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I don't know if you watch max or not but he just put out a Hawaii vlog where him and Ian were feeding wild chickens and birds snickers, yogurt, cheese puffs etc. it freaked me out since I own a bird. Those foods are known to be horrible and possibly poisonous for birds. Yogurt isn't poisonous but it isn't the best thing to give to them. I have no idea why they did it. it wasn't funny. Old World Aviaries is a great website that explains why these foods aren't good for birds if you need more info

I don’t watch Max much but I doubt he meant to hurt the chickens when he fed them those thing. Still he should’ve known better than to feed wild animals any kind of human food. 

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Hey man I thought Id just let you know,,, my dad made me this thing?? Its called a "Squishy Turtle" and its a sorta fidget thing to mess with to calm me down, I uhh, I named it after you? Its name is Spibbles and my dad thoight it was funny but he had no idea that I named it after my favorite artist on fricking Tumblr. Also when he asked me if it was a girl or a boy I said neither so,,

please post it and tag me i wanna see the turtle

GNU Terry Pratchett

Today, March 12, 2017, marks two years since the world lost Sir Terry Pratchett. I remember it well. I had only recently discovered his works, and I blazed through them laughing all the way. I wanted to meet him, even if I wasn’t sure what I would say. The news that I would never get a chance, the news that the worlds he had created were forever stilled, was painful in the extreme. I was already struggling to deal with what I can only hope to be the worst period of my life, and I was not in a place to deal with the loss for well over a year. Last summer, I had the chance to sit down and re-read all his Discworld novels (as well as a few other novels of his I’m particularly fond of). After putting down the last one at five in the morning, I spent the next hour writing this. It’s hardly an original idea, but I felt compelled to do so. Enjoy.

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I gave you parts of me that I never even gave myself.
—  r.s.

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Now I'm curious what you thought bruce was like in general as a kid.

like a turtle. cute, but quiet, and very serious, and had a deep and inexplicable hatred of sweater vests, and therefore only ever wore tiny suits or tiny turtlenecks. you know how turtles like to try and chomp tomatoes but they can’t get their beaks around it, so they get increasingly curious about the tomato? that’s how an ideal baby batman treats everything in the world. patiently interested. something either gets his full attention, or it gets none of it. hated competition of any kind, and is such a buzzkill, because he’d always give whoever lost something because he didn’t want them to feel bad. filled with a complete disregard for rules that are not his own. he doesn’t appear lively, but in all actuality, this kid has projects going for his projects, he’s got all the irons in the fire, he’s building a bird suit to fly in out of napkins, it’s in the attic if you wanna check it out

after his parents die, he’s still definitely a turtle, just one in its shell. he does no things. he has his corner, he stays in his corner. the ultimate “stay in your lane” kinda guy. no more bird suits or dinosaurs, only justice now

Who broke the coffee maker?
  • Leo: I did. It was me, Master Splinter.
  • Splinter: No it wasn't. Michelangelo?
  • Mikey: Don't look at me! Look at Raph!
  • Raph: I didn't break the thing!
  • Mikey: Huh, weird. How'd you know it was broken?
  • Raph: Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken, shell-for-brains!
  • Donnie: Not to point any fingers, but Casey was the last one to use it.
  • Casey: Yeah right! I don't even drink that crap!
  • Donnie: Then what were you doing by it earlier?
  • Casey: I charge my phone next to it! Everyone knows that, Donnie!
  • Leo: Guys! Let's not fight! I broke it!
  • Splinter: No. Who broke it?
  • Raph: April's been awfully quiet.
  • April: Really?
  • Raph: Yeah, really!
  • April: Oh my god!
  • (bickering continues)
  • Splinter: (To camera) It was I. I thought I could use it to make tea....I was mistaken.

                            Rule No. #6 - Don’t touch Freddy

Uhg don’t pay too close attention to all the anatomy derps, I was REALLY tired and sick when I drew this. I randomly thought how one of the rules is don’t touch Freddy… I bet it’s a bummer for the animatronics not being able to interact with the kids that they use to entertain. ( I like to think that the animatronices are sentient beings looking out for the kids ) So yeah… This was made in result of that. ^^”

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What do you think the black turtles in Over the Garden Wall represent? I've debated it back and forth with myself but I'd love to hear your interpretation because your cartoon analysis is always interesting. :)

Ah yes, the dreaded black turtle question. I knew this day would come sooner or later. (Spoilers follow.)

In his interview last week with The Dot and Line, Patrick McHale responded to the question “What’s with the turtles?” thus: “It’s an imperfection in the quilt.” At first, when I read this, I thought he was just admitting that he didn’t know himself. (Poets, am I right?) But my second thought was that he might perhaps have intended it more literally. That the turtles might be little fractures–cracks between the spiritual plane of the Unknown and the reality which Wirt and Greg inhabit. There have to be rips in the fabric somewhere or they would never have been able to fall through. And it’s fitting somehow to consider the Unknown as a quilt, stitched together as it is out of a hundred eras into something eerily coherent. But you can’t hem a world like that together and expect it to lack a tear in the seams here and there. 

I don’t have much in the way of concrete evidence to back this up, but it’s nice to think about. 

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Homeworld would be great. I have trouble figuring that out

Well I keep my gem oc’s uniforms alike since they are homeworld gems, but none of their uniforms are 100% the same.

Here is Jasper and Peridot’s uniforms.

The top part of the uniform is the same, but the bottom is different.

We also have Lapis, Sapphire, and ruby in their homeworld outfits-

Ruby is the only one without a noticeable diamond (Lapis’s outfit is split in 2, also splitting her diamond in 2).

The noticeable thing with my Gemsona’s uniforms is the X . Where their diamond is.

The ONLY one of my Gemsona’s that doesn’t have an X is Sunstone, hers is a V, like Peridot’s and Jaspers.

And everyone of my ocs other then Sunstone has some type of turtle neck like uniform. The only canon gem in SU we have seen with a turtle neck like outfits is Pearl-

Its just my “thing” when I do my outfits for my homeworld gems. Its based off canon, but with my own twist.

but here is some of my Gemsona’s different outfits to give you an idea.

So yeah, I hope this helps. The most common thing when I make my gem ocs is the X + the turtle neck outfits. :P