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ssenseless  asked:

my dream is to write a screenplay, but everytime I face the blank page I feel paralyzed by fear and can't write a thing. when i write, I feel its all lies i'm putting down. do you have any tips on how to improve getting in the state of flow?

Every writer wrestles with the blank page. 

Some tips:

  • You get into the flow by just jumping in. Start writing. It will probably be crap. But just write. You’ll find yourself getting into a groove. Then you just delete the crap that you wrote at the beginning. 
    • This is an excellent trick for writing papers. I always did this in college. You start writing and it can take you a little while to get to the point. Go back and axe the stuff you wrote when you were warming up. 
  • Read the book Save the Cat. It is excellent for giving you an idea of how a typical screenplay is structured. Then you can decide how you want yours to be. 
  • “Write drunk, edit sober.” This has always worked for me. 
    • I don’t mean literally get trashed and write, although some authors have been known to do that. 
    • “Write drunk” here means that you should just go for it, get into it, and don’t try to censor or edit yourself. Don’t judge your writing, don’t get caught up in the minutia. Instead, let it excite you and carry you away. 
    • “Edit sober” means that once you’ve splattered your art onto the page, then you return to it with an intelligent and critical eye. See what needs deleting, what needs tweaking, and what needs to be expanded upon. 
  • Do you. Writers have many influences and inspirations but in the end only you can write your own way. Embracing your own uniqueness and style is both a matter of openness and experience. It is something you discover and then deepen.
    • Don’t try to write like someone else but learn what worked for others. 
    • Discover what works for you. 
  • Don’t judge your work until you have to. If you take the fun out of writing and story-telling, you’ll never want to do it. Keep it fun, make it an experience for you. It’s like watching a movie but getting to make it how you’d enjoy it most. 
    • Writing and editing are two different mindsets. If you try to edit while you write, it’ll be like getting caught in stop-and-start traffic. Such a pain. 

Namaste :) Hope this helped.