it's a wondeful life

“You have five minutes” Thea murmured, not even looking up from her computer screen to acknowledge the presence of the person in her room. It was late, she had been here all day, and frankly she couldn’t be bothered to talk to this person. “I have a family dinner tonight, and am leaving in 5 minutes. You are currently wasting my precious time. So get on with it”

Tonight, I am proud to think that I have changed some people’s lives for the better. For some, I helped them find new jobs more aligned with what they want to do. Others, I was there for in tough times. Then some, I did things they are not even aware of (and others have taken credit for) but it’s changed everything for them. I don’t care. I don’t want the credit. I just want them to be doing great and be happy, and I know they are.

I am happy. This is my “It’s A Wonderful Life” moment, except that I don’t have a Clarence. 

I am no angel and have also hurt people. For those I apologize. I wish I knew better and that my temper didn’t sometimes get in the way of my judgement.

Is there an angel out there who needs wings? I’d love to help if I can.