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My submission for the BAP’s ARTBOOK PROJECT! Please consider joining the project made by my wonderful friend <3 BAP seriously needs their own artbook, no kid.

Actually I’m too early, was already drawing this for their comeback so might as well for the artbook hhhhh.

From the 8.19 Engeki Haikyuu Line Live Stream!

They challenged Wada Shunsuke (the musical composer) to create a new theme for Karasuno before the stream ended, and this minute-long segment is what he had for us by the end!  Those going to see Summer of Evolution will likely hear some version of this song during the show!

The live stream also announced that they will be selling the soundtracks for both Karasuno Revival and the Winners and Losers productions!!!  Two new Engeki Haikyuu soundtracks!!!  And yes, even the rap battle against Datekou will be featured on the Revival CD!  

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Jeremy is a Homeschooled kid going into public school for the first time. One of his biggest passions and hobbies is ballet. Would you be able to do Headcannons for how that would go down when he talk to people or maybe how he reacts when people find out?

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any other trans boys grow up being pushed around and thrown in the mud by cis boys because said trans guy ‘was a girl’ at the time even though they knew they wanted to be a boy so they were forced to 'man up’ and masculinize themselves and now that they present as male they still struggle with seeing themselves as equal to cis boys and still worry about the punch in the face of not being a Real Boy and never being as good or as manly as any of the cis boys and consequently suffering from hypermasculinity and the need to compensate


was absolutely itching to wear my new top, so that’s what i wore today. took literally like 50 of the best selfies ever and managed to narrow it down to these :’) you can tell i didn’t bother with foundation today like at all! i dont care enough [finger guns]

just imagine how much better i’ll look after i get my roots done


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In your ml witch AU tikki is a high council witch but also the broom? Can you elaborate? I'm a bit confused.....

of course! so the story goes, each of the high council (aka the kwamis) choose an apprentice who they think is strong in magic to train. magic, however, isn’t something know to the public, which leads to tikki having to disguise/ hide herself. she normally goes for the broom form, especially when mari is going on witch quests, her and mari’s combined magic leads to simple travel through the air (and tikki likes the cliche broom-flight trope the humans made up, she thinks it’s cute)

however tikki can’t always be a broom, because it would be a bit strange if mari was seen carrying a broom around with her everywhere, so when going out, she can transform into something small and simple like a brooch or even a little ladybug, of course. there are a few setbacks of this, one- magic is limited. even though tikki is extremely old and powerful, she has her breaking points. she can’t stay transformed for more than 13 hours at a time, and is her normal self as much as she can be when her and mari are alone. two- she has to really concentrate on what she wishes to become, the broom is easy for her by now but if you ask her to become something on the spot it can lead to some…weird circumstances 

honestly i don’t know how they haven’t been busted yet, haha! it can be confusing, i didn’t get to put much backstory and lore (especially about the council!) in the first post, i hope this clears things up a bit! thank you so much for the ask!