it's a sign that it's time for bed

Ive sort of traded one issue for another. Today im MUCH less stiff and more flexible/ less pain…but I have now developed a more “real” sciatic pain in the left leg whenever I stand or walk. Just awful. It isnt the worst pain ive ever felt but in a lot of ways its far more pure and impossible to ignore.

I tried to take a shower and I made it just long enough to wash and rinse my hair before my foot went numb and got weak and I had to go back down onto the bed.

Im not taking that Chiros advice 100% Im taking Motrin and sleeping on my bed.

I can now walk for a few seconds without the pain so maybe thats a sign of improvment?

This is my wakeup call. I just cant ignore my health and do “whatever”. No one can. Its time to take responsibility for my own health.



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beauty & the cat

member; kill me so softly jeonghan
genre: fluff, slight!fantasy
summary; when you wake up on your twenty-first birthday, there is a human boy in your bed. you’re pretty sure you have a cat, not a boyfriend.

As your televisions continued to voice Japanese words, you watched intently. While sitting on your bed, your cat jumped up onto your bed and laid its head on your legs. Absentmindedly, you petted its white fur as you focused intensely on the movie. Honestly, you weren’t sure why you were so focused on this movie. It was just another romantic comedy that you had no chance in participating in. And tomorrow would be your birthday. Another boring birthday, most people got incredibly drunk on their birthday, but you? You were spending the last night of being twenty with a movie you’re streaming and your cat. How was anything going to change tomorrow? You weren’t going to wake up reinvigorated and ready to take on the world. 

Besides, you didn’t even have plans for your birthday. Instead, you just wanted to stay away from people, and continue to have a lovely slow day for your birthday. As much as you enjoyed being around friends, being around good people, and everything inbetween, you just wanted a day to yourself. So when the movie finally ended, you looked down to your mewling cat, and smiled. 

“You’ll be with me on my birthday tomorrow, right, Carrot?” 

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If I were to try and classify gijinka magic, in terms of origin point in cultures and such, I would pin my bets on Wind clans and Shadow clans as being the two cultures that really took the magic and developed it into something useful, and Wind dragons, generally being travelers by nature, would have brought and shared and spread the magic with them to other cultures.

Given the nature of nocturnes, I’d imagine the very first general shapeshifting magic was invented by them, or at least by the Shadow Flight in general. And it was originally developed as a trap, or an illusion. 100%, shadow-style gijinka magic is supposed to lure some sorry fuck into thinking they’ve found easy, squishy prey or some poor lost soul, and then all of a sudden, your tiny target is actually a 20 foot guardian, and you’re on treacherous ground. Alternatively, you make yourself small and flexible so that you can hide better, because who’s going to look for a ridgeback in a crevice not even wide enough to pass their shoulders?

The Wind strand of gijinka magic would have been looked at as an ‘equalizer’. Bring all people to roughly the same dimensions of size, and in theory, this would help disperse certain prejudices and arrogances. For example, I can see larger dragons like Ridgebacks and Imperials and Guardians more or less writing off smaller breeds like Spirals and Fae, on account of, well, I could squash them with my foot, how much do their opinions really matter? But when you’re all roughly at eye level, give or take, perhaps it’s easier to look at another dragon and go ‘oh right. That’s a person.’ 

I’d also imagine that ‘true’ gijinka-ing is the Shadow-Style method of doing things. No horns, no feathers, no wings, no real signs of what your actual breed is, you hide all of it. Meanwhile, Wind-Style method is more loose with its transformations. You allow the horns and the feathers and the so forth because the magic is less about hiding yourself and more about finding common ground with one another. 

rannystuffandthings  asked:

Hey Lottie!! How are you doing sweetie?! I've never sent a prompt before I'm kind of nervous /o/ but I've been having a really rough few days since I've been pretty ill and I was wondering if you could write some sick!Kylux for me?? Maybe Hux having feverish dreams and Kylo just helping out? If you want to 💕💕

Of course, darling! I hope you feel better soon!

Even after the nights where he’s drank more than his body weight in brandy, Hux has never felt so rotten.

Wearing only his underwear, he sits upright in bed, duvet and sheets confiscated from his shivering body by Kylo ‘medic’s orders’ Ren. Funny, Hux had thought; he’s sure Kylo has never followed an order in his life.

Hux swallows hard, leaning his head back against the headboard of his bed, closing his eyes, body riddled with exhaustion. It’s a fever, the medics had told him, contracted from a recent planetiside mission. Young Armitage had suffered with fevers when he was a boy, sickly and weak with a poor immune system. Seemingly, older Armitage is no better.

“Here,” Kylo says, coming back into the room with some iced tea. “You need to drink.”

Hux grumbles something in another language before taking the cup in his shaking hands, having to hold it in his two palms, struggling to summon the strength to grip.

“I can make you some food if you want,” Kylo says, sitting down on the side of the bed, being cautious not to get too close as to share his body heat.

“I’m not hungry,” Hux says, swallowing the tea with a heavy gulp. “How long before I can have more medication?”

“Two hours,” Kylo says, and Hux groans in protest. “It’d be best if you could sleep until then.”

“I can’t sleep. Everything hurts.”

“Is that how your body feels or are you giving me a philosophical take on life?” Kylo says, smiling to himself, but Hux doesn’t find it amusing. “Sorry. Just try and nap, Hux, alright? Sleep is the body’s way of recovering naturally.”

Hux wants to protest but is much too weak to do anything but slide down the bed until he’s lying flat, eyes already drifting closed. Kylo rubs his forearm gently, standing off the bed, turning their air conditioning up a notch.

“Sleep, Hux,” Kylo whispers. “My fighter. You’re safe.”

If he were well, Hux would have made a snide comment about the mighty Kylo Ren turning soft at his expense, but Hux merely drifts off into a heavy sleep, and becomes lost in his mind.

He feels as though he’s only been asleep for a few moments before he bolts awake, finding himself in exactly the same position he’d been in when he’d fallen asleep. Sitting up slowly as not to aggravate his headache, Hux rubs his tired eyes, admitting to himself that he feels slightly better, a little lighter of ache.

“Ren?” He calls out, supposing he should let his partner know that he’s awake.

But to Hux’s dismay, there’s no reply. Surely, Hux thinks, Kylo wouldn’t have left him alone even for a moment whilst he was sleeping. The darling Knight has been fussing like a mother hen all week over Hux and his fever, yet abandons him when he’s in his most vulnerable state.

Hux looks to the chronometer on the bedside table, but finds it reads 00:00, a whole nine hours ahead of the time it was when he fell asleep.

Gingerly, on shaking knees, Hux gets out of bed and trudges through to the main chamber, finding it empty, no sign of Kylo anywhere. Before Hux can call for him again, his skin prickles as though being touched by a ghost hand, its invisible fingers gliding up his forearm and sending his body into shivers.

Something is wrong.

“Ren?” Hux shouts. His mind is suddenly overcome with a familiar presence, though its agonised aura only fuels Hux’s panic.

‘The bridge,’ comes Kylo’s pained voice in his mind. ‘Hurry, Hux. Need you. Dying…’

“No, Ren!” Hux says aloud, legs weakening when Kylo’s voice leaves him.

What could have possibly happened in the mere hours that Hux has been unconscious? Grabbing his greatcoat from where it hangs on his closet door, Hux pulls it on, wanting to cover the fact that he’s only in his underwear. He storms out of his quarters, ignoring his own fever, concentrating on Kylo’s fading presence.

The bridge. He has to get to the bridge. Hux knows the halls of the Finalizer like the back of his hand; every nook and every route is embedded deep in his mind. He could find the bridge in his sleep—

But he isn’t asleep, is he?

Regardless of how hard he tries, Hux finds himself running in circles. Every corridor has melded together, creating an unfathomable maze where the prize at the centre is unreachable, at that prize is Kylo.

I need you, Hux. Why won’t you help me? I’ve given my life to you and you’re letting me die.’

Kylo’s voice echoes not only in Hux’s mind this time but across the empty corridors of his ship, taunting Hux like a mouse in a labyrinth.

“Ren, no! Hold on, I’m trying, I won’t let go—”

Kylo’s begs and screams for Hux to save him suddenly fill the silence and Hux runs, trying to find his way to his dying lover but only comes across dead ends and the same halls. Hyperventilation soon consumes him, and Hux falls to his knees, cluching his head as he feels the darkness coming for him.

“No, no, Ren, please, I need you, don’t leave me—”

Hux curls in on himself, trembling, feeling his soul shatter from the most intense failure of his life.

Hux? Hux, I’m here!’

Kylo’s voice is different this time; there’s no pain, only panic mixed with a tenderness that never fails to soothe his turbulent mind.

Suddenly, everything around Hux fades to black, and he opens his eyes, expecting to find himself still huddled in a lonely corridor, but instead, finds himself lying in his bed, Kylo looming over him with wide and worried eyes.

Ren? You’re here,” Hux gasps, chest heaving.

“Stars, Hux,” Kylo exclaims, brushing his hand through Hux’s hair. “You were screaming for me, telling me to hold on.”

“No—You were gone, I couldn’t get to you,” Hux huffs, exhausted and confused, looking around the room, seeing the chronometer blinking 18:32 at him. “I…woke up and you were gone.”

“Hux, I haven’t left your side,” Kylo says softly. “You were dreaming, sweetheart. You’re alright. I’m alright.”

“Oh, Ren,” Hux says, hugging Kylo tightly, crying into his shoulder, fearing that letting go would mean something awful.

Reasons Why I Can’t Watch 13 Reasons Why: A Discourse Open For Discussion On Both Sides

1. The scriptwriting is cliched. The teenagers act simply like a broken record. We can see these kids walking around schools just like ‘real life’. Except no molds are broken. Jocks are always girl-hungry and horny. Let’s not even mention how she says ‘you are like an actual nerd’. For saying something about Star Wars. We have 2 gay people, but that only leads to Reason 2. The story is writen in such a way that it sounds like either a melodrama or a cheesy high-school movie from the 90s-early 2000s. 

2. Diversity seems more as a token aha moment, then to actually be a part of a genuine discussion as to everyday vocabulary that can be a target to minorities. I constantly hear people calling people ‘gay’ or a ‘f*g’ or ‘queer’ with no context whatsoever. With gay characers, especially (from what I have read since I couldn’t get the past few episodes) since one commits suicide. They could have a discussion about minorities and how they are harmful to life. We could talk about trans kids, who have the highest suicide rate and how transphobia is in everyday lives. Racism, we could go down the list. Instead of focusing on how words can affect all people, we see how it affects her. The diversity in the show is killed off, again showing something that is common and yet  we can’t discuss events relating to self-deprication in high-schools. There was a perfect opportunity to mention how school administration can also be culprits of homophobia in schools. 

3. It seems to dramaticize a horrific event. We get 13 hours of material to act as a mystery as to why this happen. But that’s the entire point of suicide isn’t it? The horrific part of suicide is that we won’t be able to hear what the victim says. We will never know ‘13 Reasons Why’ the suicide occurred for people but somehow, we get an entire story as to why it happened. We dramaticize something horrific for entertainment purposes. The suicide is only a means of suspense. In medias res, we jump into the story and don’t know how it happened. And yet the story teaches us that we can. It is important to show empathy, but does it also need to be written in such a way? Do we have to see that death scene for 3 minutes? Not sugar-coating is something I am all in for, but it sugar-coats the entire story in naive hope that we will know everything that a person felt when they killed themselves. And unfortunately, for everyone that kills themselves, we won’t get to know what is exactly in their minds except for a letter at best. There isn’t just 13 reasons. There’s infinite amounts of discouragement and hurt + 1 - yourself. And yet it doesn’t want to discuss that part of it as seen in reason 4. 

4. It doesn’t touch upon mental illnesses at all. Not once do we get the words uttered. It a personal struggle to do as such. It is fighting demons, it is a constant battlefield for yourself. Yet, you don’t see that aspect. You don’t hear her feel like she is fighting herself. The people are always the targets. And while bullying and rape is something needed to be spoken about, we also need to disable ableism into thinking that mental illnesses don’t exist. Depression, anxiety is thrown around all the time, as if that is something to equate to yourself.The ‘kys’ jokes are always around and circling and never seems to stop. We see these awful signs of mental illness everyday and yet, we neglect to realize that the main character herself has depression. We didn’t get to see that barrier of ‘I am simply upset about everything around me’ or ‘I don’t feel anything’. Sometimes its crying in your bed at 3am because you realize that you really don’t matter to yourself. Its terrifying, yet we don’t show that reality for people struggling with such thoughts are more than simply stuff that other people said - it’s fighting yourself as well. 

5. Romanticization. We see at the end that the main character is simply a crush of hers and she regrets not spending more time of him! It is not only awful writing that you can smell away, but it also romantcizes that perhaps that if they got together that it would eliminate all problems. You can’t love someone out of a mental illness and while this was touched upon, people in the 13rw fandom keep going about how they were star-crossed lovers. The problem is, that the story relies on this budding romance as a climax as well. We realize that there is a romance that could of happened. And I hate that it is seen as something that could have cured anything when she was alive. The pain is still there. Raw and powerful and yet we see that pain being overshadowed with angst. Love is definitely encouraging for healing, yet it never really touches upon that as to much as how it could have helped her. 

Just an afterthought: This show is being thrown around with ‘I can’t believe how much words can affect someone’. I am wholeheartedly disappointed that it takes a show with relatively attractive, white, abled, straight, cis characters to make someone realize this. Yet I know many of the people I have gone to school with do not even apply this to their everyday lives. They still are harmful, as much as the show brings to light attention of issues, these are the same people that will make harsh words to others. It only perpetuates self-awareness for a while before people simply forget about the message. That or the message is scewed in such a way to only apply to people they deem as such. A show has a responsibility to bring light to situations, yet now it’s a ‘binge-worthy’ show. I hate that word for this, why is it so entertaining for someone to kill themselves? It seems like once you show some melancholy moments in someone’s life do people feel sorry. ‘People only care when you are dead’ is the message of the show and yet it does exactly that. People would much rather watch a girl narrating killing herself than her story ending with her killing herself. Frankly, maybe we would be shocked. It tells a lot about our society today. 

A Nightmare on Jeon Street

Jungkook x Reader



Can I request a story where ur in a ld relationship with kookie and you have nightmare about something one night and it gave you a bad feeling so like it actually happens to you and ur real scared and call him crying and he’s all cute & stuff?

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What The Signs Bedrooms Look Like

Aries: Always a mess. What’s the point in cleaning if its just going to get dirty again? There are posters from their favorite tv shows everywhere, and old t-shirts from theme parks they’ve been to. Lots of things that hold sentimental value. 

Taurus: Dreamy. The walls are a light shade of blue and there’s always a million pillows on the bed. Their beds are so inviting and look super comfortable. They have all their favorite treats stashed and their favorite stuffed animal near. 

Gemini: Loud. Just like their personality. There’s bright colors and quotes all over the wall. They have pictures tacked up with all of their friends and a spot for them all to write funny notes. They are a lover of candles and things that smell really good too.

Cancer: Simple but inviting. There’s not much in a Cancers room because they spend very little time there alone, but people always want to be in this room even though it lacks anything super special when you look at it, there are lots of memories that coat the walls. 

Leo: Fun. This is your dream room. Leo’s have the coolest comforters and paintings that you haven’t seen anywhere else and while they were all bought separate they still seem to flow together perfectly. They have the largest VHS collection. 

Virgo: Perfect. The bedspread matches the walls and the walls match the paintings and the paintings match the accessories. Everything matches, you can tell this bedroom was set up all at the same time with the same thing in mind and their taste is excellent!

Scorpio: Mysterious. There’s always some crazy thing going on in a Scorpio’s room and they’re always anxious to show you. They change up their rooms a lot. There’s blacklights everywhere one day, complete with posters and then there’s ouija boards and tarot cards spread all over the room the next. You’ll never know what you’re walking into when you approach a Scorpio’s room. 

Libra: Typical Room. This room has everything you’re used to seeing and you don’t have to ask where things are because its always so organized. Old CD’s in one section, old ribbons from school on the wall, floor length mirror in the other, wall of photos on the left and the dry erase board with messages from when you all were in middle school. A Libras room is sentimental. 

Sagittarius: Crazy. There’s bound to be marker all over the Sagittarius room, because their parents never let them draw on the wall when they were younger. So they had a bunch of friends come over and draw on it now. There’s probably a painting they did them-selves in the corner and loads of music all over the room. Just a lot of cool little knick-knacks. 

Capricorn: Organized. Capricorns can’t stand messes. They know where everything is at all times. Their music is alphabetized, their clothes are color coordinated. Capricorns have to be the most aesthetically pleasing signs out of the zodiac. 

Aquarius: Special. No one really knows what an Aquarius has in their room because they don’t show their rooms to very many people. They like to keep them private, and treat them as a place to escape. 

Pisces: The bed is the main focus here because its where they spend most of their time. Its likely to have a huge comforter and lots of blankets. A Pisces spends the majority of their time locked away in their room, so this is one room you would never get tired of. There’s all kinds of interesting books and movies, records everywhere and paintings all over the wall. Its all miscellaneous but it flows together really nicely. 

anonymous asked:

Could I request poly Genyatta with an S/O who has to convince them that yes, they really do want to snuggle them regardless of metal and carbon fiber, and no they're not going to whine about being uncomfortable after 10 minutes. I feel like Genji and Zenyatta would be constantly worried about the hard surfaces of their bodies not being suitable for cuddles.

-genji takes the most convincing, mostly because he remembers what it’s like to not be made of metal, so he knows how it would feel for his s/o

-their s/o basically has to drag them to bed and smoosh themselves between their boys to prove it’s comfy (disclaimer: it IS comfy because they’re warm as hell)

-it takes soft words of reasurance each time they share a bed/cuddle on the sofa/etc because each time they do, new doubts appear

-zenyatta is very vocal about his concerns, whereas genji tends to internalise them because he doesn’t like to make a fuss. their s/o has to learn the individual signs of when one of them is concerned

-eventually they adjust to the idea their s/o enjoys their metal bodies. its weird to think they do, but its good knowing they’re appreciated for who and what they are

anonymous asked:

I love me some angst, so... Moon x Lillie, prompt #43!

43. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me” (can u believe this is my first moon/lillie thing, like, ever? god thats sad)

“Lillie?” Moon called, walking in the door of their shared home. “I saw your Tauros in the yard but all the lights are off. Are you home?”

Lillie was almost never home before Moon was, busy at Aether as head scientist, but occasionally when she got stressed she’d come home early.

Working at Aether had its hardships. Both she and Gladion were working hard to bring its reputation out of the ground (which was no easy feat) but spending most of the day in the place you grew up practically abused? That was hell to endure. It wasn’t often, but Moon had walked in on one of Lillie’s meltdowns plenty of times to know the signs that something was wrong.

“Lillie?” Moon walked through the halls, flipping on the lights. Seeing their bedroom door open, she snuck in, looking around.

On the bed sat Lillie, all curled up with her Kantonian Marowak in her arms. It looked uncomfortable, but didn’t struggle, sensing it’s trainers distress. Her labcoat was tossed on the floor in a heap, leaving her just in her uncomfortable formal wear. She was completely silent, but Moon could see her shivering.

Walking over, she sat on the bed and slowly moved her Marowak out of her arms and on the floor. Lillie almost immediately hid her head in her arms, shrinking away.

“Hey, you doing alright?” Moon asked, not expecting a response. She gently placed her hands on Lillie’s arms, uncurling her. She didn’t resist, but grew stiffer by the second as Moon unfolded her completely. Taking a good look at her face, Moon could tell she had been crying, her usually bright green eyes now glazed over with tears.

Moon gave her a soft smile, “There you are. Keep curling up like that and soon enough you’ll turn into a Sandshrew.”

Lillie didn’t respond, still frozen in a stiff state. Moon’s soft smile grew into a look of worry, fearing the severity of Lillie’s meltdown. While Lillie often tensed and found it hard to speak when stressed, not responding was a whole different thing. Whatever had happened at work must have been severe, last time she’d seen Lillie like this is when Moon reintroduced her to her father again.

Moon took her hands, and spoke softly. “Ok Lils, Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.”

Almost immediately, Lillie administer a light squeeze. Moon nodded, feeling a glimmer of hope run through her.

“Perfect, perfect. Now, I want you to focus on me, alright? Try to match my breathing.” Moon instructed, breathing in. She had done this plenty of times herself, having to endure some tough shit throughout the years. After what seemed like hours, Lillie seemed a bit calmer, a bit more relaxed than before. She finally made eye contact with Moon, sending relief down her spine.

“You feeling a little better now?” Moon asked, still holding her hands. Lillie nodded, and opened her mouth.

“I…I don’t know what went wrong. I’m sorry.” She choked out, still in shock.

“What happened?”

“It’s just…Mother. She’s been getting better every day and…she’s getting more vocal about how we run things. She’s better now, but…she still scares me. A lot.” She finished, vaguing around the details of what actually happened. Moon wasn’t going to push her on it.

“That’s normal, it’s gonna be that way for after what you’ve gone through.” She comforted, helping Lillie off the bed. “Now, maybe we could go order take out and get comfortable on the couch? You’re still as stiff as a brick.”

“Mmhm, ok.” Lillie agreed, wobbling a little. “Thank you for…this.”

Moon smiled, and placed a small kiss on her head, “It’s no problem. Now, go get out of those starchy Aether clothes and go get PJs on. I’m going to go put on a movie.”

Lillie finally smiled back, “Alright, I’ll be right there.”

the signs as panic! at the disco lyrics
  • Aries: "It's better to burn than to fade away / It's better to leave than to be replaced / I'm losing to you, baby, I'm no match / I'm going numb, I've been hijacked / It's a fucking drag" - Nicotine
  • Taurus: "The the time for being sad is over / And you miss them like you miss no other / And being blue is better than being over it (over it)" - Hallelujah
  • Gemini: "Things are shaping up to be pretty odd / Little deaths in musical beds / So it seems I'm someone I've never met" - That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)
  • Cancer: "Cause these words are knives that often leave scars / The fear of falling apart / And truth be told I never was yours / The fear, the fear of falling apart" - This is Gospel
  • Leo: "So, let me save you / Hold this rope and I'll pull you in / Because I am an anchor / Save her or feel it sinking / Let me save you, hold this rope / I am an anchor, sinking her" - Trade Mistakes
  • Virgo: "A lonely speaker in a conversation / Her words are spinning through his ears again [. . .] Say what you mean, tell me I'm right / And let the sun rain down on me / Give me a sign, I wanna believe" - The Ballad of Mona Lisa
  • Libra: "Tonight, tonight, you are, you are / A whispering campaign / I bet to them your name is 'cheap' / I bet to them you look like shh--" - There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered...
  • Scorpio: "That I am skin and bone / Just a king and rusty throne / Oh, the castle's under siege / But the sign outside says, "Leave me alone" - Always
  • Sagittarius: "The ink is running toward the page / It's chasing off the days / Look back at both feet and that winding knee [. . .] I know the world's a broken bone / But melt your headaches call it home" - Northern Downpour
  • Capricorn: "Stop stalling, make a name for yourself / Boy you better put that pen to paper, charm your way out / If you talk you better walk you better pack your shit up / With more than good hooks while you're under the gun" - London Beckoned Songs...
  • Aquarius: "I don't love love you I'm just passing the time / You could love me, if I knew how to lie / But who could love me? / I am out of my mind / Throwing a line out to sea / To see if I can catch a dream" - She Had The World
  • Pisces: "How does a heart love, if no one has noticed its presence / And where does it go? / Trembling hands play my heart like a trombone / The beats gone and lost in the show" - Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met...)
Just Hold Onto Me (I’ll Hold Onto You)

Sleeping With a Friend

Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Felicity Smoak / Tommy Merlyn (Flommy)


For @andyouweremine​, two weeks late. Happy birthday.

Tommy let himself into Felicity’s apartment, dropping his keys into the pocket of his caramel-colored leather jacket, zipping out of it and hanging it on his usual wall hook. He could hear slamming drawers—and one familiar frustrated growl—coming from the ajar bedroom door at the end of the hall, but he stopped first to slip out of his boots and set his motorcycle helmet on them underneath his jacket.

Tugging at the cuffs of the sleeves of his rust-red henley, Tommy padded on sock feet down the hall, not quite sure exactly what he was going to find when he opened the door at the end.

It could be a Felicity in tears, a Felicity in manic cheer mode, or—

“Fuck! You!”

Tommy’s brows shot high, lips tucking to swallow a smile.

Or it could be pissed-the-fuck-off Felicity.

This was a good sign, probably.

Something behind the door thumped to the floor, and Tommy pushed it open, knocking lightly with one knuckle even as he stepped into the threshold. “Should I have brought hide-the-body supplies?”

Felicity, standing by the foot of her bed and glaring at a cardboard box tipped on its side on the floor, a variety of junk spilling out of its gaping mouth, looked back at him over her shoulder, scowling.

Her hair was loose around her shoulders, framing her face in the fuzzy curls that said she’d decided not to bother with her time-consuming taming rituals post-shower, and probably wasn’t up for going out. Her eyes were bright behind her glasses, but with high temper rather than tears; anger was doubtless behind the flush in her cheeks as well. She was dressed in a loose linen knee-length gray skirt and a faded blue tee Tommy was pretty sure used to belong to him. The v of the neckline dipped fetchingly low on her breastbone, and as Tommy leaned against the doorframe, crossing his ankles and folding his arms, he thought the shirt really looked better on her anyways.

Aiming a kick—which missed—at the overturned box, Felicity groused, “He wouldn’t be worth the risk of felony charges.”

Pulling his cell from his pocket, he waved it at her, offering a sympathetic, if curious, smile. “Well, that only tells me slightly more than your text did.”

She had texted him only broke up. come over.

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Signs on New Year
  • Aries: Libra tires to make out with them and punches them in the face before giggling on how cute they are
  • Taurus: Needs to get used to writing 2016 than 2015 so writes on all the walls
  • Gemini: Is injecting alcohol into Capri-Suns
  • Cancer: Crying about 2015 ending and crying that 2016 is starting
  • Leo: Tries to bribe Sagittarius for a New Years Kiss
  • Virgo: Is asleep with Capricorn on top of them with a party screamer in there mouth so every time they breath out it screams
  • Libra: Is shitfaced drunk and is singing My Heart Will Go On but like a rock star while trying to make out with Aries
  • Scorpio: Is thinking of New Years revolutions there not gonna stick to
  • Sagittarius: Laughing and stealing Leo's money for a kiss
  • Capricorn: Falls asleep in a corner on top of Virgo cause it's past their bed time
  • Aquarius: Is excited and keeps saying. "2016 is my year!" When it's really not...
  • Pisces: Silently counting down to the New Year
My Experience With Pokemon Go Thus Far
  • Me: Alrighty just downloaded Pokemon Go I'm so excited!
  • Me: oh...I need a Pokemon club sign in...
  • Me: ...the registration is down...
  • Me: okay after a few hours it's now up!
  • Me: alrighty gonna catch about fifty Pokemon and then go to bed
  • Me: I'm awake and ready to play some more hell yea- why isn't my sign in working
  • Me: ...oh...the servers are down...
  • Me: ...oh...I have to start over...
  • Me: restarted and froze multiple times over now...
  • Me: ...oh.

john and sherlock: *say they love each other*
antis: they clearly mean like brothers????
john and sherlock: *kiss*
antis: in medieval times kissing was a common way to sign contracts??? its not inherently romantic.
john and sherlock: *sleep in the same bed*
antis: um have you never had a sleepover with your best friend before?????
john and sherlock: *have condoms on their nightstand*
antis: everyone knows condoms are better in water balloon fights!!!!!!
john and sherlock: *fuck live on national tv*


Words: 4,313

Genre: Hurt/Comfort 

Rating: K

Description: As their wedding day is drawing near, Yang has started act a little odd, even if she tries to hide it. Blake wonders but does not question it. At least, not yet. However, when a storm brings a dark dream to Yang, Blake finally gets her to talk.

It is a cool, crisp autumn day. There is a slight breeze and only a few clouds sail across the sky. This peaceful weather will not last long, however. In a few hours’ time, a nor’easter will blow through and last throughout the night and early morning. Best now to go out and enjoy the weather before huddling down at home. Among those that are seizing this opportunity are Blake and Yang.

The two young women enjoy their time at a little old, local café. They sit outside at a table, having a small, late lunch with each other. Blake reads one of her books while she nibbles on one of the many biscuits they have ordered as well as sipping down some earl grey tea. Yang, on the other hand, practically wolfs down a number of the baked goods. Her cup of hot chocolate she got is almost empty. Blake peers her eyes over the book, watching her fiancée chow down.

“You better not fill yourself up on that or you won’t be able to eat dinner. I thought you wanted to cook,” Blake says.

Yang swallows what is in her mouth and brushes off some crumbs before speaking. “Come on, Blakey. These taste so amazing, I can’t just have one!”

“Don’t blame me if you can’t finish your food tonight.”

“I won’t.” Yang takes a sips of her hot chocolate, finishing the rest of it in a few gulps. “So, how was work today? I am guessing not much happened if you were able to leave early.”

“Yes, there wasn’t much to be done. Really all I had to do was attend a meeting, which was them just going over how everyone has been doing, and we were told about some cases and other problems that have begun to arise that we will need to take care of soon. After that we were allow to go home. Especially with the storm coming, no one really wants to be driving in bad weather.”

“This is true. Honestly, I can’t wait to start working. The bar still is getting touched up and what not but hopefully it will be running soon and be the hottest place in Vale.”

“Please don’t set the place on fire. I didn’t save up and ask people for favor to get that place for you to torch it,” Blake jokes.

A small grin forms on Yang’s face as she plays along. “I’ll do my best not too. No promises, though.”

Blake only rolls her eyes. She is about to go back to her book when she hears a low rumble. Her cat ears perk up at the sound. Looking up she can see the once bright, blue sky begin to grey. The storm is looming and drawing close. It’s early but at least it has given people a warning that it will be here soon before it unleashes its havoc of wind, electricity, and rain.

Another noise catches Blake’s attention. She turns her head back at her future wife. Yang is clutching and rubbing her right arm, where skin meets metal. She is hissing through her teeth, sucking back the pain from the change in weather. Blake had notice Yang massaging it before, not taking much note in it knowing Yang just does that sometimes. Guess she was wrong.

Slowly, Blake reaches out for Yang’s metal hand and squeezes the cold appendage, hoping that Yang can sense the feeling with her arm acting up the way it is.

“You okay?” She asks.

“I’m fine. Just stings a bit. Pins and needles. Nothing to worry about and nothing that I am not use to.”

“You sure? You know that you can tell me anything, right?”

“I said I am fine, Blake,” Yang says, a bit too defensively. “I know I can tell you anything but I am fine, honest.”

Blake can sense Yang is not telling the truth. Her lilac eyes stay off to the side, pointed down at the ground below her. How she just spoke also gives it away that there is something she wants to keep hidden. Blake has noticed something has been bugging Yang for a couple of months now. There are times Yang zones out completely or only has half her attention on something. She also has become distant at times, wanting to be left alone. Could be just bad memories coming back up with the colder and darker weather or it can be something else.

Whatever the cause or causes may be, Blake knows not to push. It will only make Yang not want to tell even more. As long as it is not completely and negatively effecting her, that she is not on the verge of harming herself, there is no need to press for answers. Yang will come around and tell Blake her troubles when she is ready.

“Okay, Yang.” Blake answers. She rubs her thumb against the top of Yang’s hand. “How about we wrap the rest of the biscuits up and take them home? If the power goes out, at least there will be some more food that won’t go back right away. That and I don’t think either of us wants to be caught out in the rain and with that storm seeming to be arriving early, best we leave now.”

Yang gives a small nod, still looking down. Blake gives another squeeze, which finally causes Yang to look up. She gives a soft smile to the blonde. Yang returns the favor before she waves over a waiter.

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1. Go to bed when your body tells you its time. When you’re eating to stay awake and the screen is blurring, close it. Close it and climb into bed and close your eyes. Listen to yourself.

2. Wake when your body tells you its time. Wake when you’ve had enough REM and wake when its time to work. Don’t hide. Don’t force yourself back to sleep.  Don’t tuck the covers in a little closer and pretend it’s black beyond your eyelids. Open them. Open your eyes. Listen to yourself.

3. Stop being defensive when you see those “eat healthy, get healthy” signs. Understand that they aren’t targeting you. Listen. Then listen to your body. Is it craving salts? Is it craving sweets? Do you think that piece of paper looks yummy? Give it what it wants, but don’t spoil it. Listen to your body like you would a child. Listen with respect but don’t spoil. Love your body like you would your child.

4. Cook for yourself. Cook like your mother would. Remember her. Remember her food. Cook her favorites and make them yours. Lock the freezer food for bad nights and invite friends to eat your food as if they were family. Make them family. Feed them and love them and cook like your mother would. Remember what it was like to have family.

5. End the day with a message. Work out the knots that have built up and empty yourself of the stress. Empty yourself of your boss’ disapproving look and your partner’s sigh. Empty yourself of the rage you felt when that dick of a blue car cut you off on Route 55 and empty yourself of your own fear that you haven’t done enough today (or ever). Empty yourself of doubt and get ready to open yourself for sleep, for dreams, for rest. Then closer your eyes and open yourself.

6. Don’t punish yourself. Even when stressed, even when scared, listen to your body. Every child makes mistakes, but you must forgive. Even when a child makes a mistake, don’t you still respect them? Don’t punish yourself. Drink that water bottle. Eat that Snickers bar. Don’t punish yourself. Listen to yourself.

7. Cry. Cry when you need to. Cry when the world gets too much and you hate yourself. Cry when you feel you’ve screw up and your partner leaves you. Cry when your friends stop calling and your family falls apart. Cry when you blaming yourself. Don’t feel guilty for crying. Just cry.

8. And then get up. Look in the mirror. Look in the mirror and see how stupid you can be and how ugly you feel. See the red around your eyes and the dark marks from that one god-awful pimple and the way your stomach isn’t flat. But then stop and really look. Look at yourself and see yourself. See a person, a human being who is prone to mistakes, who is stupid and feels ugly but is always beautiful. See the slope of your nose and the delicate laugh lines around your eyes. See your lips and how unnatural they look pulled down and remember yours is a face for happiness. And then smile through the tears and look down. Start at your feet; see the cute, pudginess of your toes. See the arc of your foot. Look at the fragileness of your ankle and the strength of your calves for always holding you up, keeping you standing. Look at your knees, the knees that sometimes want to give out and applaud them, applaud your knees for staying strong.

9. Then get up. Look at your thighs and appreciate the muscles that keep you walking, keep you running. See your sex and remember the pleasure it can give you, how hard it works just to love you. Appreciate it. Appreciate it even when you feel its wrong or society feels its wrong or society treats you wrong because of it. It’s not its fault. Appreciate it if you can’t love it and move on. Look at your stomach and thank it. Thank it for caring for you, for feeding you. Apologize for hating it, knowing it will not be last time. Stare at your chest, see the slopes of your breasts and feel them. Feel the weight and accept them. Tell them its okay. You don’t blame them. Then look at your arms. The arms that pick you up every time your knees need a break. Look at your arms and love them. Love the little wrinkle of flesh on your elbow and the hair that grows under your armpit and the scars from life that litter your fingers. Love them. Look at your shoulders and see how they bear the weight of your world and love them. Then stare at your neck, your lifeline, and see the strain of keeping your head held high and thank it. Thank it for not letting you fall and straighten up. Look at yourself, see yourself and smile. Love yourself. Listen to yourself. Admit you cried and move on

10. Don’t shower. Showers are efficient and formal and effective. Take baths. Take baths even when under the shower. Take your time. Soak. Love yourself when you bath. Rub the soap into every crevice and corner and get familiar. Remember your body. Commit it to memory and remember it. Get intimate. Love yourself.

11. Walk with your head high. Don’t bow. Even when your boss is mad, look him in the eye, explain. Even when your friends are looking at you with expectations you know you can’t meet, keep your head high and refuse, explain and refuse. Don’t bow. Even when your partner is screaming and throwing things, stare them in the eye and demand attention and respect. Don’t take them back. Not again. Leave. Leave with your head held high. Don’t bow. Never again. Don’t bow. Remember you neck and your shoulders and your calves and their strength and walk away. Don’t bow.

12. Make new friends. Get to know your coworkers and invite them for dinner. Go to the park and smile. Bring your dog and smile. Let people pet him and talk to them. Introduce yourself. Keep your head high. Even when it doesn’t work, keep trying, Meet new people. Go to the music store and see who is in your favorite isle. Talk music, talk politics, talk media. Keep your head high and when it works, invite them for dinner. Love yourself and let yourself be loved.

13. Accept that you don’t want to be alone. Be okay with that. Love yourself and know you want more and find them. Date. Don’t fall in love. Not yet. You can’t yet because it’s still too raw and accept that that is okay. Love yourself and let yourself be loved. Date. Go on lots of dates and when the time comes, listen to yourself and love more than just yourself. But don’t force it. Listen, close your eyes and open yourself. Let yourself be loved and love.

14. Write a list of what you enjoy and then write a list of things you’ve never done. Keep adding. Move the things you’ve never done to the list of things you enjoy and add to the list of things you’ve never done as you learn more about the world. Try things you think you’d hate and be okay when you prove yourself write. But keep trying things you think you’d hate. Be happy when you surprise yourself. Do the things you love more often but leave room for new things. Invite friends and friends-who-are-family and family-who-are-more-like-friends to things you enjoy. Make it something you enjoy doing with them. Be okay with being disappointed when they don’t enjoy it as much as you do. Accept and move on. Find new things to do together. Keep adding to your lists.

15. Clear your house of clutter. Mark things to be thrown away and do it. Throw it away. Even things you’re not sure you want to throw it away, throw away. Make room. Look at your house and see how much space you have. Space to fill with new things that you like more and applaud yourself. Be okay with being a little sad to see the old stuff gone away. Admit you’re human but applaud yourself for moving on. Move on.

16. Collect memories and remember. Even sad ones, don’t forget. Fill the empty spaces in your house with things you love and love yourself and let yourself be loved so you can love more than yourself. Open yourself. Open yourself and live. Go to bed when you need to so you can wake up when its time and make new memories. Don’t hide.  Listen. Love. Live.


16 Steps to Being Happy | h.s.m

© 2016

Second Anniversary Pt.2

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The Signs as "Just Spring Things" 2016

Aries: Forgetting Spring was a season after the Nordic Winter that has just passed.

Taurus: *still hibernating*

Gemini: Planning to go bear hunting with their best friends.

Cancer: Making hot cocoa and pouring it on the ice outside to speed up the melting process.

Leo: Crying about how they can’t show off their beach body.

Virgo: Preparing to fly to Jamaica until America’s climate gets its shit together.

Libra: In bed with Taurus.

Scorpio: Sacrificing the last of their humanity to the Norse Gods as a way to end the cold.

Sagittarius: Making a bonfire out of an abandoned apartment complex.

Capricorn: Unlocking the secrets of time travel to tell the world slow its roll on fossil fuels.

Aquarius: Wearing jeans and a tank top in 8 1/2° degree weather.

Pisces: Tucking Libra & Taurus comfortably in.