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Since people have asked me about the Gotham Russian dolls, here are some more pics of them before they got into Robin’s hands.

They were hand painted by an artist in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and we hope they would be a reminder of all the people across the world this show and its talented actors inspired and made really happy.

I myself don’t have the words to express what this incredible weekend meant to me. I want to thank Robin for being so lovely and wish him all the luck and all the love in the world.


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Name: Katrin

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Favorite Season: Autumn. The leaves get super pretty.

Favorite Book Series: Too many. I seriously can’t decide.

Favorite Flower: Any kind that looks pretty and smells good tbh

Favorite Color: Yellow!!

Favorite Animal: Racoons

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: I don’t like hot beverages D:

Average Hours of Sleep: around 8. 

Cats or Dogs: B o t h

Favorite Fictional Character: Idk. I don’t have an overall favorite.

Number of Blankets: One. 

Dream Trip: A trip around the world!! I love traveling and I honestly want to visit as many countries as possible.

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For the anon that requested Zen and Jumin as Team Rocket ages ago…I present you Dream Team Rocket. They’ve got it all - money, looks, talent…and a very beautiful cat ;D
Jumin and Zen as elite TR members
Elizabeth the 3rd as their Meowth
And Vanderwood as Giovanni the TR Leader

Also for the Day 4 AU prompt in JuminZen Week :3

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My school is so whitewashed it hurts, my friend and I mentioned black history month and almost the entire class just started yelling at us saying that "it makes no sense", "there should be a white history month", and that it's stupid I'm in pain like black history is important !!!! It showcases their accomplishments and talents, showing that they're people too !!!! ITS IMPORTANT

That frustrates me to no end, because literally almost ALL of the history we’re taught in school is whitewashed history already, and becoming more whitewashed. And I say that with having an educator as a father and taking classes on the US education system. All year long is basically white history appreciation.  It’s amazing how many things that I learned happened in America with people of other nationalities that were never taught in school. To the people who say “it makes no sense”, consider your privilege of always feeling represented in history books. You’ve never had to wonder what people of your ethnicity were doing or dealing with during certain eras in US history. Black history month was created specifically to shine light on how many contributions to American history black people gave that we are not taught. And if people of privilege just took the time to look into it, I think they’d be surprised how much they weren’t aware of. It’s so important because representation matters, self-worth matters, and this month is to specifically focus and encourage the black community that their minds, their words, their actions, all of it can make a positive difference in this world. 

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SAME. I keep finding myself going back to stare at it throughout the day and I instantly regret it each time because it makes me suffer. It’s just so cute and sexy and just them.

And of course it’s something they would do. Because they’ve done it before:

Teenage Kook wasn’t much of a muscle pig (yet) and clearly struggled a bit back then. Maybe that’s why he wrote this message to Jimin?



You’re having a hard time lately because of me, right? From now on, I’ll listen to you very well. Thank you.

3 years from now, let’s work out togetherㅋ

Since then Jeon Jungkook has (mostly) kept his words. KM + Jin are now gym buddies.

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And Jimin is..

..well, he’s living the life tbh

Also, a very important reminder: Jimin calls JK ‘baby’ at the gym.

So yeah… what you’re suggesting is probably not too far from the truth..


i love the despair designs !


It was dark when Ritsu and Shou first kissed. They kissed after Shou broke his own window and busted the screen out so they could get out of his house. It was after they ran to the middle of an open field in the dead of night and Shou had collapsed to his knees with grass knitted in fistfuls between his fingers. It was after Shou’s dad had yelled at him for the umpteenth time. It was after they pulled away from a long silent hug and their noses brushed against each other. It was after they stared at each other’s cloudy eyes and shared the same unknowing fear of what would happen if they turned back. They didn’t know if they would ever see each other again. So with a concoction of dread and concern boiling in their stomachs, they kissed. Both of their hands were on each other’s cheeks and they held each other there until they couldn’t breathe. It was wet between both of their tears and it broke when Shou couldn’t keep his mouthed closed from a sob. They stayed there and cried until the sun rose.


nsfw namjoon ~ for anon

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why do people hate ron weasley for having such human reactions? why can't they understand he was raised in near poverty and didn't feel like he had any special talents compared to his brothers? it's like people want realistic characters until they're presented with one. it would have been so boring if ron didn't have jealousy and doubt and faltering confidence. he could've been written off as a one-dimensional best friend character but that's not how life works. so many people can identify with ron, he adds a different level to the friendship that creates tension but also makes the golden trio way more meaningful because through all the crap they go through they are always together in the end. how on earth would a perfect, unrealistic ron be any better? and i'm not even done sit down we have at least 500 more pages to go, janice pull up a chair it's going to be a long night
  • Chris, on the phone with Victor: so what's it like being married to the man of your dreams
  • Victor: *glances over to Yuuri*
  • Yuuri: *standing halfway in the fridge, in the process of shoving a handful of shredded cheese in his mouth*
  • Yuuri: *whines when only like half the cheese makes it into his mouth*
  • Victor: it's okay i guess

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ALSO in other news school is finally out for me and finals are over so I’ll be able to get back to regular asks very soon!! thank u all for being so patient! ))

Many of the people in this fandom, talented artists:

By @rrnan (x)

By @leoniejulie (x)

By @elli-skam (x)

By @loooreleii (x)

Meanwhile me, an intellectual:

It’s Isak being grumpy because he can’t find Even……….. I think making gifs is my thing so I might stay in that category……

birth?????? ily???


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Once Upon A Time - Piano

00:00 : Emma’s song
00:41 : Snow and Charming’s Theme
1:21 : Regina’s Theme
1.30 : Captain Swan Theme


I understand not liking a particular group, but trash talking idols of a group you don’t like is extremely disrespectful. They may not be your favorites, but that does not mean you should treat them as if they don’t work hard and as if they are talentless.
It’s okay to have an opinion, but being an asshole is not okay.