it's a taser gun


Requested by anon ~
You ducked a kicked aimed straight for your head, you tried to punch the alien in the face but it blocked it pushing you back.

Peter was right next to you fighting another alien since it through his gun to the corner of the room.

“You ok there y/n!” Peter was talking to you but focused on the creepy slimy thing infront of him.

“Yea babe” The alien had a taser under its robe. You tried to figure out a way to grab it.

“Ok. I love you” Wait what? You froze for a second registering what Peter said. Peter never said the L word before, you always thought it was too soon for him.

The alien took the the moment of you being distracted to kick you in the stomach throwing you to the ground. Peter looked at you for a second regretting he said those words at THAT exact moment.

“Ok I’m sick of you, you little shit” You attempted a move that a friend back home taught you. You climbed to his arms wrapping your thighs against his head basically putting him in a suffocating chokehold for a second before hitting it in it’s pressure point in the neck twice causing it to pass out. You thanked your friend for teaching you that move.

You grabbed its gun like taser shooting the other one. Once both aliens were out, Peter came running towards you attempting to lift you up. He put your arm around his neck taking you back to the ship.

“I’m sorry I said it I didn’t think you’d react like that”

“I love you too Peter” You gave him a soft kiss flinching since the movement was too quick for your wounded body. “But can we not say the L word when we’re between a fight with bad guys” Peter smiled continuing the walk to the ship.


farmer-10  asked:

I like to think of Spy AU Sasuke being obsessed with taser gadgets. A lot of them aren't even standard issue, he demands they make them for him. His phone? Doubles as a taser. Cufflinks? Mini Taser Grenades. Every pen he owns shoots taser darts. He has a ring of keys where every individual key is a tiny taser. His gun? It's a flamethrower. That doubles as a taser.

October 7th, 2015

Israeli undercover troops kidnapping a Palestinian while beating him up and shooting him in the leg (no it’s not a taser gun watch the slow-mo, the gun recoils when its fired, taser guns don’t recoil) while also shooting live ammunition at other Palestinians. 

This Israeli unit is called “al-Mosta’rebeen” (Fake Arabs or Phony Arabs) they’re known for infiltrating peaceful Palestinian protests and turning them into violent ones creating an excuse for the IDF to shoot Palestinians and also this unit is known for kidnapping Palestinians (especially kids, since they’re easier to grab). 

Records show that Israel has been using this tactic since the 70s and it has been recorded that between 1988 and 2004 this unit killed more than 422 Palestinian.