it's a reference to butterfly

flowers are happy…

“Look into the lens, darling”

I imagine human Daddy Bog and his little girl using a Polaroid camera to capture a selfie/wefie cos Bog’s old school that way.

In my head, their first child will always be a daughter. She has Daddy’s blue eyes and mum’s unruly brown hair. She can be sweet and charming but also stands up to bullies at school.

For those who requested for more Human Daddy Bog, I hope you like this!

Update: Mummy Marianne and child, a companion Polaroid piece.


Here you go anon, I hope this helps you out <3 

Jafar’s magic is a lot of fun to draw honestly, hahah. This tutorial could stem out and double as a strange sort of wispy-fire type tutorial, since his magic resembles that if I’m honest (or at least, fire was one of the inspirations for it, so it always feels ‘warm’). The only brushes I used in this are a soft round, hard round, and an airbrush! Also a little speck brush to make my life a little easier.

Let me know if you have any further questions! There’s plenty of different types of butterflies too, if you’re not weirded out by bugs I recommend looking them up. 


The Spanish Alphabet (and other sounds in Spanish) by Butterfly Spanish

For people who are really interested in pronunciation and the different phonemes in Spanish.