it's a selfie!


thanks @niylah bby for tagging me!

i’m soooooo excited for the finale (even though i won’t be able to watch it live) and idk if i should have high hopes or not
this week has been crazy and honestly the best week of the semester so far! i went to a lot of lectures about important stuff concerning my career and i already got a gig lined up next semester AAAAAAA
BUT ANYWAYS the finale is gonna be awesome and i’ll try not to die while watching it

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i tagged all the mutuals i could remember, but anyone who wants can join!


I had maybe 3 hours of sleep when my roommate pounds on my door; his ride to take to him to his procedure didn’t show and he was gonna be late.

I can’t be mad at him, I love the guy, id do anything for him.

Doesn’t mean I’m not laying here contemplating murder in between trying and failing to fall asleep again…