it's a statue of him

mermaid!au hyungwon

  • likes to collect beautiful objects so made it his goal to find you 
  • finds you swimming in an abandoned building that’s flooded
  • doesnt want to catch you and instead just listens to you talk for ages
  • becomes obsessed with you within a few days of meeting 
  • ‘theres something between you and I, I can feel it’
  • sits with you in the shallow water and touches all your scales
  • sees the places where you’ve been hurt and gets upset v fast
  • vouches to protect you from anyone who will try to hurt you again
  • shocked when you give him a map to a lost town hes been trying to find
  • wont go in the water unless its clear or youre with him
  • decorates statues in the place he met you with flowers hes collected
  • believes that everything around you should be as beautiful as you
  • vows to build a big enough swimming pool where he lives for you
  • pouts whenever you deny him one of your kisses 
  • cant imagine what life would be without you
  • 'if we’re being honest here, youve made me into who I always wanted to be’

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AU where instead of the death eaters, Severus joins the muggle British Army Forces

I don’t see him doing this, though.  He really does not like living in the Muggle world- it’s just a reminder of the poverty he was born into.

♪ ♫  “I can play the prey, I will satisfy.” ♪ ♫

                             ♪ ♫ “But my ego’s bigger than my actual size.”  ♪ ♫

                                                                   ♪ ♫ “It’s time for me, to open my eyes.” ♪ ♫

                                            🎶 “What I’ve longed to be.” 🎶            


“So she was, and most considerate about it too,” Túrin remarked, as he began the careful job of removing his clothes without aggravating the wound, which was beginning to complain in earnest.


Upon noting that they had only one bed, however, he paused, standing before Líriel in nought but his undershirt. Much as he would have loved to sleep beside her, nestled together in a warm tangle of limbs, he was not sure how the customs of her people aligned with that. More to the point, he did not wish to cause Líriel any upset or discomfort.

“If you would prefer, I could ask for separate bedding to be brought in?”

Líriel leaned on one elbow to stand and cast a glance upon him. Her people would have found it rude to lay eyes on the bare skin of one with whom they were in no intimate relation. But, alas! she thought as her cheeks burnt, Is he not my man?

Perhaps, in some strange way, they were already bind to one another. “No,” she spoke at last and shook her head, “Permit me to rest beside you!” Líriel patted his pillow as to prepare it for him before resting her head on her own and removing the covers so he could slip under them. And near me. The fiery butterflies under the skin awoke again. She had never shared her sheets with a man. But this one is mine. And I am his. Thus, this can be no dishonour.

“You are so considerate,” Líriel murmured, “And you are also careful and caring and kind.” She sighed as a maiden who spoke of the man of her dreams. “Yet you must not fear to rest with me in the same bed. I recall of no custom to forbid this.” She smiled, slightly bitterly. “Forced weddings are a wicked deed among my folk and yet I was to reach the prince’s bed. I find I should allow myself your warmth at least. This we both deserve after all we have seen and done.” Líriel was well-aware her feet could have been seen from under the covers. She also recalled his touch, the fingers tightened around her throat…Though she had been shaken, she had never been so alive as then. His closeness roused the strangest of all flames. But she would not oppose them.


countdown to Hemlock Grove Romancek season 3 ⇢ 103: The Order of the Dragon

Are you sure it wasn’t you? I never go out on an empty stomach. Also, fuck you.

Can you imagine when Alex goes to pick up the Bill statue

*he carries it in*
*police begin to whisper things like its him etc*
Alex: yeah this is my demon statue but uh where’s his treasure and his hat
Police: ….uh *grabs it from under desk* right here… Sir
Alex: kthanksbye
*leaves with the triangle the triangles hat and the treasure chest*

Is it just me or has SRK stopped playing characters and just started playing SRK? Because we all know that Fan is just going to be constant references to his other films/stardom and Dilwale is going to just be constant references to DDLJ, KKHH, and all the other SRKajol acronyms