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“You guys having fun?”

The thousands of cheers from around the sold out stadium echoes through the cool night, every single one directed towards Justin. It’s kind of crazy to think about it - that people literally spend hundreds of dollars just to see him from what probably is a shitty seat at the back of an arena, but at the same time its flattering, and by now I bet his rather used to it.

“I don’t know if you guys heard me, Are you guys having fun tonight?!” He repeats into the mic, fiddling with the gold chain bracelet around his hand.

Once again the stadium filled with screams and cheers from the beliebers, this time twice as loud. I watch as Justin let his eyes drift over to the side of the arena, and decides to yell “Top row, you guys having up there?!” And they continue to cheer.

Then the other side, “What about this side, you guys having fun up there?!”

A small smile fell onto his face as he leans back and removes the gum from his mouth muttering, “Alright, as long as were having fun. Just livin’ the moment.”

Then continues to move forward and lightly strum the first notes to Cold Water. A second later his hand moves back to his mouth, placing the gum he removed earlier back inside. I can’t help but roll my eyes at my boyfriends indecisiveness. Once more he continues to strum the guitar before for the third time, removing his hand and looking down onto the chain.

“This damn bracelet is annoying.”

Suddenly moving his wrist towards the guitar and using his bracelet to tap the strings while saying, “You see all this noise, I don’t like that noise. It sounds wrong. I’m not diggin’ it.”

I can’t help but smile. Its so cute when he just speaks his mind, and I can tell the crowd feels the same since I do notice a few people chuckling up the front.

Turning towards the wings of the stage, where Scooter, I and the backstage crew are all standing, he jokingly adds, “See Y/N this is your fault - Giving me this bracelet.”

After fumbling around with it for a while trying to remove it, he grumbles “Stupid bitch.” Under his breath, causing not only me but the crowd to laugh. “One second guys.” He announces.

While still attempting to take off the bracelet I bought him for our 3 year anniversary, he decides to make a witty joke, beginning it with, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

The crowd actually responded with a whole lot of “Why’s?” And justin immediately respondes with “He wanted to get to the other side.”

A small smile cracks his lips as the crowd chuckles at his terrible joke and even chose to acknowledge how dumb it was by adding, “That was stupid.” then adds “but it was funny.”

Finally giving up, his head shoots up to look around the crowd asking “Does someone wanna come help me get this off my wrist?”

Girls from the crowd shoot up and cheer immediately with there hands in the air. As for Justin who is still sitting and waiting for someone come to his rescue. Scooter waists no time in suddenly beginning to push on my back, motioning me forward.


“Go help him.” He demands with a smirk.

“What?!” My eyes trail down my body, instinctively cringing at my purpose sweatpants and staff hoodie I chose to wear. I looked terrible. “Nah-ah. No way.”

“Who cares about what your wearing, go help him!” He chuckles.

“I care! Plus I don’t wanna just walk out on stage! That’s scary.” I pout but scooter shows no remorse.

“Just go!” He puts his arms on my shoulders and pushes me out onto the stage. This time, I can’t turn back because by the way every one in the crowd has heightened there screams, they’ve definitely seen me.

I sigh and mentally note ‘there no turning back now’ before jogging forward over to the seat Justin was seated on by the edge. Justin’s eyes trail around the stage, looking for the reason the screams in the crowd have increased, and once seeing me making my way over, smiles and extends a hand for me to grab.

I don’t hesitate to reach for his gesture and quickly dash over to remove this bracelet as fast as I can so I can get off the stage as soon as possible. At first, Justin is no help at all. Instead, he begins rubbing my arm and trying to get me to sit and stay next to him. “Justin, stop fidgeting.” I laugh.

Justin shrugs his shoulders as if not having any idea what I was talking about before settling and begins cooperating with the process. This bracelet is so damn stubborn! But after some pull and tug, Justin says, “Pull it from this side.”

“Yeah, and you unclip it from over there.”

The crowd aw’s in affection at our teamwork.

As we work together and finally get the bracelet removed, I jump up in achievement and grab a hold of the bracelet myself. As I’m about to make my way back off stage, Justin grabs my arm and pulls me back pouting. “Stay.”

I chuckle nervously and take a glance at the screaming crowd in anticipation, finally turning back to Justin to shake my head.

“Oh c'mon!” He encourages, grabbing my hip and pulling me towards him. I fall onto the seat beside him, my back pressed against his side while his arm rest around my waist. “Have a little fun. I’ll sing you a nice sooong.” He coo’s as if I was a child. “give you a little kiiiss. We can cuddllle.”

“Shut up.” I chuckle to which Justin smiles.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Meanwhile, the crowd has hit the fan, their cheers going wild in a frenzy of excitement. Justin places his arm around my shoulders while using his hand to hold the right notes on the guitar neck. His other hand strumming lightly at the body.

After commenting about how terribly the guitar is tuned, he finally begins singing Cold water in a soft, melodic tone.

“Everybody gets high sometimes you know…What else can we do when were feelin’ low? - C'mon sing it with me baby!”

I chuckle at his enthusiasm and decide to not ruin the song and just keep my mouth shut, but frozen with a smile.

“So I wanna lay with you told I’m old!” He sang, causing my to furrow my eyebrows in confusion.

“Baby you sang it wrong.” I whispered into his side.

Still strumming the guitar, he looks over at me “Really? I did? Well then how does it go?”

“It goes, ’What else can we do when were feelin’ low? So take a deep breath and let it go -…” I quickly sing as Justin smirks.

I hadn’t realised that justin had actually moved the mic towards me, causing my voice to echo throughout the entire arena, the crowd cheering like crazy in the background while Justin smirked menacingly.

“Hey!” I pouted. “You stuffed the lyrics on purpose!”

“How’d you know?” He chuckled sarcastically. “Well, since you started it you gotta finish. C'mon baby lets go!”

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Listen. Listen. I got an amazing Voltron AU headcanon idea for you but you CAN'T GO RUNNING WITH IT MISS ONIONS I KNOW HOW YOU DO THINGS. From me to you: a Star Wars AU.

Predictably………..this is the longest one.

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00. Lance has wanted to be a Jedi his entire life.

It’s his deepest, most sincere and heartfelt desire.

A Jedi is belonging.

A Jedi has purpose, a path and a place in life. A Jedi looks after others; a Jedi takes care of people. A Jedi is a protector of the galaxy. It’s a longing and a calling Lance has always aspired to.

A Jedi is great, and a Jedi is kind. A Jedi is a keeper of the peace. A Jedi has the Force, wide open and beckoning, bright and true. Lance has loved the Force and the Light for as long as he can remember.

A Jedi looks out for others. A Jedi looks outs for their own.

A Jedi belongs.

Lance is going to be a Jedi.

Little Lance, a handful of years old and toddling on tiptoes in the creche, pudgy face smushed against the transparisteel of the creche window. Stubby fingers leave messy prints, watching all the ships come and go in the distant hustle and bustle of Coruscant night traffic. That’ll be me someday.

Little Lance, older, peeking out from amongst his crechemates as they travel the halls. He watches the robes of the great Jedi Knights swishing about their ankles, Padawans rushing to catch up. That’ll be me someday.

Little Lance, sneaking out to the Temple Gardens late at night to watch the waterfall play, closing his eyes and listening to the Force gurgle over rocks, splash onto stones. The soft breeze of the Force through the grass, the flowers, the trees. The Force is everywhere. A pair of Jedi sit in the grass nearby, quiet, heads bowed in meditation. The Force swirls around them gently, a stream in its own right. Lance hides by his waterfall and observes, content. That’ll be me someday.

Lance, even older. Finally a Padawan himself, following at the heels of his Master as they head down to the hangars for their first mission assignment. Looking over his shoulder at all the other Jedi embarking on ships, returning from missions of their own. A hub of galactic peace, in and out, busy keeping the galaxy safe.

That’ll be me someday.

Lance, at the conclusion of his Trials.

Jedi protect.

Jedi belong.

Lance is going to be a Jedi.

01. Lance and Hunk have been best friends since the days of the creche.

“Are we getting anywhere?” Lance asks, leaning on the engine. The sleeve of his robe swings down and nearly smacks Hunk in the face.

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Reverse burglary (a Christmas miracle)

(Based on this post. Sterek prompt, with a poor, grieving Derek who gets the safety and rescue he so desperately hopes for)

Derek sighs. The way to home from campus looks as unappealing as the stack of work that weighs down his bag. Snow and slush has filled the streets while he had been confined to the monotonic walls of the lecture room, coloring the ground with whites and grays and browns. 

Things have been tough for a long time now. Ever since Laura was killed, her body buried underneath the old and dilapidated Hale house, Derek’s been all alone. Grieving, anchorless mess. The fact that his own uncle had taken his alpha’s life, someone that was supposed to be family, was such a big blow that Derek hadn’t even known what to do with Peter afterwards.

Not that he had to do anything. His uncle had been killed by a hunter, Chris Argent, after Peter had gone rampant and apparently turned a couple teenagers in his fury. At first, a glimmer of hope had burst in Derek’s chest. Other wolves, just as lost and clueless as he was. It could mean a new start of a pack, a new family. Someone to get to be in contact with, to rely on without having to give anything but love in return.

It… Did not happen. 

The first boy that had been turned, the one with the slightly magical smelling friend, had rebuffed Derek so hard he was still blinking back tears whenever he thought of it. The second one he had approached from afar, but after getting the gist that the kid, Jackson whats-his-face was a self-entitled, rich and spoiled jock, Derek had turned on his heels and never looked back.

But even if he didn’t get to have a pack, his chest burning with longing and sadness so deep it ached whenever he saw the other wolves (The other kid, Scott, had turned into a true alpha, and had turned three other kids as well to join their pack. They looked happy.), at least he was safe in Beacon Hills from other hunters. Peter had killed Kate, Derek shuddering at the thought of her still roaming these streets, and Chris had taken the position of the local hunter, and had mostly only threatened Derek.

Apart from that one time that Chris and his goons had destroyed Laura’s Camaro, the only thing he had left of her. He had sobbed for the whole night, ready to curl into a ball and disappear, crawl into the grave with Laura’s body and hope Mother Nature would caress him into sleep so deep he’d get to see the rest of his family.

He stayed.

But one problem (among many others) that he had, was that Derek had no money. With Laura’s death, the human society unaware of her passing, since ‘werewolf territory death match’ wasn’t a viable explanation to the police, all of the money that their inheritance held was in Laura’s name. In Laura’s bank accounts. Derek had no access to those.

The only thing he had was the apartment Laura had rented, with a automatic payment contract to the monthly rent. Without an anchor, or at least a stable one, Derek was unable to get a job because he was so afraid he would fuck it up. He’d enrolled into Beacon Hills community college, because that too had been pre-paid, but other than the three pairs of henleys, two t-shirts, four pairs of boxers and one pair of jeans with his Converse shoes and Kånken bag, he virtually had nothing for himself.

He was piss poor, unemployed full-time student with no friends, no family and hunters that were ready to put him down with only a wrong twitch of the eye.

His life was a disaster.

Trudging through the melting snow, Derek listened to his stomach mourn for food. In three days time there would be a full moon, and in that time, the woods would be dangerous to hunt in. If he wanted food, he’d have to go either tonight, or tomorrow. He tskd, thinking of the pile of essays waiting for him.

Thank God he was allowed to hand write them. If he wasn’t, he’d practically have to live in the library or at the school campus, because he didn’t own a computer. Even his apartment held only one working lamp with a light bulb, an empty fridge and two towels. He did have a plate and a fork, as well as a meat knife he’d snatched from the outdoor diner that didn’t look close enough for their customer’s empty dishes. 

When he nears his apartment, Derek stiffens. Someone is inside his apartment. Wary, he carefully steps the three sets of stairs up to his door, and listens. The burglar doesn’t seem to be doing anything though. Which makes sense. Derek doesn’t even own a bed, for Christ’s sake. He usually sleeps as a wolf on the floor.

He rattles the lock loudly, hoping for whomever it is that’s on the other side would take the hint and bolt. But the person doesn’t. Derek opens the lock slowly, letting the door creak from its hinges, and steps inside. He drops his bag near the entrance as he closes the door behind him and stares.

The stranger is standing in a what should be a living room, his back faced against the front door. And it is a he, Derek realizes. It’s the kid, the friend of that true alpha. He’d never gotten his name, though, but he could smell the sheriff and the kid shared a scent, so he knows he’s a Stilinski at least.

The kid turns slowly, his eyes wide as he locks them with Derek.

‘’Dude,’’ the teen says with a feeling. Derek can sympathize.  

‘’This is where you live? There’s - There’s nothing here! I don’t even see a bed. Your fridge is so empty it doesn’t even have a light. Does any of your lights in this apartment work?’’

Confused, Derek quietly points to the one in the bathroom. ‘’That one works,’’ he says blankly.

‘’… Only that one?’’

‘’Uh,’’ Derek says, ‘’Yes?’’

‘’Dude,’’ the kid says with horror. ‘’What do you eat? You look like you have bones and skin, and… Stubble. Very manly and uh, wolfy, but not very nutritious.’’

Getting the wits of him, Derek scowls, growling a little. He crosses his arms. ‘’What are you even doing here?’’ he snarls. ‘’How did you even get in?’’

The kid looks unimpressed. ‘’I’m a cop’s kid. I know how to pick locks. Which, by the way, my dad’s the sheriff. He’s uh, in the know now. So.’’

‘’So what?’’

‘’So,’’ the kid says, ‘’You don’t need to hide in a place like this anymore. We know you’re a werewolf, and the Argent douche is a hunter, but dad will keep you safe. He’s not letting Argent mess with any of us, so I’m sure he’d be happy to help you out too. So, you know, move to a better apartment, get some food and clothes and stuff.’’

Derek blinks. ‘’I live here,’’ he says, uncomprehending. He doesn’t have any money to get a better apartment. He doesn’t live this way because he wants to.

‘’Well, yeah, but can’t you like, move somewhere else? You have money, I know, because I, um, might have seen the police file and the um, amount of money you got from the uh …’’ Death of you family, the kid doesn’t finish, but Derek hears it loud and clear. He looks away, the loss of it all hitting him renew.

‘’I don’t have any money,’’ he grits out. ‘’My sister… She’s got it all.’’

‘’Oh, uh, cool,’’ the kid says, swaying on his heels. ‘’So where is she? Do you want me to help you find her?’’

Derek snorts humorlessly. ‘’I know where she is,’’ he murmurs, hugging himself. ‘’And that’s where I hope I would be too.’’

The kid blinks. ‘’…And where is that?’’

‘’In a grave,’’ he answers roughly, ‘’and all the better for it.’’

The kid takes a few fumbled steps backwards. ‘’She’s dead? She uh, who - ‘’

‘’My uncle,’’ Derek sighs, and suddenly he’s weary, defeated. He comes to the living room, charting away from the kid and slumping against one of the walls, sliding it down so that he’s sitting on the floor.

‘’Everyone is dead. There’s noone left but me.’’

The kid frowns, whispering, ‘’That’s rough.’’ He comes to sit next to Derek, mimicking his position. They’re both quiet for a while, the moon filtering through the curtainless window, revealing the dust speckles swarming the floor. 

Abruptly, the kid stands up. ‘’I know what to do,’’ he says to nobody in particular, and then looks down at Derek and winks. ‘’Just wait here. I’ll be back.’’

The kid dashes to the door, only stopping to excitedly tell Derek, ‘’My name’s Stiles by the way. And I’ll be back so just sit tight, mister. I’m gonna - Yeah, this is going to be good, just wait - ‘’ And then he’s gone.

All that’s left of the guy is mixed smells that permeate Derek’s den. He waits a couple hours, but the kid doesn’t come back. So he goes to sleep, already regretting not getting any essays done. But that’s a problem for tomorrow.

When Derek gets home late the next day, there are strangers again in his apartment. This time it’s multiple someones. He doesn’t bother going quietly like last time, because he can smell the pack of wolves and they probably already know he’s coming.

Stiles is the one who opens the door before he has time to fish out his keys, and he’s beaming, ushering Derek inside.

Derek stops just shy of Stiles getting the door closed. He blinks dumbly at the sight that greets him. There are lights on everywhere at the apartment. There’s a fucking rug on his hallway, and he can see furniture in the living room, peeking from the corners. Stiles comes from behind him, pushing him more inside. At first he’s greeted by Sheriff Stilinski. The man is in his uniform, his face apologetic and reassuring.

‘’Mr. Hale,’’ he says, extending his hand. ‘’I have heard from my son that you are someone I can come to if I have any questions about the supernatural. I’ve been educated within the past four months, but information from a person who’s clearly more knowledgeable than my son’s friends or our town’s cryptic vet would be appreciated. And,’’ he says, bringing Derek into a comfortable hug, ‘’I’m very sorry for your loss son. I knew your family. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m always available.’’

Then the man extracts himself and offers a smile. ‘’And call me John, son. I’l be sure to have my number in your cellphone after tonight.’’

‘’Derek,’’ Derek says in response. ‘’And uh, I don’t have a phone.’’

‘’You do now!’’ Stiles pipes up. Derek looks over, and then he sees the herd of teenagers that are the wolves he’s been seeing around town.

‘’I’m Isaac Lahey,’’ the first kid, Isaac, says. ‘’Nice to meet you.’’ He doesn’t offer his hand, but nods shyly. Derek knows him. He’d listened to the kid get beaten up more often than not, and even went to threaten the kid’ father a couple times. It’s nice to see Isaac to not be in pain or scared.

‘’Derek,’’ he offers in response. 

‘’I’m Erica, and this is my best friend Boyd,’’ the blond, white teen says, and points to the guy behind her. Derek nods at them.

‘’And I’m uh, Scott McCall. And I um, wanted to …’’ the kid whines in protest when Stiles jabs him in the side, but lowers his head. ‘’I’m sorry I was rude to you when we met. You tried to help me and I was being an idiot. I would like to start from a clean slate, and um, offer you a place in my pack. That is, if you want it.’’

Derek looks around. There are two sofas and a coffee table, a couple rugs and a bed. Even red curtains have made an appearance, and he can smell food in his kitchen that he knows wasn’t there before.

‘’Why all this? You don’t even know me. I don’t know you,’’ Derek says, baffled.

Stiles shrugs. ‘’It’s Christmas time and that is a time of giving? Because dude, I’ve seen you brooding away, thinking we don’t see when you look at us. I kind of know now what wolves need, and wolves need a pack. And you don’t have one. And we rejected you when you tried to form one with us, but we regret that. Because leaving someone alone after so much tragedy is, well, pretty much a punishable crime to me. So.’’ The kid spreads his hand. ‘’Here we are, if you want us. And you don’t even have to decide now. Just, think about it. Get to know us, let us get to know you. Let the odd ones gather into one big, smoochy family.’’

There are groans from the others, and the sheriff facepalms so hard, Derek hears the slap sound it makes, as the man’s palm hits against skin.

Derek hugs himself, already feeling a little bit better at having someone similar to him, someone with the same set of instincts than him be near him. Fill his den with their scents.

‘’I’ll think about it,’’ he promises, and Stiles fist pumps. Then the teens start carrying food from the kitchen, and Derek can’t help but think that, yeah. Maybe Laura will have to wait for awhile before Derek joins him.

Just for a little while.

Doctor Styles

Part 2

A/N: I really want to thank @whoopsharrystyles for helping me start this new fic idea of mine and being my first beta ever and give me some great pointers and tips. I def would not be writing this without her. I really do appreciate it so much sis love you loads. xoxo S. Also everyone should def read his blurbs/fics/ they are flipping amazing and if you haven’t you are missing out. 

“Oh and three don’t fuck up”

You wake up to the sound of your beeping alarm on the nightstand table; you peek your eyes open and read that its 5:30 am.  A groan escapes your lips as you think about leaving the warmth of your bed. You scramble to find your phone and hit snooze, tossing it to the other side of you. But as on cue, you hear pattering of footsteps on your wooden floors, your bed dipping, and you being greeted with a generous amount of kisses on your cheek and nose by Eric. There goes your extra 5 minutes of sleep, but this is the price you pay when you work in the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a doctor, always dreamed of becoming one. Although the wake up times can be agonizing. After of few more sloppy kisses you’ve had enough.

“Okay okay I love you too, come on let’s gets some breakfast.”

You slide your robe on as the two of you hurry down the stairs and pour food into two bowls. Once you’re done eating, you run up the stairs and run a shower for yourself. You take your time to rinse your body with the warm water and soap and decide to wash your hair tonight, not wanting to go through the hassle of blow drying your hair right now. You step out of the shower and wrap a towel around your body and wipe down your foggy mirror. You take your time as you go into your closet and pick out your pink scrubs since its Friday.  At the hospital you work at, doctors all allowed to wear any color scrub they desire on Fridays. Pink scrubs are also yours and the kid’s favorite pair you own. You throw on your scrubs and white coat and tie your hair into a ponytail. You did not wear makeup to the hospital since it wasn’t needed; you weren’t a doctor to impress people with your beauty.You’re there to help patients in need. Looking over at the clock you notice it is already 6:40 and that you have about 20 minutes to get to work, you run out the door, not forgetting to grab your stethoscope before dashing down the stairs, in which you find Eric lying down on the couch. You slip your shoes on, and you give him a quick hug and kiss goodbye and tell him you’ll see him tonight.

The drive to the hospital was typical, not that much traffic since you live only ten minutes away. You casually walk into the hospital and greet the young lady at the front desk with a simple smile and a nod, while noticing families sitting eagerly waiting to hear results of their fellow loved ones, in the waiting area. You make your way through the long corridors, to be greeted with a only few nods in acknowledgement. You sigh to yourself, but keep your head held high. But your attention strays to a whistle behind you, and you already know who it is. You roll your eyes as you turn around.

“You know Maya, you look fantastic in your pink scrubs, but you know what else they would look good on?” He takes a step closer to you as you back up against a wall. “My floor.” He whispers and winks so the other doctors and nurses couldn’t hear the dirty comment.

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From the Dining Table, Pt. 2 (Ethan)

Summary: Ethan finally comes across your letter after many years and begins his journey to find you.

Word Count: 2,181

Warnings: Vomiting, mentions of vomit

Author’s Note: I finally finished part 2! It ended a little differently than I had intended just because I was accumulating a large word count so quickly and I wanted to cut it short before I lost you guys… But, this means a part 3 will ensue! This is written from Ethan’s point of view, and it involves a couple flashbacks, so I hope you guys are able to follow along. Also, “Y/L/N” means “your last name.” Please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy! Requests are open.

Part 1

“Breaking news coming out of Hollywood this morning… Ethan Dolan reportedly calls it quits in the middle of filming his latest movie after having what sources are calling a ‘nervous breakdown.’ The former YouTube sensation-turned-A-list-actor was said to have stormed off of set yesterday unprovoked and has not been seen or heard from by family and friends since. There has been no word on how long production on the movie has been stalled for, or if Dolan will be welcomed back to the cast should he choose to return to the film. We’ll continue to report the latest updates on this story as they come in.”

I shove my headphones into my ears and crank the volume up until the shrill voice of the E! News reporter disappears, disgusted that even in LAX, one of the world’s most famous and populated airports, celebrity gossip matters more than world affairs. Pulling the brim of my baseball cap down farther over my eyes, I shift in my seat and pray that no one is paying enough attention to their surroundings to recognize me. I’m sitting in the terminal completely alone and would like to keep it that way— no security guards, no screaming fans mobbing me, no soccer moms hesitantly walking up to me asking for a picture for their ‘daughter.’ Yeah, right. I know for a fact that some of those moms go out on movie dates with their girlfriends on Friday nights just to oodle over me and it’s absolutely disgusting. Don’t they have husbands waiting for them back home?

I sigh and glance down at my jean pocket holding the piece of paper that brought me to the airport in the first place. Is the E! News reporter incorrect in saying that I stormed off of set of the movie I was contracted to film months ago? No, actually, but she is incorrect in saying that it was ‘unprovoked.’ For the last couple of years, my life has been a whirlwind of traveling, transitioning from YouTube to making movies, red carpets, parties, drugs, alcohol, girls, it never seemed to end. The life I have now is everything I could have ever wanted at eighteen years old, but as I learned over time, it didn’t come without sleepless nights and regret over losing the one person that unapologetically stood by my side since we were kids. The more opportunities I was presented with, the more fame I gained, the farther I pushed her away and for what reason, I don’t remember now. But no matter how hard I tried to rid myself of her, she never left me. She haunted my dreams and called out for me when I would least expect it. I could hear her whispering to me in the wind and I would feel her body up against mine in every bed I slept in. Time didn’t make it better; in fact, it was quite the opposite. I most recently have been plagued with images of her choosing to marry someone else, to carry someone else’s children, and in the middle of one of those visions, I decided I had had enough. That’s when I found the letter, and after spending hours reading it, re-reading it, kicking myself for putting her through so much pain, and bawling at the realization of what I had become, I dashed to the airport knowing exactly where I would find her.

A couple other people in the terminal begin to shift in their seats and look at their tickets. I rip one headphone out of my ear just in time to hear the airline employee call for the boarding of first class passengers. Grabbing my backpack and ticket, I fly to the front of the line, head down, hoping to create as little of a scene as possible.

“Welcome aboard, Mr. Dolan,” the employee coos as she scans my ticket and checks my I.D. all too slowly. “What business do you have flying to Newark today?”

What business do I have? What business does she have asking that question?

“I… um… I’m paying an overdue visit to an old friend,” I mumble, trying to keep the irritation in my voice at bay.

“Ah, I see. Well, I hope you have a safe and comfortable trip back home.” She flashes a toothy smile as I take off to find my seat in the aircraft. With so much pep in her voice, I wonder how many glasses of wine she drinks at night before being able to dull the aching emptiness in her chest.

Wait, did she just say, ‘back home?’ How the hell would she have known that I… Oh god, she’s a closeted fan, too. Yep, E! News is going to sink their teeth into that headline: “An AWOL Ethan Dolan was spotted by an LAX employee boarding a plane to New Jersey, seemingly desperate to get back to his home state. What could he possibly be trying to run away from in L.A.? Or, could he be running toward something instead?”

I settle into the cushioned seat, my mind trying struggling to remember the last time I flew on a commercial aircraft. I almost forgot how to even book a ticket in the first place; having done it on a computer last, trying to confirm one on my phone on the way here proved to be even more difficult. My brain continues to search, scanning over memories in reverse chronological order until it lands on the right one, forcing up a wave of nostalgia and nausea, too:

“Y/N!” I shouted, hunched over the Mac in the living room of our dingy apartment. “Come here! I want to show you something!”

“What is it, babe?” Her voice cascaded through the air and settled on my skin, giving me goosebumps. God, how I loved her voice.

“I can’t tell you! You’ll have to come see it.”

Her slippers dragged against the carpet as she approached me from her bedroom. I stood up to block the computer screen, not wanting to give the surprise away before I was ready.

“E, sweetheart, this better be super important,” she scolded, entering the room. “I was in the middle of my history mid-term paper and I had a groove going.”

I took in her beauty as she leaned against the door frame, crossing one leg over the other. Her hair was thrown into a ponytail at the top of her head, her reading glasses were falling down her nose, and the skin on her lips was peeling, most likely resulting from the way she constantly chewed on them when she was anxious or deep in thought. She was wearing an old hand-me-down t-shirt that she acquired from her older brother years ago, and because he was over a head taller than her, she was swimming in the fabric. Her legs were bare, but the shirt was so long on her body that she wasn’t revealing much. Her skin glowed in the light and the amused smirk on her face made my head spin.

Wow, I thought to myself in shock. This girl is all mine.

“E? Ethan? What was it you wanted to show me?” Her voice shook me from my thoughts and I broke out in a child-like grin.

“This paper is the last final you have to submit, right?”


“And then you’re not only done for the semester but done with your college career, right?”

“Yes, Ethan, we’ve talked about this.”

“And your commencement ceremony is tomorrow at noon?”

“Ethan, did you get knocked over the head with something? We’ve been discussing my graduation for months now.”

“I know, I know we have. But, what we haven’t talked about is the fact that the ceremony isn’t the only place you—uh—I mean, we, have to be tomorrow.”

Y/N cocked her head to the side and walked over to me. “Ethan… what is going on?”

I took a couple of steps to the right to reveal the hotel reservations and flight confirmation number displayed on the computer screen, barely able to contain my excitement. “We have a 6:30 flight tomorrow from L.A. to Orlando. Happy graduation-slash-early-birthday-present, babe. I’m taking you to Disney World.”

I smile at the memory of Y/N’s disbelief as it melted into shock, the shock then morphing into elation. Disney World, while being one of the most cliché vacations a couple could take together, had always been a top vacation destination for her since she was a child. She was never able to visit when she was young because her parents struggled financially, but I had the ability to make one of her childhood dreams come true, something she never stopped thanking me for. Had I known the flight to Orlando wasn’t just going to be the last time I would fly on a commercial plane, but with Y/N in general, I would have cherished the moment more. She was always my favorite person to travel with. I would have gone anywhere in the world with her.

I begin to gag from vomit trying to force its way up my throat. For some reason, my regret is always paired with puke, but refusing to let it get the best of me, I fish in the front pocket of my backpack for my bottle of pills I was first prescribed after telling my doctor about my visions of Y/N. Opening the cap, I pour out four Ativan and wash them down with a bottle of water I bought after clearing security. I close my eyes and lean back in my seat, letting the medication run through my system and forcing the thought of Y/N away from my mind.

I just need five hours in the air to think about absolutely nothing. I just need five hours of darkness and silence in order to face what I have done.

“Ethan? Ethan Dolan in the flesh and blood?”

I look down at the concrete porch of Y/N’s childhood home, shamefully unable to meet the gaze of her mother standing on the threshold of her front door.

“Hi, Mrs. Y/L/N. Yes, it’s me.”

“Ethan, what business do you have showing up at my door after eight years of not speaking to my family?”

I pop my head up. Eight years? It’s been eight years since seeing Y/N last? I grab the letter out of my pocket and unfold it to see when it was dated, something that I stupidly didn’t think to pay attention to when I first found it.

Oh, my god… Y/N dated the letter six years ago; she waited on me for two and a half years in L.A. before moving back home, and it still took me another six years to find this thing. How despicable.

Disgusted with myself, I suddenly become dizzy and lean over the porch railing to vomit into the grass below. Mrs. Y/L/N steps out onto the porch and places her hand on my back, rubbing it gently until I stop dry heaving long enough to catch my breath.

“You’re being kind to me, Mrs. Y/L/N, even after everything I’ve done,” I observe.

“Holding anger and hatred for someone never does any good, no matter how much they’ve hurt you, Ethan. I see you found Y/N’s note. I’m assuming that’s why you’re here?”

I nod, gripping the piece of paper tighter. “Would you be able to tell me where to find her?”

“I can, but you might not like the answer.”

I raise an eyebrow, another wave of nausea washing over me.

“She bought the house, Ethan. The brick house on the corner of Oak Street, the one that–“

“The one that we talked about buying together since we were fourteen,” I finish for her.

Mrs. Y/L/N shrugs her shoulders. “Once your channel took off and she moved to L.A. with you, she started college out there and I thought maybe that dream became more of a fleeting thought for her. I don’t think she expected to ever come back to New Jersey; I certainly didn’t expect her to, at least because I knew that she would follow you wherever you went and I knew that you wouldn’t end up back here… You were destined for greater things than this town could offer you. But I suppose Y/N never forgot about it, after all.”

I press my lips into a hard line, working to keep my tears at bay. “You’re right, I don’t like that answer.”

“Well, then you should know one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“She doesn’t live there alone, Ethan.”

Fishing the keys of my rental car out of my other pocket, I glance sideways at Mrs. Y/L/N. “What do you mean?”

“I think it’s best that you find out for yourself, but be prepared. What you find might hurt you.” Mrs. Y/L/N places a peck on my cheek. “It was nice to finally see you again, Ethan.”

I close my eyes, desperately afraid that my visions of Y/N weren’t just visions after all.

“Thanks. You too. I just hope Y/N feels the same way.”

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+ Jealousy.

Um, so remember how I said I was gonna cut myself off at 1500 words max? Yeah, I failed. This is +4k. It spiraled out of control and I’m like 95% sure there is a part two for this. If you guys are up for it of course. 

This is AU/AH role reversal of sorts, in which Klaus is Caroline’s assistant.

Klaus had always been good at keeping secrets. Ever since he was child, he managed to keep everything sealed inside of him. He kept his love for art a secret from his father. He kept the pain of his father’s slaps a secret from the world outside the confines of his home. As a teenager, he kept his sister’s boyfriends in check without her knowing. And he managed to keep his job at a bakery a secret from his family. At eighteen, he left his address a secret from his family until Elijah found him, relief on his face and hurt in his eyes and it occurred to him that this should not have been a secret. And through it all, what he learned to do best was to keep his feelings secret. With time, he learned to simply keep them in check. So it was no surprise that Klaus’ best hidden secret was his infatuation with his enchanting boss, Caroline Forbes. But it was a surprise to him that his feelings towards her continued to spiral out of control.

He met Caroline at 23 years old, freshly graduated from college, fascinated by the smashing success of her magazine at only 27. He went in for an interview for the position of her personal assistant, his tie slightly off-center and his palms sweating. His chances of actually snatching the job were slim to none. He had no experience beyond his time at the bakery which sustained him through university. He had no network to fall back on which could recommend him to her. But he was determined to go through with the interview. Caroline Forbes, he believed could teach him a lot. Fixing his glasses on his nose once more, he braced himself and walked in.

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Hello again :3 I was wondering the RFA (+ Minor Trio) would react to the MC being a professional competitive horse rider (dressage, jumping, cross country, eventing, pas de deux, etc...)? Thank you and hope that wasn't too much :3

Ahhh so when I first read your ask I was like ?????? I don’t know what any of these words mean??? So I’m sorry if I get terminology wrong, I’m not a horse-riding expert even though I did do some research >.<

on a side note thank you for the reblogs with the commentary lmao I really do read all of them, and I could write a V soulmate au like someone said but it’s gotta be a proper request heuheu


Update: @makosharkies actually drew a thing for me so if you wanna see some Saeran vs horse art go check it out


  • Oh jeez this kid was so happy to find out about you being an equestrian
  • Not only is horse-riding hella cool, but also
  • just horses in general????
  • because horses are great?????
  • Insists he come watch your practice that day, and you let him even though you had a feeling Yoosung was gonna go all horse biology on you
  • Sure enough, when you get to the area where all the horses are kept, Yoosung is just shaking he’s so thrilled
  • him: casually pulls out his vet notes
  • you: casually puts them back in his bag
  • Yoosung I’ve been with horses since forever I think I can name their body parts myself thanks
  • Yoosung loves watching you ride, wow MC looks so cool like medieval movie people 
  • lmao medieval movie people good going Yoosung
  • But also he gets to watch how a horse’s body moves in real time
  • So it’s a really good study session for him too, though the first thing he says to you afterwards is 
  • “I never knew a horse’s muscles looked so powerful under their sleek pelt!” (help me out here is it a pelt or skin or w h a t?)
  • Yoosung what about me
  • “You looked beautiful too!”
  • Too’????
  • Anyways, he tells you that next time he’d like to see things from up close
  • Yoosung I sincerely hope that you don’t become obsessed with my horse


  • We all know how much of a romanticist he is
  • MC has horses???? Like real horses???
  • Well I am an equestrian so yes
  • MC pleasecanIrideahorseIwanttobeyourprinceandrideoffintothesunset
  • When he sees you at a jumping competition, you make it look so easy
  • If MC can do it, so can I!
  • Reluctantly, you try to give him a little lesson on riding, but Zen keeps distracting himself by trying to always look good
  • “Okay, so before you actually get on, there are some basics you need to know-”
  • “If the horse runs really fast, I bet my hair’s gonna look a-m-a-z-i-n-g in the wind.”
  • “Zen, are you even listen-”
  • “We gotta get the timing right though, the sun has to be in front of me, so that I can have a perfect silhouette.”
  • “Zen you-”
  • “Is it okay if I let go of the reins? I’m gonna have to take a selfie…what kind of pose should I make? Oh I kn-”
  • In the end, Zen doesn’t learn how to ride by himself, let alone be able to do basic jumps
  • But because of his pouting, you gave in and allowed him to ride with you
  • more like you two were just chilling on the horse while the sun set in front of you
  • You’re holding a portable electric fan in your hand so that Zen can get his desired wind effect
  • Of course you spend hours there while he takes thousands of selfies
  • Jaehee’s the only one who believes him when he tells the RFA that he now knows how to ride a horse


  • when you tell  her that you have to take a day off work for a competition, she insists she come along and watch
  • Jaehee is blown away by your concentration, and the teamwork you and your horse possess
  • Wants to use it as a reference for working standards at the cafe lolol
  • When you bring her closer to your horse, she straightens her back, then gives him a deep bow
  • “Hello, my name is Jaehee Kang, am I am MC’s girlfriend. It truly is a pleasure to meet you,” she says, before standing upright again. 
  • Your horse simply  nibbles at the carrot you offer him, because it’s a horse and horses like carrots better than formal introductions I guess
  • *gasp* does that mean I’m a horse too? wow the more you know…
  • But honestly Jaehee you’re so cute what am I supposed to do with you???
  • Oh I know
  • Over the next couple of weeks, you give Jaehee a few lessons about horseback riding, and of course being the intelligent and hardworking person she is, Jaehee picks up on them right away
  • And one day, you have her dress up in a pretty outfit, and bring her over to the yard
  • Jaehee sits sattleback as you guide the horse around the track, wanting to show the world how beautiful your girlfriend is, and how proud you are to be able to call her that
  • Jaehee’s a blushing mess
  • You decide to to it again soon


  • The first time Jumin saw your dressage performance, he was floored
  • There are other animals as sophisticated as Elizabeth 3rd???
  • Your horse’s trot just captures his heart, and that night he watches more dressage videos with Elly
  • Lowkey tries to teach her how to do the fancy horse walk
  • lolololol could you imagine a cat doing that
  • makin’ my way downtown
  • He’s gonna build a private establishment just for you, one that’s really close to his office so that he can come visit you during his breaks
  • It calms him down after a stressful day at work, watching you practice so diligently 
  • He makes sure you have the best coaches, best facilities
  • But he knows not to suggest getting ‘better’ horses,since he would promptly arrest anybody who suggested getting a ‘better’ cat (not that that even existed in Jumin Han’s mind)
  • The guy thought he was a cat whisperer
  • He’s actually a horse whisperer
  • You’ll walk in on his brushing your horse, singing her a lullaby in a foreign language
  • you swear the horse is singing it right back at him
  • But Jumin promises to sing it to you too


  • Oh he knew
  • He even attended your pas de deux competition when you just joined the RFA
  • He was that one dude who kept screaming every 5 seconds and had to be escorted out
  • When you officially introduce him to your horse/s, Saeyoung looks like a kid who just met their superhero
  • “It’s a HORSE!?!?!?”
  • Yes, yes it is.
  • You never knew he was a closeted brony
  • Names your horse after his favourite character
  • “Seven please he’s called Shadowfax not Rainbow Dash!”
  • For some unknown reason, Saeyoung knows how to ride horses??
  • And he’s actually pretty good at it????
  • Except he still lacks common sense????
  • “Look at me!” he exclaims, ‘Rainbow Dash’ prancing around the arena with Seven on his back,”No hands! No hands! No– gah!” 
  • He’s is flung from your horse and lands in a bush
  • His glasses askew, bramble stuck in his hair, he declares that he immediately wants to do it again
  • In the end, you guys make a pas de deux routine together, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness
  • somehow the horses dab at the end


  • He’s happy when you tell him about you being an equestrian, but his thoughts are tinged with sadness because he can’t see what you’re doing
  • Still, V says that he wishes to be there when you practice, so you bring him along and sit him somewhere nearby (you don’t want him to wander off while you aren’t looking istg even if he’s blind he just doesn’t know how to stay put)
  • He hears everything, the sound of the horse’s hooves, the soft words you give your horse in between rides, and he even begins to think that he can hear the sound of the wind as you gallop around the arena
  • His fingers are aching to take a picture, but all he can do is imagine with eyes that can no longer see, what a sight to behold you must be
  • I did a Seuss thing
  • Not three days pass before he confronts you with his desire to get surgery
  • When he goes back to watch you, he brings along his camera
  • You were more incredible to watch than he ever thought possible
  • He wants to capture every moment of you looking free and cherish them forever


  • Actually really afraid of horses but definitely won’t admit it
  • So when you tell him about being an equestrian, he sorta just freezes for a moment 
  • He clears his throat, “Ah…oh, cool,” he growls, trying to appear disinterested
  • You you tell him you want to bring him to a cross-country event, but he just gives you A Look™
  • “Will there be…you now…horses there?”
  • Saeran p l s 
  • But he can’t lose face in front of you, and forces himself to go
  • He waits with the crowd while you do your thing, but he can’t hype himself up for you because he’s too afraid for your safety
  • Basically, since he’s scared of horses, he’s also afraid of seeing you on a horse
  • horsesareevilIdontunderstandthemwhatiftheyhaveahiddenagenda
  • That’s pretty much all he can think about 
  • When you’re done, he all but snatches you off of your horse, glaring at it as if it were his love rival
  • “Um Saeran did - did something happen between the two of you?”
  • “You never know what a horse is plotting,” he mutters to himself.
  • “What?”
  • Saeran pouts and looks away, and you tell him you have to go see your coach but you’ll be right back
  • So he’s left standing awkwardly beside your horse
  • He keeps giving it suspicious glances, half-expecting it to morph into some strange monstrous creature
  • “Who the fuck are you?” he finally hisses, staring the horse down. “Are you an impostor? Professional cosplayer? Well, whatever you are, you better watch out, because I’ve got my eyes on you…all three of them,” he adds, tapping his arm.
  • *does the I’m watching you thing with his hands while slowly slinking out of the frame*
  • Horse: who the fuck are you?

Update: @makosharkies actually drew out the scene and it’s beautiful babe ily 5 ever


  • He’s totally with Saeran in the ‘horses are plotting world domination’ club
  • You want him to come watch you? Nuh-uh
  • No matter how much you beg, Miss Vanderwood will not go
  • So you think to yourself
  • If he will not go to the horse, then the horse will go to him
  • MC!!!! MC!!!!!” you hear Vanderwood screeching that afternoon. 
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I thought some bonding time would be nice.”
  • Vanderwood runs around the house, screaming for hours
  • When he finally calms down, you find him seated in a corner of the living room, whispering things to himself
  • You think, good, he seems to have come to terms with your horse, and you approach him with a small hopeful smile, 
  • “Hey, Van-”
  • You pause
  • He’s clutching a tattered book to his chest as if his life depended on it
  • What’s this? you think, stepping in some sort of thick liquid
  • There, on the floor, a strange rune-looking symbol had been painted, with your horse standing in the middle, munching on some oats
  • The horse vanishes only to reappear in the bathroom
  • Vanderwood loses his voice for a week, and still has nightmares regarding the whole incident
  • You never speak of that day again

anonymous asked:

You know the picture where Suzu's wearing Obi's clothes? Could you write Suzu trying to be cool? Thank you for writing!

Yuzuri has been working for nearly five whole minutes, and the lock resembles nothing more strongly than a pincushion.

“Hurry up,” Suzu hisses, leaning his chin on her shoulder. Her hair smells like orchids, just like it always does, and that plus the three – or was it five? – pints tonight makes his knees a little weak. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

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Guy Talk, a how to train your dragon fanfic | FanFiction
Astrid and Heather have frequent girl talks about Hiccup and Fishlegs... Meanwhile, Hiccup and Fishlegs have a guy talk... about Astrid and Heather. One-shot.

Guy Talk

Hiccup adjusted his Deathsong amber goggles. “Alright, Toothless, give me a low flame…”

The Night Fury obeyed his Rider, shooting out a small blast at the metal below. Hiccup grinned at his dragon, then affectionately rubbed his head once he had finished. “Thanks, bud… now, I just need to turn it over so you can get the other side of this axe…” Using a pair of prongs, Hiccup carefully flipped the weapon he was forming over so Toothless could heat the metal for him. As soon as it was ready, Toothless opened his mouth to fire, but he was interrupted by the door to the forge room opening.

Hiccup looked up from his work and removed his goggles to see who had entered. He smiled when he saw it was his friend, Fishlegs. “Hey, Fishlegs!” he greeted.

“Hello, Hiccup,” Fishlegs replied, coming up to the table of the forge. “What are you working on?”

Hiccup waved his hand in a dismissal manner. “Oh, nothing important. Just this and that…”

Fishlegs smirked. “Oh, please. Everything you work on is important.”

Chuckling, Hiccup nodded. “I guess so… well… if you must know, I’m just working on a weapon… an axe, to be precise… told you it was nothing too special…” His fingers drummed against his legs.

“Uh-huh.” Fishlegs stroked the wood of the table absentmindedly. “If you don’t mind me asking… why?”

Hiccup, looking flustered, scratched the back of his head, signifying he was self-conscious of the answer. “Well… I was just making it for Astrid. Just a spare axe for her in case she needed an extra… told you it was nothing important. Now, what are you doing here?”

“Oh,” said Fishlegs. “Meatlug and I were also working on a special project, so I was going to work on it now. Meatlug’s outside waiting. We were going to work in here, but seeing as you and Toothless are busy working at the moment, we can wait.” He began to walk away towards the door, but Hiccup reached out and stopped him.

“No, no. Toothless and I can make room for our forge buddies. Can’t we, bud?” he asked his dragon, who warbled in agreement. Fishlegs smiled and murmured a thanks before dashing out and letting Meatlug in. Soon, the boys were all set up on their projects and working in a comfortable silence.

“So,” Fishlegs said casually after a bit. “When are you going to give the axe to Astrid?”

Hiccup gave his friend a strange look. “…when it’s finished? I don’t know.”

Fishlegs nodded. “Right, right…” For a moment, he continued to work on his device, but then glanced back at the brunette. “…so, why, again, are you making it for her now?”

“Because she may need a spare.”

“…mhm…” Fishlegs stole a glimpse at Hiccup. “Hey, Hiccup… are you and Astrid… well… are you guys…” His shoulders deflated a little as he gave up in trying to be discreet. “…together?”

Hiccup dropped his prongs on the table in surprise. “Wha- what? Together? N-no! Why- why would you think that? We’re just friends. Okay, in the friend zone. Nothing more.” His brow furrowed. “…why do you ask…?”

Fishlegs shrugged. “Just, lately, it’s just kind of seemed… a little… you guys seem a bit closer than before… I was just wondering if something happened and I missed it.”

“Well, no! Nothing- nothing happened.” Hiccup was getting flustered again, his cheeks flaming up and hands playing with the fabric of his shirt. “Was there ever… was there ever even a thing? Did I miss something?”

“No, no… I was just thinking how, you know, you and Astrid had… had kissed a couple of times before,” Fishlegs said, innocently feeding Meatlug another rock.

“We were just kids, Fishlegs,” Hiccup murmured, straightening his goggles. “We didn’t really- really know about relationships and stuff then. Those were childhood k-kisses. Now… we’ve all grown up, and are growing up, some faster than others. And plus…” He sighed. “Astrid doesn’t seem to even want to be in a relationship. We need to try and get the Dragon Eye back, defeat Viggo, Ryker, and the Hunters… a heavy load. We don’t have time to think about all of… that other stuff…”

Fishlegs nodded while motioning for Meatlug to spew lava for his project. “True… but there’s only so much time we have… sometimes we don’t even know if we’re going to see the next sunrise… we’ve all faced death so many times.”

Hiccup inclined his head solemnly. “I know, I know… too many brushes with death to count… and Astrid… she keeps on getting into danger, whether it’s getting knocked off Stormfly, or having a deadly plague… one time… one time it may go too far to help… and I just don’t know if I could bear it if she was…” He snapped back to reality. “Wait… Fishlegs… why- why are we even talking about this?”

Fishlegs’ cheeks heated, and he stroked Meatlug’s head uncomfortably. “Um… well, Hiccup… if I tell you something… do you promise not to laugh?”

Hiccup removed his goggles and set them down. “Have I ever?” he grinned.

“Sometimes,” Fishlegs said, unamused.

Hiccup’s smile faded. “Well, anyways- yes…” He nodded. “I promise. Now, what’s going on?”

Fishlegs swallowed nervously as he gestured to his work. “What I’m making… well… I’m making something for Heather… but in a non-romantic-just-neighborly way, though…” Hiccup was covering his mouth to hide a giggle, and almost was doubling over. “Hey! You said you wouldn’t laugh,” Fishlegs accused, sulking.

Hiccup tried to calm himself, but he still wore a faint smile. “I’m not,” he said, but it didn’t even convince himself. “Look, Fishlegs… Heather’s a great girl, and I think she likes you… in a purely non-romantic-just-neighborly way.” He smirked, crossing his arms. “You’re one of my best friends, Fishlegs. I wouldn’t lie to you. If you want to make something for her… go for it. I won’t judge. And if I want to give Astrid an axe,” he continued, shooting a look at the husky boy. “…then I can. Without you making fun of me.”

Fishlegs began to laugh. “Hey, I’m not… but I suspect the axe will be given in a purely non-romantic-just-neighborly way.” Hiccup glared playfully, but joined in chuckling a second later. The two both laughed for awhile, until Fishlegs swiped his eyes and began to speak.

“Sorry, Hiccup, about all those questions… it’s just… it’s like you said before. We’re all… growing up. It was bound to happen sometime, and now that we all have our own place… I think it is. And I just thought, since you and Astrid were kind-of-sort-of a thing a few years back, that you might know a couple of things… about- about… well… girls.”

Hiccup relaxed at last. “Oh. Okay. Well, that’s a relief, I thought you were trying to play matchmaker for Astrid and I… heheh… well, I, um… I don’t really know too much on relationships, though, as the whole village sort of hated my until I killed the Red Death.” Toothless snorted indignantly, and Hiccup, smiling, scratched the Night Fury’s neck. “Sorry. We killed the Red Death. And those kisses… they were really all Astrid. I was too nervous to make a move. Girls… well, they can punch hard, so don’t insult them. Or aggravate. Or really do anything to them. Just… smile and nod? They're… they’re pretty complicated, from what I’ve gathered, one minute all happy, and the next socking my shoulder… well, I guess that’s just Astrid, but still… um, er…” He scratched his head again. “Is it just me, or is this sort of awkward to talk about?”

Fishlegs chortled. “Gods, yeah, this is really awkward to talk about.” The two friends laughed heartily together, and even the dragons joined in with their croons. “But, thanks, Hiccup,” Fishlegs said after they had stopped chuckling. “Sorry for bringing up you and Astrid… it’s none of my business, really…”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Hiccup assured. “It's… it’s kind of been on my chest for awhile now. I’ve never really brought up the subject, and never planned to. I just don’t really know if… if…” He suddenly seemed shy. “…do you think that Astrid even likes me back?”

The husky boy smiled. “Of course she does, Hiccup. You’re one of her idols.”

Hiccup shoved Fishlegs lightly. “You know that’s not what I meant.”

“Then what?” Fishlegs broke into a teasing grin. “What do you mean? How do you mean ‘she likes you’?”

Hiccup groaned, burying his head in his hands. “Fishhlleeeeggssss… I thought you were on my side in this…”

“I am!” said Fishlegs. “It’s not my fault that I don’t understand what you meant by, 'does she like me back?’. I’m just asking you to make it more clear for me, your poor, simple friend. It’s not that difficult, Hiccup…”

The brunette moaned again, but removed his hands from his face. “Fine… I… I just… do you… doyouthinkAstridlikesmelikeinarelationshipway?”

There was a beat of silence.

Fishlegs blinked. “What?”

Hiccup sighed mournfully. “Do. You. Think. That. Astrid. Likes. Me… in a… relationship way…?” He mumbled the last part, but Fishlegs still heard. He beamed as if that was the very thing he had been waiting to hear all day.

“Hiccup,” he said. “You know I’m terrible at relationships… I’m horrible at socializing, and expressing my feelings… but I do listen. I do watch. And Astrid… you don’t know how many times I’ve caught her looking at you… and not in a purely non-romantic-just-neighborly way.”

Hiccup was too busy burning up to return the teasing.

“Alright…,” Hiccup managed after a moment. “Um. Thanks.”

Fishlegs was growing just as awkward. “Sure…”

Embarrassed, the friends looked away from each other.

“So…,” said Hiccup at last. “What are you making for Heather?”

Fishlegs turned back to Meatlug and patted his dragon. He glanced at his project. “Oh. Well, I was making a sort of belt for her that can hold multiple weapons… knives, daggers, axes, swords… a multi-tool-belt of sorts. Except, instead of making a leather band, I’m trying to use Gronckle Iron, though it’s pretty tough to make the iron flexible… Meatlug and I are trying out different things to see if they work.” He shrugged. “Trial and error.”

Hiccup nodded, impressed. “Clever. Well, if you need any of me and Toothless’s help, we’re here for you.”

“Thanks,” Fishlegs smiled. “Same for me and Meatlug, if you need any Gronckle Iron.”

“I may take you up on that, maybe as an outer coating for the axe,” Hiccup replied. “And if you decide to make more than one of those tool-belt things, let me know. It could be handy in the forge for carrying supplies, so I may buy one from you.”

“Buy?” Fishlegs looked surprised. “Please. You’d get the Friend-of-Fishlegs discount.”

Hiccup laughed. “Sounds good. Well… you know… good man talk.” He pounded his chest in emphasis.

“Yeah.” Fishlegs copied him. “Man talk.”

“Man talk, yeah…”

They nodded at each other for a moment, set their jaws, then went back to working on their projects for Heather and Astrid, helping each other when they needed assistance, and just plain geeking out. If Snotlout was there, he would be making fun of them to no end.

Hours later, the boys were finished with their gifts. Fishlegs and Hiccup had cracked getting the Gronckle Iron to be flexible by mixing some different chemicals and other more softer metals together. Meanwhile, Meatlug spewed a coating of Gronckle Iron over Hiccup’s axe, so it was stronger and lighter than before, though also had the balance Astrid liked. After the friends had added their finishing touches (Hiccup engraved an “A” in the axe’s handle, and Fishlegs an artistic design on the belt he thought Heather might like), they cleaned up their workspace, then left to go give their gifts to their girls.

And if Hiccup had learned one thing from making that axe… well, it was that guy talk had paid off.

Spring!Chrom/Summer!Frederick C-S Support

Written by  drizzled-wind


Frederick: Milord, I’ve finally found you! I was worried that you wouldn’t be in this world when I arrived.

Chrom: Frederick?! Er, how…nice to see you here. What exactly are you wearing? It’s uncommon to see you without your armour.

Frederick: It is merely the outfit I was ordered to wear while on an excursion to the beach Outrealms with the Shepherds.

Chrom: Ordered? Or advised?

Frederick: If Milord Chrom asks anything of me, including what to wear, I will always comply.

Chrom: …Right.

Frederick: If I may, Milord, I would like to say that your costume for the Spring Festival suits you perfectly.

Chrom: Ack… I was hoping you wouldn’t comment on it. I look ridiculous. Especially since the Spring Festival is probably long over back home.

Frederick: If Milord would rather I did not talk about it, I will stop. I merely wanted to compliment you on the rabbit ears on your head.

Chrom: Lissa’s going to pay for this… Look, Frederick, I was forced to wear this. It was against my will.

Frederick: Should I prepare the new recruitment posters for this foreign realm?

Chrom: The what?

Frederick: Posters bearing Milord’s image; but as I recall that you were displeased with the last ones, these would depict you with this spring outfit instead. If we could attract potential Shepherds here, that would be most wonderful.

Chrom: What?! Frederick, we’ve talked about this countless times. I don’t want myself on posters, no matter what I’m wearing. Good gods…

Frederick: Milord, my deepest apologies for displeasing you. I merely wished to show off your extravagance to all the worlds.

Chrom: That’s very kind of you, but I’m getting tired of it. In Askr, I’m not your lord and you’re not my knight. We are simply friends who were both stuffed into ridiculous costumes that we’re unable to get out of!

Frederick: I must refuse. You are my lord, sire. Nothing can change that.

Chrom: I didn’t want to have to do this, but Frederick, I order you to treat me as a friend and not your ruler while I’m in this bunny getup.

Frederick: I-if Milord commands it… Then I will listen. We shall be…friends!

Chrom: Excellent. (Gods, please be merciful…)

[Chrom and Frederick have reached support rank C.]


Frederick: Milord! I mean, my friend! How does the day find you?

Chrom: Ah, Frederick. Somehow I knew you’d show up sooner or later. I’m perfectly fine, except for the snickering that follows in my wake whenever I venture out of my room.

Frederick: Who dares laugh at you? I will take care of them at once.

Chrom: I daresay you’ll earn yourself just as much laughter. Do you realise you’re carrying a bag of shellfish around, partially shirtless?

Frederick: I was summoned while I was clearing the beach so that no one might trod on a sharp shell. I have discovered that they make excellent weapons, my friend.

Chrom: Okay… I noticed some of those shells are rather pretty, at any rate.

Frederick: Which one would you like?! I’ll fish out the most radiant to gift to you, one friend to another.

Chrom: Fine, that one. And Frederick, you don’t have to keep calling me your friend. It’s getting kind of unsettling.

Frederick: My sincere apologies. What would you suggest I call you instead?

Chrom: How about my name, like a normal person?

Frederick: It would be an honour…Chrom. Ah, can you not feel us getting closer? Today is truly a joyous day. Here is your shell, Chrom. May its beauty reflect our friendship.

Chrom: Thanks, I think. Since you gave me something, I might as well hand something over in return. Here, have one of these eggs from the festival.

Frederick: An egg adorned with the symbol of the royal family? This is too much… I shall cherish it for the rest of my life.

Chrom: Glad to hear it.

Frederick: Wait a moment…Chrom, have you ripped your beautiful costume? An entire sleeve is missing.

Chrom: Oh, er… I did that a while ago. I’ve grown accustomed to leaving that arm free to display my brand.

Frederick: A wise choice. This way, the whole outfit boldly displays your best attributes.

Chrom: Frederick, I think we’re crossing into uncomfortable territory again. Let’s stop talking about the bunny outfit.

Frederick: Then what do you suggest the topic be switched to?

Chrom: Er… How was the beach Outrealm back home?

Frederick: Most magnificent. The skies were clear, the beach was bright, and we were given an excellent swimsuit to give to you upon your return. It featured the Brand across the back.

Chrom: Gods, no… I’m not sure I want to return now. Is there any news that’s not about me?

Frederick: No. My reports will only ever have to do with you.

Chrom: Wow, is that (y/n) calling me? Sorry, Frederick, I’m going to have to cut this short, haha…ha. Perhaps we’ll speak later.

Frederick: I await our next meeting with baited breath, my friend.

[Chrom and Frederick have reached support rank B.]


Chrom: I can’t see Frederick anywhere. If I can just get to the weapon storage room without him popping up behind me, then I may be able to get Falchion back.

Frederick: Chrom, how pleasing to see you out and about. I’m glad you’ve grown used to your handsome costume.

Chrom: Gah! Frederick?! Are you following me?

Frederick: I would not call it “following”, but merely keeping an eye out. It would not do to allow others to take advantage of your festive outfit to mock you. I am here to prevent that.

Chrom: Frederick… We’ve been over this time and time again. Instead of watching over me, go put on some armour to avoid mocking yourself. I’m trying to find my normal clothes, anyway.

Frederick: I’m afraid we cannot, Chrom. (y/n) has decreed that we stay in these costumes to fight, as that is how we were summoned.

Chrom: You’ve got to be kidding me. We have to stay in them until we go home?

Frederick: That was the report, yes.

Chrom: Falchion is my rightful blade. Surely I can at least switch out this ridiculous carrot axe for it?

Frederick: Apologies, but no.

Chrom: I don’t think (y/n) realises how horribly degrading this is. Don’t you feel the same? Parading around the battlefield in your smallclothes?

Frederick: As long as milord is satisfied, I do not mind what I am wearing. But if I may be so bold, I think you look quite dashing in that suit. There is nothing to be ashamed of in wearing it. Even the axe.

Chrom: You’re only saying this because I’m upset right now, but thank you anyway. I suppose we can suffer awhile longer, since we can’t exactly go against our Summoner’s wishes.

Frederick: …

Chrom: Frederick? What’s wrong? You’ve gone uncharacteristically silent.

Frederick: Apologies again, Chrom. I was simply thinking that being partners in festive costumes brings us even closer than before. Perhaps even closer than tossing a coin in a fountain would have been.

Chrom: Not this again…

Frederick: It is my honour to suffer through wearing this in battle with you.

Chrom: Frederick, let go of my hand! Look, I know you want to be extraordinarily close as knight and lord, but I have already ordered you to stop thinking in such a way. We can’t be as close as you want us to be, so please stop harping on about it!

Frederick: O-of course, Chrom. I am terribly sorry. Please, excuse me…

Chrom: Wait, Frederick! He’s gone… Maybe I was a bit too harsh on him.

[Chrom and Frederick have reached support rank A.]


Chrom: Frederick? It took me ages to find you. Are you alright? I’m so sorry for what I said earlier.

Frederick: It is not your fault, Milord. It is I who spoke out of turn. Please, think nothing of it.

Chrom: Still, my words were unnecessarily harsh. I had no right to spurn your friendship in such a way, not when you’ve always been there for me.

Frederick: I should not have made you uncomfortable in the first place. I was aiming to have you feel more at ease in your costume, but I took it too far.

Chrom: Frederick, I didn’t mean what I said earlier. I do value your friendship, more than I can say.

Frederick: So you do not mind that I prefer your Spring costume to your regular outfit?

Chrom: No, I- …Wait a second. Did you fabricate that “rule” the Summoner made about staying in costume?

Frederick: I am deeply sorry, Chrom. I’m afraid I was being rather selfish. Please accept this gift as my apology.

Chrom: Gah, fine. Oh, another pretty shell. Wait, this one has something in it… A little egg with a heart painted on? It’s very cute, but Frederick, does this mean-?

Frederick: Yes. The way I felt for you was not simply as a lord and his knight. Since being summoned here, I have been able to fully realise my feelings, wrong as they may be. Please forgive my disrespect, but I am in love with you, Chrom.

Chrom: If you simply told me from the beginning instead of pretending…

Frederick: I know it was foolish; to think I could marry the exalt! I do not expect you to accept, but I simply could not hold my feelings back anymore.

Chrom: Frederick, stop. You don’t have to worry, because I do accept, exalt or not. I must admit that through our bond, friendship did turn into something more.

Frederick: Really?! We can truly be as close as I imagined?

Chrom: We already are close. That’s why I also have feelings for you, Frederick. Your summer outfit doesn’t hurt anything, either…

Frederick: This is the happiest day of my life! No longer will we be separated by the boundary of lord and subject! Instead we shall be partners in life for eternity.

Chrom: Yes, it certainly is a happy day.

Frederick: I will venture outside of those boundaries now by saying that your rabbit ears are very cute. I owe great thanks to whomever designed that costume.

Chrom: Frederick, please…

Frederick: Shall we design more of those eggs? Or pick up more shells? Come along, Chrom! We have a whole lifetime of our love to live!

[Chrom and Frederick have reached support rank S.]

The Kind of Date a Girl Would Enjoy by Hideyoshi Nagachika feat. Ken Kaneki

Hello everyone! This is my first fic for Hide Week 2017! (Yay! I’m not late! You’re just… early.) Without further ado, I present to you a summary and some excerpts!

Day one – 永 eternity / forever

Summary: Following their conversation about what kind of date a girl would enjoy, Hide decides to take Kaneki on one, because no one should allow their best friend to take the girl of their dreams on a boring bookstore date.

Excerpt 1

Seeing Kaneki dressed in a white button-up and pressed black trousers did alleviate his worries some, and he snickered out, “You should get something cooler to wear, or at least something to change into,” Hide instructed. “I’m not taking you to church.” It was flattering though, that Kaneki took him seriously enough to get dressed up. “I know! Dive in some trunks!”

“Hide, seriously?” Kaneki looked about ready to slam the door on him.

“Nah! Just slapping your ass!”

Kaneki blushed and gave him a look that begged, “Why would you say that?”

“Go grab something to change into!” Hide repeated. “I’ll wait right here.”

“What about you?”

“Don’t worry about me. I just gotta take what I’m wearing off.”

Excerpt 2

“Would you know if a girl wanted to kiss you?”

The question caught him off-guard, but Hide managed to answer as nonchalantly as he could. “Sure I would.” 

“How would you know?”

For the second time without thinking, Hide offered, “Let me show you how.” Hide dropped his bag on the ground, and took the novel from Kaneki and rested it on his bag. 

“First, I’d tell her ‘goodnight’, or ‘good afternoon’ in our case. Then, I’d go to leave. If she stops me, I’ll wait. If not, I’ll go.” Hide made to turn away, but the sudden pressure of Kaneki’s hand gripping his shoulder stopped him, not because of its strength (which severely lacked, of course), but by its surety alone. “Y-Yeah. Something like this.” He paused. “Then I’d have to decide based on what she does next.”

“What should she do next?” 

“You’re not in a library, you don’t have to whisper.” He didn’t take the bait, so Hide continued, “Usually, a girl would wrap her arms around a guy’s neck. Like in one of those TV dramas.” And Kaneki performed a variation thereof, keeping the hand anchored to Hide’s shoulder in place while caressing his nape with the other.

“Like this?”

“Yeah. Just like this.” Hide wanted to lean forward, close the space between them, and press his lips against Kaneki’s.

Ao3 Mirror

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RFA, V, and Saeran react to a crafty MC

° Yoosung °
“Oooo MC what’s that?”
“My newest project.”
-He tries to take it from you before you’ve put the last pieces on it like chill its almost done
“What is it?”
“Yoosung. It’s a flower crown.”
“Oooo! Can I try it on?”
-boi yes of course you’re too adorable to say no to look at those eyes
-oh right gotta be chill
“I mean I guess”
“Am I pretty now, MC?”
“Yoosung you’re always pretty”
“Aww thank you MC”
-Is blushing when that happens
-Always wants to wear what you make
-Tries desperately to help with buying supplies but college is expensive
-Always helps as best as he can
-Definitely tries to get you to make LOLOL related stuff
-This cinnamon roll I love him-

° Zen °

“Oh MC is this for me?”
-boi I just finished that jacket I swear to go~
“Uh, yeah sure, wow you look good in that”
“Well its your skills that make it”
“Aw Ze-”
“But I mean I always look good”
“Okay Zen you can take it off now”
-Always steals what you make so he can show off to all his coworkers
   -“My lovely MC made this, look how nice it is”
-Wants to get you to help make props and such for his work
-If you make flower crowns they’re gone within the hour and your phone died from all the spammed selfies

° Jaehee °
“MC what are you doing?”
-You jump out of your skin
“Oh my god don’t sneak up on me, I’m just making charms”
-(Bet your bottom) This girl constantly wants to help you
“Can I see?”
-Girl yes admire the work lololol-
“Sure thing, here’s the one I finished earlier”
“Uhm, thank you?”
“MC we should make charms for the RFA”
-She is so supportive -go girlfriend-
-Will always show off your creations in the café
-Just loves what you do

° Jumin °
-Watches you intently work at his desk for hours *picture we are number one when sportacus is in the cage being watched*
“MC we should make you a store for all this”
-you wot m8-
“Jumin that’s kind of a lot for just some jewelry”
“MC I’m serious, let me call Assistant Kang”
-he is forcibly removed from his phone
“Jumin its not necessary please don’t”
-Will always help buy your supplies, there’s no way to get out of it
-jumin please I can buy the $3 bouquets of flowers-
-Will wear flower crowns around the house for your enjoyment
“MC do you think that I look better with this crown or that crown?”
“Jumin can I please take your picture you look great”
-you never get his picture unless you’re also in it-
-Will bring your little pieces to keep at his desk at work
-Loves every piece you’ve made

° Seven/Saeyoung °

-Has known since you joined
-Loves when you give him a new charm for his phone
-Wears your bracelets all the time
-Praises all of the things
“MC is that a sweater for me?!”
“Dammit Saeyoung can’t you let me surprise you?”
-your wedding rings are ones you made, cmon that’s cute-
-Will ask for you to make his glasses cooler
-Eventually wants to challenge you to out craft him (he’s been practicing while you sleep)
“MC you won’t win this round”
(try me bitch)
“Okay show off your jacket in 3- 2- 1-”
-His has memes hand painted all over it
-The back of the denim jacket you did has a scene where you and seven are stargazing
“MC that’s too good what the heck”
-he starts crying and you’re facepalming-
-You wear each others creations all the time after that
“MC can you make a scarf for Vanderwood?”
“I could, what colors?”
-You knit Vanderwood’s scarf and Seven is ecstatic
-Vanderwood is unamused but wears it anyway because he’s nice (even though he doesn’t want to wear it)

° Saeran °

“MC why are you cutting the stems off the flowers”
“Saeran you asked for a flower crown, I’m making you a flower crown”
“I never asked that” -boi yes you did-
-Asks you why you craft for so many hours
“Saeran I made this for you”
“MC why is it an ice cream cone?”
“Because you like ice cream, Saeran” -“why do you ask dumb questions-”
-Won’t admit it but he loves when he can watch you make stuff
-Whenever you make him anything he will wear it for a little bit to see you smile
-Give him charms and you’ll see them on his phone he loves them
-Won’t wear a flower crown unless he is holding your phone
-No pictures are allowed
-you try to sneak them-
-Loves helping you even if he won’t say so
-salty boi loves when you make him cutesy stuff that he says he won’t wear even when he does wear it-

° V °
“MC can I take your picture while you wear that?”
-flustered MC-
“Can I finish it first?”
“Of course”
-Will constantly take your picture
-Loves watching you being focused, loves when you make your concentrating face
-Will ask you to make him little things to wear like crowns and such
-Will teach you more about photography if you teach him about your crafts
-Loves to craft with you
-It’s a date option when it comes up-
-Just loves seeing you happy doing what you love
-Will hang his pictures of you crafting in his office/gallery
-Makes photosets of your crafts and those are his favorite
-Will always wear/use what you make him
-So much love from the blue cinnamon roll-

So I still haven’t figured out how to make it look crossed out (I’m dumb I’m sorry) but when there’s text between the dash lines just pretend its crossed out. Eventually I will know I just don’t yet okay? I’m gonna figure it out after school tomorrow.

Truth or Lie (Part Fifteen)

Part One

Part Fourteen

A/N: Thanks for reading, guys! Every like, reblog, and comment is definitely appreciated <3 sorry for the slow updates!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language, angst, fluff, flashbacks, bad relationships

Word Count: 4332

Tagging: @sammyxorae @dont-hate-relate-pls @spnackleholicswainer @robbenedictxreader @totallysupernaturaloneshots @just-antiyou @snow-leopardfetishist @i-voted-crowley @robbenedictandco @paddy1219 @your-not-invisible-to-me @fab-notfat @sdavid09 @thatone67chevyimpala @officalprincessjasmine @baritonechick @ashiewesker @mint-and-pastel-pink @lynn-bane @another-stupid-ape @lamthetwickster @just-a-touch-of-crowley @alexa-ann-winchester @bellastellaluna @lexie-loo-2000 @riversong-sam @fayemenelmir @laffytaffyhumor @hudine @gabriels-trix @samanthasmileys @mora-firestone @capital-eyyyy-ohhh @pepperwoodatnight @fangirl-faye @zymmas @wayward-mirage @tardisdementor @annoyingobsesivechick @the-real-tony-stank @littleangelclarence @shanghai88 @owlluver @i-dont-understand-that-url @ginger-rae1991 @crushing83 @oriona75 @thetricksterstolemyheart @feelmyroarrrr @stilldontknowhoiam @mija-novella @janimoon @bookaddictedhedgehog @welcome-to-awesometown @wonderlandmoonrose7 @chelseypaigeake @urdestiellieonthewhisperingwind

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Rating: Light T or strong K+
Word Count: Roughly 1,500+
Genre: Romance, Fluff, a bit of Hurt/Comfort

Falling for your best friend was actually simple, but falling for the Avatar was and would never be an easy ride. A Kataang Valentine’s Day oneshot

A/N: AAANNDD this didn’t turn out to be a drabble. My writer feels are kinda tired but yay I wrote something for Valentine’s!
Also I was writing this while listening to “Thinking Out Loud” because I’m trash
But this was fun to write! And fluffy! Initially prompted by httydatlalok (I’ll say what your prompt was at the end because it would be a spoiler :P), but I think it also fits in with firelordizumi’s prompt (Commitment) and one of obbessedturtle’s (Falling). Thanks for the prompts, guys! I appreciate them a lot! ^_^
Also for the Supreme secretsecrettunnel
Hope you guys like it! And Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Katara sighed, both exhausted and irritated. The party was suffocating.

But then again, what party wasn’t? Team Avatar never failed to grab the opportunity to reunite and have fun, but events like these were just politics, social climbers trying to get close to the “world’s heroes”, and girls fawning over her boyfriend.

Pretty, made up, rich girls dressed in frilly gowns and wearing the kind of jewelry that made your knees shake just thinking of how much they cost.

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Prompt written: Reylo college AU 

(Notes: Continued under the ‘read more’ due to length.) 

The first time she sees him, she is working the morning shift at the coffee shop two blocks from campus.

While not the most glamorous of jobs, a college girl, (particularly a very broke, very parentless college girl) has to make a living somehow – and how better than catering to the hordes of caffeine-dependent, insomnia-riddled undergraduates of Skywalker University?

The job does have its perks on occasion, including serving the cute football players that usually frequent the shop after practice, being an inadvertent witness to several dramatic college break-ups (Rey has counted the ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ spiel at least thirty-two times already since she started working two months ago), and a boss that didn’t mind her sneaking a free cup of coffee every now and again.

Anyways, Rey clearly remembers the first moment that she catches sight of Ben Solo there – and it wasn’t due to his dashing good looks, witty repartee, or charming smile, but the fact that he is snoring loudly in one of the corner booths, head of black curls buried in his arms and a cold mug of coffee sitting forgotten a foot away.

One meaningful look from her boss and Rey sighs, finishes ringing up the couple at the register (the one consisting of a guy and girl that had difficulty keeping their mouths and other, um, body parts away from each other while ordering), and marches over to the corner booth that houses the unwelcome, snoozing tenant.

Having become quite the expert at rousing students who viewed her coffee shop as an acceptable place in which to indulge in a nap, Rey calmly extracts a pen from her apron pocket, leans over, and jabs the writing utensil mercilessly into the man’s arm.

He awakes with a startled grunt, wavy hair bouncing haphazardly when his head snaps up and his eyes squint at her in disorientation.

Rey takes a startled step back, blushing as she grips a table behind her for support.  Normally the cretins she has to prod awake and scold are in the eighteen-to-nineteen year old range, greasy-haired college boys with cocky eyes and smarmy grins.

This guy is certainly a bit older, and much more than a bit hotter. Her eyes skim over the jagged scar that crosses directionally over his face, before she remembers herself and quickly averts her gaze.

“I’m sorry,” the man says, voice raspy and laden with the remnants of sleep. “But did you just stab me with a pen?”

Dreamy black eyes, strikingly angular face, and cute beauty spots by his nose this guy might have, but Rey doesn’t ever respond well to accusing tones.
“I’m sorry,” she retorts acerbically, cocking her head. “But did I just catch you taking a nap in a coffee shop? That’s what beds are for, buddy. These seats are for paying customers.”

Rey resists the urge to uncomfortably shift her weight from one foot to another when he stares at her blankly for a moment. The compulsion to fidget is further bolstered as a slow smile spreads upon his lips, the wide-set quality of his mouth lending an adorable touch to the whole thing.

“Touché,” he concedes. “I’m clearly at fault here, then, and therefore deserved my punishment via the nib of your pen.” For all of his words of seeming apology, his tone is teasing and unrepentant. “But you can’t even make an exception for an exhausted grad student?”

“No,” she says stoutly, and has the pleasure of pivoting about and stalking away from this human epitome of annoyance.

“I’m Ben,” he calls after her, apparently undeterred by her prickly attitude.

She doesn’t bother to even spare a glance back at him. “So long as you’re Awake Ben and not Sleeping Ben, I don’t much care.”

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“God dammit, Danni, why didn’t I buy the CD?” Jensen groans, slumping back in the passenger seat and clutching his still unopened vinyl copy of CUNTWRECKER to his chest. “I want to listen to this right fucking now!”

“Because you’re a size queen, honey,” Danni says. “In every sense of the word.” The smartass smirk she’s wearing is dripping from her words even though Jensen can’t see her face well in the dim blue glow of the dash. “We can listen to it at my place after school, I’ll rip it to my computer so you can make a CD if you want. You should really leave the sleeve at home though…”

Jensen sighs and tips the album cover toward the window to catch more light from the freeway. Inconvenience aside, the album cover was magnificent and bigger was definitely better in this case. He was going to pound his dick raw imagining being that boy, ass up for the lead guitarist’s dick, the first fucking chance he got.

They’d watched half a dozen other bands after Fuckpig’s set and it had been over an hour since they piled back into Danni’s car to drive back to the manicured Dallas suburb they called home. But his heart was still back in that pit, Fuckpig’s loud, filthy music thrumming through every inch of his body.

He’d let the whole band fuck him to hear them again right now, even their gorgeous dyke drummer. He imagines her slamming into him with a fat purple strap-on strapped to her hips and a wicked smile on her face. Of course, it would be tall, dark, and hung who’d get the honor of finishing him off, fucking everyone else’s come out of him.

The lead guitarist was as tall as a goddamn tree and had eyes like heartbreak beneath the hint of smudged liner he wore. Jensen’s heart flipped when his Adam’s apple bobbed and he snarled like a fox into the mic while he played. He didn’t even have to whisper all the filthy shit he was thinking about him to Danni, she was the one who nudged him between songs and arched her brows up at the generous bulge in the dude’s snug black Levi’s.

He adjusts his half-hard cock and practically purrs as he closes his eyes and thinks back on their set.

“Their LYRICS, Danni. I mean did you hear that shit? It was like a love letter to my sick little queer boy heart. I’m forever changed.”

“I kept wondering how many of the jock fuckboys in that pit knew they were slamming against one another to a song about licking jizz out of a dude’s hairy asshole.”

“That’s the best fucking part!”

They both cackle like idiots for nearly a minute before Danni cracks the window and fires up a Camel light. Jensen finally relents and flips on the stereo, the Buzzcocks album they’d been listening to filling the car with its familiar tinny rhythm before he snags a cig for himself too.

The cell reception was shit out here or he’d be searching the band’s bios already. He’d be up all night scraping every fact he could find about them off the internet, inking it all into the inside of his eyelids to regurgitate back to Danni on the ride to school.

“We have to go see them in Dallas, Danni. God fuck what if they’re playing Houston or OKC or Shreveport too? I’ll buy your ticket, will you drive me pleaseeeeee?“


Three shows later and the band is finally out of reach, heading east then north, on their cross-country tour with a funny little queercore band called Road Head.

“Jared. JARED. God damn it, Danni. He’s so fucking hot. Punch me in the fucking face.”

The show was epic and every part of Jensen aches with Fuckpig. He flops back onto Danni’s bed dramatically, the funk of the pit wafting up off him in a practically visible cloud, as she hunkers down on the floor to begin unlacing her knee high Docs.

“You’re so transparent, Jen,” she huffs. “You act like it’s about the band, the music, but I swear to god at least fifty percent of what keeps you chasing them is that you want to see if that’s really his horse meat on the stupid album cover.”

Jensen gasps in mock outrage and pushes up on his elbows, his cut up Fuckpig t-shirt falling off one freckled shoulder as he gives her the most affronted glare he can manage.

“You take that back!”

It’s not that she’s wrong about Jared or his dick but she is wrong about the music. It’s imprinted on his goddamn DNA.

“Their music, Danni, it’s in my blood. It’s like it was written FOR ME.”

He collapses back into the blankets again and toes off his broken down purple Chucks, rolling onto his belly and sighing longingly. He can feel her boring holes into him with her dark little piercing eyes but he doesn’t care.

“It would be the easiest thing in the world, you know. Get a bus ticket, hitchhike a little, follow them to Memphis, Nashville, Raleigh. Up the coast… I mean, I could inspire their next record, be the best ‘Band-Aid’ ever.”

“Oh my fucking GOD, Jensen. You’ve seen that movie too many times. Penny Lane is supposed to be a cautionary figure not fucking life goals!”

“Screw Penny Lane, Danni. I’m JENNY LANE!” Jensen wails dramatically, his arms flopping out over his head with a big, stupid grin on his face.

He hums to himself softly as he’s bathed in the sweet, nostalgic ache he feels for Almost Famous and that darling groupie, Penny. He definitely has seen the movie too many times but he honestly wasn’t trying to follow in Penny’s footsteps, not consciously anyway. The thought of actually leaving home to follow Fuckpig only solidified during the last few moments and now there it was, burning like a red hot poker right up against his thumping heart.

It doesn’t occur to him that Danni is actually mad until she stands up in a huff and chucks her boots into the back of her closet like she’s spiking a volleyball. The loud crash-thump makes Jensen’s body jerk in shock against her cushy mattress. Thankfully her parents were still out of town.

“Stop talking like this, Jensen, right fucking now!” Her fists are balled at her side and her chin is trembling under her smeared lipstick. “You’ll end up murdered and shoved in a fucking dumpster, okay? You’re just a baby!”

Jensen goes quiet and averts his eyes.

In just a few short weeks Fuckpig had become his entire life. It wasn’t that Danni didn’t like them, she really did, but for Jensen it had become his religion.

The week after the festival he got an “F” filled pink heart inked on his right thumb knuckle and a matching “P” etched into the left.

The night before the Houston show he made a bandana out of a Barbie pink summer dress he found forgotten in the back of his mom’s closet. He scribbled a big pig snout on it in black Sharpie so he could shout “OINK! OINK! OINK!” proudly with his fist in the air with Fuckpig’s other hardcore fans, screaming along to the lyrics like he helped write the songs himself.

He sold his skateboard and his comic book collection to pay for tickets. This was love.

He’d been riding the crazy show-to-show high just fine and the show tonight had given him the bruises to prove it. But now it was over, Fuckpig was driving away, and the thought of not seeing them again in a week was making Jensen’s insides feel like dissolving Jell-O with every moment that passed.

Obsessions like these had happened to Jensen before, leaving Danni and their friendship reeling for a while. Like when he’d discovered Arthur Rimbaud and dedicated himself to learning French so he could read the untranslated versions of his poems or when he discovered fetish artist Michael Manning and started researching pony play and saving up for an elaborate latex dress.

Jensen was just an ‘all in’ kind of person, his love burned big and bright, so bright it often bleached out the rest of the world for a while. Danni had been a little hurt over his absences but she’d always understood, waiting patiently for Jensen to get over it and come back to their friendship a whole person again.

But this was different, somehow, and suddenly in the twinkling purple fairy lights of her bedroom they both seemed to feel it. This wasn’t going away.

He looks up at his best friend, his eyes soft and pleading.

“These people, Danni… They’re the first people that have ever made all the noisy, confusing, filth in my brain seem anything but certifiable. I can’t help how I’m wired. For whatever reason I was made to be this sick little fag. I don’t know any other way to be. Why should I just stay here and try to fit in when I’ll only be shunned or locked up?”

“Life isn’t a fucking movie, Jensen!”

“I fucking know it’s not, okay!” He shouts, cutting her off and then immediately softening his tone.

“But what is there for me here but you, Danni? You said it yourself back at the festival, I’m like one detention away from being sent to cure the queer camp. I wasn’t made to graduate summa cum laude like you,” he licks his lips and winks at her before she starts to worry he’s being too serious.

“It’s this place that’s a dead end for me. Not whatever’s out there. You know damn well Donna will secretly be relieved. She can be a martyr with her church friends again, just like when dad bailed. She’ll love the attention. She’ll barely even look for me… It’s not like I’m an only child.”

He sees the tears spill down Danni’s cheeks as he reaches out for her wrist and pulls her into a heap on the bed with him. Just like that, his mind’s made up.

“Once I’m with them and things here have blown over you’ll come visit me, right?”

She sucks in a deep breath and buries her face into his neck even though it’s sweat-sticky and gritty. They lay there in the quiet for a long time, Jensen’s mind already a hundred miles away.

“You could come with me you know?” he finally says quietly. “I bet you’re exactly Adri’s type.”

“Oh my god SHUT UP,” she groans, giving him a sharp elbow jab in the ribcage.

“Ouch, fuck, Danni that hurt,” he whines, rubbing the warm spot exploding across his torso. “It was just a joke. I know you’re too sweet for rock n’ roll.”

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Boom Sonamy - A Calm in the Storm

Hey guys, here’s another Boom! Sonamy fanfiction I wrote recently that I wanted to share. (also thanks for 140+ followers!) I hope you all enjoy it! :3
(Sorry for the long post btw ^^;)

It was a stormy summer’s night outside the quaint island home of Amy Rose as she and her teammate, and recent boyfriend, Sonic, were doing their best to ignore the weather as they relaxed in the living room. The rain was coming down hard, the wind was howling, and peels of lightning accompanied by loud claps of thunder were only making the situation worse. Both Amy and Sonic didn’t mind thunderstorms, as they were common around the island, but this one was definitely stronger than any they’d seen in awhile. Amy couldn’t help but feel herself jump with every loud crack of the thunder, and her senses were on edge as she listened to the creaking of the house as the rain and wind battered it with continuous force. Sonic was a bit perturbed by the storm as well, but hardly worried or fazed about it doing any severe damage. At most there might be some leaks here and there, or the power would flicker off and on, but nothing too serious like the whole house getting blown or washed away. Sonic looked over at Amy trying to stay calm and focused on the game of checkers they were playing, and chuckled lightly as she kept getting distracted and making the wrong moves, allowing him to win for the fourth time in a row.

“Beat ya again. Jeez Ames, you sure are making work easy for me here.” The blue blur watched with a smirk as his teammate rolled her eyes and crossed her arms defiantly at his comment.

    “Oh, and I’m just supposed to try and ignore the chaos surrounding my house like it’s no big deal, huh?”

    “Well, I mean it is just a thunderstorm Amy. It could be a hurricane or a tornado bearing down on us. Then we’d really be in trouble.” Sonic thought he had helped dispel a weight off Amy’s shoulders, but he quickly saw that it had sparked a bit of panic in her eyes. He quickly tried to word it differently, not wanting to get her more worried. “What I mean to say is, the situation we’re in could be a lot worse, but it’s not, so you don’t need to worry so much. Besides– ” Sonic paused, reaching across the game board to grab one of her hands, leading her to slowly uncross her arms as she looked at him in slight surprise. “–you’re with me after all, aren’t you? We’ll both be fine, I promise.” He looked away, embarrassed a bit because he was still getting used to the whole relationship thing. They had been dating for a month now, but he still had trouble showing his affection without getting flustered. It was something he’d get used to soon enough he hoped, but until then at least it was relieving to know that Amy was just as awkward and shy as he was, as he had seen on their first date and others.

    “Yeah, what’s there to worry about when I’ve got the fastest thing alive next to me?” she said a little more cheerfully with a small smile. Unfortunately, just as she finished her sentence, a bright flash of lightning and a loud crash of thunder sounded outside, causing her to jump out of her seat with a small squeak. Even Sonic had flinched a bit at the noise, but was calm otherwise. He watched her standing there for a moment before rising up himself and walking over and placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. He could feel how tense she was, and realizing she needed something else to keep her preoccupied he urged her to sit on the couch while he dashed to the kitchen quickly. She turned her head in confusion, but before she could get any words out, he was back with two ice cream bars from the freezer. He handed her one and she took it gingerly, taking a bite slowly as she watched him grab a spare Miles-Electric she kept on a shelf nearby and sat down next to her. He swiped across the screen, searching for something, and Amy found after a second he was searching for a movie to watch. She watched him scroll past action, comedy, and sci-fi movies and to her surprise he started looking in the romance section. Finally, and with a little hesitation, he stopped on a new film titled “Sparks in the Night”. The story’s focus had to do with two lovers finding themselves together again one night when on vacation on a tropical island after years apart from job assignments, and therefore they are given the option to pick up the pieces and rekindle their relationship while learning to love and accept the changes each has made since they’d been apart. Sonic knew this had been a movie Amy had wanted to see during its premiere, but she’d been unable to, so he figured it would a good choice to keep her mind at ease, even if it meant he’d be bored out of his mind.

“Sonic…? You don’t have to–” Amy started, knowing that Sonic hated romance movies, not to mention she didn’t want him to be uncomfortable for her sake, but he interrupted her before she could say anymore.

“Well, we never did go on that movie date way back, and you wanted to see this, not to mention we’re kinda stuck here for a little, so why don’t we call this my way of making it up to you. How’s that sound?” Amy stared at him, a little disbelievingly, but she couldn’t object to his offer and nodded. He ran over and flicked off one of the lights so it was semi-dark in the room, then returned and pressed play as Amy scooted slightly closer. In a spur of the moment decision, he drew her in closer to him so that she was leaning onto him and his arm rested around her back comfortably. They both blushed, but neither of them said anything as the movie intro began playing and both settled in slowly, eating their ice cream while the storm continued to rage outside.

Just over an hour later the movie was nearing its climax, much to Sonic’s relief, though it was clear from Amy’s focused expression and calm demeanor that his plan had worked. What truly mattered to him was that Amy was enjoying it and was no longer paying attention to the storm outside, which was still going strong but now seemed much less threatening than before. He looked down at the pink female, who was resting quietly against him with her head nestled on his shoulder, and couldn’t help but smile. He really enjoyed when they could just relax together, as it was something they rarely got to do, because the rest of the gang was always around and Eggman’s attacks were so frequent. He sighed, resting his head on top of hers gently before checking the screen to see what was going on with the movie. “Ugh, just another sappy scene,” he thought to himself as he did a little eye roll before glancing back at the screen. The guy and girl were sitting together on a couch in what looked like the guy’s beach house, talking quietly and holding each other as a romantic movie played on the television in front of them. Suddenly, just as the movie was getting to a tender moment the power cut out, leaving the room dark. The girl stood up, saying she would find a candle or some kind of light so they could see, but the guy pulled her back, bringing her in close before whispering they didn’t need one. He then held her face in his hands and…

Suddenly the screen went black. Sonic looked down in surprise, tapping the device to see if it had gone to sleep, but it didn’t respond. Had it been low on power and he hadn’t noticed it, or had the movie really used that much energy? Whatever the case, it wasn’t a big deal. All he had to do was plug it in and then Amy could continue watching the last of the movie shortly after.

Unfortunately though, a loud clap of thunder and bright flash of lightning occurred moments later, plunging the room into darkness and causing Amy to scrunch in tighter to Sonic’s side with a small squeak of surprise. Both of them had forgotten there was a storm at all outside still and as a result both of them were quite startled. Sonic sighed, realizing there was no way to continue the movie right now with the power gone, which meant they were on their own now.

“Great, so much for that idea,” Sonic muttered quietly, racking his brain for something else to do as he let Amy take a moment to recover. She sat up with a huff and even though Sonic couldn’t quite see her face he guessed she was probably pouting in annoyance.

“Oh the nerve of this storm! And just when it was at a good part. Hmph. Now what are we gonna do..?” Amy crossed her arms, staring ahead as Sonic watched her amusedly, an idea forming in his head that he knew was bound to get her to forget about what had happened.

“Well I was thinking we could just lie down, relax, and enjoy each other’s company while we ride out the end of this storm,” Sonic started casually, lowering himself into a comfortable position before continuing. “But if you’d rather sit over there and mope I guess I’ll just–” Sonic found himself cut short as Amy suddenly moved to lie down with him, her body curling up against him snugly as she rested her head on his chest and wrapped an arm across him. Sonic blushed slightly, surprised he had got such an immediate response, but quickly a satisfied grin spread across his face as he glanced down at the pink female snuggled into his side happily. A content silence fell between the two as the rain continued to patter down outside, making for a rather relaxing atmosphere. Sonic felt Amy press closer into his shoulder and affectionately nuzzle her face into his neck, which made him blush hard and sent his heart racing as he held her closer. Her bangs lightly tickled his face and gave him a whiff of her sweet scent, giving him a feeling of bliss. He sighed, getting Amy’s attention and causing her to move a bit so she could comfortably look at him. He met her gaze with a smile and found himself getting lost in her eyes.

“That was a big sigh,” she spoke softly, gazing back at him curiously.

“Yeah, well I guess I’m just, ya know, enjoying–”

“Us cuddling together..?” Amy gave him a look of amusement, giggling as she saw him embarrassedly direct his gaze away out of embarrassment.

“Well I was gonna say our time together tonight, but um, yeah this is rather nice…” He kept his gaze away, but found his attention grabbed again we he felt her drawing in close to him once more.

“You know, I-I think I could get used to this,” Amy said softly, her eyes beginning to close from sleepiness as she settled back into his arms.

“Yeah, me too.” Sonic replied as he gently rested his chin on top of her head once more and listened to her steady breathing as she slowly and surely fell asleep in his arms. Feeling himself dozing off too, he glanced down one last time at Amy slumbering peacefully in his arms and smiled.

He could definitely get used to this. No doubt about it.

So yeah, I mainly kept it cute and fluffy for this one, but expect more lovey-dovey stuff for my next fanfiction(whenever I manage to finish that ha) xD Thanks for reading!

Winged Cries - DP

Sorry for no ‘Dream’-themed drabbles.  I have several sketched on my computer but last week was crazy-busy and none are finished yet.

Phanniemay Theme: AU

What if… the Fenton Portal opened a path to a different dimension (not the Ghost Zone) that was full of a different brand of the dead?


Winged Cries


Danny scowled and sank lower in the chair, unconsciously shifting his shoulders to settle his wings more comfortably and take weight off his injured leg.

“I’m rather sick of speaking with you about this topic, Mr. Fenton.”

Honestly, Danny was ‘rather sick’ of speaking with the strict teacher as well.  “It wasn’t my fault-“ he started, but cut off at the look in Mr. Lancer’s eyes.

The teacher sighed.  “It seems to never be your fault.  And yet you are always in the midst of it.”

Danny looked away, crossing his arm over his chest.  Sunlight streamed through the window in the teacher’s office, making interesting shapes on the carpeted floor and casting Lancer’s face in shadows.

“What happened?”

For a few seconds, Danny debated not answering.  He hated always having to explain himself – especially when there wasn’t anything he’d done wrong.

“I know you feel like I’m being hard on you,” the teacher continued, his voice softened slightly from his previous tone, “but I have to be consistent and fair.  Especially to you.”

Danny’s teeth clenched.  “I know,” he said darkly.  His wings shifted, the thick black and white feathers rustling loudly in the quiet office. 

The teacher leaned forwards, making his shadow move and dance on the floor.  “Danny, please.”

Chewing on his tongue, Danny stretched out his hand and passed it through the sunlight.  Unlike his teacher, Danny’s arm didn’t cast a shadow.  The light danced on his skin in a strange, almost transparent way.  If he looked too closely, he could have seen his blood flowing around in his veins.

Lancer steepled his fingers in front of him and waited.

“Fine,” Danny finally capitulated.  His eyes focused out through the window at the beautiful spring day, contemplating how sincerely screwed up his life had been since the accident eight months ago, then started his story.

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In My Head

Pairing : Female Natsu x Female Lucy

Modern AU (High school)

Summary : It had been four months… Four months that, everytime Natsu saw that blondie in the school, she wanted to make that stupid insanely cute smile fall off her face, then pin her against her locker, touch her everywhere, and kiss her… How did she manage to get in the pink haired girl’s head like that? Modern AU. 

Rated M for what will come eventually… ;)

@sirdragneel, here it is! :)

It had been four months… Four months that, everytime Natsu saw that blondie in the school, she wanted to slap her, shake her, make that stupid insanely cute smile fall off her face, then pin her against her locker, touch her everywhere, and kiss her and…

“Pinkie?…Pinkiiiiiie, come back to us!” A hand waved in front of the dazed girl, making her blink several times.

“What Popsicle?!” She replied with an annoyed scowl, smacking her friend’s hand away.

Gray narrowed his eyes then followed Natsu’s line of sight and spotted a gorgeous blonde girl happily chatting with her friends across the hallway.

“Oh…” Gray smirked at Natsu. “I see… You can’t take your eyes off your girlfriend…”

Natsu’s face turned tomato red and she raised her fists, ready to punch the cackling teenager.

“Don’t. Call. Her. My. Girlfriend! Idiot!” She ran after him through the high school.

“Why are you so upset when I use that word, huh?” Gray yelled over his shoulder then abruptly stopped, making Natsu ram into his back. “You obviously have a thing for her. Don’t you Flame Brain…” Gray whispered as he turned around to face her.

Natsu pursed her lips as she raised on her toes to reach his face level.

“I’m not into girls…” She snarled, sending daggers to her friend. “And certainly not into this girl…”

“Why not?” The tall boy smirked again.

“Hi, Gray!” A melodious voice came from behind him.

Gray moved to greet the owner of the voice, and Natsu’s heart nearly jumped out of her ribcage…

“Hey Lucy! How are you?” Gray smiled at her.

Golden hair tied up in a ponytail framed her perfect pale face illuminated by big brown eyes. Those seemed to carry all the peace of the world… At least that’s what Natsu saw in them when they looked at her. As if it wasn’t enough perfection, the rest of her body was insanely gorgeous as well. She was tall, and had voluptuous curves all the boys ogled at in the streets and all the girls eyed with jealousy…

“Natsu? Did you hear me?” Lucy cocked her head to the side.

“Huh?” Natsu blinked and internally cursed against Gray who wouldn’t stop silently mocking her.

“I asked you if you were coming to my Christmas party tomorrow?”

“Oh, yeah, I’ll be there, thanks for the invitation.” Natsu shrugged as if it was nothing and headed towards her locker.

“Excuse her rude attitude,” Gray apologized to Lucy. “She just can’t handle your hotness…”

“FUCK YOU, GRAY!” Natsu didn’t care if she sounded vulgar, she was sick of her friend’s constant and unjustified teasing…okay maybe not unjustified.

She made eye contact with Lucy when she turned around to throw the finger at Gray. The Barbie Girl had a playful smirk on her face. Natsu averted her gaze and focused more than necessary on organizing her locker. A slight breeze smelling like flowers ruffled her hair slightly, indicating that Lucy was now next to her…

“Are you ever going to stop being so rude with me?” Lucy leaned against the adjacent locker, staring at the feisty and flustered Natsu.

“How about never?” She answered sarcastically.

“You weren’t like that the first time we talked…” Lucy sighed.

“What about it…” Natsu shrugged, closed her locker and walked away as fast she could. She hated how her heart beated when she was so close to this girl and the unpleasent trembeling of her hands.

She couldn’t help to peek an eye behind her shoulder. Lucy was still at the same place, watching her run away sadly… Oh, Natsu wanted to hug her so badly… Why did she choose to study at Magnolia High? Why did she put a mess in Natsu’s heart? It had been four months, and Lucy was driving the tormented girl crazy.

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Brothers Conflict 2nd Season Vol. 5 Epilogue ~ Moving Out ~ #38 忘れられない日になったから

I just realized I’m technically translating backwards…oh well.

Anyways this takes place 3 months after the Christmas Party in December. It’s the day Ema moves out of the Asahina home to start her new life with Subaru. I want to also post the day after the Christmas party since I feel its a bit important as to why she left in a sense. Well, this explains a lot too. 


This picture was taken the day after the Christmas party so I’m not exactly sure why it shows up in this part of the chapter but okay…

She also reflects on her thoughts of every brother before she leaves. (yes including Natsume). This is pretty much the very end of the novel (excluding Yusuke’s chapter which is right after this).

So read awaaaay.

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