it's a six pack


A Tasty Solution 

Saltwater Brewery created an answer to floating plastic six pack rings harming the ocean environment and its creatures. Their rings are edible and made from wheat and barley leftover from the beer making process. It’s a great way for the brewery to cut back on waste product and provides a snack for fish and other sea dwelling animals. If more companies recycled like this maybe we could cut down on the amount of garbage polluting our waters daily.

Kudos, Saltwater Brewery.

If you eat junk food all the time and have a salad you won’t see any progress. If you eat healthy all the time and eat some pizza you won’t undo progress. Moderation is key. Enjoy some foods you love don’t cut them completely out and punish yourself. Don’t feel guilty when you do enjoy a special treat. A cheat here a treat there will not undo consistent healthy eating habits just like a salad won’t undo constant poor eating choices. Aim for a 80/20 split and don’t feel like you can never eat what you love again. This is what my morning after half a large pizza and a couple beers looked like! Because I choose to enjoy special treats every so often and not all the time.

nct quote masterlist
  • I wanna have xxxx with you fatass! love you forever darling-Ten’s birthday note to Johnny
  • You are all gay-Taeil
  • why do i need to buy chocolate if im the chocolate myself?-Jaehyun
  • Ten and I just showered together-Johnny
  • if you hold your pee in for too long, a big surprise will follow- Yuta
  • i like the bed because it gives me the feeling of a forest fairy-Taeil
  • Are these pokeballs?- Ten
  • Why do i look so scary?-Taeyong
  • This reminds me of the first time we met. I dont even remember that. Me neither, i just know it was awkward- Mark and Johnny
  • VERY HOT-Ten
  • Ten never looked at girls- Ten’s teacher
  • This is Taipei - Yuta
  • I really know nothing about dating - Taeyong
  • Hello we are the foreign swaggers- Mark 
  • I lived in america for 4 years thats why im here man-Jaehyun
  • Welcome back to the foreign swagger section-Mark
  • SM Super Cookie-Ten
  • I really dont think i can do this anymore-Taeyong
  • So today! February 2nd! Actually, its the 9th. Oh man dude what am i saying? No, its cool- Mark and Johnny
  • Doyoung who is filled with beautiful thoughts, I love you! -Taeyong
  • Everywhere I look, pose.  Everywhere I place my hand, its a pose. -Taeyong
  • I forgot how to do satoori-Hansol
  • A six-pack is too heavy for me, so now I only walk around with a one-pack.  I leave the other five behind.  I used to have chocolate abs, but i ate two of them. - Haechan
  • Who do you think is more handsome? Taeyong. Alright, who do you think is more handsome? Taeyong. -Jaehyun, Jisung, and Mark. 
  • I wake up at 7 am to water my plants.  But i dont have any plants - Haechan
  • THESE CRYBABIES SERIOUSLY! *wipes away tears*- Haechan ofc
  • Ten and I showered together - Johnny
  • He is always following me!!!  What are you talking about… - Mark and Haechan
  • My friends call me a heater, cuz i bring the heat! - johnny
  • I love him [johnny] soooo much! - Ten
  • On my schedule, from noon to 1 pm, I avoid haechan - mark
  • Offer the last piece of food! Please accept my Taeyong :) -Taeyong and Doyoung
  • I’M HEARTBROKEN!!!!!- Haechan
  • *dolphin screams* - Chenle 
  • hello my name is marklee - Mark Lee
  • Ten was never interested in girls - Ten’s old teacher
  • Yes, I learned some Chinese phrases.  The one that left the deepest impression on me is “where is the bathroom”- Haechan
  • Everyone should take unflattering pictures of other people- Haechan 
  • *someone mentions Haechan’s name* ahhhh im getting stressed - Mark
  • Bugs are bugs, but I’m really afraid of people… especially haechan - mark
  • Don’t give any food to mark. Haechan, you know you wont survive today right? Theres also tomorrow and the day after. Theres no camera tomorrow! - Haechan and Mark
  • We (mark and haechan) have a fantasy-like relationship - Haechan
  • Don’t, the cameras are rolling ;)))) - Jaehyun
  • Pinch Johnny’s nose, he’ll either die or wake up - Yuta
  • My face looks big today.  It normally is big. - Chenle and Jisung
  • Winwin is cute, but he’s stupid - Kun
  • It’s Johnny’s Fashion Evaluation - Johnny 
  • I choked on an icecube and i really thought it was blocking my air passage.  I kept giving Johnny and Yuta looks to make them call 119 because i couldn’t speak nor breathe.  We thought that he was joking because he jokes around a lot. - Taeil and Yuta 

A guide to KNK (click to enlarge the images)~

It’s really easy to become a fan of this group because they have a lot of youtube and v app videos! :)

Here is the playlist of their videos that countdown to their performance at SAF.

Here is the playlist of ‘My Keunakeun Television’ (this is still ongoing)

I’d recommend going to their list of V app videos and watching My KNK TV on there as well as their v app videos because then they’re all in order, but it’s up to you.

Not a fuck customers but I had to share.

Yesterday I had to scramble up my last 10€ for the month to go grocery shopping because I was starving.
For this story it is important to know that my local store has a policy that rewards customers for every 30€ they spend per transaction. So for every 30€ you get something free, most the time its toilet paper, a six pack of water or something like that.
So as I was waiting my turn at the register the lady in front of me rings up above 30€ and the cashier informs her that she can grab a pack of frozen fries for free. But this woman. This saint. She told the cashier to give the free fries to the next person in line (ME!!!). Thanks to this woman I will be able to eat warm for 3 more days even if it’s just fries.
Danke an die geile Pommes-Frau bei K&K !

Essays in Existentialism: Stud

fine!stud lexa who falls incredibly hard and fast for clarke <3 yay

“It’s a dare.”

“I’m not taking a dare.”


“What are you, twelve?”

“Better than being chicken.”

“Okay, I’m not–”

“Bwoooockk, bwoock bwock,” chicken noises erupt from the girl in the other lawn chair, complete with flapping arm and jerking neck.


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Hunter’s Helper

Relationship: Sam X Daughter, Dean X Niece!Reader

Words: 2,562

Summary: After a devastating loss, the Reader turns to alcohol to help with the pain.

Warnings: substance abuse, alcohol abuse, underage drinking, mentions of suicide, depression, mention of alcohol-related death, mild swearing, mentions of vomit/vomiting, angst

Tagging: @mysaintsasinner @beholders-chroniclers @deathtonormalcy56 @sis-tafics @winchesters-favorite-girl @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish @alexandriajanae4 @27bmm

A/N: I’m back! Sorry this took so long, the ending just would not let itself get written. This is for two challenges. The first is @letsgetoutalive‘s Mental Health Awareness Challenge, and my prompt was substance abuse (I really hope I did it justice. I researched it but I have no actual experience with this, so if anything is wrong let me know). The second was @nichelle-my-belle‘s 4K Angst Challenge, and my prompt for that one was “Isn’t it scary to be ready to die at such a young age?” Enjoy!

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“You stupid bastard! How could you? You were– I– God!” Voice hoarse from screaming, you knelt in front of his grave, moisture soaking through the knees of your jeans. Your fingers skimmed the engravings in the marble stone as tears fell, racing down your cheeks as if there would be a prize for first place. “I’m all alone now, you asshole! And it’s all your fault!”

Cautiously, Sam approached you and gently took your hand, his heart breaking at your pain. You looked up at him, eyes puffy and red, and allowed yourself to be pulled up until you were standing. Wrapping his arms around you, your dad hugged you tightly, his chin resting on the top of your head, and you let it happen, let yourself bury your face in his chest and dissolve into a fresh wave of tears.

“Shh, it’s okay, sweetheart,” he whispered, rubbing circles on your back. “It’s gonna be okay.”

But he was wrong. It wasn’t going to be okay, you were never going to be okay.

Because how can you be okay, how can you possibly go on with your life, when your best friend takes his own?

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anonymous asked:

tbh i aspire to be like you and Eat Languages For Breakfast like.... i'm learning mandarin chinese right now in school and i really wanna learn hawaiian and maybe russian too

bro gopher it its way cooler and more fun to have a vast basic understanding of many types of languages so that you can understand fairly well without actually bein fluent or anything, like u pick out words u know and words u recognize from other languages that share a root, and u go “oh and htat sentence structure would mean it’s something about this being this” or “something is not going .. somewhere.. this place..” and then bam u figure it out

and ur brain FLEXES its SIX PACK 

talking is the hard part tho lmao its embarrassing but at the same time if u know the basics and ur charismatic enough native speakers will understand u just fine and thats all u need????? u could spend 5 years learnin to say “hello gentleman, pardon my intrusion. which subway station might i take to get to the Yamanote line?” or u could spend a 2wks to know how to say “Yamanote line, where? which station?”

its not about memorizin dictionaries its about solving different means of communication like fuckin, using a different computer software. it all does the same stuff u just gotta figure out how this one works and looks and feels like

Thalassophile - Merman AU

Chapter One

You’re almost home Skylar, then you can take a bubble bath while listening to Maroon 5 and eat the rest of the bag of Oreo's you have in the pantry.

“That sounds nice,” I groan as I peddle faster.

It’s a little after eight at night and I’m riding my bike home from work- which is at the local supermarket. It’s been a long day and I’m so done with it honestly.

Fifteen minutes later after riding I arrive home at my 500 square foot studio apartment. I greet Mrs. Jones and her granddaughter (my downstairs neighbors) as they walk out of the building. There is no one else to greet inside the building so I take my bike and walk up the stairs while trying not to lose my balance with every step I took.

Once I’m inside my apartment I sigh in relief and stretch my neck until it pops satisfyingly.

Did I mention it’s been a long day? Avoiding people makes me anxious and today was just as terrible as I thought it would be.

But I wouldn’t have been avoiding anyone if an asshole named Eric had just kept his dick in his pants and stayed faithful to me.

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my ideal percy derolo aesthetic is strong and soft.

Like he has the traditional royal cut chin and cheek bones, but theyre rounded off and instead of sharp blue eyes they’re this pale almost silver-looking blue.

and like, he has muscles and is pretty buff but like, its not a pronounced six pack, theres a little weight on him because i mean as much bullshit VM put him thrugh they always seem to find a bar for some good food and strong drink.

And his clothes are slightly baggy, so theres always a ruffle to him. and instead of royal blues and purples and pure white shirts, he wears like, light blues and lilacs and off-white.

Cause it just fits with percy. he wants to be this royal strong leader, but he has to much adventurer in him. he has a noblemans dress sense but an adventurers aesthetic. i dunno. I wish i could draw.

Massage - Part Four

Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings: Drunkness, sex, threesome, home invasion.

Tagging: @hazeleyedleto @devorahlynn  @msroxyblog  @letojokerownsme @jayded-dreams

Notes: As always, I appreciate the feedback. :D  Love you all!

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Part Four

I was a little bit buzzed. Well, okay, I’ll admit, I had had a little more than I could take. But after the week I had, I sure as hell needed it. And besides, I had Jared and Shannon to watch my back, even if they were a bit shitfaced too.

I giggled, wrapping my arms around Shannon and swaying to the beat. I felt a chest come in contact with my back and I looked behind me to see Jared. He leaned down to whisper in my ear. “I got lonely.” He pouted.

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why dont you two come by this sunday, the S O and i are having a couples night, were gonna knock back a coupla ipa’s and watch game of thrones, just order some dominos pizza and chillax, you know, haha, did you see last weeks episode? so good, not as good as the week before, but still pretty good, i got this ipa you gotta try, real hoppy taste, its made with white chocolate and orange peel, from this microbrewery downtown, real hole in the wall kinda place, if you like ipa’s and chocolate and orange peel you would like it, its $46 a six pack but it’s 8% alcohol (so you know its good), and it pairs really well with epic fantasy, i found a chart on r/craftbeer with suggested pairings, i think youd like it, are you a hops guy? i think its the best schwarzbier ive had this month, if you like a schwarzbier with a bit of a fruity taste i think youd like it, the orange peel is real subtle, id say it has fruity notes but the white chocolate flavor is the best part, and its made with organic hops