it's a sherlock clock

Mother's Day
  • Baby Holmes: *whispers* Daddy?
  • Sherlock: *sleeping*
  • Baby Holmes: *climbs onto the bed and sits on Sherlock* Daddy!
  • Sherlock: *stirs; mumbling* Mmm?
  • Baby Holmes: It's Mummy's Day and nothing's ready.
  • Sherlock: *turns and blinks at his clock* It's four in the morning... *groans* Five more minutes, cutie, okay?
  • Baby Holmes: *sniffling* But Daddy the present isn't ready or the card and I need to make Mummy's breakfast.
  • Sherlock: *sighs; rubbing his eyes* Darling, you can't-
  • Baby Holmes: *uses her puppy-dog eyes* Please, Daddy.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • *several hours later*
  • Baby Holmes: *tugging Molly's arm; excited* C'mon, Mummy, I made breakfast and tea. Daddy helped a bit.
  • Molly: *giggling* I'm coming, darling.
  • Baby Holmes: *runs to the sofa* In here, Mummy...
  • Molly: *grins at the tray of breakfast, coffee, presents and chocolates* Awww, thank you, my darling *cuddles her daughter* Sherlock, look...
  • Sherlock: *snoring on the sofa, empty mug of coffee and camera in his hands*
  • Baby Holmes: *whispers* Shall I get a blanket?
  • Molly: *smiles; nods* Yes...and a big kiss when you get back.