closer to you and folders and notebooks towards the front (away from you). you don’t want to topple over.

Know your schedule! You won’t have all your classes everyday so you can lessen your load on some days and save your back! 

4) Outside pockets

Water Bottle! Stay Hydrated! And try to keep containers away from your laptop and papers. Water bottles tend to sweat.

5) Chargers

Since I commuted it was scarier when my phone would die when I was on campus. My chargers would tangle if I left them loose in my bag. I would lose them also. Use some sort of bag to keep them in one place.

Use some sort of bag to keep them in one place like a ziplock bag or a small zipper pencil bag. Anything will do if the cords are contained. Make sure it is big enough for all your cords (phone charger, computer charger, ipod and its charger, earbuds, etc…)

6) Front Pocket

You keep all your pens and pencils in here just like any other grade. Although if you don’t consistently maintain it you’ll lose everything or it will get horribly messy. These pockets are your friends.

Also if you keep it clean you have room for your charger bag. I had enough room to put in that and a small toiletries bag. If you can’t, don’t sweat it. that can go in the main pocket.

Keep small snacks, a pocket umbrella, and your wallet and/or a lanyard in here. Be careful about the wallet though. People can unzip your pocket and take things. Also it could fall out if you leave it unzipped accidentally. I had a lanyard to hold my bus pass for easy access. When I didn’t wear it I had it in here.

In your wallet keep at least ten dollars in cash with you even if you have a credit/debit card. It could help you if your card is declined or if you are stranded somewhere or whatever. 

I also have a small first aid kit. It is the Altoids can and it only has bandaids in it. While on campus it is very unlikely that you’ll be injured badly or at all on a daily basis besides paper cuts. Unless you forget that it is not good to ride your bike/skateboard in the snow. (This does not cover assault wounds. Call an ambulance or campus security immediately.)

7) Toiletry bag

Most girls have this down but I’ll still explain the best things to bring along. You’ll need a small bag, about the size of the charger bag, for this. Below are some general stuff and some specifics but your bag will be tailored to you and your needs.

General stuff:

1) Deodorant

2) tissues

3) perfume/cologne

4) brush/comb

5) chap stick

6 )gum/ breath mints


1) Pads/ tampons

2) makeup for touch ups

3) condoms

4) hand lotion

5) any needed medications (prescription or topical)

Like I said if it doesn’t fit in the front pocket put it in the main pocket with your books.

8) Zipper accessories

This one you can ignore if you want to. I find it aesthetically pleasing and it individualizes your bag to fit you. Also it is easier  to grab your zippers and open them when you need to. You can use anything that can clip on to your zippers.

9) Keys

You will probably have a set of keys by now so you probably have a carabiner. If you don’t you can get them cheap at Walmart. I keep my keys clipped on the outside of my bag so i always know where they are. Clip them to the straps if you have the little plastic D-rings but if your straps are naked you can clip your keys to the handle on the top of your backpack. 

On my carabiner I have my house key, bike key, accessories, and pepper spray. I suggest this for everyone no matter who you are. Knives are good but in a confrontation they can be taken from you. If you have long days away and a long commute like me you’ll probably be getting home in the dark. Better safe than sorry. I got mine from Target.

That’s really all I have to share about how to pack your backpack for commuter students. This can be adapted for anyone and for anything. You can use this same concept for trips, high school, overnight stays, or anything. I hope this helped and I hope you all have the best of luck in school!


Summary: Jungkook comes to your aid when someone is trying to hurt you
Genre: Angst
Member/Band: Jungkook/BTS
DISCLAIMER: If you are ever in a situation where you have to walk home or anywhere at night, if possible please ask for someone to walk with you. If not, please be aware of your surroundings! Always be able to protect yourself, even if it's just pepper spray. Trust your instincts and if you have to fight, fight like the fate of humanity and your life depends on it! Please stay safe!
-Admin Zar

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The air in the atmosphere was hot and sweaty. There was people basically stacked on top of each other; dancing, kissing, and so much more. The room smelled like a mixture of liquors and cigarettes, causing you to choke on the air a few times. In the corner there were people playing several drinking games and some guy spiking the drinks even more. But what was there more to expect from a Halloween party. There were girls dressed up as kittens and sexy nurses and men dressed up as gangsters and…. was that a Mr. Incredible costume you just saw?  

You were dragged to the party by a good friend of yours, but as usual she has somehow disappeared. It wasn’t like you didn’t like parties it just she usually brings you along randomly. While most girls were dressed up as sexy anything basically, you decided on a Harley Quinn makeup look inspired by the Suicide Squad trailers.  

You pushed and shoved people out the way as you tried to get to open space so you could find the friend of yours. But after searching for a while, you decided to step outside and call her. Her phone rung 3 times before she answered.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Where are you?” You asked impatiently.

“Don’t be mad at me but-” She started before you cut her off.

“You left without me again, didn’t you?!” You spoke in an annoyed tone.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I really am but-”

“But nothing! You were supposed to be my ride!” You said before sighing, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You cut the conversation short. You took it as your chance to leave. It was about 1 o'clock in the morning, last time you checked. It was going to be a 20 minute walk back to your house, but you had no other choice. You walked quickly on the sidewalk, to try to get home faster and you sometimes jogged a bit to speed up the process. The loud sound of a police siren caught you off guard, causing you to jump a little. You took a turn on a street that was potentially, very dangerous at night. And tonight would be your unlucky one.

“Hello Beautiful.” You felt some guys sticky hands wrap around your waist. You tried to wiggle out of his grip, “You should come have some fun with me and my friends.”

“Let me go, let me go!” You screamed as you tried to fight him off. You kicked him in an ‘not so fortunate’ area and began to take off. As you did so, you reached in your pocket to grab your phone to call the police. But you were tugged by your arm, causing your phone to drop your of your hands.

“Where are you going, baby? I play hard to get.” He whispered in your ear. Chills ran down your spine.

“Let go of me! Help, someone help!” You screamed, tears running down your cheeks as you tried to fight off the man.  

He eventually let go of your hand, causing you to fall to the ground. I stood up, beginning to run away. But as you looked back to see if he was running after you, you noticed another guy. He seemed to be ruthlessly, beating the man to a pulp. After he wiped the sweat off of his forehead, he spat on the man laying limp on the ground. He turned in your direction you were about 50 feet away when he called out to you.

“Are you okay? That’s a stupid question, I know you’re not okay.” He spoke as he jogged up to you. He held your shoulders. You looked up into his dark, doe like eyes and gave him a small, reassuring smile.  

“I’m fine, thanks for that. I can’t even think of what would’ve happened if you didn’t show up.” You spoke softly, and continued walking with him following along wtith you.

“I’m didn’t quite catch your name.”

“Y/N. And yours?”

“Jungkook. Well Y/N, would you mind if I walk you to your destination?” He asked.

“Not at all.”

The both of you spent the last 15 minutes walking to your house. Jungkook made jokes to get you to laugh and smile and was very successful at it. By the time the two of you made it to your house, it didn’t feel like 15 minutes had passed. You gave him a small kiss on the cheeks and asked for his phone.

“Why?” He asked as he unlocked, and gave it to you anyway.

“So you can come to my rescue again,” You spoke as you put your number into his phone and sent a message to yours to get his, “How about saving my hunger at lunch next Saturday?”

He nodded his head with a smile as a reply before turning away to leave. You watched as he left off your porch, until he was finally out of your sight.