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So at the request of @wild-mare-of-prosecution I did a sequel to this post. The only difference is it’s about Ace Attorney Investigations 2 instead of Dai Gyakuten Saiban. Because Capcom of America doesn’t want us to have nice things.

Automatic: Junhoe Smut

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Based off this request

Pairing: Junhoe x Reader

Word Count: 1,908

Content: You and Junhoe leave the club earlier and your still energized and he finds a way to tire you out. +Riding, hair pullin and unsafe sex. 

Written By: Bambi

Author’s Note: This is the first smut I’m publishing on here so I really hope that everyone enjoys it especially the anon who requested this! Also I’d love any feed back anyone could give to me :) 

 “Babe…please,” Junhoe whined for the fifth time, his eyes now soft and pleading.

 You let out a small sigh. “Okay,” you finally gave in. “But only because you asked nicely,” you added teasingly before you grabbed his hand and led him out of the crowded club.

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tsovx  asked:

you actually can still get your 7'' from its a trap! records but she has it way over priced imo

excuse me? we are the pinnacle of musical achievement. our records are the forefront of emo revival. “over priced” is not part of our lexicon, as our records could not be more “under priced.” you are lucky to even know our name. to own one of our records is a gift bestowed on you from the heavens. give me money or give me death