it's a say anything kind of night


“Hey,” Joe jumps lightly as Oli nudges him, “Where’d you go?”

“Nowhere, sorry.” He shakes his head, focusing back on Oli. “What were you saying?”

“Nothing important,” Oli chuckles, “Want to tell me what’s on your mind?”

“My mind?” Joe’s eyes dart back over to Jack briefly before meeting Oli’s inquiring stare. “Not a lot. Just random shit.”

“Seems like it keeps taking you’re attention though, I’m here if you need to talk.”

“Appreciate it, but don’t worry.” He smiles easily at Oli, “Not interesting enough to share.”

“Alright, then anyways, my publisher…” And Oli’s off again, and Joe ensures to listen this time.

Because he can’t get distracted again.

Even though Jack is laughing loudly, and Joe’s sure if he looked over, he’d see that wide grin on the younger man’s face.

But Oli is talking, and Joe has already spaced out and lost what was being said, so he silently scolds himself and jumps back into the conversation.

Except the next hour goes by much the same.

Joe keeps getting distracted by Jack, and finds himself staring quite obviously at the younger man. It’s bad, really. Because no one knows of his secret feelings, and he had been doing so good at keeping them a secret still.

Well, until lately.

Lately, Joe noticed, he’d been slipping up a lot more. He’s surprised no one has picked up on it really, although he was grateful no one has. Joe doesn’t want to change the dynamic of their group if he admits out loud to Jack that he likes him.

Especially since he doesn’t even know if Jack likes him too.

“Joe!” He jumps once again, pulled out of his own mind, but this time because of Caspar snapping his fingers in front of his face.

“Look, he’s back!” Conor teases, grinning over at him. Caspar and Josh are also smiling, and Joe feels his cheeks turn red.

“Sorry,” He mumbles, running a hand through his hair.

“It’s fine,” Josh replies, “We all get distracted by Jack once in a while.”

“Wh-what?” Joe’s eyes dart from each of his mates faces.

“You were staring at Jack, mate.” Josh chuckles as Caspar and Conor nod.

“No, I wasn’t.” Joe protests quickly, his blush deepening.

“It’s fine, it’s not like you have a crush on him.” Conor teases, just as Jack, Oli, and Mikey join them.

“Who has a crush?” Jack asks, looking around the small group.

“Oh my god…” Caspar says softly, staring at Joe, who has lowered his gaze to the floor quickly.

He’s not surprised that Caspar’s figured it out, the South African lived with him. He knew him too well.

“What?” Mikey asks, clearly confused.

“Joe?” Caspar nudges the smaller man, who fidgets with the end of his shirt.

“Is he okay?” Jack asks Conor softly.

“Tell him.” Caspar nudges Joe again, and he slowly lifts his eyes to meet Caspar’s first, before looking over at Jack, who’s staring over at him concerned.

“This is not how I planned on doing this…” Joe mumbles, closing his eyes briefly.

“Well if you hadn’t been staring at him all night,” Caspar teases, and Joe opens his eyes to glare over at his former roommate. “Sorry.”

“I’m so lost.” Mikey comments just as Josh lets out a small noise of surprise.

Shit, Joe thinks. Because Josh has just figured it out, and a moment later Conor’s eyes widen as well.

“Oh.” The older Maynard says, grinning over at Joe before he looks at his younger brother and back to Joe. “Do it.”

“Do what?” Oli exclaims, and Jack’s gaze is still locked onto Joe, waiting.

“They want me to tell Jack that I like him.” Joe finally says, staring right at Jack.

“About bloody time.” The younger man smiles, stepping towards Joe.

“Wait, what?” But before Joe can say anything else, Jack has pulled him in for a kiss.

“I’m still lost,” Mikey says from somewhere else, but Joe doesn’t pay attention as he wraps his arms around Jack, kissing him back.

When they break apart, the group has left the room, and Joe blinks up at Jack, still surprised.

“You knew?”

“You’ve been staring at me all night, Joe.” He chuckles, “And its not the first time I’ve caught you.”


“It’s fine, I think it’s pretty adorable.”

“Well, that’s good. Better than creepy.” Joe tries to joke, still feeling shy.

“You aren’t creepy,” Jack assures him, “Although kind of mean to tell Caspar, Josh, and Conor before me.”

“What?! No!” Joe’s mouth falls open in surprise, “I didn’t tell anyone! They just figured it out!”

“I’m teasing, love.” Jack laughs, “It was kind of obvious they had just figured it out. Just like you were very obvious at staring at me.”

“Oh piss off.” Joe mutters, burying his face into Jack’s shoulder, smiling as he feels the body shake with laughter.

“You’re stuck with me now. Get used to it.” Jack tells him, kissing the side of Joe’s head.

“I suppose I will,” Joe replies, lifting his head to smile at Jack. “And hey, now I don’t have to worry about hiding when I want to stare at you.”

“Hmm, there is that too.” Jack smirks, kissing Joe again quickly. “Amongst other things.”

Discworld Sentence Starters
  • “Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.”
  • “Just call in at the torturer on your way out. See when he can fit you in.”
  • “I reckon responsible behavior is something to get when you grow older. Like varicose veins.”
  • “Ninety percent of true love is acute, ear-burning embarrassment.”
  • “Witches aren’t like that. We live in harmony with the great cycles of Nature, and do no harm to anyone, and it’s wicked of them to say we don’t. We ought to fill their bones with hot lead.”
  • “Trouble is, just because things are obvious doesn't mean they're true.”
  • “We ain’t going to curse anyone. It hardly ever works if they don’t know you’ve done it.”
  • "No gods anywhere play chess. They haven’t got the imagination. Gods prefer simple, vicious games, where you Do Not Achieve Transcendence but Go Straight To Oblivion."
  • “Did I do anything last night that suggested I was sane?”
  • “Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?”
  • “Steal five dollars and you're a common thief. Steal thousands and you're either the government or a hero.”
  • “I commend my soul to any god that can find it.”
  • “What kind of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from, say, the average voter.”
  • “You know how to pray, don’t you? Just put your hands together and hope.”
  • “Welcome to fear. It's hope, turned inside out. You know it can't go wrong, you're sure it can't go wrong...But it might.”
  • “Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time.”
  • “Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape.”
  • “Real children do not go hoppity skip unless they are on drugs.”
  • “There is always time for another last minute."
  • “Hello, inner child, I'm the inner babysitter!”
  • “That's not fair, you know. If we knew when we were going to die, people would lead better lives."
  • “It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”
  • “Assassins have a certain code, after all. It's dishonorable to kill someone if you aren't being paid.”
  • “Don't stick your nose where someone can pull it off and eat it.”
  • “People ought to think for themselves... The problem is, people only think for themselves if you tell them to."
  • “He could think in italics. Such people need watching. Preferably from a safe distance.”
  • “Aargh! I’m too short for this shit!”
  • “Sometimes it’s better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness.”
  • “There's nothing more useless in the world than a groom just before the wedding.”
  • “How many dishonorable discharges have you had?”
  • “The air smelled of a limited life expectancy."
Did you know?

Spock x Reader

Author: Me (alliwriteistrash)

Length: 1715 words 

Prompt: Could you write a spock one where the reader is new at the enterprise and spock is amazed by her and she falls for him so the crew tries to set them up because the two don’t get it? Thanks for reading my request😊 by the lovely @chani02

Warnings: None

After the incident on Altamid and later on at Yorktown, you were one of the new officers assigned to the Enterprise. Of course you were nervous to work on this famous spaceship, who wouldn’t be? This crew saved uncountable numbers of life forms and now you are part of it. Like a dream come true!

To prepare yourself, you had looked up every information that could possibly help the crew, while repeating every step that you had learned as a medical officer. You wanted nothing more, than to be as useful as you can be.

You work under the supervision of the chief medical officer, Doctor McCoy, who was known for bringing the Captain back to life. Despite the rumours you heard about him, shouting and cursing like a sailor, he was rather kind. Well, as long as you didn’t make any stupid mistakes that could cost the life of a crew member.

After a month traveling through the nebula, the crew discovered an earth like planet. Your records marked it as unknown to the federation.

It was no surprise that the Captain himself wanted to explore this planet, so he assembled an away team that included you.

At first, the planet looked harmless. The team was teleported near a river, but luckily no one fell in it. You were helping the science officers collect samples of the flora, when you heard someone scream.

As you turned around, you saw the reason. An animal was staring at them. It looked a lot like an American crocodile, but way bigger. You would guess around 10 to 13 feet long and its jaw looked terrifying. Paralyzed by your fear you noticed the crocodile moving closer to the officer, when suddenly you had an idea.

“Listen here Weathers, once it is out of water, run away, but in zigzag lines! I’ll do the rest! “, you shouted to her, praying that more than its looks resemble a crocodile.

The moment you told her that, the animal ran out of the stream towards her. Doing as you told her, Weathers bolted once the animal left the water. You were right, it wasn’t agile at all and had problems following her.

Gathering all your courage, you took one of the ropes you had in your backpack and jumped onto the animal and tied its jaw together. And just like an American crocodile, it couldn’t break the ropes, as its jaw is too weak.

Once the away team got beamed up you were greeted by Commander Spock. Thinking that he would tell you how illogical you were, since you couldn’t possibly have known that the animal resembled a crocodile, you looked at him, nervous.

But nothing like that happened. Instead, he gave you an approving nod, before he said “Excellent work, Miss [Y/L/N]”.

Not quite believing what just happened, you headed to the medbay where you got lectured by your extremely angry supervisor, who heard of the story, like the rest of the ship.

This incident lead to you new nickname ‘The crocodile hunter“, after Steve Irwin, a famous wildlife explorer from the 21th century.

On multiple occasions your 'useless’ knowledge proved useful. And every time the first officer praised you in his way. To say that you didn’t enjoyed this would be a lie. Every time you saw him your heart beat faster.

You tried you best to hide this from the Commander, but you just couldn’t conceal your excitement every time he praised you, before you left to continue you work.

What you didn’t know was how painfully obvious your little crush on him was, even if most of them just thought of it as admiration towards him.

After 3 months of you late night studying information that could somehow prove useful and showing off your knowledge every time Spock was near, Uhura couldn’t take it anymore.

She had to do something about it.  

She and Spock broke off, even before the Enterprise continued its mission, but they had stayed friends. Since she knows how to read Spock’s emotions, even without him openly showing them like a human would do, she knew immediately that he had a thing for you. She saw it as her mission to make him happy again, and you were the key for it.

So it was no surprise when Uhura set up a chess game for the both of you, claiming that 'it would increase the crews moral if he taught you how to play’, it was unclear to you how this could work but you didn’t want to pass up some private time with Spock.

Once you dolled yourself up a bit, you made your way over to his room. You were definitely nervous, but all of it didn’t matter when Spock stood in front of you, asking you in.

His room was clean and showed barely any sign of someone living in here.

On a table he set up a teapot with two cups alongside a 3D chess board. The lesson started with him being patience, while explaining everything to you. It took you some time to understand the rules, but after a few minutes passed you got the hang out of it.

“You are doing remarkably well Miss [Y/L/N]”, he praised you, as he made his move, looking as neutral as ever, but you could have sworn that his eyes gleamed a bit.

“Thanks to you, Spock. But call me [Y/N], please. We both are off shift”, you replied, smiling with your cheeks all warmed up, while you thought about your next move. You knew you couldn’t beat him, but you wanted to be a worthy competitor. There were three ways you could move your chess-pieces, but none would help you win.

“If you say so, [Y/N]”, he said, as he waited for your next move. The way he said your name, sent shivers down your spine. It just sounds so right! You made your move,

You enjoyed this evening way too much, talking with him about what came into your mind, even if what you said sounded completely stupid. The relaxed atmosphere carried over to you.

“Did you know that a male peacock has these huge and beautiful feathers to impress the female. But those feathers are actually a handicap for an animal, whose enemies are way faster than itself, which is its way of saying ‘Even with those huge but impractical feathers, I’m still alive’. It’s kind of like this for humans as well. We try really hard to impress the person we like, even if the person doesn’t notice it. Like I do with those late night sessions, where I look information up so I can impress you”, you babbled out, regretting it the moment the words left you mouth.

You expected him to say something, anything, but he just looked at you, his face looking neutral as usual. Of course! What were you thinking! He doesn’t have any feelings for you and now you destroyed the friendship you had with him.

“I’m sorry”, you muttered before you run out of the room, not wanting to embarrass yourself even more.

For days you avoided Spock completely, leaving the room when entered and eating later than usual, so you wouldn’t see him.

Everything went well. Surely you could keep this up for as long as you are stationed on this ship, until the Captain ordered you to the bridge, there has been an accident.

The moment you reached the bridge, you noticed that no one was hurt, it was a trap set by your Captain. Well, except you and your feelings.

The second Spock laid his eyes on you, you felt tears welling up. You did not want to hear him saying that he doesn’t have any feelings for you out loud. This would just break your heart even more.

“Miss [Y/N] I need to talk to you in private”, he stated, leaving no room for protest. You just nodded, following him out of the bridge to an empty room. At least he wasn’t breaking your heart in front of everyone.

For a few seconds no one said anything. You just wanted to say something, when he suddenly walked closer to you.

“[Y/N], it seems like you misunderstood me the last time we were together. I tried to talk to you, but every time I entered a room, you left. So I’m going to explain it now. As a Vulcan I can’t show emotions like you do. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel anything. I am, as you know, only a half Vulcan. What I want to let you know is, I do have a certain fondness of you too. To go even further, I would like to begin a courtship with you. It is difficult for me to talk about my emotions, so let me show them to you”, he declared, deadly serious, but you could see something in his eyes. It is affection. You simply nodded, since no word wanted to leave your mouth.

At first you felt his fingers on your face, before your minds melded and finally you understood what he meant. You could feel how much you mean to him and this overwhelmed you so much, that you felt tears running down your cheeks.

Once he took his hand from your face, you noticed how helpless he was. Clearly not knowing what to do now. Seems like you had to do the rest of the work.

“I would love to start a courtship with you too, Spock”, you replied, as he brushed your tears away, before hugging you. At first it was rather awkward, he clearly didn’t know how to hug someone, but that didn’t matter.

“That would be adequate, ashayam. If you would excuse me, I still got work to do”, he said, as he broke the hug to fix his clothes.

“I would find it pleasing to see you after my shift for dinner, perhaps.”, he suggested, and you could have sworn that there was a slight smile on his lips.

“I’d love to. Then you can explain me what you just called me.”, you answered, kissing his cheek, before you left the room to go back to work as well. This time with a huge smile on your face.

bemused-amused-confused  asked:

*curtsies with a flourish* I was wondering if you had any thoughts on Edmund and Edgar's childhood relationship? (From King Lear. Not just random Edmunds and Edgars.) Or parallels between them and Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia? Or just more on Lear in general? P.S. Edmund is also one of my favorites, and your blog is amazing

*Curtsies* WOW okay, so this has been buried at the bottom of my inbox since roughly the dawn of time and @bemused-amused-confused, I am SO sorry. Since you sent this ask I’ve actually talked about Lear kind of a lot (including sibling relationships) and all that stuff is here under the tag. Specifically regarding Edmund and Edgar’s childhood relationship, though: I’m so intrigued by it. Because we know they were close in age: Edmund says he is “twelve or fourteen moonshines lag of a brother,” so they’re almost Irish twins. Gloucester insists he loves them equally (whether that’s true is debatable), which seems to suggest they at least spent the bulk of their childhood in his care, together. But we also know that prior to the start of the play, Edmund has been away from court for nine years, and will be leaving again soon. We don’t get any more information than that, but that’s a significant chunk of time, especially because these two probably aren’t much older than their mid-twenties, seeing as neither one of them is married. So, that leaves us with the tentative hypothesis that they spent their childhood together but were probably separated as young teenagers. There’s a slim possibility that Edgar went with Edmund, wherever he went, because Gloucester does tell Kent that he has another, lawful son, which would imply that Kent hasn’t seen Edgar around court often enough to know who he is. However, we do know that Lear is his godfather, Lear’s daughters seem to have a good grasp of who he is, and there’s even a suggestion that he’s among Lear’s riotous knights before having to flee for his life. (Edmund confirms this, but only about half of what comes out of Edmund’s mouth is true, so that’s something to be suspect of, especially because he’s trying to throw additional suspicion on his half-brother in that particular moment.) What is indisputable is that Edgar trusts his brother. He trusts him enough that he doesn’t need any further proof of his father’s supposed ire than Edmund’s word. That’s a lot of trust to put in a person, and I think it implies that at least as children, they were close. So what happened? Edmund grew up, in a world that constantly mistreated him and reminded him of his inferiority, and that’s a bitterness that Edgar (fatally) does not pick up on. 

But here’s where things get really interesting, because as soon as Edgar learns his brother has betrayed him, he starts using the same demeaning language as everyone else. As Poor Tom he talks obsessively about infidelity, alluding to Edmund’s illegitimacy as the source of his evil, and when he’s finally delivered a fatal wound to him he calls Edmund’s death and his father’s blinding divine justice: “That dark and vicious place where thee he got cost him his eyes.” Edgar buys into the idea of bastardy as an indelible blot on his brother as much as anyone else. 

And here’s the other really interesting thing about Edgar: he’s not as innocent as he seems at the outset, and certainly not as hapless as Edmund takes him for. His plan to disguise himself is fairly ingenious, and he is a skillful enough dissembler than he manages to carry off not only one disguise but three different ones, which fool not only his own father, but his own godfather and his own brother to boot. Look closely at the scene at the ‘cliffs’: Edgar’s manipulation of Gloucester is absolutely masterful. He is not a babe in the woods. He may be the victim of a conspiracy, but he’s hardly incapable of responding in kind. John F. Danby was writing in 1949 but I think he actually summed up the Edgar problem really well in The Doctrine of Nature: “Natural goodness will rive its concealing continent if only we are patient. For Edgar is the machiavel of patience, of ripeness, of God’s ultimate revenges. In the natural sphere there is apparently a duplicity of virtue.” 

So, what does this tell us? You can’t say anything for sure, but I do think you have to allow the possibility that this ability to puppeteer and manipulate and roleplay is not something Edgar figured out over night. If Edgar and Edmund were indeed childhood playmates–and the familiarity of their dialogue and the play’s chronology seem to suggest that they might have been–I’d be willing to bet that Edgar won as many games as he lost. Or if he was constantly struggling to keep up with his brother’s natural cleverness, he undoubtedly learned a thing or two along the way. 

That’s my two cents.

First Imagine (Don’t Judge)

Hey, guys! This is my very first post on this blog. I love writing almost as much as I love Nathan so hit me up with your requests and I will probably do them. Thanks so much!


He Remembered 

The timer on the popcorn goes off and you open the microwave.

“Can I have some?” You hear from the couch. Sam is over at your apartment like he always is. You are pretty sure he is homeless or something because he is even over when Nate isn’t home now. You sigh and empty the rest of the pop corn into a second bowl.

“Here” You smirk putting the bowl in his lap.

“Thank you” He makes a huge cheesy smile. You sigh. You and Nate have been living together for 3 months, but you still barely see him. He is in the studio or in meetings whenever you are home and when he is home, you are at  your vet clinic working. It was your second anniversary with Nate, but he hadn’t even called you all day. Of course he would forget, you were barely spending time together. Sammy’s loud chewing interrupted your train of thought. You loved Nate’s best friend, but he was getting on your last nerve.

“Hey Bud” you pipe up over the basketball game.

“Yeah?” He looks up, fist full of popcorn.

“When the game is over, can you go? I need some time to myself”

He nods. “Of course. Sorry I keep coming over all the time”

You smile, “Its alright”. You feel your phone ring in your back pocket and relief washes over you when you see its Nate. You walk back into the kitchen and answer. “Hey”.

“Hey Babe” he says kind of dismissively “Did I leave my watch on the night stand?”

More annoyed than ever, you walk into your bedroom and see his white gold watch sitting on the dresser. “Yeah. Anything else?” You ask, fishing for what you want to hear.

“Um, yeah” He pauses for a second “Can you bring me the watch, and pickup some beer on the way? Its going to be another long night in the studio” You sigh, officially pissed off

“Sure”. You hang up and get your keys and bag and head for your car. The things you do for that stupid boy.

“Where are you going?” Sammy asks as you blow through the living room on your way out.

“To visit my boyfriend,” You say bitingly. “If I decide to kill Skate, I’ll tell him you say hi before he dies” You shut the door behind you and head for the gas station to pick up beer. Then you are off to the studio.

You park quickly, gather the beers and head inside. You know exactly what room it is. You open the door to find the room completely dark, no sight of Nate or his producers anywhere. “And now I can’t find the idiot” You sigh and start to leave when the whole room lights up, strung with fairy lights.

“He’s right here” says the voice you would recognize anywhere. His big brown eyes meet yours and you can’t help but smile. You look around and see a table set up with food from your favorite Italian restaurant. There are roses and candles everywhere.

“Nathan Montgomery Maloley, you never cease to surprise me” You walk closer to him, setting the beer and watch down.

“Happy Anniversary Lil’ Mama” He puts his arms around you and you press your head to his chest. You lean up and press your lips to the ones you have been missing all day.

“I’m so glad you remembered” you grin. “I was going to have to kill you”.

“You aren’t getting rid of me that easy baby” He takes your hand and walks you over to the table.


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I'm not going to say something like "don't let the spam for this pic bother you" cuz its already gone too far. Throughout today I've just been drawing Peri, reading lapidot fanfics and checking out my fave lapidot artists. I already knew this fandom can be toxic but that's what i signed up for when I joined it. let the a/me/dot shippers celebrate, roll your eyes, it wont mean anything when they realise this post doesnt mean anything while we enjoy our own little lapidot hell. Good night :)

Thanks for the kind words, Anon - very much appreciated :)

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Red X x reader

Warnings: idk

im  making red x jason in this


your mission was simple. go in, steal the jewels and get out. it was jump city for fuck sake. the last thing you expected was for red x to comer and ruin your raid. the absolute last thing you expected was f or the teen titan to come and join you.

carefully, you danced around the displays being very careful not to trip any alarms. your goal was to get a blood diamond that was the size of an orange. its silly really, for the store owners to just have it out for everyone to see. like honestly, what did they think would happen? it would just get left alone?

shaking your hand, you reach inside of the display and grasp the diamond. “come to mama..” you start to retract your hand when you hear him. 

“ stealing is bad ya know, kitten.” you should have known better, really. he shows up and says the same damn thing every damn time. you cant help
but roll your eyes.

“yes red, i know. you tell me every time you see me.” you shove the precious gem into your bag and through it over your shoulder. “ be a babe and dont tell anyone about this? thanks.”

as you walk past him, you kiss his masked cheek and jump up onto the rafters. you hear him let out a groan but before you can sayanything, you hear him. robin. leader of the teen titans. “ put the jewel back, red x. and maybe well go easy on you.”

you accidentally let out a giggle trying to imagine what the look on reds face mush be right now. big fucking mistake. “ who is there?” you now have the attention of all the titans that are trying to find you in the shadows of the roof.

“ show your self” fuck. with a large intake of breath, you swing down from your hiding place and nimbly land to the right side of red. you smirk and look up at him. “ taking credit for all me hard work? thats not very nice…”

although you can not see the pointed look he is giving you, you sure as hell can feel it. “ your hard work? im the one who has the diamond” he reaches into his pocket and pulls out the beautiful stone you had in your possession only moments ago.

“ why you-” as you ready to throw a punch at him, you are hit with a star bolt that came from starfire. turning your head, you send a glare her way before pulling out a smoke bomb.

“ well its been killer, but im out.” you yank the jewel from red and throw a bomb down at the ground. before you can run off, you feel arms wrap around you and suddenly  you are telaported away.

as you take in your surroundings while trying to get the person holding you to let go, you realize you are in some kind of a loft. there is a mattress on the floor which is covered with red sheets and a red blanket. to the left there is a door which seems to lead to a bathroom and to the right there is a kitchen.

you also see that it is red x who is holding you. “ where am i? what do you want?” you feel fatigued and have no interest in fighting him. “ i figured you didnt want to run from the titans all night so i brought you here.” his smooth voice answers your questions. you cant help but wonder who is hiding behind that mask. 

“ well thank you. do you mind i sit?” you point at the bedd seeing that it is the only thing to rest on that isnt the dirty floor. he shook his head and lead you over to the bed where you both sat on. there was a few moments of awkward silence but you were honestly too tired to care. gently you placed your head on his shoulder.

you felt him slowly lean his head on yours. “ whats your name?” the words made their way out of your throat before you could stop them. “ ill tell you who i am if you tell me who you are…” 

he removed his head from yours and you feared the worst. you had expected him to kick you out and call you names. what he actually did shocked you. he turned his body so he sat looking at you and slowly took off his black and white mask.

the first thing you noticed was his shocking blue eyes. from the moment you saw them, you knew you were in love. the second thing you noticed was his black as night hair with a single white stripe in it. “ my name is jason.”

you hardly heard what he said. you were to lost in his eyes. “ youre beautiful..” his eyes softened for a second before going into a hard gaze. “ i told you who i am. now tell me who you are.”

you quickly tore the mask off your face, exposing your eyes. “ my name is y/n.” there were a few more moments of silence before you decided you needed to sleep. with a sad sigh, you stood up.

“ where are you going?” red also stood up and grabbed your wrist. a sad smile made its way onto your face. “ to find somewhere to sleep.” you had been on the streets since you were 6 and both your parents died. that was a long time ago tho.

“ you dont have anywhere to stay?” jasons eyes furrowed in  a heart breaking way. he had liked you since the moment he saw you. he followed you out every night in secret to make sure you never got hurt but he never knew you were homeless.

“ uhm, yea. ive lived on the streets since i was 6..”
jason swore he felt his heart break. with out saying anything he swiftly swept you into his arms and place you on his mattress. there is no way he would ever let you be on the streets ever again.

“ well you have a home now. it may not be much but its not the streets. “ disbelief took over you. how could someone you hardly know be so kind? “ i-i cant.. i dont want to intrude.”

“ well thats too bad because youre staying here.” you honestly didnt have the energy to argue with him. instead you just pulled him down to lay with you and placed your head on his chest.

a quiet thank you made its way past your lips as you slowly fell asleep wrapped in his arms.

last night i kind of realize i have a comfort object i take for granted which is my blues clues blanket my grandma gave to me when i was like 5 and i’ve had it ever since

if anything were to happen to it i would probably Die

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Woo :D Ok let's see, Arnold/Helga #1 & #6

Let’s do this!  Hope you like them.  *fingers crossed*

1.      “Can I Kiss You?”

Senior Prom was supposed to be a magical evening. 

Helga had agreed to go to Prom with Arnold as friends to tag along with Gerald and Phoebe.  It was turning out to be a bad plan, at least on her part.

She was trying to be friendly, Phoebe had practically threatened her to be nice, but Arnold in a tux was almost too much to bear.

She watched him from the safety of the table throughout the evening; laughing with Gerald and some of the other guys, making small talk with some of the girls, his jacket hanging on the chair beside her, shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbow, his bowtie undone and hanging around his neck, the top button undone.  He look rumpled and relaxed and criminy, how was a girl supposed to act rational when he was just there looking incredibly sexy?

Inwardly she cursed the heels Phoebe had talked her into getting and the pink dress and her general cowardliness that prevented her from just going up to him and…

“Hey Helga,”

She looked up, distracted from her thoughts.  Arnold stood before her, looking exhausted but elated.  She watched his chest rise and fall as he tried to catch his breath as she forced a smile onto her face. 

“Having fun?”

“I am, yeah.  But you don’t look like you’re having much.”

She shrugged, forcing herself to meet his eyes. 

“I’m not a fan of big parties.”

“Wanna dance?”


He tilted his head towards the crowded dance floor.  “Dance.  Wanna?  I haven’t had a dance with you all night.  I keep getting pulled away.”

“That’s what happens when you’re the popular kid, Arnold.”

“Still, I’d like at least once dance with my date.”

She refused to swoon.  Instinctively she wanted to refused him, tell him to go back and dance with one of the other girls, that she was fine sitting here and she didn’t need his pity, thank you very much.


The opportunity to have him hold her in his arms, to be able to touch him even for a three minute song, to have him that close to her.  The temptation was too great. 

“I guess I can spare you three minutes or so.”

He held out his hand, the other behind his back and she eyed him nervously. 

“You aren’t going to throw me into a pool, are you?”

He chuckled.  “I promise you, I would never do anything to get that beautiful dress wet.”

She slid her hand into his and allowed him to help her up.  He didn’t let go of her hand as he led her to the dance floor.  She caught Phoebe’s eye as they walked onto the dance floor and he pulled her into his arms as the music changed to a slow song.  Phoebe gave her a wide eyed look her gaze darting between the two of them.  Helga tried to convey her panic through a look that Phoebe seemed to understand.  She smiled and threw her a wink. 

She tried to keep her eyes forward, looking at the wall behind him instead of the open shirt collar that was so close to her chin.  Or the smell of his aftershave and cologne on his skin.  His hand slayed across her back, pulling her closer to him.  She swayed to the music, her hands carefully positioned on his shoulders, not moving anything except her feet.  Her gaze finally left the wall and traced the contours of his neck and shoulder.  She could hear his breath right next to her ear. 

“Thank you for agreeing to dance with me.”  His voice was so low she barely heard it. “Can I tell you something?”

“I’m all yours for the next three minutes, football head.”

She wanted to smack herself, why couldn’t she ever say anything nice?

“I like the sound of that.”  His response confused her but he continued talking before she could ask him what he mean by that comment.  “I’ve wanted to dance with you all night, but I was nervous.  So I have kind of been standing around trying to gather up my courage.”

“Huh?”  The night had turned on its head.  Nothing was making sense anymore because there was no way in hell she was standing this close to the guys she’d loved her entire life listening to him tell her he’d been working himself up all night to ask her to dance. 

“It sounds so ridiculous when I say it out loud.  But…I was afraid that if I danced with you earlier in the night I wouldn’t want to stop.  And I know we’re here just as friends and I don’t want to ruin that.”

“Hold up.”  She put her hands against his chest and leaned back enough so she was able to look at him.  “What are you saying?  We agreed to go to this thing as friends.  This isn’t a date, you don’t want a date.”

“What if I did?”  he asked, his gaze boring into her. “This is probably going to get me walloped but yes, Helga Pataki, I wanted to go to Prom with you, as a date.  I wanted to hold your hand, slow dance with you and kiss you at the end of the evening.”

She simply stared at him, too stunned to say anything.  This was just…she was waiting for the lights to come back on and this all be an elaborate and very cruel April Fool’s joke.

Except it was May. 

He was still looking at her, waiting for an answer or a beating, she wasn’t sure what.


She tilted her head in question. 

“Can I kiss you?  I’m not sure I’m able to wait until the end of the evening.”

He wanted to…

Here, on the dance floor…

He wanted to…

The hell with this!

Her fingers tightened on his dress shirt and she pulled him to her.  His lips curled into a smile right before they met hers.  It was soft and innocent and much too short, she was too nervous to force anything else.  The smile was still there when she pulled away.  His eyes opened and he looked at her, the half lidded gaze pinning her where she stood.  She felt his hand slid up her back as he ducked his head for anther kiss.  There was nothing innocent about this kiss, dark and deep, his lips parting against hers and encouraging her to do the same.  Her head was spinning, her hands holding onto him for balance as he delved, pulling response after response from her. 

When he broke the kiss, she was left gasping.  The song was over and another had begun.  It seemed nobody had noticed them.  His eyes were still closed, his forehead touching hers. 

He licked his lips and she followed the procession of his tongue across his lips. 



His eyes opened.  “What?”

She was jumping into the deep end, no looking back. 

“Whatever it is, the answer is yes.”

“You don’t even know what I was going to ask.”

“Don’t care.  Yes.”

He smiled, his green eyes darkening.

“Let’s start with more dancing, we can discuss the rest afterwards.”

“And more kissing, right?”

His smile grew.  “Definitely more kissing.”

She was wrong, Senior Prom really was a magical evening.


6. “It Wasn’t Supposed to Happen Like That.”

Helga and Arnold lay on the floor panting and looking around at the destruction surrounding them.  

“It wasn’t supposed to happen like that.”

Helga turned her head to look at her companion.

“How did you expect it to happen?”

“It was supposed to be a controlled explosion followed by controlled outpouring of lava.  It wasn’t supposed to blow up the kitchen.”

Arnold’s grandmother emerged from a back room armed with a fire extinguisher and a bee keeper’s suit.  

“Man the battle stations troops, we’re taking back the base!”

Arnold climbed to his feet as his grandmother rushed into the kitchen yelling war cries.  He put out a hand to Helga to help her up.  

The two sixth graders walked into the kitchen.

Bits of paper and plaster were still dripping from the ceiling, red food coloring slid from the walls.  One side of the kitchen looked like a crime scene.  

She couldn’t help it, she laughed.  Hard, deep laughs, doubled over, clutching her stomach, tears streaming down her face.  

Arnold watched her bemused, unsure why she was laughing but delighted to hear her laughing so freely.  

“What is so funny?”

She waved a hand towards him trying to catch her breath.  

“This…”  she gasped. “All of this.”

He chucked, her laughter contagious.  Her laughter died down to giggles.

“You told me once that when you were born you made a volcano stop.”

“That’s not exactly how it happened but, okay…”

Her giggles were increasing.  

“You just blew up a volcano, Arnold.,” The giggles turned back into full laughter again.  

His grandmother peered at Helga through her bee keeper’s mask.  

“The fumes have gotten to her Kimba.  Best to get her to the Infirmary.”

Arnold shook his head.

“You are something else.”

Helga wiped her eyes, taking several deep breathes.  

I’m fine.  Woo!”

She picked up a plastic bucket and started picking up pieces of exploded volcano.  

“I’ll check the back lines for usurpers!”  his grandmother announced heading towards the other side of the kitchen.

Arnold began picking up pieces and dropping them into the bucket next to Helga.  

“As first attempts go, this wasn’t so bad.”

“Always with your bright side view.”

“Just think how better our next attempt will go.”

He dropped another piece in the bucket.  “I’m glad you’re my partner.”

“For just this project?”

His smile was shy.

“And more.”

She gave him a goofy grin.  “You’re such a sap.”

“You like it.”

Another smile.  “I do.”

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Could you do headcanons on dazai's wedding day? :3

Oh god this prompt makes me weep I love him so much (*♡∀♡)

  • He wouldn’t be able to sleep the night before for a few reasons. The big one would be because you weren’t in bed with him, but his mind would be racing with thoughts of tomorrow and what it meant for him personally. Before he met you he was a man without a reason to live and a man with a heavy burden of loneliness he couldn’t figure out how to get rid of. He’d think about his days in the mafia and wonder if he would have met you sooner if that part of his life wouldn’t have ever happened. Then he’d think about your reaction to finding out he used to be an executive member of the mafia, and how you told him you didn’t care and you loved him anyways.
  • While getting ready he’d become a giant ball of energy more powerful than the sun. Because of his lack of sleep he decided it would be a good idea to load himself up on coffee so now he’s literally bouncing off the walls. Kunikida would just stare at him from the corner of the room while Atsushi ran around trying to calm him down so he didn’t ruin his tux.
  • He’d spend the majority of the morning laughing and talking with his groomsman (basically everyone in the ADA—almost Yosano but you stole her for your bridal party), and trying to keep his mind occupied. At one point he’d sneak off to a corner of the room and pull out a photo album he’d been making since you two started dating. Old polaroid pictures of your life at home just snuggling together in bed, some of you by yourself dancing in the kitchen in just his white button down, and a lot of you two out on dates together. He’d even given Atsushi the camera a few times without your knowledge so he could get candid pictures of both of you together. He’d flip through it with a huge smile on his face and hug the album close to his chest before sneaking it back into his bag.

  • Even though you both promised not to see each other until you met him at the alter he’d sneak in a few quick texts saying silly things like “I bet you look so beautiful. Don’t be alarmed if I faint because of how absolutely breathtaking you look walking down the aisle!” and then they’ll become a bit steamier like “I can’t wait to start our honeymoon ♡ ~(‘▽^人)” and “Up for a quickie in the bathroom?  (^ω~)

  • He’s serious about that last one, but he mostly wants to make sure you’re not nervous or anything. He frowns when Naomi texts him back saying she confiscated your phone last night to make sure these kinds of things didn’t happen.
  • He’d look at his groomsman and he’d think of Oda for a brief moment. Think about how he should be here with him too, and for a split second he swears he hears Oda’s voice telling him not to look so gloomy on his wedding day.

  • There will be a moment when the guests start to arrive and its getting down to the wire that Dazai will internally panic. What if you back out? What if you marry him and then realize he’s garbage? Kunikida will sense something is wrong when Dazai stops being a hyperactive toddler and will pull him aside. Though they fight often Kunikida and Dazai have a strong bond and Kunikida will reassure him that he’s got nothing to be worried about, especially if you already agreed to marry him knowing full well he’s a bandage hording nut job.  Dazai will remain quiet for a little which causes Kunikida to panic for a second until Dazai pulls him into a hug and thanks him. At this point Junichiro needs to physically slap Kunikida out of his daze because it’s time to go.

  • As Dazai waits at the alter and the music starts he starts to get butterflies in his stomach and for once it shows on his face. His fingers tap against his legs and his patience is draining quickly, he just wants to see you. Once he does he’s completely in awe. There are tears already forming because it’s finally hitting him that he’s found someone who he loves with all his heart and by some fate of the gods they feel the same way about him.
  • The ceremony passes like a hazy dream, he’s there and repeats the words but he can’t focus on anything but your face. He never stops smiling and he almost kisses you before he’s allowed to.

  • Once the ring is on his finger and those words come from your mouth he can’t contain himself anymore. He pulls you flush against you and kisses you with a heated passion that makes the rest of the world fade into the background.
  • The reception is one big party and he keeps you dancing until you can’t feel your legs. He twirls and dips you like the showoff he is even if he doesn’t do it perfectly. His favorite part of the reception is holding you close for your first dance and seeing how the light refracts off your eyes. They’re full of the purest adoration and he can’t believe it’s all for him.
  • After your first dance he pulls you over to the side and gives you the photo album. He says he wanted to remember everything about your relationship even if it eventually ended, but now that you’re married you both can start a whole new album together.

  • At the end of the night he grabs your hand and walks with you through a line of sparklers held by the members of the ADA. His eyes never leave you as the bright twinkles of gold make an arch over both of you.
  • Once you’re home he sweeps you up and carries you “over the threshold” and immediately tosses you onto the bed. From there the night is full of passionate, steamy sex that rolls on into the early hours of the morning
Skate Maloley imagine

*this wasn’t requested. Tbh I don’t get requests lol. But I just wanted to. Sorry but not sorry At only 5’ tall, people tend not to take me seriously. Especially considering my boyfriend, Nate, is 6'2". But, somehow, it works out. A lot of people ask if I’m his sister, and a couple times if I’m his daughter. I almost peed myself laughing at that one. But, Nate never really is one for PDA when we’re out with the guys. In fact, it’s kind of known that he’s the tough guy of the group. We never do cutesey stuff in public, but he’s a different guy behind closed doors. He’s the most adorable guy ever. Especially when my niece comes over and stays the weekend. He turns into mush around her. I wake up in our bed, and hear music playing downstairs. My niece, Arabella came over last night. I recognize the song as ‘Everything Has Changed’ by Taylor Swift. Before you say anything the song is a special thing between them. The first time she sang, was with him along with this song. I still have the video. So, it’s kind of their song. She’s called him either Uncle Skate or Uncle Nate ever since she could talk. Its so cute. I silently make my way downstairs, and am met with Sammy, who also happens to be my brother. He’s grinning, and holds his fingers up to his lips. We both adore Arabella; she’s not related to us, considering she’s my best friends daughter, but we might as well be. But that’s a story for later. I stand in front of Sam, and record Nate and Arabella, both dancing and singing around in the kitchen. Its adorable. He lifts her up, as they sing and yell the lyrics. I find myself daydreaming about the future. He would be an amazing father. Maybe even to kids of our own. Smiling, I fail to see Arabella finish the song with Nate, before snapping out of my day dream, as they giggle and laugh. I can’t help but laugh myself, which obviously caught their attention. “Auntie Kris!” she squeals, running over. “Uncle Sammy!” Sam scoops her up in his arms, and tickles her, as Nate comes over and pulls me in to a kiss. “Hey baby. Did you sleep good?” he asks, smiling. “Yeah, I did. I also began my morning in the best way when I came down and saw you dancing with Arabella.” he grinned, and looked down, at me, before kissing me on the nose. “It got me thinking about the future. Our future. How would you react to the idea of kids.” I ask, watching his expression. “I would be excited, and would love for you to be the momma of my babies. I love you lil mama.” I grin, and stand on the tips of my toes, barely able to reach his ear. “Good. Because that’s a surprise I’ve been waiting a week to tell you.” I grin, watching his eyes get big, and he starts flipping with excitement. “Imma be a daddy!” he yells, immediately catching Sam’s attention. “What?” he asks. “I’m pregnant Sam.” I blatantly say, smiling as Nate continues to show his excitement. Sam starts going along with Nate, then Arabella joins in, not even knowing what was going on. This is my family. My perfect family, that will just get bigger.

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....a very late edition know what.....SUNDAY RECS 😉😉

….in my defense, I had work today and yesterday I was in the worst funkiest funk :| not fun, crying at the drop of a hat kind of day, so nah, I’d rather do this today!

Like always y’all get ALL the Thank Yous in the world for your works! You are awesome and make days a little bit brighter with each fic :)

  • Sleep - @mossandmushroom
    Domestic CS. Set post-s5. This is such a sweet thing, short and sweet, aka perfection!  It’s such a sweet little glimpse at their future, it’s hopeful without it being overly mushy or, corny, or anything, it just is what is, and the aftertaste after reading it is one of my favorite things. At the end, you just get this feeling that no matter what, they are going to be okay, and that’s just fantastic.
  • Unexpected Romance  - @firstbeanstalk
    This is a bit of a S6 six spec little one shot, but truly is just the most adorable little CS quiet moment. Just them, enjoying one another. If love was a fic, then this one shot would be it. We have a bit of a blackout situation, and Killian, Gosh, he’s the most adoring, reassuring nugget in this fic (which in my book is one of his most canon qualities regarding Emma, so yes, it was SO GOOD) —there is mention of sexy times without it getting too explicit at all, which is just lovely. The emotions though, the author didn’t hold back! Again, this felt like a very hopeful thing, I loved that.
  • Mahstatins’s 31 Days of Positivity@mahstatins
    Honestly, I’m just going to rec HER and each and every one of the dabbles she’s written for this meme! THEY ARE LOVELY, I drafted to rec’ Beauty + Trust + Save, but truly, all of them are incredibly little bits packed with all of the feels! READ THE DRABBLES! 
  • Cutieodonoghue’s everybitoffluffyheaven (?) – @cutieodonoghue
    Another bundle rec, but truly, I read one of her newer works this week, but was aching for more, so I ended up in her Daddy!Killian tag, I think, and yeah, well, the rest is history….here it goes,

  • i get to love youIt’s Easter time in the Swan-Jones household, and their itty baby mini me is about 6months, and there are onesies with baby chicks on them (I KNOW!) and little cute bunny rabbits, and baby snuggles, and yeah, I’m trash, THIS is SO lovely! You should read it if you haven’t already! SO CUTE!!
  • in my heart reconcile all the darkness and lightanother fluffy baby bit paired with baby snuggles and midnight quiet conversations in the dark! It’s hopeful, and about healing and moving on. Super short, but so cute!
  •  singingWe all know Colin can carry a tune, so picturing Killian doing so isn’t that hard, is it? It’s ADORABLE let me tell ya! We have Emma catching Killian in the midst of a ‘performance’ to their daughter, and there’s so much happiness, and cuteness, and family singing and dancing! SO CUTE!
  • Every Letter @bleebug
    *I SIGH* *DEEPLY* —I admit, for days (weeks?) I’ve seen this fic pop in my dash, in the tags, and I’ve resisted it —mostly because of my allergy to committing to MCs, but…I have to say, I was wrong and I should have been reading this from the get go. So yeah, we have a multichapter, Killian and Emma get paired up for a school assignment when they are ten, and become pen pals from then on. This story has EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! it’s angsty, everything isn’t rainbows and puppies, at all, but it’s isn’t completely hopeless which I appreciate TONS! Plus, you have their relationship here, and that is EVERYTHING! They mean so much to one another, but there are ups and downs (BOY, are they!) but everything is so worth it! So far we are on Chapter 7, out of probably 10. I caught up with the whole thing Saturday and I’m truly in love and can’t wait to read more!
  • kiss me on the sidewalk@mermaidswans
    This is a sweet tiny little one shot! ADORABLE! SOOOO FLUFFY and sweet! (aka my absolute jam!) Killian is an adorable dork, who adores his Swan, and tries to be sneaky, but everybody is onto him about certain question he has to ask Em, and of course there is just so much he can keep from Emma before she grows suspicious! again, the cutest little bit! I loved it!

  • Backpedal  - @ive-always-been-a-pirate
    DADDY!KILLIAN! I repeat, it’s not a drill, DADDY!KILLIAN FIC! In which tiny adorable Liam is ready to get rid of his training wheels and the whole family shows up to support him! Of course there’s a bike for Killian to try as well, AND CHARMING! And there’s Captain Charming precious adorable bickering while Emma and Mary Margaret get to witness with amusement, and then, to top everything that is cute and adorable in this world, LIAM! This Liam is one of the sweetest little versions of a CS child I’ve ever read! Killian is this kid’s hero and I DIE! I so do! It melts my heart, because this feels so real and grounded, yet SO SO fluffy my heart can barely take it………….Whew, I really needed to let that out! There’s one particular moment, when all playful bickering is set aside and all eyes are on little Liam, It’s SOOOO GOOD! Please read this if you are even semi-down. It’ll turn your day around, I swear!!

  • transatlanticism@weezlywrites
    CS long distance AU —I cried my eyes out at this one okay? It hit close to home, and I’m the worst person in the world at goodbyes, I just can not take them! I hold the record of the most tears cried at Hartsfield’s airport (if you are ever in Atlanta, there’s a little fact about me lol) —Goodbyes are truly a weakness of mine, so when you put Killian and Emma, falling for each other SO deeply, yet separated by miles and miles, my heart was truly broken! THIS IS INCREDIBLE tho! The writing and characterization is spot on! I love it, I love it, I love it! It’s a complete AU in the sense that they hold complete different professions and lifestyles than in the show, but Goodness precious, it WORKS! it works so so so well! I will tell you this ends on a happy note (in case you are put off by my comment about how much I bawled while reading lol)

  •  Slow Me Down@seriouslyhooked
    Future CS family feels?? Check and check!! J This is my jam you all, them happy and the domesticity, the partnership, the freaking love, the chaos of family life! Just give it to me! I ADORED this little bit! They are clueless and adorable, and I just really love them, kay? ;) this is sooo cute and fluffy, and perfect! read it! 

  • Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust@captainswanluver​ 
    CS AU —I think it has a bit of that enemies to lovers trope feel, without them being complete enemies? Suffice to say, it’s not love at first sight okay? The way it unfolds from a less than idea first meeting, it’s the best thing ever tho! These two are single parents in this universe, Emma has Henry, Killian has a little girl, their kids are in the same class, and when they meet, they both (I think) judged the book by its cover a beat too soon. They end up working in bringing a production of…PETER PAN to the kids’ school and of course that leads to time spent together, glances here, glances there, but there are trust issues and everything isn’t easy, but again, the reward at the end is certainly worth it! LOVELY read! 

  •  AND…lastly, Home for Christmas@startswithhope​  
    CS modern au, friends to lovers—ish, kinda, unrequired love that isn’t really unrequired? Do I need say more? this thing is like crack, the really really good kind (not that I know anything about its quality, but you get my deal, right?) Honestly, I’ve had this fic opened in a tab for weeks (months maybe?) I have no idea who rec’d it to me, how or why I decided I wanted to read it, but it’s been there for me to read forever and last night I just said what the hell and read the thing in one go. I cried, I laughed, I felt for Emma and Killian so freaking much! This is the kind of angst that I handle well-ish. They are going through stuff (Killian, Killian is going through something big) but then at least he has Emma and that makes everything so much better! This is a Christmassy fic, but who cares, it’s the best thing ever! I kept trying to put it down last night, every couple of chapters or so, I couldn’t sleep just thinking and overthinking, ended up going to bed at 2 after finishing all six glorious chapters! It’s just so great! There’s a bit at an airport, after they have both landed, and Killian has a bit of a moment when he struggles not to break down (it’s brutal!) but, while incredibly sad, that moment and that love between them is so real and palpable in that scene that it has stuck with me all through today. GO READ! do yourselves a favor!  

AND…this is it for today! I hope your weeks started well, and the rest of your week is lovely!! Read the fics, love on the fics, like them, reblog them! Go wild! They are SO GOOD! 

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So imagine Gansey working on his model in the middle of the night and Ronan's door opens. Gansey just kind of glances up to say hey but turns out its Adam walking out of Ronan's room in barely anything and Gansey does a double take take bc omg He wasn't expecting that. Beautiful Adam. Sleepy Adam just walking to the bathroom and Gansey can't take his eyes off him. Then Maybe he hears a "like what you see" from Ronan leaning on the doorframe.

Gansey flustered by Adam’s beauty is MY JAM Ronan acknowledging Gansey’s flustered state is also my jam. Muy bueno

you were my best friend, so all my stories had you in them. you were always the person i was quoting, always the name i dropped in conversations. he showed me this, he told me this joke, he gave me this bracelet, he took me here, he wrote me this nice thing. 

you were always on my mind. you were the most important person to me. all of my friends wanted to wring out their ears for how often i spoke of you.

one night i asked you why the opposite wasn’t true. you never told your friends little things about me. whenever you mentioned me, you’d just say, “my friend,” not mention the other things. i asked you, and laughed, and choked out,  “are you embarrassed of me?”

you looked down to your feet. “i just don’t talk about you,” you mumbled. “I don’t know why it’s important. it doesn’t really mean anything to me.”

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I mostly write with fantasy ideas in mind. Do you have any prompts that involve fantasy elements but isn't necessarily a fantasy book?

Hey so I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this, so I’m just going to stab around here and hope I hit something good:

• “Alright, so I just saw a “unicorn” over there by the fair that was obviously just a white horse with a horn strapped to its head. It didn’t even have the right coloring. Some people have absolutely no respect.”

• “Nowadays people want fantastic. They don’t care if you glued the antlers onto a jack rabbit all they care is that the jack rabbit has the antlers.”

• “Maybe now isn’t a good time, but do any of you have the leaflet on how to not die in these woods?”

• The cat meowed, staring pointedly at them and swishing its tail back and forth like it had something important to say.

• Sometimes people had three eyes, sometimes people had none, sometimes people had one. Frankly, it was rude to think they were anything less than human just because they could see the future instead of seeing your face.

• Buses were always interesting places to see just what kind of things were lurking around the streets at night.

• “I would like to formally challenge anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to try to keep a faerie as a familiar to fight me.”

• The same song always started when you entered the shop. It had no noise and nothing ever played, but the same song always started when you entered the shop.

• Swords were almost as invaluable as the pocket guides to inter species relations around here. Particularly if they were magically concealed. 

• The smell rising from the kitchen was sweet. Like potion-gone-wrong sweet.

Like I said: wasn’t entirely sure what you meant by “fantasy aspects”, but I hope these helped anyway. If there’s anything else you want in a prompt, please feel free to let me know!

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F A/N: a really long time ago, I received a prompt, about Levi and Mikasa having a child, and I have finally finished it.I’m so sorry that it took me this long, and I really hope it was worth the wait, my friend, and if it wasn’t please let me know and I’ll try to salvage it.

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LOVE ME 11. Hard Body, Soft Pillow



When i woke up i was slightly confused about where i was. the pillow felt different then i remember it feeling when i fell asleep. It wasn’t as soft as i remembered and that confused me. Especially when i noticed it was slightly moving up and down.

When i finally opened my eyes i realized my head was resting on Luke’s body and suddenly it all made sense. i was cuddling with Luke in his bed…things really have changed since just yesterday. His body was surprisingly comfortable. It looked so hard but somehow he felt more comfortable then any mattress or pillow.  

My arm was resting on his chest and his arm was around my back holding me closer to his body if that was even possible.

Laying here with him felt so peaceful… I felt safe when i was with him. I didn’t want to move because he would wake up so i decide to stay in this position. I just laid on him and listened to his even breathing and before i knew it i had fallen back asleep


It must of only been around a half an hour when i woke up for the second time. I was confused at first because i wasn’t cuddled up to Luke this time, i was just laying in the bed alone. I reached my arms around the mattress but i only felt blankets and pillows. Finally i opened my eyes just to be sure and yep…He was no where to be found. I got up and quickly looked in the bathroom but it was empty also.

I guess he left. I couldn’t help but feel a little hurt. Last night was nice, I felt like Luke and i had gotten on good terms finally… But now here i am alone in his bed. I’m sure I’m just over thinking things. There is no reason to feel hurt i had to remind myself.

I changed out of the shirt Luke had given me to wear last night and put my pants and my own shirt back on. I grabbed my stuff and left. I had just remembered everything that had happened with Emma last night and i really wanted to go check on her.

As i was walking back to my room i walked around the corner of a building and was faced with Luke just a few feet in front of me. he seemed to be on a run. I noticed his hair was laying flat on his head instead of it’s usual quiff as he ran closer to me. He stopped in front of me bending over to catch his breath.

“so you run?” i ask not really knowing what else to say right now.

“Yeah… sometimes… helps clear my head” he says still not looking at me.

“So last night-” i started to say something but was cut off

“last night was nothing… don’t try to make it into something” he said harshly

“i wasn’t making it into something i just was going-” he cut me off again

“if you tell anyone about anything that happened last night i will find you” he says in a threatening tone

“oh look the asshole is back” i say as i walk past him

He didn’t say anything he just kept running in the direction i had just come from. He was the one that asked me to stay with him last night. Why is he such a dick. as i walked into my dorm i almost wanted to cry. Its not that he hurt my feelings or anything i just thought that after last night he was done treating me like trash…apparently i was wrong.

I pushed it all out of my head as i knocked on Emma’s door. I was happy when she answered it after just a few seconds.

“how are you feeling?” i asked as i walked into her room

“kind of hungover” she admitted

“Do you remember what happened last night?” i asked her not sure if i wanted her to say yes or no.

“No…not really…what happened?” i guess it makes sense she didn’t remember but i should probably tell her even though i didn’t want to.

“Well don’t freak out.” i tell her to start

“Okay…but you saying that makes me want to freak out” she says as we walk to her bed and i make her sit down.

“So… someone drugged you” i tell her waiting a moment to continue so she could let the information sink in.

“what?” she said seeming alarmed

“Apparenly a guy slipped something in your drink… and he took you back to his room but don’t worry nothing happened” i reassure her

“really? nothing happened?” she said sounding panicked

i explained how Luke had heard things and came in and took her back to his room and then i came and got her.

once i was done telling her she was happy that nothing happened, but shook up about what could of happened. a few tears escaped her eyes but she was a strong girl so she pushed them away. she decided that she wanted to be alone so i left.  

I felt bad leaving her alone but since that was what she wanted i had no choice but to just leave. I went back to my room and decided i should probably do some of the school work that i had been putting off for a few days.

i spent the next few hours working on some essays and projects that where due in the coming week. once i was done i decided to take a shower. I got undressed in my room and wrapped my towel around me as i gabbed my shower bag that had things like shampoo and body wash in it. Some of the dorms had rooms with their own personal the dorm Luke was in..others had one large bathroom that had to be shared with the other people on that floor. i was unlucky to be put in one of these.

after my shower i wrapped my towel back around me as i went back to my room with wet hair. When i opened my door and walked in my room i had what felt like a mini heart attack. Sitting on my bed was Luke.


A/N- edited quickly becuase i wanted to make sure it was posted on time since i have not been able to post in a couple days. if you like this chapter and want to know what the hell Luke is doing in her room request the next one

Their sweet spot (M)
  • Eren: Lightly touching or slightly squeezing the small of his back would get him a little flustered and into the mood. What would really get him into the mood is whenever that part would be lightly massaged or nipped... and he would be also up for having that weak part of his licked.
  • Armin: If someone would want to get him a little excited, going for his collarbone would be the best choice. The mere act of placing light kisses and nips along his collarbones would be something that would leave him sighing contentedly and wanting more. Even if it tickles, he would hold in the giggles and think about the pleasure more.
  • Reiner: It would really be something if his lover would constantly touch or stroke his arms. He looks like the type of guy who would have sensitive skin along the arms, but instead of getting tickled or annoyed, he'd find it relaxing whenever it's sensually touched.
  • Bertholdt: Quite nonsensical, but kissing or giving little rubs on his forehead would peak his interest. It is true that there are a lot of nerves on the forehead, especially for Bertholdt, since the feeling would be stronger compared to being touched on other parts of the body. He wouldn't only be turned on, but he'd be super relaxed as well.
  • Jean: Just like him, his sweet spot would be straightforward-- no sugarcoating whatsoever. Yes, it would be right on his crotch. Kissing, licking, and teasing other parts of his body would get him a little frisky, but grabbing or rubbing his crotch would be totally different. Be warned, once you touch it, there's no turning back.
  • Marco: You'd think that he's really tired and worn out from daily activities if he asks for a back rub/massage, but it's actually going to help him get a little playful for the night. It would get him a little sleepy, but he's going to stay up to get what he'd want.
  • Connie: He likes it whenever his inner thigh is paid attention to. He finds it pretty exciting and would enjoy it whenever your hand (or lips) is dangerous close to his member. What he wouldn't like is whenever you'd tease and start touching in discreetly when you guys are in public, and just leave him with an excited friend.
  • Levi: According to him, it's very annoying that you suddenly sneak back hugs and breathe on his nape... but that's just a lame excuse since it turns him on whenever you do that. His nape would be rather sensitive, and pressing kisses or breathing a little on it would send him into a frenzy.
  • Erwin: He would love it whenever you kiss or lightly trace his lips, be it in a loving way or a sensual way. It makes him feel appreciated whenever he's kissed. Another thing that he'd really like is making out because not only does he get kissed, but he'll also get to "multi-task".
  • Mikasa: Be it lightly brushing or hardcore groping, either would be totally perfect for her as long as it's done on her butt. The fact that it can be done discreetly, where only her and her lover would know about it definitely arouses her, and she wouldn't think twice about dragging her lover to a bathroom stall to finish some business.
  • Annie: It would be pretty embarrassing for her to admit, but the slightest touch on her breasts would get her more than excited. Despite denying the fact that she likes it and she would try to pull away, the blush on her face would give her away.
  • Sasha: Grabbing her waist would be shockingly ticklish, but it would also give her a different feeling... down there, that is. It would also flatter her whenever hands would be placed on it, since it would only mean that the curves are deep enough to keep the hands from sliding down.
  • Christa: It may be typical in a girl, but her legs would be her weak spot. It would be fun to tease her in public by playing footsie, since she'd be too shy to say how she'd feel about it and all, but once she's in the bedroom, she'll make sure that you'll pay for it.
  • Ymir: Whenever her hips are grabbed, she starts feeling a different kind of excitement and heat. Since it's daringly close to both the waist and butt, it would get her feeling a little frisky. She might even dare to play a game of teasing after being touched there.
  • Hanji: Nibbling and sucking on her earlobe is something that'd get her started, even if it would tickle her. Doing so may start off as a joke, and she'll teasingly pull away and laugh, but once the moans start coming, there's no way to reverse it. It would definitely be a long night ahead.
  • Petra: Even if she doesn't say anything, the way she'd slowly turn weak at kisses and touches directed to her neck would say everything. A little hot breath breathed on her neck would get her seeing stars, and she'll get a little playful after that... scratch that! She'll get very very playful until she gets tired.

anonymous asked:

How would Quartet Night and Starish react when they're jealous? This may be overused, but I honestly think it's kind of cute to know their reactions. Does Ai get jealous?

Otoya, Ai, Natsuki and Masato would probably feel a bit of irritation but wouldn’t really understand why. There’s a possibility he wouldn’t say anything. He’d try his best to mask his irritation so that no one would notice. If he’s super jealous he might not do anything about it at that moment. He’d likely say something to s/o later to hint at it.

Tokiya, Ranmaru, Camus and Syo would probably visibly show signs of irritation. He’d likely dismiss any accusation of him acting ‘weird’ or ‘standoffish’ to your friend. He would attempt to endure the irritation for as long as possible because he doesn’t want you to leave his sight. He’d make impatient sounds or suggest that 'you go someplace else’.

Reiji, Cecil and Ren wouldn’t exactly show his jealousy through impatience or anything like the group above. He’d probably be a bit more touchy-feely or clingy. He’d show that by casually putting his arm around you or holding your hand. Without hesitation. When your away from the person that caused his jealousy he’s likely to ask lots of questions.