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Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)

No player characters died beyond Scanlan’s activation of death ward and the half second he was out before getting healed back to consciousness. He was then very swiftly getting boosted back into the triple digits. 

They successfully locked away a would-be god with only two of the trammels, one of which was the fragile one. 

Nearly everyone still had a decent amount of resources left - Scanlan and possibly Pike were running low on spell slots, but otherwise the group was still okay overall. 

They survived three Meteor Swarms. 

They did….really stinking well all things considered. That battle couldn’t have gone much better than it did. 


Whenever I have a bad day, I just watch this @crankgameplays classic and my mood instantly improves.

I don’t watch SG but I wanted to send some love to all my Sanvers buddies out there. On behalf of the Cophine/Ebro fans, I think I can speak for everyone when I say:
We. Feel. Your. Pain. And that pain cuts deep like a sonofabitch.
Bring it in, babes. Cry it out. Rage it out. You’re among friends. We got you.

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Headcannons for the Paladins, Allura, and Coran with an s/o that loves performing and is in musicals and plays, and what each of the group's favorite musicals/plays are?

Shiro is very supportive of it!! always offering to help you with things, even just transporting the outfits from place to place or helping you practice lines. Goes to ever show and is the first one to stand and clap afterwards. 

  • His favourite performance you did was the first one he saw you in; The Wizard of Oz. also loves Wicked

Keith Is more proud of you than anything else. he loves to watch you practice, and rehearse, and he gets kinda giddy when he sees the crown on their feet after the performance. even if its a small role he is very proud of your talent. 

  • the most memorable show of yours that he saw was Heathers

Lance is such a huge fan of you, he drags the team and all his friends to watch your performances and is very boisterous. plans it ahead of time make sure everyone is able to come. treats you like a celebrity the day off. wont stop saying how lucky he is. 

  • he loves the classic Groundhog Day 

Hunk is pretty chill about it, but very sportive of course. Doesn’t want to overwhelm you with his encouragements and pride, as he knows how much work it takes to perform on stage. he always finds a way to meet you backstage.  

  • he always has a lot of fun watching you play in School of Rock

Pidge thinks its really cool!! doesnt always watch every showing, but she loves to hear you talk about them when youre home. offers to help you run lines and does all she can to be there for you when you audition for something new. 

  • Huge Hamilton fan 

Allura found it interesting, and had you explain it all to her. very curious and you have to hold her back sometimes from just following you backstage. she adores the whole thespian vibe. 

  • she cried watching you in Les Misérables

Coran, like Allura, is very curious about it, and likes to show off this talent of yours. its one of the first things he mentions when you and him meet new people, he’s just so proud of you!! 

  • he loves to sing along to all the songs in Marry Poppins 
Structure/function: The Parietal Lobe

Behold! Your parietal lobe! You can thank this lobe for your ability to slap yourself in the face! You’re welcome!

Because it allows you to know where in space your hand is, where in space your face is, and where they are in relation to each other. Congratulations! If you have parietal lobe issues, you might have issues slapping yourself in the face… among other issues but those are probably not relevant.

More specifically, the parietal lobe is split up into the above sections. First you have the somatosensory cortex

(This post was brought to you by me, figuring out how to “remove background” on an image and abusing this newfound power). So with the hand slapping thing, you will feel both your hand making contact with your face, and your face being slapped, thanks to this doohickey!

The superior and supramarginal cortices are visual, so it guides your movement to, say, pick up a water bottle. And slap yourself in the face, although you can do that with your eyes closed (go ahead, try it). That’s thanks to the posterior cingulate gyrus but we will get there later because it is a LOT. For now we have the friendly, simple

Angular Gyrus, which does what it says. So thinking about your place in space, where you want to go, where you’ve been, which way is north, which way is your house. Boom. Angular Gyrus. The Angular Gyrus and the Supramarginal Gyrus together make up the inferior parietal lobule (sub-lobe)

Now on the OTHER side of the parietal cortex (cut your brain in half, saggitally, to expose this part) (don’t cut, like, YOUR brain in half… couldn’t learn much then, could you) (actually) (we won’t go there). Episodic memory retrieval=who, what, when, where, and emotions of memories.Makes sense this is with visuo-spatial imagery. When you imagine up these memories, you envision the location of these memories and where these memories took place. Self-consciousness is also related to this area (but not exclusively located here. It’s pretty well understood that’s not located in one area but processed throughout the brain. NOW for the REAL doosy

Phew. Look at that. And such a small area. It is primarily known for its role in the Dorsal Stream in visual processing. A lot of its other roles kind of relate to this, as it is also known as the “where” stream. So spacial awareness, movements in space, mental rotation (that skill on IQ tests where they give you the shape and ask you to ID the shape from another angle), mental imagery, manipulation of visual imagery. So your understanding and manipulation of space. Interestingly (possibly connected) math and reading abilities are also highly related to this area. Spatial and non-spatial working memory (temporary memory holding, decision making), response inhibition, and task switching are all related to this area. Which is interesting because they are also all related to the medial prefrontal cortex. Pathway?? (Probably, I haven’t looked into it)

Not labeled here:

Medial Parietal-Pain processing and meditation

Intraparietal Sulcus-Saccadic eye movements, attention, reaching, grasping, tactile manipulation of objects, observing hand movements, passive tool use, object matching and object size and orientation discrimination. (aka REALLY relevant for slapping yourself)

So there you have it. The overall structures and their functions within the parietal lobe!
baby be with me (so happily) (4233 words) by cptniall [AO3]

Relationships: Zayn Malik/Liam Payne, Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Summary: inspired by the prompt “i sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie holy shit you’re really attractive”
aka liam tries to send a photo of himself with a bubble beard in the bath to harry and accidentally sends it to the extremely attractive guy who found his textbook yesterday.


Jennifer Lawrence has a small role in #LittleHorrorMovie but its magical. Share the news! Noone probably knows about this, its kind of a secret. Oh well. #JenniferLawrence #Jaylaw #cameo #horror #movie #film #morocco🇲🇦🌅 #actors

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Ok but I just realized that both Mark and Jack have now officially voice acted in things. The roles may be small and not all that glamorous, but it's still actual, official roles. They've wanted to be professional voice actors for years and now they're actually starting doing that and I'm just so happy and proud and can't wait to see what happens as we keep going on this journey with them!

Every person starts off somewhere and their roles aren’t as small as they could be, which is amazing! It’s special seeing them grow and accomplish their dreams, isn’t it? :)

I can’t wait for what else they do <3

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(1/3) Is it really that bad for people to hc yuuri as ace? Is desexualising asian men a big thing that I've just never noticed? There are so few ace characters out there that sometimes we're forced to make some of our own. Yuuri is a very relatable character, he is a lot of people's favourite, and its pretty understandable for people to want to write about their favourites. It can be a nice release to work out your own emotions through a fictional character.

e(2/3) I get that people have their pet peeves about things in fandom, it’s 100% fine for you to avoid hc/fic that you don’t like, but seeing my sexuality described as a pet peeve was a very hurtful shock to the system. I spend an awful lot of my own life being forced to validate my own worth as a human being without sexual feelings. I’m not trying to start anything with you here I just really don’t see where you’re coming from.

3/3) I clicked through to your blog from Kintsugi (which I love, btw) and for some reason (maybe because of how attached I’ve grown to your fic, idk??) seeing that hurt enough that I really can’t let it go without saying something.

1. Thank you for the question! It’s not starting shit with me if you ever ask these kinds of things, so I hope you don’t mind if I publish this. Will take down if you are uncomfortable, of course. 

2. I’m sorry that I’ve made you feel that way. It’s not my intention to take potshots at your self worth/seek to delegitimize your identity. I’ll do better in the future to explain these types of things!

3. And so finally, the pet peeve is not asexuality itself but rather: I find that headcanoning Yuuri Katsuki, a Japanese man in a mlm relationship who has anxiety, to be specifically (and I hate, hate, hate to use this word) problematic for several reasons that I will try to outline below.


- Yuuri is explicitly in a mlm relationship, whether some people believe that it is explicit is another question but this is my view of it. There are also very, very, very few good and healthy representations of this kind of relationship in canon and its part of why YoI has had such a big impact. 

Saying this, I fully understand that some ace people do have mlm relationships that don’t revolve specifically around sex. But Yuuri’s and Viktor’s does. Their entire season arc devoted a large portion of their episodes to Yuuri learning how to express sexual desire. That’s in the very NAME of his routine Eros, which Viktor specifically chose for him. At this point, it’s not really subtle that their relationship revolves around that specific iteration of love. And it’s no coincidence, because YoI has shown us many different types of love, from familial to friendship to unconditional (Agape).

At some point from when Yuuri first learns Eros to when we find out that Viktor based this routine on their first meeting, there’s a mutual reciprocation of this sexual desire. Yuuri struggles to express this, at first, but the point is that overtime he grows comfortable enough with his relationship with himself and with Viktor to be able to stake his claim in public, so to speak. When people HC Yuuri as asexual, you take away that mutual reciprocation of sexual love from a mlm relationship in a way that I find specifically harmful to the show’s ultimate strides towards giving such things visibility. 

- Even when headcanoning Yuuri as Gray-A there are specific problems that I’m encountering, because the show makes clear that this is a problem of expression and not of existing? Through flashbacks, from Yuuri’s childhood and the banquet, it’s clear that there is already the undercurrent of desire that exists between Viktor and Yuuri before they even make that “emotional connection” (which begins in episode 4). 

When you look at it, this doesn’t read as the blossoming of sexual feelings FROM emotional ones, but rather the opposite. And that’s really, really, really important to a lot of people in same-sex relationships. There’s this anxiety that LGB people feel in expression those kinds of sexual desires for people of the same sex because for so long, we’ve been viewed as predatory for it. The fact that YoI makes the effort to transform it from physical to emotional is astounding and wonderful and deeply, deeply important.

- Lastly: Yuuri is a Japanese man. You can’t remove that from the context of his expression of sexuality. The show makes it clear–this man is Japanese, shows him in his Japanese hometown, with his traditional Japanese family, etc. 

The desexualization of Asian men is a disturbing phenomenon that’s been occurring in fiction for a long, long time. I know this is not the specific intention of a lot of people of HC Yuuri as ace, but it cannot be removed from the racial implications of such an act, especially because I find that most people using this headcanon are NOT Asian themselves?

Asian men are almost never seen as romantic leads, and this isn’t a coincidence. There’s a certain impotence associated with Asian men that’s tied directly to imperialist views and orientalism that I could and have written essays about before, but will not do so here cause it takes too much time. But needless to say, there’s a million articles online about why this specific phenomenon is harmful to Asian people in general. Asian men tend to get shafted as either comedic or sidekick or sibling roles, and its in no small part due to the desexualization that comes with being Asian.

Why not headcanon Chris as asexual, if it has absolutely nothing to do with race? I’ve never seen this and never will, because Chris makes it EXPLICITLY known he is a sexual being. But the same could be said with Yuuri Katsuki, who basically proclaimed to the world his sexual desire for Viktor? Just because he’s not ejaculating on the ice doesn’t mean that his expression of sexual desire is somehow less than this white guy–the only other person in the YoI whose routine is even COMPARABLE and is explicitly COMPARED to Yuuri’s Eros. As in, both Minako and Chris himself mark on Yuuri’s blooming sexuality compared to the mature Eros he exudes!


Anyway I could probably write like 10 other points, but this is getting way too long. Thank you so much for sending me this and I am sorry to have hurt you! Really, I am, but I just feel this issue very deeply as someone who is both Asian and pan/bi. I know that Ace people need to see themselves in the media as well, but not at the expense of one of the few characters where same sex desire is so fundamental to helping us understand them? That’s why I said, there’s so many other great characters where this kind of reading would really enrich who they are. Seung-gil? Phichit? Hell, Otabek? Yuri P.? It could go on and on, but Viktor and Yuuri are most certainly not on this list.

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but like if mark´s dead someone has to be the detective /hes the only one that we dont know why he is there/ethan might be a character to fill up/tyler is the waiter/chef is... well the chef/the girls prob arent in the video and if they are its just on small roles/AND MARK IS FREAKIN DEAD (NOT COUNTING ON THE EGOS)