it's about a dumb cat

Concerned friend: “Nabs you aren’t wearing any gloves please be careful with the scalpel.”

Me: “Nahhhh I’m totally fine no worries.”

Also me: -immediately cuts self with scalpel-

Also also me: “Maybe less than fine.”

What exactly is Cat’s plan with the dozen cupcakes? Does Cat Grant seem like the type to actually purchase a dozen fantastic cupcakes and have them delivered to her office for no reason? I am not inclined to think so. Which means a couple things- 

  1. Cat purchased cupcakes purely for the metaphor. She actually made a serious effort to put together this ridiculous fucking metaphor about cupcakes because she obviously doesn’t care about Kara. Right. She just happened to pick a food item that she knew Kara would care about- dessert foods. This is clearly the work of someone who doesn’t know anything about their assistant and would never attempt to invade said assistant’s personal life
  2. She probably didn’t have any actual plans for what to do with a dozen cupcakes. And even if she eats like half of them (which, let’s face it, who eats six cupcakes by themselves, even if they really love cupcakes?), what is she going to do with the rest of them? Just throw them away? 

I’ve got real money that says that Cat spent the rest of the day wondering what the hell she was going to do with eleven cupcakes that she didn’t really want in the first place. Can’t give them to her assistant with a garbage disposal stomach because she already impulsively had to make sure Kara understood the secondary lesson about her insane possessiveness. 

i’m watching a ton of panel stuff from JIBCon rn and let me tell you, hearing Jensen ackles say “Oh, that’s lovely!” in his deep voice as he points a fan at his face and talks about how he actually thought How To Train Your Dragon was a cute movie is the actual best thing in existence

i’m just like clutching my chest and gasping as i whisper “oh my sweet, sweet summer sunshine” to myself