it's a tea cup


ohhh boy o,h my god ohh myg godd. .g,.

People who slam doors and stomp their feet to show how much they want to physically hurt you shouldn’t be trusted

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this Crunchyroll admin:

They’re so nice

and polite,

but also savage as hell

and sarcastic.

They don’t stoop to these people’s levels

and act maturely.

They’re just really polite, positive, and kind

and this makes me so incredibly happy.

This is the Back To School Buddies program 2017! basically a way for not-so-cis kids from all over the world to chat as we all transition (haha) back into the school year

what does this involve?

you can choose to either be paired up with a buddy, or to send and/or receive messages (like a secret santa) ! 

the basic commitment (mostly for people sending anonymously) is to send a message 5 days a week throughout the month of september. this can be super flexible though, just message me if you have any issues.

requirements to join:

  • identify as anything other than cis (you dont have to use the trans umbrella if its not your cup of tea. this includes nonbinary people!)
  • fill out this form. It’s 9 questions but only 2 are required! if for any reason you’d rather not fill it out, just message me and ill get you set up :)
  • its not required to like or reblog this post, but it would help spread the word
  • similarly you don’t have to follow this blog but I will be answering questions and posting updates here

 thats it! ill message you your buddy between august 29th and 31st! hope you all have a great day and a great school year!

The 2ps as shit my friends (and family[and me]) have said pt.  2
  • 2p America: Listen bucko I've seen more pussy in my 17 years of life than you ever will
  • 2p England: The first time I tried to cook I caught an oven mitt on fire and burned an orange. Don't ask how because I don't know either
  • 2p China: If you can't remember my name you can call me ling-ling or dumpling, I don't care
  • 2p France: I will literally break your finger if it comes any closer to my face
  • 2p Russia: *pouring 4 packets of sugar into a cup of tea* it's 6 in the morning and I went to bed at 4. I have so many regrets
  • 2p Canada: I'm going to slit the tires on my neighbor's car if he doesn't stop coming onto our land I swear to fucking god
  • 2p Italy: *breaks finger after catching a football**completely monotone* it seems that I'm in a bit of a situation. How unfortunate. Now, if you'll excuse me *goes to the nurse crying his eyes out*
  • 2p Germany: Yeah, I can speak German. Eat meine Dick
  • 2p Japan: The only thing darker than my soul is my hair
  • 2p Romano: *in response to 'you should wear a suit to bed'* you're right, I'll look dapper as fuck while I take a napper as fuck
  • 2p Austria: I can play skrillex on my ukulele
  • 2p Prussia: *nearly in tears* she took my flower crown

in all seriousness

i think fleur and hermione would spend several years in france

and they wouldn’t move to england until they have kids, and when they do, fleur teaches them perfect french and they’re little wee bilingual children

so whenever the kids want to tell fleur something “secretive” they tell it to her in french

and it isn’t until they’re 10 when hermione just breaks into laughter because they’re whispering french back and forth and she’s just like

“your mother and I spent four years in france, i can understand every word you’re saying”

cue mortified looks from chilren

“she’s the brightest witch of her age” fleur says, sipping her cup of tea

“yeah, sure muman”

and its not until the kids both go to Hogwarts do they hear all the stories about their moms because before they thought their moms were just witches and both were very modest about their past

so the first year they come back for winter break they’re like “mum you get attached by a trOLL?!?!”

and the second year “unCLE HARRY FOUGHT A SNAKE?? YOU WERE PETRIFIED??" 

and by the forth year the teachers are like "oh and fleur delacour came from beauxbaton” and the kids are like “we know, we know, mums told us the story of how they met a million times”

until they come back from winter break and is like “Maman yOU FOUGHT A DRAGON???”

  • Wade: Here you go, a nice hot cup of tea.
  • Peter: It's cold.
  • Wade: Uh, nice cup of tea.
  • Peter: Does this have salt in it?
  • Wade: Cup of tea
  • Peter: Is this even tea?!
  • Wade: CUP

My perfect day.