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I know we don't *need* to fight antis' arguments here, but I'm annoyed and want to say that I'm college educated and have my MM from Juilliard and I didn't give two shits about 1D until Solo Harry promo caught my eye and within two months here I am, on your blog, and a larrie. To those who have been in the fandom forever and question their sanity, yes it is transparent. Yes anyone can see it. Yes it's an opinion born of logical reasoning and not hysterical fan-girling. It's real, painfully so.

Wow!! Thank you for this message! I love the positivity, the intelligence, and the independence you show!

I’ve met so many fascinating, intelligent, kind and generous Larries– people who offer their talent and art, their time and effort, their money, their late nights and early mornings to making the fandom a good place and to support five lovely guys.

I’ve met a lot of good friends here. We have disagreements and talk them over like rational people. At the end of the day, we’re here for the music and the heart. Thanks for your kind words!

I’m starting to get really worried. I preferred it when Narry wasn’t so popular because we were all peaceful and respectful. Now we have people starting to tweet at Harry and Niall asking if Narry is real. DO NOT DO THAT. DO NOT SEND THEM ANYTHING NARRY RELATED LIKE SMUT, ASKING IF ITS REAL, ETC. DONT DO IT. It’ll make things awkward between Niall and Harry too. Like okay write the smut, draw smut, write fan fics and make art, question them BUT DO NOT SEND ANYTHING TO THEM ABOUT IT. It’s already starting on its path to become like a Larry 2.0. People are making actual proof accounts, people are starting to believe its actually real, they’re starting to ask the boys. PLEASE KEEP IT ALL TO YOURSELF. DO NOT SEND ANY OF THE BOYS OR THE BOYS FRIENDS OR FAMILY ANYTHING ABOUT NARRY. Show them some respect. All the boys relationships with each other is nothing but just very close friends. They practically live with each other a majority of the year, of course they’re going to be super comfortable with each other. Yes, I understand Narry is super cute and it can seem real at times but keep it low, just PLEASE keep it to yourself. I’m begging you! Let’s not become like how some Larry shippers are. I used to say Narry was real as a joke, mocking some LS, but now people actually say Narry is real and mean it.
Let’s not make up theories about the two to try to make them seem like they’re in an actual relationship. Let’s not harass anyone about Narry, please don’t let this happen. Please and thank you. Let’s not become like the larries.