it's a snack

Hunk wakes up in a cold sweat, clutching the blanket. Keith grumbles and sits up next to him. “What’s wrong?”
Hunk shudders. “They did it… I swore they would never do it but I can feel it… they finally did…”
At this, Lance wakes up too, rubbing circles into his back. “Elaborate, buddy?”
Hunk curls up on himself and lets out a tiny sob. “Cheetos Sweetos, Lance. They finally came out with Cheetos Sweetos.”


nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks (demo) // panic! at the disco

Riko is not only Chika’s girlfriend, but she’s also basically her mom. I find that both weirdly endearing and adorable.


Bonus badge design from the blind grab at the All Stars event features the SC!


I bet Robin buys Morgan the same book every year for her birthday.

Fic prompt: at one point or another all members of the snack pack had fallen a little bit in love with branch. I mean imagine a recolored branch actually socialising and calling them their or his friends and the snack pack realizing just how amazing he is.

He could be helping DJ Suki with her music by creating new objects and machines for her (he did build his bunker) to DJ to, The twins he could actually discuss clothes making and fabrics with (I imagine he made his own vest and shorts as well plus probably new how and where to collect materials from making his bunker).

He could become a work out partner to smidge and even share the equipment in his gym with her, Cooper and him could come up with new dance moves together and even have the occasional dance off. Now this is kinda a stretch but I remember someone saying that in some concept art and toys branch has a little glowing bug thing, well about if him and biggie bond over this and meet up with their pets regularly together.

And finally guy diamond actually really enjoying branch’s poetry since its all about showing and expressing yourself, something that he regularly strives to do. Then one by one much to poppy’s confusion they walk up to her and simply say “I get it” before walking off :)

when you come back after an hour-long break and the report hasn’t written itself yet

That feel when you get your friends interested in things you’re interested in lol

Okay so….what if Eobard gave Ray food ala Savage’s tuna surprise, and Ray of course eats it because once again free food. But someone who wasn’t around for the casserole incident, like Nate or Mick or Amaya, just looks at him like wtf are you doing eating food given to you by a supervillain? And Ray just looks at them like if Eobard wanted to kill me he’d shove his freakin arm through my chest not poison me, and this is freakin good food.

Nothing is funnier to me than Johnny Weir claiming he’d limit himself to only one episode of Yuri!!! On Ice a day as he watched it and literally binged it in the span of maybe like three days. Olympic stars fall just as hard with good television programs as me and that probably should not inspire me but it does lol