it's a table

you know, i had a Great time talked and analyzed the whole Ducktales trailer when it just released by disney with a bunch of Donaldists on tumblr..

i mean, it’s only a 2/3 minutes trailer.. And We’ve literally talked about Every single thing. We found a tons of references, a possible plot,and made a bunch of guesses and headcanons

We’ve talked about ‘What the heck is wrong with Donald and Scrooge relationship’, ‘How Bizzare Louie actually is’, 'Webby as a Huge Donaldist fan’ (etc) which is very fun to talked about.

Just imagine when the show’s finally aired… We got to see out fave characters coming back, going to hear their new voices, new bondings, new characters, new mysteries,References, know more about Scrooge’s pasts, More donald, Siblings stuff, Crazy got the idea.

i can’t wait.


T.D. Cloud will be going to Colossalcon!

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she was a queen
with neither crown nor kingdom,
the most powerful piece on the board
with no moves left to make,
so she overturned the table.
—  l.s.CHRYSALIS © 2016

I hate when peoples response to finding out I’m vegan is to talk about how they feel bad for the farm animals being mistreated like that’s going to make me like them I mean ????? You clearly understand how fucked up the industry is but you just ????? Don’t do anything ????? And expect me to applaud you for just acknowledging the problem ?????