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Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.

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The thing you mentioned about butterflies not always being so good; you are so on point. Comfort and security is a much better feeling to be in a relationship with. I've been looking for that lately, bcuz I'm tired of the butterflies/anxiety, but I can't find it. How did you find it with Sasha? Whenever I try to make friends with a guy first, it's either I end up developing feelings too quickly or they do which makes me uncomfortable. I want that level of comfort before a romantic relationship.

uh, I don’t know to be honest! it all just flowed naturally? 

Sasha was never too intrusive or demanding, he’s a good company, so it was easy with him and then it just started to grow.

The thing is that you don’t FIND it on purpose, you know. It find you when the time is ready. Life is always spinning and taking turns, so all the changes will eventually lead you to where you are supposed to be!

So..try to not rush things! I mean…Don’t go for what makes you uncomfortable, I think I don’t even need to say that because it seems like you aren’t the person who would do that. I think with the right person you can tell in the beginning they are a decent human being, they won’t give you negative connatations.

There’s right time for everything, so let the life flow! 

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Do you think Lance will be like really depressed and moody in season 3? Until they find Shiro that is.

(rip this is late oops) i think they all will be pretty sad about shiro but idk if Lance will be like….depressed? personally i don’t really headcanon him with any severe depression but i mean, i’m sure he’ll not have a super fun time for the start of season 3. because, personally, i think allura will want to make sure the team can form voltron as soon as possible and if they can’t find shiro, then they need to make sure each lion will have a pilot. i think she’ll ask lance if she can take blue, because she is the most accepting of new pilots and they don’t have time to find another recruit to fill the missing space on their team. lance clearly doesn’t want to be separated from blue… so i don’t think he’ll be very happy about it, especially if it means keith takes the black lion (which i’m sure he’d be jealous of) and he’ll get red. since, to me it looks like his insecurities have been getting worse and worse due to the behaviors he’s shown us (getting defensive and snappy at keith when he thought keith might be after blue, blowing up at shiro for picking keith to go on the mission instead of him…doubting his position on the team and thinking he’s not worth keeping as he doesn’t even know what he contributes…) 

because these insecurities are started to bubble up more, shiro disappearing might cause a bunch of different things to happen. personally, i think it’s gonna stress everyone the fuck out because shiro was their /leader/, and that stress is gonna start some arguments most likely. what are they gonna do next? should they look for shiro or should they keep fighting the galra while they are at their weakest moment? i think the stress of the entire situation (shiro disappearing, lance having to leave blue and go to red) it’s gonna push lance a little too far and it’s gonna have some sort of result on the rest of the team and lance that i don’t think will be good.

maybe lance will try to leave thinking that he doesn’t belong and they can find a better, less pathetic replacement for keith? maybe he’ll try to do something reckless because he thinks that will prove his worth to the team? (maybe that’s what jeremy meant when he joked about “lance dying” at wondercon. now i absolutely doubt that lance will be killed off, but i can see him trying to do something reckless that results in him getting badly hurt again and it causes the team to erupt into chaos because they actually cannot function without him. lance is canonically the heart of the team after all. he is their center, the one who brings them all together as he is the biggest team player and is the one who’s always going on about working together and bonding as a team and such. that’s part of his role, even if he doesn’t see it. without lance, team voltron cannot work together.)

i feel like, whatever happens to lance, while it most likely will not be pretty for him, its going to teach him what his true role on this team is. he’s going to realize what his place is, that the team needs him in order to work together. and i think, it will work out in the end.

also, this probably doesn’t mean anything, but there is something i wanna point out because i do think it’s interesting. 

ever think about how the team nearly fell apart when pidge got them all together and told them she wanted to leave? you know who was missing from that picture? it was lance. (and coran) i wonder, if lance were there with the rest of the group, maybe he could have convinced pidge to stay. after all, he is one of the paladins who is more familiar with her (the other two being shiro and hunk). lance is the glue that holds everyone together. maybe he could have talked pidge out of it. after all, he has shown to be other people’s ([coughcoughKeith’s]) impulse control as well, i don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to talk pidge out of leaving. he’s shown to be a rational thinker when his mind isn’t on the glory and getting laid lmao. i can see him being all like “ok but pidge what are you gonna do? take on the galra all by your self? what happens if you get captured? or injured? what if you run out of food and water? literally how do you expect to survive on your own without any help? you won’t even be able to save your family if you get captured or worse…”

so basically, what i’m trying to say is this moment could be an example of what happens when lance isn’t there to hold the team together, y’know?

 but anyways, this is all what i think, though. it doesn’t mean any of it will happen, anything can happen. this is all just theoretical and what i think is most likely going to happen based on what i’ve seen so far. so yea

depressed lance? idk. i think he’ll get one hell of a character development arc though.

  • friend: how've you been?
  • me: p good
  • stranger: how've you been?
  • me: i'm glad you asked. lately, i've been reminded a lot of a traumatic experience that happened to me and it is causing a lot of anxiety and panic attacks and dissociation and unhealthy coping mechanisms. it's tough, because this is all on top of being mentally ill and its difficult to tell if the trauma caused a lot of my illness or if the two are separate. meanwhile, i've been super troubled about eating lately and i can't stop thinking about how much i hate my body. haha i mean, i really, really hate myself, my dude. do you want to hear a story of a self-destructive thing i did five years ago? haha of course you do, so anyway-
INTP: type questioning
  • INTP: *has a feeling*
  • INTP: fU CK MAYBE I’M NOT AN INTP???? MAYBE I’M AN INFP oh shit what if i’m an entp i liked being social that one time maybe i’m an enfp?!!1? gotta retake the tests and read over all the functions and recheck oh god what am i
  • INTP: wait but don’t intps question their type a lot? and isn't it just another sign that they’re an intp?
  • INTP:
  • INTP: oh whatever i have to check and make sure i can't be wrong about this

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how do you balance time with God and time you spend doing things for entertainment, like reading, watching tv, etc.? i've been feeling so guilty lately and i haven't been reading as much (even though it's something i love) because i feel like i should be spending more/all time with God.

..goodness, I’m not very good at it. Recently, I’ve realized I check my phone/social media at work more than I ACTUALLY work. 

You said something interesting about how you felt guilty for doing things like reading, and I just wanted to say that you aren’t all spirit, and you don’t have to be. I want to address this first. Your life isn’t a constant mountaintop experience, and just offering God the intention of being with Him during your “daily normal duties” does a lot.

You’re a human being, your soul and body are connected in a way that is fearful and wonderful. God doesn’t ask you to become a transcendental being and float out of the material realm, which is something a lot of moderns like us believe without even realizing it. It’s like a silent lie that we absorb. It’s called gnosticism (yes, that’s right, it has affected so many people it has a name. Like a virus).

Material things (created things) aren’t bad, it’s just their use and misuse which MAKES them bad or good. Incarnation principle. :) So, your body and created-ness are good. 

What you said about feeling like you needed to spend ALL your time with God reminded me of this: that maybe what you meant was that you felt you needed to spend all your time in, like, ecstatic prayer or something, and that God couldn’t be with you in your reading. 

Well, bud, He is ALWAYS present. “Emmanuel” - God is with us, always. Even when we do very human things like read. “Jesus became like us in all things but sin”. 

If you don’t remember Him when you do things like read, but want to “stay with Him” at all times, ask for the Grace. He longs to draw you close always.

Know that you offering Jesus your intention to be with Him always is meaningful, and you can’t haul yourself up to Him; He lifts you, with His love, if you let Him.

You have duties and obligations you have to fulfill as a human being, God calls us each to a specific state in life - not every person is called to be a hermit and pray for 8 hours a day, and, likewise, not every person is called to be the parent of 6 and thus forgo quiet time for the rest of their lives (I’m kidding). 

So you really do need to sit down and have an honest look at what God may be asking of and FOR you this season, and what your state in life demands. 

In the words of St. Pio, “Duty before all else, even before that which is holy”. 

According to the Incarnation, in which Jesus was born in a stable, we can encounter God through the seemingly mundane, simple, and normal lives we lead. He’s there waiting in the “pots and pans”. 

So don’t ever shun the “normal” in favor of the supernatural (I mean, Jesus was a carpenter’s son, that’s pretty “normal” because God is present in both. 

- that’s just an aside. to continue:

As far as actually creating a healthy, holy lifestyle centered around God and making time to pray goes:

self-discipline is big, as order is the first principle of heaven. A career services mentor told me in college that if you don’t plan, it won’t happen. So: plan time for God, to make sure that it happens. 

Obviously, “God’s ways are above our ways”, and we can’t plan for EVERYTHING Grace might want us to do in a day. Jesus says, “follow Me (& the fishermen dropped their nets, and followed Him)”, not, “make a plan and then give it to me, it’s totally cool, we can follow your schedule, kiddo”

But God’s leadership/shepherding doesn’t excuse us from trying to live ordered lives, to the best of our ability, while leaving the door open for God’s grace “above our ways”. 

For me, practically, that looks like having a consistent daily routine. 

This is going to sound overly simple, but every day I try to get up before the sun rises, make some coffee, and just be silent before dawn with the Lord. 

Some days, that doesn’t happen because either I get lazy or I need more sleep, but making it a daily thing is my goal. 

After that, I try to honor the practical things I have the means to do to care for myself: breakfast, wash my face. I go to work, go to daily mass, work out daily,…y’know. Basic stuff. But, I try to do it all every day. 

This sounds silly, but having these tiny pockets of order in your life can be really helpful. Not as ends in of themselves, but as means to create facilitate the action of Grace which created self-discipline in the flesh. I don’t always succeed, but that attempt at discipline, in my opinion, is like a fast that helps us re-order ourselves around God as our center, Love, shepherd, and provision.

For me, beyond spending quiet time with God in the morning, I make a HUGE effort to attend daily Mass AND go to adoration (prayer in the chapel before the eucharist) every day because I have time to right now and I love it. My station in life permits it. We’ll get to that in a second.

Mass***** & quiet prayer with Jesus are non-negotiables, for me. I can physically feel the difference when I don’t receive Jesus and root myself in Him: in His presence, in His merciful Love, in His Word.  So, as those are the Most Important, I try to schedule myself AROUND making sure I get there.

Anyway, on the days when I literally can’t go to mass or have time in adoration with Jesus praying because of other duties (I’m a 23 year old laywoman soon-to-be student, peace out I’ll be SO BUSY SOON!) I trust that He will provide what I need, so that protects me from compulsiveness or false guilt

But when I just choose not Visit Jesus out of laziness, or even poor time management on my part, it sucks. 

It makes me feel weak, physically. 100% serious. On these kinds of days, I try to remember I can encounter God in the mundane, and I talk to Him while I do my work. I try to listen, too. You know? Bringing EVERYTHING up into God’s presence and handing them to Him, even the littlest moments. 

It sounds complicated on paper, but it’s actually super simple.

So in order to avoid that (missing daily mass and prayer), I started trying that self-discipline/scheduling thing I mentioned earlier. Time management, to the best of my ability, to facilitate healthy upkeep of my relationship with God. Put God at the center and first, and everything else falls into place. 

Practical tools like planners are things we can use to help us order our lives around Him.

About balancing that with entertainment, um, well, I mean:

Jesus Himself was accused of being too “cheerful” (”…For John the Baptist came neither eating bread nor drinking wine, and you say, ‘He has a demon!’ The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look at this glutton and drunkard, a friendof tax collectors and of sinners!’ “ (Luke 7:34))…. AND Jesus went off repeatedly to Quiet Places to I think we can take that to mean that Jesus knew how to balance both work and play and rest. (If I can say that about play).

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecclesiastes 3:1. 

First, I would say never feel guilty for resting or for something fun. We aren’t stoics or robots. We have friends and families and communities and are human beings. Jesus had community too. And as human beings we have a NEED to rest and recuperate, and God gives us the sabbath to rest and worship Him. And in the evenings, think of an ideal gathering in Jesus’s time, around a table to eat a good meal and maybe tell stories or listen to someone sing or preach….that’s a kind of rest, I think.

TV/entertainment can help us rest and relax…through…being entertained. The purpose of the object is in the name, here. But, like any other created thing, it’s just bad when we it gets out of place, in our lives (or when we watch bad content, but that’s another post).

So second, I would suggest doing a little healthy self-inquisition in Jesus’s loving presence to see if you’re using TV/entertainment as a way to AVOID something that might be nipping at your mind or conscience, or heart, or eve subconsciousness. 

In my life, I know that often, when I feel guilty like that, it’s either because I’m using TV and entertainment to avoid something and avoid God or avoid something He wants to tell me, or because my “life” is “out of order” (see above, about ordering life around the essentials :) ) and as soon as I face up and acknowledge it in order to learn and grow and conform to Jesus, I re-find that peace and center in Christ.

But sometimes, that guilt I feel comes from me feeling like I don’t DESERVE rest, or from false SELF CONDEMNATION, which are literally straight from hell. 

So on that note, continuing, I know that God is Love, and that He doesn’t ask us to perfect ourselves on our own, which means that if I’m choosing to not making time for Him, I can go to Him and ask for His help reordering my life around Him. I know that He never leaves us, so I trust that even in my “wandering”, He is waiting for me (think Moses in the desert - God still preserved him).

The devil tries to take good, well-meaning people like yourself who want to Do The Right Thing and often tempts them with false guilt and self-condemnation. So if I’m feeling that guilt, I try to stop and evaluate it to see if it is from God or not, as well (I’m Catholic, so I usually also take it to confession and to friends for help discerning the truth). 

Remember: God never covers up our sin or equivocates around them or shortcomings, but He never addresses them outside His merciful Love.

God’s voice convicts, heals, and calls us out of error like a good coach, parent, or mentor. 

The devil’s accuses, condemns, and blames us for where we’ve messed up. 

God draws us into the light where our flaws and painful wounds and sins are exposed, offers us forgiveness, helps us wash our robes white, helps us change our ways, and heals us. We’re kids, and if a kid has a bad habit, even a deadly habit (sin is a deadly habit), the parent doesn’t push them away - the parent helps them get better.

The devil points fingers and yells until we want to curl up in a ball and die and hate ourselves and put ourselves out of existence.

So, yeah. 

I hope that rambling kind of helped you, a little. I just..typed what I felt.

To summarize: 

1) self-discipline 

2) make God / time with God the prioritiy but remember that God also wants you to do “regular” things appropriate to your state in life

>>>>the Incarnation principle>>>>

3) reflect on your actions and thoughts in the presence of God to see whether or not you’re avoiding something via media (and, thus, encountering feelings of guilt) 

4) reflect on your feelings of guilt and pray for the HS to show you if they’re from God or the Devil (based in Truth or in a Lie)

5) remember that God enters INTO your mess RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, THE WAY YOU ARE, helps you with your burdens, etc, and helps you out of it - He doesn’t ask you to be perfect before you come to Him because He MAKES you perfect in His love, and that includes your guilty feelings over not spending enough time with God

6) practical tools like self discipline and planners help us organize and take appropriate stewardship of our time and means

7) “patience obtains all things” = slow and steady wins the race. God honors our little efforts to improve in ALL things and transforms them with Big Grace if we let Him :)

8) life is a balance between work and rest and entertainment and no entertainment, and it takes time to find it, but I trust you will.

God bless ya, dude. Lemme know if that didn’t answered/didn’t answer your question/if you have other questions/need clarification/anything.

This is a great video on being overwhelmed/scheduling/spending time with God from a guy named Fr. Mike Schmitz, and he’s super smart and clear. He might be able to help you.

This is a video from the same guy about having time to pray, which might help too. :)

(Re, Mass*****: I heard that Protestant churches don’t have daily services like Catholics have daily masses???? So if you ever wanted to go hear a sermon and have service daily, but your Protestant church doesn’t (if you’re a Protestant anon, idk), then you are MORE than welcome in the Catholic mass. #WeAreOneBodyInChrist. Catholics would only ask you abstain from the bread and cup unless you are a Catholic. It’s not exclusionary, it protects us from receiving Christ out of order or without Right Love and Understanding and Preparedness like St. Paul indicates we ought to in his letters. Catholics go through a process in our youth of intense education, learning about Jesus’s Presence there and scripture and etc, and out of respect, we would ask you refrain. Early christians had a three-year process of becoming a christian they abided, too. :) I think anglicans can partake? Idk? You’d have to check with the priest.)

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Do you have any feel good fics I could check out? I've been having a bad week and need to drown myself in comfort fluff

Oh man. According to my timestamps it looks like you send this last night. Sorry to get to you so late. Hummm man I haven’t been reading much fic lately but going through my fanfic tag here are some cute ones

Honestly anything my @matchaball makes me feel all sorts of good inside. Her fic “A Trail of Breadcrumbs” is my go-to when I’m sad and its about Adrien’s adventures in a certain bakery. :3c

But if that one’s not your cup of tea then I would suggest checking out the menagerie of her fics on her AO3.

At the Dawn of Day by @paperskirts – a Angel!Adrien fic about fashion student Marinette looking for a sign and it so happens to come forth in the form of… divine intervention? Marinette sure didn’t sign up for giant bird man babysitting. 

what a lovely way to burn by @chassecroise – a short and sweet drabble about marinette having the flu and opps! Outing herself as Ladybug to her family and friends much to Adrien’s chagrin. 

It’s only a Name by @frostedpuffs – a super cute reveal fic where Ladybug and Chat reveal their first names to each other and find out a whole lot more than they bargained for.

That’s all I got for now. I haven’t been reading much fic lately so I don’t really have a long list, I apologize. ; w ; I would suggest going to @miracufic @sadrien @frostedpuffs @skaylanphear for more fic content~ 

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Hi darling. I'm a bit under the weather with AP testing tomorrow. I wanted to ask for a GoM+Hanamiya+Kiyoshi (you don't have to do it all if its too much) yandere with s/o. I've really been into yandere anime lately.

[Omg I’m so late,, I hope your tests went well] Since the character count was pretty high, I made them headcanons. My first time with a yandere request so please don’t hesitate to send me any constructive criticism?? Thanks!!

- Kru

Kise Ryouta

  • He would not let you out of his sight if he ever suspected you were talking to someone that wasn’t him.
  • He’d be a show off and constantly exclaim to everyone about how you were his
  • He would know literally EVERYTHING about you so that whenever he feels like your feelings might be straying from him, he’d know exactly how to pull you back to him

Midorima Shintarou

  • Midorima would be a lot more secretive about his clinginess but would make up any excuse to spend time with you and make sure you aren’t talking to anyone but him
  • He gets rid of competition in a more sly and cunning way than other yanderes, and carefully plans out every move he’d make to keep you closer to him
  • He would buy your lucky items and read your daily horoscope before his own

Aomine Daiki

  • VERY dominant and obsessive over you. Doesn’t let anyone look at you in inappropriate ways
  • Believes that he’s the only one allowed to see you flustered or blushing or smiling
  • Gets very angry when he sees you talking to other guys, but takes it out on the guy instead

Murasakibara Atsushi

  • Veeeeeeeery clingy. He won’t leave your side even if you beg him to go.
  • Gets angry over the smallest things, like you talking to an old male friend or a cash register. He’d use his overwhelming presence to easily put anyone back to their place
  • He’d easily get moody, causing uneasy turbulence in your relationship

Akashi Seijuro

  • He gets very violent when he sees you talking to other guys, threatening them that they’ll see blood if they ever talked to you again
  • He would demand for constant gestures of affection in public
  • Like Aomine, he’d get very angry when he sees you talking to others, however, he punishes you instead

Kuroko Tetsuya

  • Major stalker. Even if he told you that he’s going home first, he’d still follow you until he saw you to safety.
  • Oddly obsessed over things you give him. Like items of value or even a pencil you let him borrow. He’d treasure it greatly.
  • Like Midorima, is very cunning when getting rid of competition.

Hanamiya Makoto

  • Never gets his hands dirty. If there’s ever a reason to get rid of some filth who decided to talk to you, he’d do it indirectly
  • Blames every emotion he has on you. He’d use you as a scapegoat to handle his overwhelming jealousy
  • Enjoys making you feel lower than him, and believes that they are the only ones allowed to do so

Kiyoshi Teppei

  • He knows everything about you and uses it as either punishment or bait to draw you closer to him
  • Gets very clingy whenever he sees you continually keeping in touch with someone other than him
  • Is actually pretty tolerant for a yandere

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Hey :) do you know if there are any Victorian au's? It's something I've been thinking about lately but I haven't been able to find any. Keep up the good work 💕

Behind Closed Doors14 year old Dan Howell is sent away to boarding school leaving behind his abusive stepfather and incredibly ill mother. 17 year old Phil Lester is the school’s jack-of-all-trades who works his hardest under harsh circumstances to avoid the workhouse. The two boys meet and become close friends knowing they have to stick together if they are to survive the trials that lay ahead of them.

Far From Eden - English Nobles are exactly what they’re supposed to be: noble. Honesty and rule abiding are essential in their world. But for the Lester household, secrets are all there are. Philip Lester is the only child of the family, however he was born Penelope. With the help of his best friend and maid, Nancy, Philip manages a double life in the harsh Victorian era. But life grows more complicated when the young boy meets a beautiful stranger named Daniel as well as another rich noble who has taken an interest to him. With conflicting sides of his life, Philip is forced to make cutting decisions and possibly face the threat of losing that dearest to him.

- Thea

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Hello there! I love your blog and your story is unbelievably amazing! You actually inspired me to create my own simblr but lately I've been feeling a bit discouraged about continuing it since it's so new and all of my posts get one note at best. I know I should be doing my story for myself and because I enjoy it but I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Advice?

Hello nonny, 

What’s your simblr? I’ll follow you. Welcome to the community that’s filled with fun, silliness and beauty ♥

So simblr and having your blog, really should be to enjoy yourself. That is, enjoying sharing your experience with the game, your story, your photos, etc as well as enjoying the good things the community has to offer. This is mainly what I go by. When I started, I barely got notes but continued because it was so fun. There are some things I could recommend:

Tagging is your friend- Using appropriate tags keeps your blog organised and allows people to find you. The first five tags that you use for your posts are important. I would recommend using ts4, the sims 4, etc in your first five tags to ensure that persons who are interested may find easily. People also appreciate tagging appropriately such as tagging when you have nsfw, nonsims, etc. 

Make friends- One way to enjoy the experience is to annoy other people into being your friend. If you like someone’s post/story, don’t afraid to tell them in a comment or message. People here are normally very nice and would appreciate such actions. It also builds your presence within the community. 

Pay attention to what you post- It is recommended that you try to keep your posts sims-related and maybe limiting reblogs. As mentioned before tagging is important if you post non sims related stuff.

Have fun- Remember simblr is about you and enjoying your experience. It can be really amazing and once you’re having fun, I do think other people will notice and be drawn to you.

Don’t be discouraged nonny. I’m rooting for you. ♥

I’m afraid I think I’m agender because of: internalized misogyny. All the cool kids are doing it. Tired of the patriarchy. Gender is a social construct anyway. Gender is too much effort for my ND brain. Or a combination of the above.

Mostly likely I think I’m agender because: I’m actually fucking agender

you can ignore this i’m just dumping my thoughts here lol

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Sooo... it seems like AF Sans and Tori don't have a great relationship, but do they ever have sweet moments together, or does that just not happen with them? (By the way, I love this blog! I've never been much of a Soriel shipper, but this blog is so cute yet cool at the same time!)

Sometimes, but they’re really private about it and only share such moments when they’re sure they wont be seen (they have a reputation to keep and can’t afford to be caught having The Fluffytimes™). But they do like to hold hands whenever they’re inside a movie theater while its dark or while taking a walk through an empty area (eg. a park or complex during late evening hours).

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By reasonable I don't mean you get excited by all the fun or sad and angry about shit in the fandom. I feel like you are so reasonable of other people, of how they feel and how they react to things. You have good insight into why the fandom, writers, characters do what they do. But at the same time like what you like and feel how you feel without being swayed by others, its really dope

*cries* you already made me so happy with that first ask but you came back to be even nicer and make me even happier god bless u anon 

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So I've been wondering, lately a lot of blue tongue skink owners have been talking about how great their skinks are doing on cat food. And I was curious if there is proof whether cat food is indeed good or bad for them? I'm definitely skeptical since it's something Brian Barczyk has been promoting, plus we've all seen what dog/cat kibble does to tortoises. I mean even the best cat food on the market has fillers. And I couldn't imagine feeding a cat food exclusive diet even if it was healthy.

So while I don’t know a ton about skinks, I have read about their eating habits. Canned cat food is mostly meat, and can make up the meat part of their diet if properly supplemented and provided with good vegetables. As long as it is the proper type of wet food, of course, and they have to have their veggies as well. Now what BHB does is literally just give them dry dog food (which generally has more fillers than cat food) and that is all he feeds them. That is absolutely terrible for them and he does it because it is cost effective and frankly, I am starting to believe he doesn’t give a crap about his animals anymore, just cares about being famous and making money because he absolutely will not listen to reason or do research on animals he keeps anymore. He just buys them and puts them in whatever he deems okay. 
Anyways sorry for the rant, haha. But yes in certain situations cat/dog food is not a good thing, but if it is made of mostly meat the wet cans of cat food can make up the meat part of the diet if done correctly. (meaning good veggies and fruit provided) 

The Script's No Sound Without Silence Starters (Part Four):
  • "The wind screaming loud sounded just like a crowd."
  • "Maybe it's gonna be our day."
  • "To be right there in the moment you’d give anything to be."
  • "I could die now."
  • "They got me cornered."
  • "Did you see the sparks?"
  • "We could all be dead tomorrow."
  • "Are you happy with the world that you're living in?"
  • "I'm trying to fight the feeling."
  • "She's got lions in her heart."
  • "I can take this mistake."
  • "They stare at blank pages."
  • "We're early to rise."
  • "Let’s color the streets."
  • "When it's right it's more than right."
  • "It’s you that drives the demons from my door."
  • "Did you break but never mend?"
  • "Make it last for life."
  • "If we don't do something now then we'll never know."
  • "I know the consequences."
  • "He's got a beast in his belly."
  • "There's no fair in farewell."
  • "Lying in my backyard, head is facing skyward, I'd imagine all the things that I could be."
  • "We catch a lift."
  • "It’s been so long."
  • "I've seen you in jeans with no make-up on."
  • "I’ve got a shield."
  • "It burns."
  • "I'll take your hand."
  • "It's not too late to do something new."
  • "Who'd have thought about the cause and effect?"
  • "You've been fighting for it all your life."
  • "Where's the "us" in "trust" gone?"
  • "The wind blows."
  • "You gotta change what you do."
  • "It's not the end."
  • "I can't look down."

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