it's a very easy thing to do

Easy and accurate perspective!

Have you ever started drawing one-point perspective and then realized that even though you could draw the diagonals, you still had no idea where to place objects for relative size?

Welcome to my tutorial for drawing some very easy, flexible, and mathematically accurate perspective grids!

Here’s an example of the kind of thing I do with this.

So you’re just starting to draw your perspective grid on its own layer. You can change the transparency this way and draw things over it later. There’s the horizon line and the vanishing point in the middle.

But when you go in to draw your verticals and horiontals, what is this?? How do you break up the “hall” into even spacing? Just measuring equal sections won’t work.

Luckily there is a trick. Find the point that is ½ of the way to the center.

Then, imagining that point is the bottom of your page, find the halfway point to the center again. Keep repeating the process.

That’s right, each time it shrinks by ½. I call this the ½ perspective method, but if you guessed that it’s the Fibonacci sequence you’re absolutely right. I just didn’t want to say that in the title because the idea of math might scare off some people.

Anyway, use these points to place your verticals and horizontals.

Look at how even that is!

But!!! What if you want to space things a little more closely than that? Well guess what!! It works with literally any other fraction you can think of!

again simply measure the space between your last mark and the center.

What a finished grid in 1/3 perspective looks like!

And the kicker? You don’t even have to put the vanishing point in the center. You can put it anywhere else on the page and the same rules still apply!

See folks this is the sort of thing they should be teaching us in Drawing 1. But for some reason no??

Anyway, I recommend making a bunch of these in different spacings/angles/rotations whenever you’re bored and saving them so that you can just import them later when you need them.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

seeing young teenagers embracing 2007 internet culture/aesthetic/speak in the kidcore/rainbowcore/kiddycore communities is such a beautiful thing. i think its beautiful because ive been around since 2007, and those years were golden for kids having fun and being themselves. the growth of the internet in the last ten years has provided lots of things, some of it being positive, but a lot unfortunately has become a cesspool of hatred.

between teenagers and adults alike on social media, nowadays kids are introduced to this hatred and darkness of the world early on with such easy access to it and it drives them into unhealthy behaviors and mindsets, such as suicide baiting/callout culture (NOT referring to calling out people who actually do very bad harmful things- such as pedophiles, suicide baiters, racist/neo-nazis/etc- making people aware of when they do bad things is good- but i mean the sorts who send hate and suicide bait to innocent 13 year olds over saying something wrong once and stalk them down repeatedly and bully them into suicide and self-harm etc.)

this is what kids are exposed to nowadays, and in these safe communities, people are embracing what redditors/4channers make fun of and call “cringey” and being themselves because it makes them happy. not only this, but kids in these communities moderate themselves and keep out NSFW/kink bloggers that sexualize children and create boundaries to keep their internet exposure safe, because theyre mature enough to do so. these kids embrace this time because its nostalgic and comforting, and has no super bad associations other than those who called it cringey and edgy all these years. the only bad people in these spaces are those who try to invade them.

let people use scene/l33t speak, use XD unironically, and make bright eyebleeding dog OCs. let them love nightcore. just let them enjoy this while they still can, for the love of god. and if they dont grow out of it (like i didnt) leave them be. a majority of these kids are lgbt, autistic, and trauma victims just trying to cope, and then there are just other kids who do it because it makes them happy. they arent harming anyone. if you bully them, you are.

Of course there’s no aliens on Earth

I mean sure, theoretically, aliens could have noticed any time from the Great Oxygenation Event 2.3 billion years ago onwards that life was probably happening here, which might be reason enough to investigate, and sure, in principle, if there were aliens who were significantly longer lived than us, visiting more-or-less nearby places around the galaxy might be a very possible thing to do even with, yknow, currently-known-possible-by-earthlings technology; 

And sure, hypothetically, given a few thousands or maybe millions of years head-start in technical development, they would probably find it easy to, like, biosynthesize human or other animal bodies to drive around and explore this weird rock, and sure, it’s possible that some of them might have come here with weird ideas about what are better or worse ways of arranging this world that have nothing to do with the views of its current inhabitants, and i mean sure, in principle, those who wouldn’t have come with those ideas would be really really sorry about what those other people did.

But there’s no aliens on Earth, people! You do not need to suspect anyone of being a nearly immortal alien! Such people cannot be found on Earth and do not need to be searched for!

Steven Universe has won acclaim for its diverse, positive representations of gender and sexuality, but creator Rebecca Sugar told Polygon during New York Comic Con that it hasn’t always been easy to get Cartoon Network on board with those themes.

“There’s always a back and forth,” Sugar said. “There have been fights. I try to be very emphatic about what I wanna do, and why I wanna do it, and I’ve been very lucky.”


this is the reason I fucking loathe that post about Cartoon Network sending for the “Sugar Woman” to gay things up. because it’s so fucking wrong and untrue and it utterly demeans the fights she must have gone through behind the scenes to give us even this modicum of representation

don’t EVER forget: the only reason the Gems can be as queer as they are is because they are technically monogender alien rocks whose every romantic signifier can also be interpreted as platonic so it can skate by network executives 

fuck Cartoon Network, and fuck Nickelodeon and fuck Disney while we’re at it. every single bit of representation that has trickled down through those fucking corporations came in spite of those fuckers, not because of them

help us spread positivity!

Hi all, its one of your positivity leaders, Wren! As a small start to our movement, we’ve come up with a little blog promo activity for you all! It’s super easy, and all you have to do is:

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Do not wonder why things are “taking so long.” In fact, everything is rolling out exactly as it needs to, using not a minute more than Perfection requires. Rest easy and be at peace. Life is working its magic even as you take your very next breath.
Neale Donald Walsch

ruby rose is so incredibly easy to read as adhd and/or autistic honestly

  • difficulty regulating focus; can talk for hours about weapons but has trouble doing things like homework or paying attention in class
  • very excitable; appears to have some trouble regulating her volume
  • difficulty with social cues
  • tendency to daydream & her train of thought can be hard to follow
  • doesn’t handle boredom well
  • possibly irregular sleeping patterns
  • experiences hyperfixations/special interests i.e. weapons
  • impulsive and sometimes reckless (probably more adhd than austism but not necessarily an exclusive trait)
  • likes to make schedules & lists which help some people manage their executive dysfunction
  • has a tendency to get words mixed up (in v2–”Like the mushroom?”  “Those are truffles.”  “Like the sprout?”  “Those are brussels.”) which could be due to difficulty retaining/recalling information
  • perceived as “childish”
  • flawed sense of time/distance (thinking it would take 2-3 weeks to reach Mistral instead of the much longer journey it was)

feel free to add on more if you have any !

gentle-ghost  asked:

Hi, I hope you're well. Your art is lovely! If you're still taking requests I would love to see more of Niko your omnic oc! She's so cute!

thank you!! here she is.

her design is heavily based off of zenyattas- they have the same model type! but shes heavily modified herself to be stronger. her punch can do massive damage. shes an attack hero!
to strangers she may seem stoic, but shes actually very lively and cheerful! her one wish in life is to be a hero someone looks up to. human, omnic, she wants to help anyone!
shes not naive- shes seen her hardships, but its the one thing she truly believes in, and is determined to help- by any means necessary
shes also incredibly easy to fluster/embarrass, and she tugs her hat down over her optics



Thank you for this!! No one has been particularly awful to me, but it’s just rude to press any kind of belief on anyone. I do believe this is how I come off. I try to word it properly, but it’s such a complex and specific kind of thing. It’s very easy to misinterpret a complex post about this kind of paradoxical belief.

As for the book: it sounds amazing. Its so hard to find a scientific book on anything magic. and im so glad it’s aimed towards men. Witchcraft isn’t just for women lol…
I’ll definitely add that to the list for my future library. 👌

rebeccaravenclaw  asked:

Best and worst things about playing the trumpet?

Best: we get the fun stuff. All the time. And when we dont, we still do. Whenever a piece is about heaven or glory theres always trumpets. Everyone likes to hear trumpets. Not to brag but even beginners dont sound that bad as other beginner instruments. Very easy to carry /handle, more than most.
Worst: ew embrachure. Given allot of hard *carnival of venice* cough** music. Piccolo trumpet. Very fast passages and hard fingerings. Everyone hates on us but like its notnour faults

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So what's your stance vis a vis TAZ vs. CR?

i like them both for different reasons!! critical role is. a very involved show. the episodes are VERY long and VERY involved and the storytelling is great and everyone roleplays their characters to the MAXIMUM. the adventure zone, tho, is a shorter, lighter, more fun show that i can listen to while doing other things; critical role its easy to miss important details if you dont pay it most of your attention. i wish there was a little more roleplaying in TAZ bc i LOVE these characters but honestly i love the mcelroys and the worldbuilding and storytelling is AWESOME and SO FRESH

tl;dr at the moment i like TAZ more just because its easier to listen to in a myriad of ways, but CR is a very cool show that i like also!!

I’ve been talking about this on and off in a few places lately so I just want to sort of put it in its own place: the absolute best thing you can do to help an autistic person in a meltdown is to talk to that person when they’re not in meltdown and ask them both what they need and what they are comfortable with you, personally, doing. [Note: these will very often be two separate lists of things]

I know it’s not easy advice to follow but that’s kind of the point. Every autistic person is different and we all have unique meltdowns that come with unique needs. There’s no magic answer that you can apply to every situation.

The question that usually follows when I give this advice is “but what do I do if I don’t know the person well or haven’t had this discussion with them? ” and the answer is NOTHING. You don’t do anything! It’s so, so easy to escalate a meltdown and you’re gonna do exactly that if you walk into one unprepared.

Every list of guidelines for how to deal with a meltdown comes with a caveat that you should only do them if you know they’re suitable for the person in question and that’s what I really want people to take away from this discussion. The best way to handle our meltdowns is to treat us like individuals, like PEOPLE, and let us make our own decisions for our lives and our care.

people are so wonderful. it is very easy to get annoyed with anyone for any number of reasons, but it is also easy to see their little details and quirks and things that make you smile inside and be like “UGHHH i love that and holy butts how are they so wonderful???”. and when you know their stories, it is much easier to understand why they are the way they are. everyone has a story and reasons why they act the way they do.

I think about the people I absolutely love and what is so wonderful about them. for my friend Maggie, its her questions. she knows her friends and asks about their lives and cares about their answers. for my friend Ariel, its her thoughtfulness and wisdom. she sends letters and remembers details that I forgot I’d even told her. my husband Zach is steady and sure and discerning, and is very good at reading people. Heather has the most caring and generous heart, and always finds the good in people. Titus inspires adventure in the hearts of anyone he meets and is such a quirky caring human. Julie is so honest and kind and understanding of people’s different situations. Jeremiah is wise and has a clear mind and sees the bigger picture. Dallas is such a hard worker, and thinks before she speaks. she says things that carry truth and weight. I want to be more like my friends in these little ways. I also want to be better at caring for people in the way they need to be cared for, and that can look differently for many different people. but everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to be wanted. everyone wants to be understood and wants someone to want to know them. 

so be that person. be interested in details, ask questions that matter, do little things to show you care. ask someone to hangout even if you think it might be awkward. bring someone coffee when you know they’re having a tough time. if you like someone’s hair, say it. give compliments out like candy. learn details of your friends’ stories. find the worst parts about them and love them anyway. find the best parts about them and let them know what that goodness means to you. care. its just a simple thing but it can mean so so much. people remember when you care.

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Do you think the pair in killing stalking is portrayed as romantic?

i wouldnt say so, its very much abusive and i wish yoonbum will be able to escape soon, hes at this point where sangwoon makes him feel special, because out of everything awful thats happened to him thats the only “positive” thing he can look up to :/

its not very easy to get out of an abusive relationship, i know that deeply

Imagine breaking up with Tom Hiddleston

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Word Count: 939

“I don’t think this is going to work anymore.”
“I am so sorry Tom, but that’s how I feel about it.”
“But why?”
This was it. Right now. At this very moment you were having the conversation you’d been dreading to have for a while now. You were breaking up with the man you thought you were going to marry, start a family with, grow old with. Breaking up with someone you love is never easy and coming to this conclusion wasn’t easy. But for the both of you it was the only way out in your opinion.
Tom wanted to do the thing he loved the most, his passion and perhaps his one true love, acting. Being with an actor had its perks but also its costs. It meant that the two of you would spend less time together than a ‘ normal ‘ couple. The time the two of you did have together was either short or there were too many people surrounding you. You had your doubts when the two of you dated, but after a while you got used to it.
Lately, however, you have been thinking about taking your relationship to the next level. You wanted to start a family, to bring up marriage. Oh… how you dreamed about walking down the aisle, your dad next to you and Tom at the end of the aisle. You in a beautiful white dress, Tom in a tux that made him look more handsome than he ever had before, surrounded by friends and family.
But then there was the other side of the story, it would mean that Tom would have to give up some of his acting. He’d have to spend more time home, with you, with your children perhaps. You’d have to ask of him to deny the one passion he has.
“It’s just not going to work anymore Tom, we are not working anymore.”
“What do you mean? We work fine, the time we spend together is so special to me. It… it’s my heaven on earth.”
Tom’s heart was being painfully clenched together, it was beating at an unhealthy speed. He feared this conversation would come, after what happened lately. He’d been very busy with a new film and it’s promotions. It was so bad that he’d barely have the time to even text you, let alone call or video chat. Just to be sure he had asked you countless times to see if you were okay with him being away so far and so often and you always said you were, yet somehow he knew the truth. He knew it was hard on you, being away from him so long. He knew, because he felt the exact same way and that is why he wanted to change things. He wanted to do it tonight.
“I am sorry Tom, but I just can’t take it anymore. I thought I knew what I signed up for when we started dating. But you are away so much and so long, I don’t even know if you can call what we have a relationship anymore.
“Darling…” He took a step closer.
“Please..” and closer.
“Give me another chance, I promise I will make more time to see you. I’ll ask the director if he can give me more free days so I can be with you more often and longer. “

“ I won’t take  a job  after this one for a while, so we can catch up the time we have lost.”
That was it, that was exactly what you were afraid for. You did not want him to give up his acting, it was what made Tom who he is. His passion for acting is what made you fall in love with him for the first time,  that is why you didn’t get why he was giving it up so easy. He shouldn’t have to give it up, not for anyone.
There is someone out there who could handle it all, someone who could give him the love he deserves and be with him through everything, someone who could give him her everything.
That is why you decided this.

“I don’t want this anymore, I am not happy anymore Tom.”
That was it, that was exactly what he was afraid for. He did not want to keep you with him if you were not happy, he did not want to be the reason for your tears, for your frowns. Your smile, your happiness is what came first on his list, above all, even acting. That is why he had to let go, he couldn’t keep you with him if that does not make you happy.
There is someone out there who could give you everything, someone who could give you all the time you in the world, all the dreams you desired, all the love you deserved, someone who could give you everything.
That is why he decided this.

No matter how hard it was for Tom to see you with your bags packed, your jacket on only for you to walk out the door and probably never return. Never return back to his arms where he felt you belonged. As he saw you walking further and further away from him, his right hand reached deep into the pocket of his jacket where something was hidden. A red velvet box with a ring inside it.  Tonight he wanted to make you his, he wanted to make it official, he wanted to seal the future for the two of you.

But he did not get the chance, because now you were gone.  

“So when people say that poetry is merely a luxury for the educated middle classes, or that it shouldn’t be read much at school because it is irrelevant, or any of the strange and stupid things that are said about poetry and its place in our lives, I suspect that the people doing the saying have had things pretty easy. A tough life needs a tough language - and that is what poetry is. That is what literature offers - a language powerful enough to say how it is.”

- Jeanette Winterson on T.S. Eliot’s poetry and how it has helped her through her teenage years

I always wondered...

In Undertale, the barrier is a very large obstacle. So much, that it can only be broken by the use of 7 human SOULS.

But, I always thought this…

The barrier is only blocking the exit. The other holes in the mountain have no barrier to keep humans out or monsters in. It’s literally just a pit fall.

So, the barrier is ONLY present at the exit.

Why didn’t the monsters just….you know, make another exit with explosives like dynamite?

I mean, they had a scientist that could build an underground nuclear plant over an ocean of lava. Just to produce electricity 

Surely, the most ‘fantastic scientist in monster history’ would know the basis of explosives from the chemistry table he probably has memorized.

Just make a few and start an operation on a stable wall and blow your way out.

No need to go through the barrier and collect 7 human SOULS. Just come back to the surface with a BANG!

there really arent many vampires in the pokemon world though, and they hate increasing their numbers because they’re so damn territorial and shit

however, if too many of them get killed, theyll pull that rule for a little while

as for how they can get killed– the sun cant outright kill them, but it does weaken them severely. to where theyre basically helpless. its a very dangerous spot for them to be in

the “stake through the heart” thing doesnt exist though, because they dont have hearts

and they dont have blood either

instead they have these sort of… second brains? in their throats, that control their power and teeth and other physical things, while the brain in their head deals with their thoughts/memories/etc

so if you can strangle a vampire, you can kill them


i went into this game expecting him to be “flat” or “monotonous” and “unexpressive” but honestly he is??? incredibly expressive? his face is so readable and open and he talks with his hands a lot (which i love bc i do it too) and his voice is done really well too?

idk i just heard a lot of people complaining about his characterization and i’m seeing nothing close to that myself?