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Witch Tips for City Witches

City Witch Tips for all of my fellow witches stuck in apartments, dorms or other city areas.

  • If you can’t burn incense you can make your own sprayable incense by mixing alcohol (usually vodka or rubbing) with essential oils and a bit of oil, spray in the air to act like incense
  • If you are unable to go outside for whatever reason to get rain water (in my case just no where to collect it safely), fill a jar or glass with regular water and keep it near a cracked window to charge it with the wind, sound and scent of the rain outside. Same goes for storm water
  • Trapped in city and unable to get ocean water? Sea salt mixed with rain/storm water can be an excellent substitute
  • To continue on with water substitutes, if you can’t collect snow crushed ice from your fridge will suffice
  • Low key warding/protection you can use: spray moon water, salt water or sprayable incense about your apartment or dorm, place sigils under doormats, furniture, inside cupboards, etc; place crystals about hidden or out in the open, sweep and dust out the door or towards windows
  • If you need melted wax to seal a jar or for any other magical purpose, but can’t burn candles, by a wax melter and melt that wax and imagine the light from the burner acting like a flame (plus they are rather cheap, I got mine for 25 bucks)
  • Need stars in your craft but too much light pollution? Glow in the dark stars on your ceiling or wall can work just as well for visualization. Print out pictures of your favorite constellations or planets and place them up on your walls or on your altar. Live video feed of the night sky can also be easily found on the internet
  • Bath magic is amazing for low-key ‘in the woods’ witches. Use teas, milk, oils, herbs, bath bombs, bubble baths, salts, etc that relate to your intent. It is also a good place to meditate if you have roommates or family around that would disturb you otherwise
  • If you do for whatever reason need to burn a candle, birthday candles are small, melt fast, and don’t create a lot of smoke or smokey scent
  • Sigils are another great low-key form of magic. To boost them up, use color magic related to the color you draw them in, write them using quills made of feathers related to your intent, use colored paper, rub a drop of essential oil on them, charge them with crystals or in your windowsill
  • You don’t have to burn sigils to activate them, which is hardly an option when you are in a dorm or apartment. Other options are: Shredding them, erasing them, soaking them in a bath or shower, using body heat or your own pulse, etc
  • Miss having the outdoors and plants around? Windowsill gardens can really help. Small plants you can consider keeping in your windowsill or counter-tops: succulents, cacti, bamboo, lemongrass, basic, rosemary, mint, rosemary, mosses, aloe, snake plant, pothos (and other vines), carrots, beets, shallots, lettuce, spinach, garlic, chives, parsley, oregano, thyme, and marigold
  • Open your window to let the wind and air from outside to help energize you and clear out negative energies inside
  • Fun places to put sigils: under furniture, carved into soap, onto shampoo/conditioner bottles, on your make up, inside phone cases, in shoes, under bandages, sewn into pillow cases and blankets, behind pictures in frames, underside of nail polish, carved into wax squares for your wax melter, keys and keychains, behind mirrors or in medicine cabinets, on bookmarks, on or in binders and pencil cases, on medicine bottles, and water bottles/travel mugs
  • Easy to make and dispose of poppets: carrot sticks (one of my personal favorites), apples or other fruit, clothe, paper, popsicle sticks, paper towels/napkins, toilet paper rolls, eggs, celery stocks, and cotton balls
  • The internet is an amazing thing. Need some sounds to help you focus or meditate? Easily look up the sounds of rain, storms, wind, ocean waves, jungles, forests, etc
  • Christmas lights are fun and great way to use discrete witchcraft. Select ones in the colors you wish for them to bring ie green for growth, yellow for inspiration, white for protection, purple for psychic abilities, etc. 
  • Some everyday things you can use for discrete witchcraft that don’t cost much at all or that you most likely already have: water, table salt, black pepper, paper, crayons/pencils/pens/markers, vinegar, milk, tea, highlighters, make up and beauty supplies, shampoo and conditioner, rubber bands, paperclips, thumbtacks, computer/phone/tablet, music/music player, playing cards, dice, air freshener, perfumes, toothpaste, rice, flour, sugar, honey, and all kitchen herbs and seasonings.
  • Can’t afford gemstones or crystals on college budget? Crackle and dyed quartz you can find super cheap at craftstores and online. I bought a whole bag for 4 bucks. Use them based on their colors and shapes. Can’t afford that but still want to use rocks in your craft? Find some rocks you like outside, again use their colors and shapes to determine their correspondences. Want to use them for a specific purpose? Paint sigils on them in the color that corresponds with what you want! Charge them in your windowsill or with your own energy and intent. There you go!
  • Pocket mirrors are cheap, easy to carry around and great for glamours and on the go magic. 
  • Seriously though, glamour spells are going to be a good option for you. use your make up, skin products, hair care products, brushes/combs, perfume, mirrors, toothbrush/toothepaste and intent. Good to do while you are getting ready for your day
  • Dream magic is another friend of the city witch! Use crystals, sigils, herbs, etc near your bed before you go to sleep, drink some chamomile, get yourself a dream journal (mine is literally a notebook with construction paper on it), keep it and a pen near you. In the morning write down your dreams, your thoughts, how you feel (tired, refreshed, groggy, etc), and interpret them. 
  • Can’t afford tarot cards? Print out some, you can usually find them online and they won’t last as long as a real deck but it is a good temporary solution. Want a Ouija board but can’t keep one or need it to be easily hidden? Print one out, draw on one on paper or cardboard, fold it up and store it once you are done. Want a pendulum but can’t afford one? Use your favorite necklace, bracelet or keychain!
  • Tea and coffee magic is great, make your own tea blends with the herbs you like. Or just buy simple green or black tea and add sugar, milk, etc depending on your intentions
  • As I said before, crock pot magic. The Modern Cauldron: brew and cook all day with it, fill your apartment with the scent of the herbs and food to fill it with the energies they correspond with and you get a delicious meal to come home to! Most dorms allow them. Rice cookers also work well.
  • Can’t afford fresh food? Have to survive on ramen, canned soup, and microwaved meals? That is okay! They even correspond with things! Tomato soup for love, beauty and passion. Beef ramen noodles for strength, courage and longevity. Microwave mac n cheese for beauty and feminity. Look at their ingredients and what they correspond with. Sure its not as glamorous as a making a huge made by scratch traditional meal but its kitchen magic none the less. Stir it with your intent while you cook. It isn’t fancy but it works just as well!
  • Use a notebook or binder for a nice grimoire, decorate it as much as you want on the inside. Print out pictures of nature, animals, planets, stars, places, crystals, etc that you cant’ access/afford and use them in your craft. Spell books and grimoires are powerful tools
  • Don’t have a wand? Use a wooden spoon. Tie a colored string or ribbon to it to correspond with what energy you want it to have and move and flick it as you would a wand. 
  • Knitting, crocheting, and knot magic is very apartment friendly. As well as sewing and embroidering plus it is super calming.
  • Glitter, sequins, and beads are great in witchcraft! Use their colors to determine their correspondences. Put them in spell jars, sachets, bottles, etc. Glitter tip: if you spill any don’t fret, get some packing tape, wrap it around your hand with the sticky part outwards and dab at that glitter spill. You will literally pick up all of the glitter in seconds!
  • Enchant and charge your pots, pans, skillets, and other cookware to make every meal magical
  • Make moonwater in your windowsills. Use it for cleansing, beauty, divination, clarity, protection and purification
  • Take walks. Even if it is a city there is still nature about. Pigeons flying about, potted flowers outside of stores, grass growing in front lawns, etc. Enjoy yourself, even if it is not some wild, vast forest you can still connect with your local nature.
  • Pick up litter or garbage you see outside, being in the city we all see it. The natural world around you will appreciate you helping out. Bring a bag with you when you take your walks or travel and fill it with wrappers you see on the ground.

I hope this was helpful to all of my fellow city and dorm witches!

Parents didn’t always read the orientation material.

There were a few, every year.  They insisted on helping the new students move into the dorms.  They sent boxes from home, full of cookies or brownies or favorite munchies.  They called frequently (it wasn’t safe.  Letters were safer, e-mail was safer, even texts were safer, but calls not so much.)  They begged for pictures, for visits, and sometimes they accidentally-on-purpose “just happened to be in the area”.

The staff tried to deal with parents.  Oh how they tried.  Usually it worked.  The Gentry almost never kept parents.

But some… some parents never left.

She had taken piano lessons when she was younger.  Her parents approved:  that was a womanly decorative thing to do.  She had never played sports, because that wasn’t a womanly decorative thing.  She wore dresses.  She took ballet, she sang, she painted. Her parents told her every day in every way who they thought she should be, and she tried, she really did.

She was tired of not being good enough.  

She applied to Elsewhere, and got a full music scholarship, and carefully out of sight in the shower she sobbed with relief and fear.  Her parents loved her, they really did, they told her so.  The disappointment at her, the silent treatment, the confinement and not being allowed out with her friends… well, they were just trying to protect her, right?  They didn’t know the bubble wrap they tried to put around her was smothering her.  

She read the orientation paperwork, every single scrap.  She wanted to do everything right, because the thought of doing it wrong terrified her.  Even the strange stuff, maybe especially the strange stuff, because everything in life was a test, another opportunity to disappoint.

“As an environmentally-conscious measure, Elsewhere University’s campus is not set up to allow automobile traffic.  For those students who need transportation help, there are staff with golf carts available, as well as a series of campus shuttles that make regular stops.  Bicycles are available for rent by the hour, the week, or the semester.  Skateboards and skates are permitted but proper safety gear must be worn.”

Father was angry when campus security wouldn’t let him drive straight to her dorm.  She trembled.  Always, when Father was angry, somehow either she or Mother paid.  He fumed while waiting for a golf cart, he clenched his jaw when the staff member driving the golf cart refused to simply step aside and hand over the keys, he was elaborately careful when helping load her things after being refused a campus map.

Her dorm was a solid brick building, a pleasant generic institutional place.  Father insisted on carrying her things up to her room, on the second floor.  "So I know where my little girl will be,“ he said. His anger cooled a little with the exertion, down to its usual simmer.

It only took a few trips to get all of her things upstairs.  Father insisted on a hug, just on the edge of being painful as his hugs always were.  She endured it, because trying to get away always earned a lecture.  "I love you so much, you’ll always be my little girl, you are a disappointment because you don’t love me as much as I love you, but I will forgive you because I am better than you.”

“Elsewhere University wishes to be the beginning of a new life for every student.  We ask that students choose a nickname, in order to facilitate this feeling of a new beginning.  Common nickname categories are an interest, a favorite song or work of art, an aspiration, or a personal quality.  It is our firm belief, demonstrated by decades of successful graduates, that this practice allows students the freedom to really expand their horizons and demonstrate both their personalities and their capabilities both actual and potential.  In support of this practice, we ask that legal names not be used on campus except with the Student Services or Records and Enrollment offices.”

The driver helped as Father made one last check to be sure nothing had been left.  He reminded her to call twice a week.  He hugged her again, ignoring the gasp she made as he let go.  "Remember to call your Mother, Susan.  You’ll always be her little girl, and you know how she worries.“

“I will, Father.”

The driver watched, waiting patiently while Father said his good-byes, then cleared his throat.  "Sir, if you want to attend the parent orientation, we need to be going.“  

"Yes, I’d planned on attending.  I need to know everything, to help keep my Susan safe.”  Father climbed aboard, and the driver waved as they left.  For an instant his hand seemed to have too many fingers.

She felt eyes on her as they drove away.

She climbed the stairs back to her room, looking forward to taking her shoes off and unpacking.  The door, locked when she left it, was still locked, but now there was a pile of stuff underneath the open window.  

“Hey!  Sorry I wasn’t here when you were bringing stuff up, he looked a bit intense, oh hey are you ok?”  The girl on the tree branch outside the window climbed in and sat on the windowsill.

She nodded.  She locked the door behind her, then sat on one of the beds.

“I’m Magpie, second year, one of the stage monkeys for the theater.  You wanna see?  No obligation.”

“Yeah, I… I paint, a little.”

“You do?  Cool!  Hey, but if you want to go see, that outfit’s cute and all but it’ll get ruined pretty quick.”

“I’ve got some grubbies, let me unpack.”

Magpie grinned and pushed her hair behind one ear.  "Your dad isn’t one of those types who thinks he’ll be visiting every weekend, is he?  'Cause I can’t hide all the time.“

"I think he was heading to the parent orientation.”

Magpie blinked.  "Oh… kay.“

"What, okay?”

“There’s someone I want you to meet.  They go by Melanotis. They’ll tell you about the parent orientation.  Are you sure you’re ok?”  Magpie pushed her hair back again. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.  Why do you keep asking?”

“There is no parent orientation.  Here, take this.  No obligation.”  Magpie took a ring off of her index finger and handed it to her.  It was a puzzle ring made of iron and pyrite, and it fit her index finger as if it had been made for her.

“Thanks, but why?”

“My dad was like that, too.  What do you want to be called?”

The choice, the possibility of choice, was dizzying.  Something to hang onto… a favorite song.  "Call me Sussudio,“ she said, and smiled.



Jerome x Reader

“You should try talking to (Y/N), he was obsessed with her, you might get more answers.” One of the dancers pointed you out for Jim who hurried over and stuck his hand out for you to shake.

“I’m Jim Gordon, you’re friends with Jerome?” He asked and shoved his hand in his pocket when you glowered at it.

“No, he’s a nut job, why would I be friends with him?” You sighed, glancing at Lee when she hurried over.

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Anon: College Klance, where Keith’s sick but he has a really important test in one of his classes so he goes to class anyway. Keith and Lance happen to have that class together, and normally Lance just tries to ignore the other boy, but the Keith waddles in wearing a big coat, scarf and a wool beanie. It’s like 80 degrees out, so he knows somethings off. Bonus: For Keith being light headed and having to be carried back to his dorm room. (PS Thank you for writing awesome fics)

A/N: So I heard you guys liked pining Lance. Cashing in the bonus, someone should draw Keith in winter gear with the scarf covering his face up to his bright-red nose.

Lance hadn’t noticed the boy before. He hadn’t noticed that mullet hair, or that red jacket, or that little glance they shared when the boy would walk in a minute before class started-

Okay, maybe he’d noticed. But that’s just because the guy sat in front of him in the lecture hall! How could he not look at the way his stupid hair turned up at the ends or the stupid way he twirled his stupid pencil with his stupid nice fingers-

Okay. Maybe he’d done more than notice. Maybe he’d put in some extra effort into trying to see the boy’s name on his test. Maybe he’d lost track of class while watching the boy lazily doodle on his notes. Maybe he’d seen ‘Keith Kogane’ on the list of packages at the front desk of his dorm hall and almost choked. Just maybe, though. Probably not. Definitely not.

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home is wherever i’m with you

length: 1k

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

a/n: thank you to @cherryonsimon​ for the beta and @amazingmsme​ for the prompt!!

baz has a thing for simon’s wings, especially when he’s having a bad day

I can tell Baz’s had a bad day the moment he enters the flat, slamming the door behind him and muttering about daft professors and fucking study groups and–for some reason–his father. Baz has bad days and then he has Bad Days, and I can tell today is the latter.  His face is pinched, his frown is deep, and I’m not shocked when he doesn’t stop to kiss me on his way in.

Baz doesn’t live with Penny and me, but he’s over here often enough that it feels like it sometimes. He’s even got his own key and drawer. His shampoo is next to mine in the shower. It’s not much different than when we were roommates at Watford, except it feels more domestic now, means something different. There we cohabitated because we had to, now we do it because we want to. It’s scary sometimes how okay I am with that.

Baz claims it’s just because Fiona is gone so much and he can’t be bothered to buy food, but I know better.

I also know better than to push him to admit things.

It took us a while to get to this point, if I’m honest. We still get into it, even now that we’re together. Some things never really change. He’s overdramatic, Baz is. And stubborn. And I suppose I can be a bit stubborn at times too, which isn’t very helpful when you’re having a row and neither side will back down.

But I’m always careful around him when he gets like this and I always know what he needs.

The first time it happened, we’d been on the couch watching Masterchef reruns. I’d been about to get up to get a snack because the show always makes me hungry, when I felt Baz’s fingers brushing my right wing. My first instinct was to pull it back until I noticed his expression. He looked peaceful as he stroked it and I found I didn’t mind the sensation all that much. Or having to give up my snack.

Actually, that’s a lie.  I pushed him away about 10 minutes later and got some crisps from the kitchen. He looked ready to throttle me until I handed him his own bag (salt & vinegar) and we resumed our earlier position.

It’s turned into a routine. Most days it’s just idle touches here and there, but on bad days, especially Bad Days, Baz likes to snuggle under them like a child. I don’t mind. I spent so long making him miserable, I’d do most anything to make him happy.

Fucking Snow is waiting by the door when I get home, looking like a kicked puppy when I shove my way past him to the bathroom. I strip down once I’m there and turn on the shower, hotter than it needs to be. I need to wash this day off of my skin, scald myself until it’s completely gone and I can forget about every little thing that went wrong.

I know he won’t try to talk to me about it. It’s one of the (many) things I love about Simon. He understands that sometimes it’s okay to just… not talk.

I can hear him bustling around the flat even through the bathroom door. He’s not exactly quiet, especially when he’s always bumping things with his wings or tripping over that damn tail.

I step under the spray and let the water run down my back. The slight burn feels good. Therapeutic. Grabbing my shampoo from the shelf where I’d left it the last time I was here, I start to wash up.

Occasionally I think I should stop pretending and just move in properly, but we really do need space from each other sometimes. Still, I’ve left so much over here. Like clothes. And shampoo. My shampoo that Simon used once, when his ran out, and I hated it. He smelled… wrong. Which is about a thousand times worse when you’ve got a vampiric supernose.

I finish up in the shower and put on a pair of Simon’s trackies. I briefly consider nicking a t-shirt as well, but the holes on the back always feel weird, like a draft right on your shoulder blades.

When I enter the lounge Simon’s waiting with a cup of tea and his wing open at his side. He’s put in the dvd for the first season of Downton Abbey, a major acquiescence on his part (although he does occasionally get into the storylines).  

I sit next to him and lean into his side. He rests his wing on my shoulder, effectively wrapping me up, and I exhale and reach for the cup. He’s made it just the way I like it, the way only he knows: with lots of sugar and light on the milk. The exact opposite of him. His own pale brown cup is sitting half-drunk on the coffee table, probably already cold. Simon has a habit of doing that.

“I like this.” I say and take a sip. It’s perfect.

“I know,” he replies, “you don’t exactly keep it a secret.”

It’s true. I’m a bit obsessed with Simon’s wings. Sue me. I’m always finding excuses to touch them, especially on days like this when nothing seems to be going quite right and all I want to do is curl up on the couch and hide from the world.

Once I’ve finished my tea, we rearrange ourselves on the couch so I’m almost in Simon’s lap and both of his wings are surrounding me. We lay like that until the first episode fades into the second and I realize that Simon’s fallen asleep behind me. I feel his warm breath against the back of my neck as he begins to snore softly. It’s comforting, this routine.

I suppose it’s not quite normal–normal, not Normal–to enjoy being cocooned by a pair of wings belonging to your boyfriend, but then again, nothing about our life is.

And that’s perfectly fine by me.

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x18 - The Memory Remains

I haven’t had an opportunity to do a rewatch yet – life stuff, tax stuff, etc. – but I want to get some things written before they go out of my head.  So.

  1. Three big things are going on with Dean this ep: Cas being missing, Dean’s  behavior as the holder of the Colt, and Dean’s hookup with Carmen.

    We know that Dean is stressed with Cas being MIA.  This is two episodes straight where we know he’s making calls, and he makes it clear to Sam that he’s been trying to track Cas through the usual channels – his phone, police and hospitals, etc. – to no avail.  It bothers him.  He’s not okay.  This is an active stressor for Dean.  When Dean is stressed out in one area, he tends to turn up the volume on other behaviors in other areas.  The boy’s got coping mechanisms for days, generally manifesting in violence, substance use, erratic behavior, and recreational sex.

    The situation with the Colt might well be the simplest thing happening with him in this ep.  He has the Colt and he’s practically fucking doting on it: maintaining it while he talks with Sam, carrying it as his regular weapon, etc. It makes good sense that he’s keeping it close with Dagon in play, but I feel like it’s more than that.  Holding the Colt means holding something that makes him more powerful.  It simplifies things.  He doesn’t have to think as much when he’s got that in hand.  Given that he’s already stressed, this is welcome.  

    And then there’s Carmen, the waitress with a familiar name (2x20, his djinn-induced dream girlfriend) with whom he blows off some steam in an easy, brother-ditching hookup.  There’s nothing to critique about recreational sex – people have it, it’s fun, blah, blah, blah – and it’s been a part of Dean’s character for most of the show that hookups of opportunity are a part of his lifestyle.  What’s interesting about it is the timing: Dean’s out of balance with Cas missing and the temptations inherent in holding the Colt.  

    Mindless hookups of opportunity aren’t just satisfying in their own right (which again, I’m going to allow that they are) when they’re also compensating for another unmet need, or relieving stress.  Dean and sex, Dean and drink, Dean and burgers?  Pursuit of pleasure to compensate for pain is Dean’s real lifestyle choice.  That the thing is satisfying in its own right is immaterial when there’s a pattern, and there is.
  2. I’d be curious how intentional it was on John Bring’s part to bring in a metric fuckton of callbacks to other episodes.  There were shades of the Benders and the Stynes, as well as the community in Scarecrow.  Shades of law enforcement handwaving from The Chitters.  There was an outsider brother (Andy’s brother Ansem in 2x05, Adam Milligan) trying to get his due.  There was the taxidermy thing (direct 9x05, but also 7x17 and 3x13 if you squint), Carmen’s name, Game of Thrones references (various episodes from S9 on).  And, of course, the carving of initials onto the bunker table which…
  3. …brings me to an uncomfortable thing in that there’s a lot of talk about legacy and endings, passing things on, and the bunker itself.  I know I’m not the only one looking at this and wondering a) if they’re starting to set the pieces in place for a path to endgame, and b) worried about the Bunker’s continued existence, but…yeah.  Those two things.  At an extremely high volume.
  4. One of the big factors in my concern for the Bunker is, obviously, the BMoL home invasion party.  Which, wow.  Massive violation on an extraordinary scale.  And worrying in terms of the Winchesters maintaining a home base beyond S12.  I wouldn’t call it unexpected – this is really just escalation from Ketch bringing liquor and Mick showing up uninvited with the unwelcome news that all chapter house keys work on all chapter houses – but it’s ugly. 

    Two interesting things about this:
    - Ketch steals a photo
    - Dean shit-talks Ketch after the phone call at the table he and Sam just marked.

    This suggests to me that Dean, without even seeing the rest of the Bunker or having an opportunity to discover the missing photo, has an inkling that something is Wrong.  Because that bike?  He liked that bike earlier in the season.      
  5. It’s also a penny dropping for me about the nature of Ketch’s particular flavors of monstrousness, and his relationship with Lady Toni.  Arthur Ketch isn’t just someone groomed to violence.  He’s got obsessive behaviors that his training can’t compensate for.  He’s fixating on Mary enough that he broke the single cardinal rule of the operation he was staging: leave no trace.  He’s fixating on Mary, and given how dangerous he is as an individual, I think we can assume that any kind of pathological attachment is absolutely a flag for other forms of potential violence incoming.
  6. Going back to the premise of the episode, I did really enjoy the idea of a company town with a bit of nasty local lore, all of it with requisite “just the way things are” logical explanation.  

    Like, how many small towns have weird folklore?  And how much of it is genuine weird and how much of it is people being fucked up in unexpected or unpredictable ways?  

    We’ve also got someone at the heart of a nasty family legacy – “hunting people, killing them, the family business” – taking responsibility for it.  That makes me worry in whole other ways about, say, Mary.
  7. For once, my “watching while Pagan” moment was less about squirming at the show getting it super wrong, and more about pointing out one of the many, many reasons Carthage must be destroyed.  

Bonus Thing: 
Okay, but seriously.  Carthage must be destroyed. 

The Middle of the Night

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: StilesxReader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Kinda long, a little rushed at the end 

Prompt Summary: Reader and Sitles are in a relationship. When Stiles starts acting weird, reader decides to take it into their own hands

You and Stiles had been dating for a couple months now. And needless to say, it was the best few months of your life. Full of compassion, funny jokes and numerous Star Wars marathons. For the most part, you two were completely oblivious to the outside world and were only infatuated with each other. However, the past two nights, Stiles had been acting peculiar. He was fidgety and anxious, and hardly listened to what you said to him. It was as if he was living on his own planet; his own Death Star. 

On top of his abnormal acting, Stiles had been disappearing during the night. You had only noticed when around 1 A.M you woke to an empty bed and drawers left open with shirts spilling out. You worried about Stiles, he usually told you exactly where he was going and when he’d be back. So tonight, you devised a plan.  

You and Stiles sat in silence as drove home from school in his old blue jeep. His thumbs twiddled with the steering wheel, only the soft hum of pop songs from the radio could be heard between the two of you. 

“Stiles..” you murmur, keeping your eyes pinned to the road. He doesn’t reply, in fact he doesn’t even acknowledge your voice. “Stiles!” you say more sternly. Stiles merely jumps out of his skin, the jeep swerving in the middle of the road. “What?” Stiles asks. His face was pale. You furrow your eyebrows, “Stiles, are you okay?” you ask. Stiles shoots a glance towards you, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine”. You flopped against the back seat, completely unconvinced. 

11 P.M soon rolled around. You and Stiles had spent the day studying for a chem test atop his bed. For the most part, he remained quiet and focused, yet you could still spot multiple times where his mind wandered off. You both decided to call it a night, snuggling underneath the covers of his bed. With his arms latched around you, you could feel the tenseness of his muscles beneath his shirt, his uneasy breathing on the back of your neck. Your worry for him only peaked.

At 1 A.M, you felt him get out of bed. He opened the drawers, threw on a sweat shirt and strode out of the room, making sure to quietly close the door behind him. Once you heard the blue jeep engine roar in the driveway, you hopped out of bed, through something on and grabbed the keys to your own car. You ran downstairs, got into your car and waited till Stiles was a safe distance away, then you started up your car and drove after him.

You had been driving for about half an hour when Stiles suddenly made a sharp turn down an old rugged path leading into the forest of Beacon Hills.        “What are you up to Stiles?” you asked yourself, parking your car on the side of the road. You decided that continuing this journey on foot would be the safest choice.

The night air was bitter, sending goosebumps along your spine. Your tucked your arms close to your chest, desperate to keep whatever warmth you had close to your body. The moon hung alone in the sky with faintly shining stars accompanying its side. You kept your eyes pinned to the dimly lit tail lights of Stiles’ jeep. As you walked on, dead leaves crunching beneath the soles of your shoes, you noticed a looming shadowy figure come up in the distance. Your breath hitched, it was the old Hale house. 

Stiles jeep came to a halt and you found yourself hiding behind a tree, watching as Stiles stepped out of the car and briskly made his way up to the entrance of the Hale house. You shook your head, how did he even know the Hale family? Reluctantly, you followed him, taking uneasy glances around the huge, yet collapsing, house. You watched as Stiles opened the front door and stepped in, no hesitation what so ever. Your head lulled back, the last thing you wanted to do was go into the Hale house and merely 2 in the morning. Yet, you carried on, silently jogging up to the front of the house.  

You gingerly walked up the stairs, coming face to face with door. You stood there frozen. What were you supposed to do? Knock? Walk in? You took a deep breath and gripped the brass doorknob, the feeling of the metal cold against your sweaty palms. You opened the door, peeping your head around the corner to see five pairs of eyes staring at you. 

One of the eyes glows blue, long jagged teeth emerging from his mouth, claws drawn at his sides. You let out a scream, pressing your back into the wall as the man strides towards you. 

“Woah wait!” you hear Stiles’ voice call from behind the ginormous man. You stare at his glowing, electric blue eyes as they slowly return to a normal brown color, teeth receding into his mouth. The man glares at you.

“Stiles.. who is this?” the man asks in a low voice, his eyes not leaving you as he speaks. The other three people shift uneasily, all making there way towards you. 

“Who are you?” you hiss at the man. His upper lip twitches, “Derek Hale”. You stare in awe, “Stiles why are you hanging out with Derek Hale and why does he have glowing blue eyes?” you ask. Stiles runs his hands over his face, “Ok ok.. well um. Derek that’s my girlfriend Y/N.. and uh erm.. Y/N that’s Derek Hale” Stiles says. You shoot him a glare, only to notice Scott standing right next to him along with two of your other friends from school, Lydia and Allison. 

“What are you guys doing here? Is this some kind of cult?” you ask nervously. Derek snorts, “Close enough”. You look at him wide eyed. Scott turns to Stiles, “Does she know?” he asks. You shake your head, “Do I know what?” 

Derek rolls his eyes and lets his head slam into his hands, “Stiles, you didn’t tell her?” he groans. You begin to grow impatient, “Tell me what?” you groan. Stiles throws his hands in the air, “How am I supposed to tell my girlfriend that my best friend is a werewolf with werewolf friends that I secretly visit in the night!” he retorts. Shock floods your body and your eyes dart around the room.

“Wait, so you are all werewolves?” you ask. “No, only Scott and I..” Derek murmurs as his eyes glow blue once again. You look at Scott and with ultimate hesitation, he lets his eyes flash a deep crimson color. You stand there in silence, keeping your mouth squeezed shut. 

“So, you’ve been sneaking out every night to hang out with your werewolf buddies?” you ask Stiles. He licks his lips and nods his head.

“That’s so awesome!” you laugh. The whole pack looks at you in awe. 

“What?” Stiles asks in surprise. 

“Dude, you gotta tell me these things. You know I’ll want in” you say, still shocked yet excited about your new found friends of the supernatural. 

“Uhm.. alright then” Stiles replies, letting a huge breath flow through his lips. You then spent the rest of the night with the pack, learning about werewolves and other supernatural creatures with Stiles sitting right next to you, arm hooked around your shoulders the entire time. 

Rebound Girl, Pt. 5

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Summary: You think that Danneel’s news mean the end of your relationship with Jensen. Does he feel the same way?

Warnings: slightly Anti Danneel as always actually, idk, maybe mild angst? implied smut

A/N: part 5 to my series for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower challenge

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Reader’s POV

Your heart felt like a lump in your chest. Every beat of your heart hurt and it felt like a knot was tightening around your lungs. Breathing got hard, the blood rushed in your ears and you didn’t know what to do. It just hurt. Tears sprang to your eyes and you got up. You noticed that Danneel had started talking again but you weren’t able to grasp one bit of it. This was just too much for you to take, too much for your brain to handle.

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Business and Pleasure - Part 4

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,231

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by secretgif-s

The wedding was quick, simple, and in all honesty, it was more of a relief to have it over. There was no big fancy ceremony, no stress of finding a caterer, getting flower arrangements, finding a venue,  or creating seating arrangements. It was easier this way. Quick and easy. This was for the best. At least that’s what you tried to tell yourself.

It had just been you, James, your father, and Mr. Barnes at the courthouse. You signed the necessary papers and that was that. You were married. You were now Mrs. James Buchanan Barnes.

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anonymous asked:

(monster!Vex anon) So. Secret magic society in the normal world AU. The twins are the primary tenders of a bar called the Echo Tree (not the owners, though) which tends to a primarily magical clientele. At a glance, the twins look like half-elves, with their slightly-off facial features and rounded-long ears, and everyone assumes that they just have distant fey ancestry. But. Anyone with magical expertise and a really good look will notice that Vex's braid is woven into complex binding forms [1]

[2] and that the beads in Vax’s hair have tiny runes etched into them. In this AU, Syldor isn’t an elf; he’s a creature more like Saundor, and the twins are actually plant-creatures the way that Vex would’ve become had she taken the deal! Their glamours are carefully constructed in the ways that please them most, and allow them to pass without too many second-glances in both human and magical society. But when Vax removes the right beads, or Vex lets down her hair… their eyes become solid,

[3] their skin becomes bark-like, their hair unwinds into a tangle of vines, and their features flatten into a mostly-smooth face with just a bump for a nose and a wide crack for a mouth, that opens to reveal a row of sharp teeth. Vax has long, thin, smooth leaves that rustle when he’s upset and grow thickest on his shoulders; Vex has rounder, jaggeder ones that bunch up behind her ears and sometimes put forth tiny blue blossoms when she’s particularly pleased. They do eachother’s hair every

[4] morning, to make sure it’s done exactly right, and keep backup beads and ribbons in case some get lost. So they know the rest of Vox Machina through the underground (Keyleth and Tibs they buy supplies through, Pike isn’t just a great healer but a part-time bouncer for the bar, mainly to hang out with Grog who works full-time, Scanlan of course performs there whenever he’s in town and is always ready to talk down any situation that gets out of hand; everyone drinks there on the regular.) The

[5] oddest addition to their little circle of friends is Percy, who just shows up one day and… well. It doesn’t take the stink of cold iron in every pore of his skin to spot a hunter; it’s more in the way he holds himself, the clothes he wears, the hand-built weapons on his belt. Hunters are something of a necessary discomfort, given that the human police can’t exactly be counted on to be able to hold a serial killer who can literally turn into mist, and usually the magic community just gives

[6] them a wide berth, but the twins aren’t going to turn away a customer, especially one who’s polite, tips well, and doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. And he’s charming, and joins in the jokes, and even helps get Keyleth home with them a couple of times when she’s too drunk and only one of the twins can slip away to carry her out. Not to mention, having a hunter on hand often ends a fight just as quickly as calling Grog in, so… just all-around, Percy is helpful. (There may or may not be a

[7] subplot where something gets broken, and Vex goes to a human repair shop and sorta accidentally stumbles across his day job? And it’s awkward, but also hilarious, because she’s used to seeing him in his “uniform,” with his coat and his hat and his button-up, and even though she can still feel the presence of that cold iron pistol somewhere nearby, seeing him in an actual STORE UNIFORM is ridiculous. And for him, well, it feels a bit like stripping away a bit of the mystery when you see the

[8] fey bartender you’ve been crushing on for the entire summer just out an about in jeans and a sweater, under the fluorescent lights of a computer shop, and no where near the secret magic-infused atmosphere of the bar you’ve always seen her in.) But the real key would be when one of his marks (I think the Briarwoods,) books a private dinner room at the bar, and Percy goes after them (already mentally apologizing to the twins and Grog, because this is going to make a MESS,) and they prove

[9] more than he can handle on his own. Vex sees the look on his face, the shift in his shoulders, and when he walks off, she waits a few moments before telling Vax to cover for her and follows. She moves as casually as she can to avoid drawing attention, but… we all know how much difference a few rounds can make; when she gets there, Percy is badly wounded, and the mark clearly has the upper hand should she engage. Her magic is weaker when its all bound up in her glamour, so after a few

[10] failed persuasion checks, seeing Percy loosing hit points by the second, Vex yanks the ribbon off her braid. The hair escapes in half a moment, unraveling like living thread as the softness falls away, and her true form is bared, and she may not be able to take the mark herself, but she basically gets a nat20 on her intimidation to tell them to beat it. Percy’s really out of it at this point, from magical impacts and loss of blood, and so she doesn’t bother even tucking the vines out of her

[11] out of her face before rushing to his side. She calls for Pike before preparing a healing spell, going through all the paramedic questions–“Do you know where you are? Do you know what happened? How many fingers am I holding up?”–but maybe it’s because Percy’s so out of it, or maybe it’s because he’s staring at her like she’s a goddess come to save him, but when she gets to “What’s your name?” she expects the nickname he’s been going by all this time; she doesn’t expect him to tell her his

[12] True Name. All of it. He slurs it slightly, but the sound of it still strikes straight through her, and honestly scares her because holy shit, Percy must be even worse off than she thought if he’s giving his True Name to what he knows to be a dangerous fey. And then she nurses him back to health, and gets a rash from all the iron dust and blackpowder on his clothes, and Vox Machina help Percy with his List issues, and eventually the twins get their own bar, but I really only have that one

[13–final ask] scene pinned down, and some world-building, so… *sigh* Just can’t seem to make the thing work. But yeah. That’s my monster!Vex AU. (Sorry for the wait on this last bit; apparently I can only send 12 messages in an hour.) (AND I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT~!)

MY DUDE I LOVE IT i really hope you figure out whatever problems you’re having with not making it work because i would read all of this in a HEARTBEAT

i especially love that the twins are bound by their hair and that vex blossoms blue when she’s happy, because im just imagining percy doing something rather sweet and charming and vex’s ‘hair’ just. becoming a field of blue flowers.

i just?? i love archfey/fey/plant monster vex stuff and this is everything i love rolled into one

Crowd Goes Wild

Summary: Sami comes home early to find you dancing in the kitchen in his shirt and your underwear. Fluff and smut ensue.

*             *             *             *

It was a Sunday morning, and you had just barely opened your eyes. Sunlight was streaming in through the small crack in the curtains. You sighed and turned your head towards Sami’s side of the bed. You sighed when you realized that he wasn’t there. He was on the road doing a string of shows with WWE. He wouldn’t be home for another two days.

You had lived with Sami for a little under a month. He had asked you to move in, and initially, you were scared. You would be packing up your life and moving not just to another city, but another country, to live with Sami. You had your worries. Sami wasn’t home all the time, which meant you would be left at home more often than not in a city you didn’t really know. But Sami assured you that you would be safe. And living with Sami meant you got to see him two nights a week rather than two nights a month.

When Sami was home, it was great. You couldn’t be happier. You were living with the man of your dreams. What could be better than that? But it was harder when he was gone. You were in a big house, by yourself, in a city where you didn’t know anyone. You didn’t have girlfriends you could call up to go shopping or get your nails done. You didn’t have anyone to go downtown to have a drink with. You went to work and then came straight home. It was a dull routine but one that you accepted because it meant more time with Sami. And you knew your family and old friends were only a phone call or Skype call away when you needed them.

You laid your head down on Sami’s pillow smiling as the faint smell of his shampoo filled your nostrils. You closed your eyes, hoping to get a little more sleep before you had to get up. It was no use, though. After laying there and trying to fall asleep for twenty minutes, you realized you weren’t going to go back to sleep anytime soon.

You pulled the blankets off yourself and made your way into the bathroom. You took a long relaxing shower and then pulled on a pair of red lace panties and one of Sami’s t-shirts. Since it was just you at the house, you didn’t bother to put on pants.

You made your way downstairs to the kitchen. You started a cup of coffee in the Keurig and leaned against the counter as you scrolled through Twitter and Instagram as your coffee brewed.

You had just finished looking at Instagram posts a bunch of the Superstars and Divas had posted from a bar last night. You smiled when you saw one Sami posted of him and Kevin. Despite their on-screen hatred of each other, in real life, the two of them were closer than brothers. So much so, that Kevin was one of the very few people that had a key to your house. Kevin had his arm draped around Sami’s shoulders and they both looked genuinely happy, a sight you loved to see.

You added some cream and sugar to your coffee and took a sip just as a growl came from your stomach. You decided to make yourself some breakfast. You walked over to the fridge and got the carton of eggs out along with some bacon. You turned the stove on and carefully placed the bacon into one pan and cracked a few eggs into the other.

You opened Spotify on your phone and began to play some Metallica, a band you loved thanks to Sami. You started to rock out and dance as you got more and more into the music. It began with a slight head bob and turned into a full on rock out session in the middle of the kitchen.

You heard a chuckle from behind you along with some clapping. You froze. Who was in your house? And how had they gotten in? The front door was locked, you were sure of it. Only Sami, Kevin, and Sami’s mom had a key to your house. Sami and Kevin were in another state for work, and it was too early for Sami’s mom to come over.

“And the crowd goes wild! Let’s hear it for Y/n, the sexiest breakfast making girlfriend in the world!” You heard that all too familiar voice say as you felt the blush creep to your cheeks in embarrassment.

Your lips curved into a smile as you spun around and saw Sami leaning against the doorway of the kitchen with a big grin on his face.

You ran over to him and jumped into his arms, wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist. He put a hand under your butt and on around your lower back to support you as you buried your face into his shoulder. You clung to him like your life depended on it. It had been two long weeks without Sami. He wasn’t able to come home last week because it was too far to travel back home.

He stood there with you in his arms for a few minutes as the two of you enjoyed just being able to hold each other again. It felt so good to have his arms around you again. It felt like you were at home in his arms for the first time in two weeks. You took a deep breath as you smelled the cologne radiating off his chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home? I would’ve picked you up.” You said.

“I wanted to surprise you.”

“I didn’t even hear you come in.” You said. “You about gave me a heart attack.”

“I’m sorry, baby.” He said as he set you back down on your feet but made sure to keep his arms around you. “I enjoyed the show, though. My sexy girlfriend rocking out to one of the greatest bands in the world in my shirt and those cute little panties that don’t cover anything…it was quite a show.” He said with a smirk.

“It’s so embarrassing.” You said as you hid your face in his shirt so that he couldn’t see you blushing.

“Babe, that was not embarrassing…It was actually kind of sexy.” He whispered. He then moved his lips down to your neck. He placed his lips on the sensitive spot as the base of your neck and gently sucked on it.

You leaned your head back to give Sami more access as a sigh escaped your lips.

“I missed you.” He whispered as he pulled away from your neck to look at you.

“I missed you too.” You said. You felt his hands slide down your sides to rest on your hips.

“Think we could put breakfast on hold for just a little bit?” He asked.

“Depends. What do you have in mind?” You asked.

“Making up for all the nights I wasn’t home to make love to you.” He said.

Your lips curved into a smile. “I think we can postpone breakfast for that.”

He walked over to the stove and turned it off before lifting you into his arms and carrying you down the hallway to the bedroom.

He gently laid you on the bed, and you noticed that his eyes caught something about you. You turned your head to see what he was looking at. His eyes were locked on something on your nightstand, but you weren’t sure what it was.

“What are you looking at?” You asked.

“That picture from NXT the night I won my first championship.” He said. “It wasn’t there when I left.”

“Oh…um, yeah. I wanted a picture of us by the bed so I put it there. Is that okay?” You asked.

“More than okay.” He said. “You remember that night?”

“Yeah. I do.” You said as you smiled at the picture. In the picture, Sami was sweaty from his hard-fought win, but he looked so proud as one arm held the title over his shoulder while the other was wrapped around you. You had slid into the ring to congratulate him and were the second person to embrace him, right behind Kevin.

You looked up at Sami and couldn’t help but smile. You still couldn’t believe he was actually home. He crawled onto the bed and placed his hand on your cheek. Slowly, he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours. You closed your eyes, and savored the taste of his lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Sami’s hands moved to your waist as he held you tightly.

His tongue ran over your bottom lip, asking for entrance.  Your lips parted, and his tongue quickly found its way inside your mouth. You ran your hands down his shirt, stopping at the hem to pull it off. His hands reached for the hem of his t-shirt you were wearing and quickly made work of pulling it off you. His tongue ran over his lips as his eyes roamed your nearly naked from in front of him.

“God I’m one lucky guy.” He said.

He climbed off the bed and unbuttoned and unzipped the jeans he was wearing and slid them down his legs. He then crawled back on the bed and slid his hands up your thighs as he leaned down and pressed his lips to your neck. His hand slid to your lace covered core, and he began to rub circles against your clit through the material. A soft moan escaped your lips as you felt the knot in your stomach start to form.

It had been two weeks since you had been touched and it felt incredible to have Sami’s hands on your again.

He began to gently suck on your spot as his fingers pushed the material of your panties to the side and he slipped a finger into you.

Your back arched off the back at the feeling of his finger pumping in and out of you.

“S-Sami,” you moaned out.

“Feel good, baby?” He asked before adding a second finger.

“Y-yes.” You said as you closed your eyes and leaned your head back against the pillow.

One of your hands ran through Sami’s hair as the other slid down and began to palm him over his boxers. He groaned, and once he was fully hard, you slipped your hand underneath the material and started to pump him.

“I need to be inside you.” Sami groaned out as he pulled his hand out from your panties and quickly slid them off you. He climbed off the bed to pull his boxers off. He reached down and grabbed your legs and wrapped them around his waist and positioned himself at your entrance.

He paused for a moment and looked at you, almost as if asking if it was okay.

“Please, Sami.” You said as you lifted your hips up to try and relieve some of the tension.

He slowly pushed himself in until he was all the way in.

“You’re so tight, baby.” He groaned out as he closed his eyes. He paused for a few moments before sliding out and pushing back in. You dug your nails into his back as his thrusts got deeper and deeper.

His thrusts were going at a steady pace, you could already feel the knot forming in your stomach. He had one hand on your hip and the other holding himself up near the side of your head. You felt your muscles start to burn and you felt that knot tightening inside of you.

“I’m gonna come, baby.” Sami breathed out.

“I’m almost there.” You replied.

Sami’s hand slid from your hip to rub figure eights on your clit. That was the final thing you needed. You felt yourself go over the edge as your orgasm hit you and you released on Sami’s dick.

A few moments later Sami hit his high, and you felt him still as he released hot spurts inside you. He pulled out and rolled over onto the bed next to you. You both laid there on your backs looking up at the ceiling with heavy breaths and a layer of sweat on your bodies.

“Welcome home, Sami.” You finally managed to say.

He smiled and rolled onto his side to face you. He reached out and ran his thumb across your cheeks.

“I love coming home to this.” He said before he leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.

Safe and Sound [Shiro x Reader]

Requested by anon: “Can I get an imagine where Shiro and his s/o, or maybe just the whole team, are with these people & they have a baby (babies?) and the reader loves kids and is great with them and she’s holding a baby & she takes care of them while they’re there and just looks so happy with it & Shiro just /looks/ at her & he’s like wow I want her to be the mother of my children & he tells her that later & its cute & fluffy? Sorry that was really long and probably v specific. If you chose this thanks so much!💞”

A/N: I love this prompt, it’s so adorable. I hope you love this anon!


You and the Paladins were at a point you never thought you would reach. The universe is safe, and you’re back on Earth. Safe and sound.

It has been a few months since you all returned to Earth, still having not gotten used to your normal life again. After coming back to Earth you and Shiro decided to move in together, having been with each other since before he had to leave for the Kerberos Mission. It has been a long time away from home.

Though today was extra special, you’re meeting some of Shiro’s family. To be honest, you’re nervous. You’ve helped take down an evil empire, traveled space in a castle ship, met multiple species of aliens, all whilst watching your boyfriend fly around in a robotic lion… and you’re nervous about meeting one of Shiro’s cousins and her husband.

Shiro was watching for his cousin until his eyes fell on you. He can tell you’re nervous. The way you’re fidgeting with your hands and picking at your nails. He knows all of your tells.

Walking over to you with a wide smile on his face, saying “Hey, don’t be nervous.” Cupping your face in his hands. Letting out a sigh you replied, “I can’t help it, I know I’ve already met your immediate family, but I’m still worried. What if they don’t like me?” Escaping his hands to bury your face in his chest. Chuckling, Shiro wrapped his arms around you. “There’s nothing to not like [F/n]. They will love you, I promise.”

“You’re sweet” Shiro watched as your peeked your eyes up while speaking. “I know” he teased, making a giggle escape your throat.

However, the moment was interrupted by a young voice yelling Shiro’s name. He looked toward the sound to see his cousin’s oldest son running up to him. Wearing a wide smile, he hasn’t seen the boy since he was a toddler. Then looking to see his cousin and her spouse, carrying a baby carrier.

Shiro took your hand and pulled you toward his family members. The little boy jumped into his arms, all the while admiring the prosthetic. Saying how ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ it is, and how his cousin is a superhero. Making you laugh beside them.

“Who are you?” the young boy asked curiously. “I’m [F/n], I’m Shiro’s girlfriend” You smiled and waved to the boy. He blushed before turning back to Shiro, “She’s really pretty” he whispered. “I know” Shiro whispered back laughing.

Shiro introduced you to them all. Leading you to learn the young boy is named Jack, and his mom and dad are Lisa and Chris. Though you had completely fallen in love with their baby girl.

You talked with Lisa as Shiro played with Jack and caught up with Chris. They were currently just throwing around a football as you played with the newborn. Unaware of Shiro’s staring.

It has been so long since he’s seen you this happy. Of course being back home on Earth you’re happy but everyone is still reeling from those years spent in space, fighting the galra. He couldn’t help but smile at how amazing you are with the baby, she’s been smiling and giggling at you since picking her up. ‘Wow’ he thought ‘She will be an amazing mother one day. I want her to be the mother of my child.’ his thoughts continued, making him blush a bit. But his smile never leaving his features, it only widening when you caught him staring and used the baby’s hand to wave.

He could swear you didn’t put her down, the entire time you were playing with and holding her. Noticing how you had become very close with his cousin as well. You all stayed and had lunch together before they had to make their leave. Sadly you had to depart with the newborn, of whom wasn’t to thrilled to be taken from you either. It only making Shiro smile wider and wish he could give you something so special.

But wait, he can.

On the walk home Shiro debated on whether to bring up the topic or not. However it seemed it come up on it’s own the way you’re gushing about how adorable she was.

“Oh my gosh Shiro! She was so adorable, like a little peanut! I hope we meet up with them again soon.” You hugged his arm as you both climbed the stairs to reach your apartment. “I know, she’s a very cute baby” answering while kissing your head before opening the door to the hallway for you.

“Hey [F/n], I have an important question” He said, catching your attention. Drawing it away from the keys in your hand. “What is it?”

Pausing before saying, “Let’s go inside first.” as he gestured to the door. You put the key in the lock before the both of you entered. Moving to the living room where you sat on the couch together. Looking at him quizzically, trying to decipher what is important.

Taking a breath he started, “[F/n] I’ve been thinking lately. I know things have been rough these past years, but we’re finally safe at home. Before the Kerberos mission we always talked about growing old and having a family together, but after the Galra and Voltron we just stopped. I.. I want to have that family with you, for you to be the mother of my children and the woman I fall asleep next to every night. I want to marry you and start a family together. After seeing how your eyes lit up around their daughter, that’s when I knew for sure that I wouldn’t want to change anything. I love you so much [F/n]. Do you still want that? To have a family.. with me?” his eyes boring holes into your own.

He watched as your expression shifted from one of shock to pure joy. You threw your arms around his neck, knocking him over so you were hovering over him. “Yes you goof. Of course I want to have a family and get married. Especially with you, I can’t think of anyone more perfect and caring than you are. I can’t think of anyone who could make a better dad.” You beamed as your words dripped with happiness and love.

Eagerly Shiro lifted his head to connect his lips to yours. The kiss filling with love, passion, and joy. This is all Shiro has ever wanted out of life, someone to love him unconditionally. Someone so perfect for him that he want’s to start a family and have kids with them. You both fit together like two jigsaw pieces. It’s amazing.

He can’t help but think how lucky he is to have you in his life. You, the love of his life. 

Hitched (6/11)

a Captain Swan AU fan fiction

Summary:  After a series of events leave her life in pieces, Emma Swan finds herself hitchhiking out of Maine, her wallet empty and her heart broken. The best she hopes for is a driver who isn’t a pervert and takes her far away from the painful memories of Storeybrooke. But when she finds a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones, Emma discovers that maybe a trustworthy friend is all she needs.

Rating: M or MA; some profanity and sex scenes.

Cover art: created by the absolutely fabulous @thesschesthair!!

Links: // ao3 // ch. 1 //  ch. 2 // ch. 3 // ch. 4 // ch. 5 // ch. 7 // ch. 8 // ch. 9 // ch. 10 // epilogue

(also @teamhook, @like-waves-on-the-beach, @lenfaz, @followbatb, @stardusted-nymph, and @optomisticgirl, thank you thank you thank you for reading and requesting tags!)



It wasn’t until Jones upended the toolbox, its contents flying everywhere as he swore so loudly she could hear it from inside the cab, that Emma finally sighed and cracked open her door.

She hopped out and slammed the door after, crossing her arms and shivering at the chill, rounding the front of the rig. Not that it was that much warmer inside the cab, but at least there wasn’t a piercing wind, cutting through her coat and hat like they were nothing, driving tiny specks of frigid rain into her flesh.

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Mirror For The Sun - Part 4: Chicago cont.

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 3 - Part 5

Summary: Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, panic attack/flashback

Word Count: 3167

Author’s Note: Yiiiikes! This is a long one. I haven’t even started the next one and I have visitors for a few days so it will be a bit before I have part 5, so I hope you enjoy this extra long one in the meantime!

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After the baseball game, and a full day of driving and roller coasters before that, everyone’s more than happy to spend the night stretching out around the hotel room. While we might be enjoying a night in, Y/N insists that guy’s day must continue, if even just quietly. She made sure we stopped on the way home from the game for drinks and demanded that we pick a line-up of terrible, aggressive, mostly plotless movies while she ordered a pizza. Well several pizzas. She knows Sam can really pack it away.

Today I honestly can’t remember why she drives me so crazy all the time. Today she’s fucking perfect. Who the hell would be ok with burning in the sun all day at a baseball game and then coming back to beer, pizza, and shitty action movies with the three of us? We’re more than a handful but she’s relaxed and it seems easy to her, but I know she’s going out of her way at every turn. I can’t figure out exactly when I started thinking about her like this but it’s a problem. A big fucking problem.

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If I Could Do It All Over Again

All Parts: {x}

Part: 15/?

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: mentions of sexual arousal

Word Count: 4,671

Dedication: @starfallen-keys bc they cool af

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A/N: Sorry for the wait! I’ve been busy all weekend!

“Eliza, you must get ready. The general desires our attendance to supper. ‘Tis early to leave, but it will take many an hour to get there.” Alexander spoke urgently as he adjusted the cravat hanging from his neck. Out of his vanity, he peered into the mirror, slicking back his ginger, but powdered hair.

Glancing up, Eliza smiled slightly. He looked handsome both in uniform and formal wear, but since the war ended, she more often saw him in nothing but common clothing. It was nice that he took a break, but he still kept himself busy. Between caring for Philip and studying to be a lawyer, he always found something to do. Having Alexander home was the best. She actually got to enjoy their marriage and admire him as a father.

After appreciating Alexander’s presence for a moment, she decided to stand up, but the task proved to be a bit difficult. With her belly being what felt like a yard in front of her, it was incredibly hard to hoist herself up. So, to draw Alexander’s attention, she cleared her throat.

Alexander turned to his wife, a humorous smile making its way onto his face when he glanced down at her stomach. Clothing could no longer mask her pregnancy and when some thought of it as obscene, Alexander enjoyed feeling his child squirm under his hand.

“You may have to hoist me up,” she laughed when she noticed the smile on his face.

“I can see,” Alexander chuckled himself, making his way over to his wife. Once reaching her, he pulled her up from the bed and rested one hand on the small of her back and the other on her stomach. From what he could tell, the baby was napping and wasn’t moving. “How is my son today, Eliza?”

“It could be a girl, my love,” Eliza replied, placing a hand on top of his. “She is amazing.”

Before Alexander could say much else, an amused scream came from the other room. The only person it could’ve been was Philip.

Letting out a sigh, Alexander pulled away from his wife. It was rare they had any time to themselves, but it was okay. Eliza squeezed his hand out of endearment, letting him know that she would get him without any words. She went to leave, but Alexander nudged her towards the bed.

“You get ready, my dear. I shall get our naughty son.” He flashed an entertained smile at her before exiting the room.

Eliza was glad that she was no longer so helpless.

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I got you, bro

Jace still feels guilty about what happened and tries to sort his thoughts on his way to Magnus’ loft

Okay man, relax. Just remember to thank Magnus and thank him for not kicking you out of the loft even after what you did.

Everyone has told him what happened wasn’t his fault, that it was all Valentine’s doing…

But it doesn’t change the fact I was the one who activated the soul sword, jace thinks with a clenched jaw, if I hadn’t been a-

Jace hadn’t noticed he was standing at the top of the staircase so when he takes another step forward his foot only meets air and his breath is knocked out of his lungs.

He gasps and looks down at the carpeted floor for a second before he looks around to see if nobody saw him, letting out a sigh when he doesn’t see any soul near by.

“That would have been embarrassing” Jace murmurs shakes his head at his wild-beating heart -imagine the newspapers, best shadowhunter to ever exist is defeated by non-existing step- before he continues walking.

And how could I forget the icing on the top he thinks bitterly, all those nights, trying to find a distraction, disgusted of myself for wanting to be with-

“Magnus, it’s just us! Please let us in!”

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