it's a twofer!


The childlike drawing on top is a page from a Lil’ Boosh book I am trying to make for the Boosh Art Club.  The childlike drawing on the bottom is what my four-year-old drew this morning based on seeing my drawing last night.  I’m pretty sure my Vincess is the youngest Booshlr (for now!) and while she’s a bit young for her own account, I think we can agree she’s an important part of this fandom!

nurdenweisungenfolgend  asked:

☱ ((Again because best Jean ))

FACK i didn’t see this till today! I’m so sorry, bb!

Dear Diary,

Reiner keeps staring at me in the shower. It makes me super fucking uncomfortable. So I end up hiding behind Bertbert for cover, but then I don’t know whether I’m covered with shower water or his swampy perspiration.

This is getting to be a problem.