it's a sensitive topic too so ;~;

Person: Hey,wanna see a way to piss off a fandom

Person: *Screaming in a crowd* KILLING STALKING SUCKS

KS fandom: *Jumps out from a bush*

KS fandom: While I don’t agree with your opinion,I can understand your point of view,killing Stalking isn’t the type of manwha for everyone since it covers sensitive topics of abuse and torture. Many of us enjoy the story for the horror and psychological elements that can seem too intense for casual mahnwa or manga readers,so its perfectly fine if you don’t like something so taboo

Person: holy shit

and it’s old news, typical feminine nonsense, pseudo-emotional bullshit. Glib, trite, tired and hackneyed. I mean did you see the way she just went on and on about whatever she went on and on about? Probably a good read if you’re a teenage girl or into romance novels. Not to say her work doesn’t have merit, it’s just not for everyone. Maybe if she broadened her horizons a little and picked another topic. So she sat and she waited for love and she wrote about it when it came and when it didn’t. So she compared collarbones to clover fields and called herself lucky. It’s not exactly groundbreaking. 

and it’s vulnerability at its finest, timeless and honest, something that really hits home. A running faucet of intimacy. A masterpiece of human sensitivity. Inspirational and intensely relatable, really a must-read for anyone with a heart. Such a traditional topic too. Amazing how he captured it with such a fresh voice. Did you see the page where he wrote, "girl, you’re not lucky, I am lucky because I found you"? Look, I won’t say he went out and saved poetry all on his own, but god. He may as well have.
—  Trista Mateer
Bts reaction to finding out you had a sad past:

Anon requested: Bts reaction if they find out that their s/o never really received Lot of love in her live and had to go through a Lot of difficult times surrounded by hate ?

Its done and here it is. What I wanna say is that I am really bad with sensitive topics like that so I am wishing I didn’t mess up too much here.


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Being the oldest member, I’m sure Jin will be the most understanding. Not only will be know the right words to choose, but he’s also going to be by your side 24/7. You’ll forget all your unfortunate days as long as he’s around, that’s his charm.


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Don’t let the silence fool you, he’s keeping it in mind. Yoongi admitted to have faced countless difficult days, so he can understand the 100% what you’re talking about, he just wants to spare his words for the right time. Although, he is defiantly going to be saying I love you more, just to prove that while everything in your life may be temporary, his love is permanent.


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Once you started telling your story, hoseok’s eyes began to tear up and there is no end to the hugs. He is a sensitive one so he took it upon himself to give you all his heartu *I had to do it, sorry*, never giving you a chance to go back to the old days.

Rap Monster:

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Another one who is understanding exactly what you’re talking about, but while yoongi decided go keep his comforting words to himself, namjoon poured his heart into a delicate kiss. “Let me erase all those memories”


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Mixed emotions. Should he crack a joke to diffuse the atmosphere? Should he hug/kiss you? Should he be saying words of comfort? Eventually he’ll end up doing all three together. But one thing for sure is that you’ll be falling asleep in a tighter embrace every night

V/ Taehyung:

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He’s everywhere. In your place, at work, on the phone, taehyung will never leave you after knowing that you had no one to keep you company as you grew up. It broke his heart into pieces and now he feels like it’s his responsibility to fix things.


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“Let it out baby” he doesn’t want you to have regrets over the past, and while that is something he can’t change, he is going to fight hard, like his hyungs, to keep that smile he fell in love with on your face at whatever cost it was.
Shit I see in the morning....

I hate discourse, I hate it so much but see this is something I can’t ignore.

If you want to write about something questionable by all means go ahead, I am a firm believer of creative freedom, just like freedom of speech but you know what? There is a line, there is way to handle these things. You write with a shred of goddamn respect for yourself and for people who LIVE your glorified plot device. The fact that me, a writer, has to sit here and see someone in the same EARTH as me fetishize something illegal is baffling. The fact comments are “if you don’t like it don’t read it” “get off the internet if you’re so sensitive” “its illegal but I can’t help finding this interesting”.

Honey, psych 101 if you start enjoying vicariously living through an abuser’s POV guess what? You’re showing the first steps to psychopathy and I have a list of fellow professionals who will gladly give you a diagnosis. There is a difference between writing “A child called It” (a story about surviving child abuse which goes into detail about said abuse and progresses in the survival and success of a child living through it) and writing a piece of shit that leads to (may I add mediocre AF) smut.

By all means, hide under the broken backlaws of a website, hide in the deep little nooks where a bunch of equally confused and what I have to assume twisted minds go. This is BEYOND a fandom, this is BEYOND a ship or ship hate. This is the fact that in the society that you’ve created you are settling to turn pain, hate, abuse, death into vehicles for sex and excitement. That someone can water down something that actually destroy lives into nothing more than a passing blip, a ‘kink’ for their OTP “uwu”.

As someone who’s read some of the darkest shit in case studies, who’s had to do interviews with people that have gone through some tough shit. I am the FIRST to say that yes, there should be more light on things people are ‘scared of’. Lets talk about mental illness, lets talk about pain, lets talk about the fucked up things that media turns their head away because its ‘too much’ for their Saturday morning broadcast. But LET’S NOT turn it into some freakshow for someone to read and get off on then defend because its thrown back in the face that it’s WRONG.

This isn’t people being sensitive, its people seeing something wrong and realizing that’s wrong and its promoting the wrong message. So by all means, you think I’m sensitive; I fucking implore you to defend the topic. Come. At. ME. Not as anon, come at me with your bold ass face and tell me exactly why and how is this ok to you to make suffering ‘interesting’ really. Because I’m interested to know if you need a MRI and see if your fucking amygdala is working properly.

Beans is out. Beans is not talking about this shit, Beans is sorry if this is unsettling, I will tag this as vent and discourse. Beans WILL Not talk about this again. But sure as fuck I am going to continue to work against this without making anymore public vents because honestly, why do we have to say it anymore?

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Hello! Do you have any headcanons for a Gryffindor (female) x Slytherin (female) romantic relationship? Thank you!

- They are deeply, unashamedly infatuated with each other

- They both love the “strong woman” aspect about each other- every time the gryffindor gets that glint in her eye and smirk on her face or the Slytherin shuts someone down without a second thought, each is renewed in what makes the other so attractive.

- When they are together, they are always by the others side. Completely inseparable. They always end some small way to be touching, wether its holding punches inconspicuously in the folds of their robes or walking one behind the other with their arms around their waists, they will always be touching.

- When one is conversing with someone else, the other becomes very attentive of their emotions and subtle watching out for them. Both are quick to chime in when they think someone has stepped out of line or hit a sensitive topic, and they can be a little too over-zealous at times. All that firey attitude is simply protectiveness, and is secretly appreciated.

- Separately, they might be jokesters, or scheming a prank or two, but when they are together, total mischief ensues. Neither will back down from a challenge, and each is very competitive. This ends up with equal amounts of exciting (if incredibly dangerous dares) and impromptu dates in the middle of the night, often involving a secret trip to Hogsmeade or the Forbidden Forest.

- They are first and foremost each others best friend. They may get flustered easily (both are gigantic flirts) but conversation comes easy. The Slytherin loves her GGF’s (Griffinor Girlfriend) wild and wondering conversation, and the Gryffindor adores her girlfriends ambition and will to accomplish any task.

- They also find that they have a ton in common! This was unexpected, but shouldn’t have been. They used to get strange looks because “A Slitheryn and a Gryffindor? In love?” But they start to realize that that old rivalry is just a part of who they are as people and as a house. They are competitive, and some people let that drive their houses apart, but these girls are proud to let it bring them closer.

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hey i was just wondering if you know of any certain placements that are more susceptible to mental illness like i thought aqua moons would be ? like I've met someone who identifies with depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia & borderline personality disorder and i was just trying to work out what in her chart has influenced it at all. its not all bad because she's the most aware person like analyses things to the core and can make you see things so clearly, i just don't.. understand

this is a sensitive topic so I won’t go into it too much but there a several things that indicate a /potential/ for mental illness. for example someone with saturn in a harsh aspect to moon indicates a nervousness and anxiousness to the personality which /could/ develop into anxiety. as for being more prone to ~mental illness~ in general it can be prevalent with chart ruler conjunct neptune

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Anyone has a tip when discussing fatphobia how to deal with "you're all just too sensitive, grow up!" It annoys me so much and I get it way too often.

Well, for starters. 

To tell someone that they’re too sensitive is condescending. Its usually a way people try and invalidate other’s feelings or shut them up on a topic. I find a lot of times shitty people say shitty things and when others call them out for their shittiness they tell them they’re “too sensitive” 

There is nothing wrong with being sensitive. You feeling passionate on a topic such a fatphobia is important to you.  

 I’m a sassy queer. I dont like when people push me around. [ also, im hella sensitive ] So, here are some suggestions on what i might say. 

“If being sensitive means that I’m more aware of how shitty society treats a certain group of people, then yea, im hella sensitive. “ 

“I’m being perfectly reasonable. You’re the one thats a problem. “ 

“I’m may be sensitive, but at least I’m not an asshole.” 

Anyone else have suggestions for our friend? 

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(different anon) Can I ask how come you do not believe and what is your view on religions then? I don't mean to be mean or anything I'm just genuinely curious!

Don’t worry :) If you mean no harm, you can ask basically anything!

I’ll though put it under the cut because these are topics that can make people very sensitive.

TW: religious talk, atheism, abuse, homophobia, intollerance, psychological pressure - also it may sound rude, I’m trying not to, but I’m kind of a blunt person at times. And keep in mind this is the opinion of an Italian, so somebody who lives in a country that has in its guts the Vatican.

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okay so tumblr has that new safe mode thing. it sounds pretty useful, since it’ll work on mobile, but we all know by now that ain’t working so uh..

its time to test this feature and provide some of that feedback. hope it’s not actually sensitive (it’s probably not this person doesn’t post nsfw so i’m p sure i’m safe)

oh i get it. they mean sensitive as in vulnerable. because puppies are cute. gotcha. yeah i toooootally didn’t want to see this, a video of a man being swarmed with puppies. Because i’m too manly of a woman to take such sensitive topics. Now i need to go punch a wall and eat some bricks. Thank god that tumblr is providing a feature to protect me from such cuteness. 

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Tbh there's toxic people in every fandom and it kinda sucks. I've watched it happen to many fandoms over the years.

YEAH! Its sad, idk there are somethings I just rather not be in the same ‘field’ with. Like its hard to be in the same realm. THIS could very well be just me being a little too sensitive, but the “topic” I saw was really…it hit home I guess. So maybe I’m just riding the personal route instead of the usual less…personal  lol

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HC: Hux becomes force sensitive due to the revival or just has a very strong force bond with ren (leading to dirty but no so secret thoughts flowing to hux now and then...). Did you kno theres a fic on AO3 where Hux is revived but it was anakin's force ghost who did it indstead of Ren the boyfren.

#thinking too loud that it flows through others

and i didn’t know there was a fic like this!!! hot damn i’ll have to look for it! i havent had the chance to look for fics on the topic of revival but its really a fave idea of mine


sometimes when i feel bad again, i write a bit
i wanted to share this one because i want people to hear it

[journal entry titled “Untitled Words from Eli”. Dated 7-8-15.
“It’s funny how on the TV they use the words ‘terror’, ‘tragedy’, and 'disease’ to describe autism when the real terror that keeps me awake at night isn’t the 'condition’ that has 'taken over my brain’ but the fact that I will never get to experience being appreciated and loved for who I am.
'We love you no matter what!’
(unless you’re autistic…)
It’s funny how I will spend my days staring at walls of doctor’s offices, of hospitals.
I can’t look at blank white walls the same anymore.
Sunday night I surf the internet and pull up the page of the hospital that will test me for autism. And there it is, my suspicions confirmed. Supporters of Autism S/peaks (I can’t bring myself to write it). But something underneath it catches my eye. 'Inpatient Autism Programme’. It screams and me and howls in my ears, YOU’LL NEVER GET OUT OF HERE.
Yesterday I deleted one of my favourite bands from my phone. I had listened to it on the way to the hospital that day before they took my phone, before they took my voice, before they took my sense of safety.
I remember holding back tears when they told me that when I got home my laptop would be gone and I wouldn’t be able to leave the house.
goodbye voice
goodbye freedom
At breakfast I sat at the hospital table and cried. So they locked me in a room.
6 designated times of day where we had to talk about our feelings. If we didn’t we wouldn’t get points and we’d be locked in another room.
But I didn’t understand feelings. So I lied. And they were angry.
'How do you feel?’
'I don’t know’
'I don’t know’
'I don’t know’
(But I’m okay with that)
You can’t take my thoughts you can’t take my feelings you can’t take them you can’t take them.
I feel violated.
I rocked and rocked and rocked. They told me I was scaring the others so I had to be moved. A tear rolled down my cheek and I tried to hide it.
I was out a week later.
But it was almost worse.
Late nights thoughts of doctors and white walls and 'feelings’ and therapy seep into my mind. And I lie there.
What’s the point of being out if I go back there every night.
And the worst wasn’t the locked rooms and prying and normalising. It was the doctors’ smiles and state of the art buildings and cheerful voices that told me I no longer had power over my life over my mind over my body.
'Abused? You weren’t abused!’
'You’re being silly.’
'It’s for your health.’
And 4 months later the commercial comes on and I hear the words again.
My hands shake and my eyes tear up. And they won’t know, they never will. The power of words.
I rock back and forth at night, these words of hatred in my head.
I’m not a disease not a disorder not a medical condition not symptoms
I’m me I’m me I’m me I’m me
And I want to be safe and okay and mine.
(It’s too much to ask…)”]

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The idea of an Americanized Skam could be a good idea if they managed to successfully adapt the concepts and themes that made original very good like how the original never flinched from discussing and treating taboo topics like mental disorders, sexual orientation, religion, etc. like how teenagers actually deal with them. The problem is that Americans are too sensitive with this topics so they might end up changing the show too much that it loses the things that made it great.

yeah, i was hoping that american skam would go in a different direction instead of just keeping the same characters and storylines because i dont want anything trying to compete with the original. it… had potential but i dont think its gonna do very well :/

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Why do you want to get a service animal? You don't have to answer this if you're too uncomfortable, I'm only curious. I don't mean any offense when I ask this, so I'm sorry in advance if I was rude in someway. You can delete this if you want, it's cool.

youre not being rude, its a valid question! ill put this under a read more, because it covers sensitive topics and is wordy.

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Okay I keep fretting over this and thinking its bad and worrying that the writing doesn’t handle the sensitive topic well enough- so I’m just going to post it and run

But first I want to say: being transgender and dealing with periods is really difficult and strange. And there are a lot of kinds of experiences regarding this, for example I didn’t even touch on that things are different for intersex people too. Anyway I drew this comic to help me deal with dysphoria, and some other people said they wanted to see it too

CHARLOTTE’S KILLER plus Wren is Uber A.D

Okay I know i have no followers at all bc i just created this blog. This is just a brainstorming of my ideas/theories/logic/questions etc… Please if something doesn’t add up just be nice and tell me. Like I said is my first time doing it. OKAY SO this last month pll re activated my obsession. Part of my “theories” are inspired by many amazing theoriests (sorry if i can’t remember but credit to you all!) but is mostly things we all figured out and i connected it to my logic. Things that actually do make sense. I apologize for any spelling/grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language:)

QUESTIONS  Possibilities 

  • So in 7x06 in Jenna’s flashback Cece/Charlotte (OKAY I’m gonna call her Cece sorry) Cece, Rollins/Archer and her were talking like the best friends they were. Cece said that Alison will go later that day to meet the new doctor, Elliot Rollins, and the only way she can get out of Welby is by making Elliot convice Alison that she’s better now/seduce her and he did. ALSO Jenna told Emily that she introduced Archer and Cece. Basically she made him come to Rosewood for an unknown reason and she had contacts that gave him a fake passport etc. The real question here is why would Jenna introduce this 2 people? what’s the point? Why were Jenna and Cece suddenly friends if back in s4/5 she was scared of Cece? Bitch almost drown her, set fire to her house… I ain’t buying that shit that they became friends out of curiosity. Plus they did met before in Khan’s party (that truth game back in s3) #plothole1.  

 Okay the interesting part starts here, I read somewhere that why would Cece be mad at Ali if she was with Elliot when that was exactly what she wanted? I had to re-watched those 2 scenes: jenna’s flashback & ali’s flashback at welby. She [CeCe] pretended to be mad at Ali bc she was “hooking up with her/my doctor” when that was her plan since the beggining, according to Jenna. She acted all mad and dissapointed at Ali and went to the bell tower on purpose bc she knew that Alison will follow her. I believe that someone was waiting there to kill Alison in Cece’s orders but somehow got confuse and killed her instead. Or maybe Cece herself wanted to kill Alison bc let’s be honest, she never loved her. Why on the hell would she torture her & friends for years with the excuse that she didn’t “listen”? or maybe was really crazy prob. Anyway this is a possibillity. OR this person/killer wanted to kill both, Ali and  Cece. Either way Mary and Archer thought Ali did it but I’ll talk about this in other post. Cece died accidentally or on purpose idk but she’s dead.

Something that caught my attention this week was the line Mary said to Elliot at the end of 6x20 “That’s what Charlotte would’ve wanted” Okay, how would Mary know what the fuck Charlotte/Cece would’ve wanted if she said to Ali that they never met?#plothole2 (7x06). Jenna said that she was looking for her biological mother [Mary] and that she will find her. But WHY? What does Jenna gets from helping her? For me Charlotte and Mary did met and were close. That’s how she got the Drake last name for her alias Cece. There’s no way in life Drake is the maiden/dad’s last name of Jessica and Mary. If so, Jessica would’ve had forced Charlotte to call herself CeCe other lastname but Drake bc it would be too suspicious that Jason’s girlfriend has the same last name that her mother’s maiden one even if they never thought they could be related. Yes, Jessica didn’t knew it was Charlotte until that day the went on summer but still. Idk its just me. Like, did Jason, Kenneth and Alison never asked her what was her dad’s [jessica] last name? the one she was born with. Anyway i just find it really odd. So yes, basically Charlotte knew who was her mother all along and lied big time on 6x10. (its necessary to say that she is a transgender. I personally don’t believe it that much but this is a sensitive topic and the writters wouldn’t change it bc they will really get attack for faking all the trans story which will be even more bad representation for the lgbt community. They deserve respect too<3) 

NOW WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. CHARLOTTE’S/CECE KILLER. Back to Jenna and all the bennefits she would get by helping Cece is keeping her close. I’ll put it this way. She knew Archer idk how? and was looking for Mary so she made her come and join Archer to stole the Carassimi Group money and blah. Idk why but i found it funny “The blind leading the blond”. She was gaining both, Archer’s and Cece’s trust over the years so she could attack them and blame Alison like always. Jenna has always hated Alison. She+liars blind her, blackmailed her with the Toby sex tape etc etc etc… Also Jenna was afraid of Cece like i already said (S3/5 i think so)she almost killed her, and set her house on fire. Maybe she was the one who wanted to kill Alison and got confuse, or wanted to kill both blond’s that night. She’s one of the only characters that never reedem with Ali and like Aria once said “I don’t think Jenna is the kind of person that forgive easily” or something along those lines. But she did with Cece? why? to get close to both! you know what they say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Maybe you’re saying “she’s blind” well BITCH CAN SEE. She did lied about having her sight back who knows if she wouldn’t do it again? There’s this theory that says that her stick match the murder weapon. here is the link creds to @tremolux yep that makes sense. And NO ONE will ever suspect of a blind girl bc you know, she’s blind even if she has a million reasons. Rosewood pd are idiots, remember. Plus nobody knew she was in town. She just came to Radley hotel out of nowhere and surprise the girls with her noisy stick. She was in town all this time and nobody noticed it. In my opinion Jenna had the perfect motive to kill Cece & Ali but only killed Cece bc Ali went home earlier and she had to stick to her plan bc then she could never do it. Was a now or never situation. Maybe Cece asked her to kill Alison and that’s why she went to the church on purpose but she betraded her and that was the end of Charlotte Drake. She has the perfect aliby. Not being in town. Being blind. She’s a geneous! She killed her, pushed her from the bell tower and make it look like a suicide, and put the flowers in her hand. Ran away only to come back and frame Melissa making her look like she did it go away again and come back when Elliot died. 

SORRY if its toooo long but just wanted to point that out. Just put half of my notes here. Like, real life logic not pll logic but hey, you never know! 

I think that AD >> IS THE SIBILING >>AD IS AVENGING CECE >> AD is the older/youngest/fraternal twin. AD IS #WREN (will post my master theory soon)





rebblig if you agree 

to be continue… shh

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Please don't answer if this makes you awkward with the idea of answering but do you not think sometimes Yana is making the twin thing a bit too obvious? All the hints in the drawings (like the last chapter) and even in the japanese wording, isn't that a bit too easy when it's one of the biggest mystery? I am just curious about your point of view on this, no offence if you don't want to answer it.

Haha, why are people so reserved lately when they send me an ask?(≧▽≦) I’m not that sensitive and I’m okay with people having different opinions, so don’t worry!♡♡♡

As for your question, @her-majestys-watchdog and I recently talked about this very topic! XD Back when I was active on the old forum (between 2014 and ‘15), the common argument against 2CT used to be “The hints are too vague.” and now it seems to have changed to “The hints are too obvious.” and in my opinion this is a good tendency! =D The hints indeed have become more blatant lately, especially since the Green witch arc (ch90, 93, 95, family tree, 108, 113 ,115). I’m not sure at all, but this could be because we’re getting closer to the climax? D: The short “trailer” text on the last page of the latest chapter says “The story and the mystery [will reach] the deepest part…” which probably (hopefully) means that we’re eventually getting to the heart of the whole story.

There’s also a “trailer” of vol.23 at the end of the comic book vol.22; after a short introduction to the coming arc (Blue Sect arc) it says “That was the beginning of the collapse——!?”.

Not sure what kind of “collapse” they are referring to, but it definitely sounds ominous and exiting, doesn’t it? (*‘ω’*) It could be anything, but so far nothing has really “collapsed” yet, so I guess Yana still has “something” in store for us in this arc!

Long story short, the reason why the hints have become more blatant lately, might be that Yana will reveal the “secret” soon? At least, that’s what I wait and hope for! =D

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i requested one a while ago but maybe tumblr ate it. How would bts react if you had an anxiety attack? like would they freak out and how would they help you? if its not too sensitive of a topic, i mean~ love you author nim~! <3

*this post addresses ANXIETY, if this is triggering/uncomfortable for you please refrain from reading! 

Namjoon: He’d secretly be freaking out, but because he’s used to being in charge of hectic situations he’ll be able to rationally come to the best conclusion. Taking your hand in his, he’ll use his voice as a means of getting you to relax, telling you to take in deep and slow breathes. He’ll coach you through the process, never once letting his grip on your hands falter so you know that he’s there with you and whatever is giving you the attack cannot hurt you because he will protect you.  

Yoongi: He wouldn’t be the best at handling your attacks so he’ll just sit in front of you and talk in a low voice, trying his best to get your mind off of whatever is torturing you like this. Yoongi is notoriously known for being lazy and unmotivated, but when it comes to seeing you in pain like this, his heart is literally going to wrench inside of him. He’ll ask you to talk to him about something that makes you happy, he’ll re-tell you about all the times you two have had fun together, he’ll mention what happy things are on the horizon of your future. He won’t leave your side and if there’s a point where you need him to just be silent then he’ll do that too. 

Jin: A caring person by nature, Jin will keep his composure and will work with you through the attack. If you’ve told him in advance that you experience anxiety he will probably read up on it right away and will have a plan anytime you have an oncoming attack. Throughout the attack he will remind you that he is here, physical holding your hand or letting you squeeze his palm. He will list off possible activities that you might want to do that can help you calm down and whatever you choose he will have ready. If you need to take a hot bath, if you need to call your mom and hear her voice, if you just need to drink something warm - all of it is prepared and Jin will be there, waiting on you hand and foot until he’s sure your attack is over. 

Hoseok: He knows that an anxiety attack can he offset by literally anything so the moment you go into one, he won’t ask you what’s wrong or bother you with questions about why you’re having the attack - instead he’ll get you up on your feet and tell you to start moving with him. Exercise is a distraction, it also works really well for stopping an oncoming anxiety attack because your mind shifts from whatever it is that was threatening to put you through a breakdown. Hoseok will start by moving you himself, literally wrapping his hands around your wrist or holding your shoulders and it’ll seem useless at first and you might tell him to stop, but if you believe him you’ll soon feel your anxiety fading away and instead you’ll be concentrated in keeping up with Hoseok’s movements. 

Jimin: Jimin seems like the type that might freak out and end up putting himself through his own panic attack while trying to think of the best way to deal with yours. Luckily, Jimin will tell himself to keep it straight right now - he’s going to make sure you get through this anxiety attack as quickly and as painlessly as you can. Jimin will do whatever you need, if you tell him that you want to punch something - he’ll get you a nice pillow and hold it up for your fists. If you tell him that you want to listen to a certain song - he will trip over himself to get it on and to get you wrapped in a nice blanket or in his arms, whichever you prefer. If the anxiety attack is making you extremely fearful or self conscious then Jimin  will talk you through it and assure you there is no danger, there is only him who loves you wholeheartedly. 

V: If your anxiety is something that comes from bottling things up or remembering something tragic, V will ensure you that if you need to let it out - let it out. This can mean you screaming, crying, punching pillows (he will not let you punch anything harder than that), or even just holding onto his arm until it turns purple. The best thing is if you start jumping around, shaking off the negativity, V will do it with you. He won’t let you go through it alone, especially if you confessed to him before that you’re embarrassed at losing your cool. V’ll just encourage you to lose it when you need to and he’ll be there to lose it with you (and also make sure you don’t lose it too much, no one is going to be like breaking vases, unless you really need to or something). 

Jungkook: In all truth he’ll probably freak out the first couple of times you have an attack since he’s unsure what to do and how to make you feel better. Once he researches the facts and gets into the swing of how to handle this situation, Jungkook will surprisingly be one of the best people at calming you down. He’ll know exactly what relaxes you because he’ll have a mental list; a warm bath, no loud sounds, my voice…..all these things will be provided for you and depending on the extent of your relationship Jungkook will stay by your side as you take the bath or sit outside the door and calmingly talk you through breathing and focusing on positive things.

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Do you think Remus braids Sirius's hair when Sirius lies down on Remus's lap? It's a cute headcanon of mine

Yes. Yes he does.

It’s a bit of a sensitive topic, Sirius’ hair. It hasn’t been short since second year, and Mrs. Potter is the only one allowed to trim it a little in the summers, so by sixth year it’s well past his shoulders. It’s nice and shiny too, soft looking but not greasy, the perfect sort of hair to run your hands through. If you were allowed to, because Sirius will actually hex you if you touch his hair without permission. That, or dramatically fall to the floor.

“My hair! My only weakness! I am dead, goodbye forever!”

“For the last time, Sirius, you’re not Samson.” James says as he drags his friend away.

But whenever Remus is sitting down, unguarded and relaxed, Sirius will suddenly appear, wurm himself around until his head is in Remus’ lap and demand, “braid me”

Remus sighs but puts down his book anyway, hands starting to smooth out the tangled knots in Sirius’ hair. “You’re a spoiled puppy, you know that?”

“I’m a delightful ball of joy, now scratch behind my ears while you’re at it.”

Okay, some people apparently got it wrong. First off all I am aware of the fact that John wasn’t there when Sherlock was shot and Mary jumped in front of him. But instead of thinking of doing her a solid and sending her ahead of him to the aquarium, he could have gone himself firstly. Would John Watson really jump in front of a bullet for Sherlock? He would probably, I honestly don’t know and don’t care. What I care about is Mary Watson died. She died and I cried and that’s it.

Secondly, people are celebrating Mary’s death (literally) which makes me sick and making up theories about John’s not-so-convincing affair. Stop wanting people to die just so Johnlock can stop. Also STOP DEFENDING JOHN WATSON. Stop it. You all wanna believe he didn’t do it but there are some serious evidence that he did cheat on her. If it was Mary who cheated on John, she would be called a bitch but when John cheats on her, he is assumed that he didn’t do it. When it comes to Mary she is as evil as it could get but John Watson is an angel sent from above? Like, what? Mary was a human and a secret agent, she lead two lives and loved a man deeply. She made mistakes too but I don’t remember anyone defending her for being HUMAN. I don’t like John at the moment but I have hopes for the upcoming episodes so I’m not talking for certain. A cheating man is a sensitive topic for me, just as seeing a woman character who wasn’t a bad person overall being bashed is a sensitive topic too.

Also please stop with the Molly&Sherlolly bashing. Just stop. It’s been one freaking day since the damn episode and it’s already a war zone on the tags. I am so tired of this Sherlock fandom and its dramas. Sorry I had to say these and I am going to be away from this blog and tumblr until next episode, to keep my head clear.

Take care & see you on Sunday.