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Serious question...

Why doesn’t Carrie Fisher have a star on the Walk of Fame? She was part of the biggest movie franchise ever, was a sought after script doctor for film and television, wrote multiple screenplays of her own, as well as made multiple appearances in film, television and theatre. How has none of that warranted a star?


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☆   Week 4: #1 the first LGBT character you heard about

Do not presume to lecture me on the hardships homosexuals must bear. No one knows them better than I. For while I am not inclined to discuss my sexuality with people for whom it is none of their business – I am gay. - Jean-Paul Beaubier

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Do V and Y get a lot of creepy people coming up to them when the kids are babies to coo about how biracial kids are the ~most beautiful~

YES AND IT’S SO BAD ALL THE TIME. It’s a different flavor racism than the one Yuuri dealt with in Michigan but it’s JUST AS BAD and bad in SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS depending on which one of them the person sees with the kids or if it’s both of them???

One time Viktor is watching Irina’s ballet practice when she’s like five, waving through the studio’s glass when she looks at him and smiling as she does her clumsy little plies

Another father walks up to him and asks which one is yours? And Viktor points out Irina.

“Oh, wow,” says the other father. “She’ll be a looker when she grows up.”

“Um,” Viktor mutters, because that’s a weird thing to say to him about his five-year-old. 

“I mean, she’s part Chinese right?”

Viktor squints dangerously. “My husband is Japanese.”

“Oh, well. You know. They all look the same. But I’ve never seen an ugly Asian girl. She’s gonna be real pretty.”

Viktor takes Irina out of that ballet class and starts sending her to private lessons with Lilia, which is what Lilia has been WANTING THIS WHOLE TIME VIKTOR KONSTANTINOVICH I TOLD YOU. I TOLD YOU.

On the other hand, when Yuuri is alone with Mikhail, little old European ladies keep coming up to him and pinching Mikhail’s cheeks and saying things like, “Mixed babies are just adorable,” and Yuuri wants to physically slap their hands away from his child.

It’s equally as creepy though when people HIS AGE, LATE TWENTIES EARLY THIRTIES, look at his babies and say, “Oh, I want my babies to look just like that! Like, Asian but without the eyes! They’re so cute that way!” and then hastily and fervently glancing at him and saying, “No offense!”

It gets better when they go back to Japan but like even there?? even there sometimes people say backwards shit. Kyo and Koichi are born and a lot of people say they have “Anime eyes” because they’re so blue. Yuuri has to go into Emma’s school once because someone is teasing her so badly about having a big nose that she doesn’t want to go to school. Twelve-year-old Mikhail begs them to let him dye his hair black so that he “looks normal.”

Which, like, they’d let him dye his hair whatever color he wanted–it’s impermanent and something he can have agency over even at a young age–but not because he feels like he has to, y’know?

But yes people are horrible and Yuuri and Viktor Nikiforov just want people to let their babies LIVE and not say weird creepy things about them??? Also Yuuri Nikiforov is going to fight the FUCKING WORLD if one more person screams at him a slow voice?? He speaks perfect Russian? He studied it for five years in college?? Why is it that he’s the one who gets talked to like a child when Viktor is the one who STILL sometimes goes blank in the face and just blindly agrees to whatever it is the person he’s speaking Japanese to has just said to him.

“Is the moon made of cheese, Viktor?” Mari once asks a very tired Viktor, trying to smother her laughter as she watches him rock back and forth with both twins and their matching stuffed tigers cradled in his arms. Six-week-old Kyo and Koichi have had a case of the sniffles and, while not serious, it’s been a hell of a weekend.

“Uhhh yes,” Viktor mumbles, eyes half open. “It’s fine.”

Yuuri takes a break from wanting to sleep forever to laugh hysterically into Viktor’s knee before trying to fall back asleep.

“I’ll babysit the terrible trio tomorrow,” Mari assures them. “You guys look like you need a break.”

“Bless you,” Viktor whispers, strangely understanding every word of that much more complicated sentence. “You will be sainted.”

“The patron saint of sniffles and drooling brothers,” Mari says, and Yuuri doesn’t know if she’s talking about him or the twins but he throws a pillow at her anyway.

madasaku weekend 2017


in which madara is rapunzel and sakura is the prince


wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart (chapter ¼)

Summary: It’s just Isak’s fucking luck that he’ll probably be outed before he ever kisses a boy. Fortunately, Even’s there to fix that, only to flit out of Isak’s life right after. Years later, a wedding brings them back together. (Once again, @westiris is an amazing beta and I love her.)

Pairing: Isak/Even

Words: 8,643


Sorry, baby, I have to work late. Tell Noora and Eva congrats from me! xoxo

Isak sighs, rubbing at his temples. He should’ve expected this—Wesley has a huge project coming up at work. It’s all he can talk about, but there’s very little about customer analytics or audience tracking that Isak cares for. He can hardly blame his boyfriend, either. Isak’s spent the last week cooped up in his office, grading papers or preparing for that huge conference in Copenhagen. They’d skipped their usual Tuesday date night, but that was probably for the better. Isak doesn’t have enough energy to force a conversation. The only good thing he’d get out of date night would be the sex, and he has the comfort of his own hand and his best dildo for that. It’s much more efficient that way.



Alabaster: See, we have a way that we could genetically fuse three sex cells together, and then one of the two of you would be a surrogate to carry the zygote just like you’d carry any other baby. Three trimesters, the whole shebang. The only decision that you’d have to make is which one of you would carry the baby. But the baby itself will be a third of each of you. 

‪Author: *write a fic with Yuri’s cat in the story* since we don’t know it’s name and it’s gender let’s just call it Furrball or Snowball. Sofiya also sounds good. Oh it’s actually Potya?‬

‪Yuri Plisetsky, an intellectual: this is my cat. His name is Puma Tiger Scorpion. Pyocha for short. IT’S A BADASS NAME DON’T YOU THINK‬

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Do you think ravenpaw and barley are a couple?

SO i’ve got a weird relationship with Ravenpaw and Barley like ok. I do really like them together but I don’t feel comfy with them being together while Raven’s still young u know?  I kind of headcanon that Ravenpaw kinda went off on his own and was a wandering loner for quite awhile.  I know that doesn’t really fit in with the books, as he’s mentioned at Barley’s throughout the series but idk. 

First off I honestly can’t see Ravenpaw being completely content just hanging around the barn. I envision him getting restless and wanting to go beyond the farm and explore and get a taste of the wild warrior cat life he had back in the forest. In Ravenpaw’s Farewell, we definitely saw that he did still have that warrior spirit in him

Second, I think for Ravenpaw to really fully develop and become independent and confident, he’d need to sorta grow up a bit on his own and realize he wasn’t a weak coward like Tigerclaw made him believe he was.  I think if he stayed with Barley, he’d be really really dependent on him, and tbh Ravenpaw’s Farewell shows us that Barely was way more dependent on Ravenpaw.

And also if that were the case, it feels less idk taboo because then, when they did get together, Ravenpaw would be a fully developed, well rounded, full grown tom and much more at Barley’s level. I mean tbh I always imagined them having a gap similar to Dustpelt and Ferncloud’s anyway, which no one kicks up a fuss about, but either way. I like my hc so yea h

It’s only twelve in the morning but I’ve already got a lot on my chest because I feel like I have something to say.

I don’t think a lot of people understand how it feels to produce content in a fandom whether that be a writer, an artist, an editor and etc. I know that there are a lot of people who do have one or all of these skills under their belt. I just want people to know how extremely hard it is to post a creation of yours out there. It’s really scary and it takes a lot of courage. I’ve even spoken to people who have wonderful ideas but have refused to post them due to fear of response. Fandom is something that I’ve talked about a lot and that was one of the main topics of discussion I had with a really wonderful friend of mine yesterday.

I had received a negative comment on one of my fics. It was definitely surprising at first because I had been really excited about this chapter. It’s dark, it’s not filled with the usual fluff that I do and I put warnings so people could know and avoid it. But I guess someone didn’t like it anymore which is more than fine as not everyone’s going to like the direction your story takes or the whole thing together. The comment was basically them telling me how my fic was doing what they wanted it to do. I think they were expecting some kind of fast romance where everything moves in the fifth chapter and the main couple are kissing and having sex in the sixth.

It really hurt.

Honestly, it did.

And it doesn’t really help when your mind is very fragile and anything could break it.

It hurts when you put a lot of effort into something you really love and feel proud about and someone comes in and decides to bulldozer that down. In fact, I was contemplating on deleting that chapter all together because it wasn’t what they wanted.

You see the problem there?

I was, for a few seconds, actually thinking about taking down the chapter I wrote and was happy with because one person hated what I decided to do with my fic.


I understand that some of people may feel the need to leave negative comments on a person’s fic or post or work but please don’t do that. The amount of questioning, doubt and hurt that a person goes through after that is really terrible. It can make a person want to or actually stop writing because that one person made them doubt their skill as a creator and made them feel like their work doesn’t matter if it’s not up to their standard.

Constructive criticism is fine as long as it’s done in a helpful way and not hate disguised as help. I know that a lot of people do that because they say they want to help. But that’s a double edged sword.

Of course being in a fandom and creating content is going to earn some negativity from people. People aren’t always going like what’s being created because they have strong views about a certain character, they don’t feel the same way you feel about a particular thing or they’re just dicks.

But it needs to be remembered, and this is so important, all those who produce content for fandom are people and they have feelings. They’re not robots who are here to do your bidding and create what you please. They have their own ideas and develop on those ideas which turns into the beautiful pieces of work that we continue to get from them for free. They don’t charge, they’re willing show us these creations because they’ve made them and want to share them with us. They’re proud of that work, have put hours into it planning and creating it, are happy to show it to the fandom because hey look, this is something I did and it’s pretty cool!

So don’t leave any form of negativity on someone’s work and don’t be that person who makes someone stop creating because they didn’t do something that you wanted them to do.

If you get the feeling:

  • Exit out of the work or close the tab. Block it and that creator if it’s bothers you that much.
  • Go talk about it with a friend so you can have somewhere to complain if a friend is up for that.

And if you don’t like the content that’s being made:

  • Find something that does have what you’re looking for.
  • Make your own content.

As I’ve said so many times before, stay in your lane and avoid things that you don’t like. Adding to this, don’t comment negatively and don’t be a dick

Tldr: Stop being negative on people’s work. If you don’t like then leave it alone and carry on with your day.

I might actually get to host an irl dragon age rpg campaign within the coming months and that’s mind boggling 8|