it's a really bad time for me rn


drawing some yasuhooooo because i love her! also josuke is there….

Imagine sleeping over at the Seventeen dorm and having to share one blanket with Woozi because there wasn’t any extra for you to use so you two had to cuddle really closely just to fit both your bodies under that one blanket.

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I started to eat normal a few months ago after a long time of restricted eating and ED tendencies. I thought that it was the best decision for me even though i still struggle with wanting to be skinny (I'm working on that mindset).. and my mother told me that i am getting fat. I know it's not true, I'm barely at a healthy weight rn. But that comment just fuels my bad thoughts about how disgusting i look now that I'm gaining weight... i really don't know how to be healthy without starving

What the hell!!? Why does your Mother say something like that? I mean, honestly, why?! Doesn’t she know you have an eating disorder? That’s nowhere near being sensitive and I (sorry) have no idea how a mother can say something like that to her daughter. Keep going girl, if you know that you’re still not at a healthy weight, then please keep gaining weight and eating more!! And even if you reach a healthy weight, as long as your mind is still sick you need to keep fighting. Don’t let anyone in our brainwashed world tell you you need to be skinny to be beautiful. Being beautiful comes from the inside out, not from being skinny. A beautiful human is a HEALTHY and HAPPY human, someone who is confident in his/her own body. Nothing is more worth than recovering to get there. You can do this ❤

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could you please do an imagine where you're middle of binge eating and you're purging in the bathroom and eric and dylan walk in? i have an ed and it's pretty bad rn :( ps i love your writing!

I’m so sorry you’re having a rough time my dear. I love you and I’m always here if you need me, okay?

((i’d also like to note that while i did used to struggle with an eating disorder i never purged, so i really hope i didn’t somehow misrepresent or undermine the issue))

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this week has been so strange and heavy. my sister passed away on thursday, and i’m so over my head. i know the best thing now is to go day by day, but at times it all hits me and what the fuck. im really fucking sad and anxious. this is devastating and unfair and i really thought we’d have so much more time. and now we don’t, and it hits me how so much of this is about who i love, and its all so fucking fleeting and fragile. i keep getting terrified that someone else will go, and that life will keep pushing. i don’t know how i’m supposed to go on with this weight that’s pressing so bad. right now what’s helping is talking to my dad often, and being around people that i love. i’m usually all for alone time, but rn i need to be surrounded by love and ppl that help w the anxiety. haisu told me to go off w my life thing. because now more than ever my health will matter. and i guess i want to try that, since it’s something i can actually control. i’m not really sure how this goes though. just knowing there’s a funeral and burial coming up makes it bad again. im not alone tho, and im
gonna hold on to that.

late night update bc i feel bad for not being as active on here??

i’m just really tired and kinda lowkey dissociating with the internet rn bc i keep having bad experiences with everything and i swear i read your guys’ messages i just have been dissociating (mentioned already lmaoo) and i love and appreciate all of you that send me nice asks like it actually brightens my day some and i just hope i can bring some nice content to you guys so i can return the favor <3

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so my friends just said that lwymmd is bad bc its just a diss track and i really wanna defend taylor but at the same time im oh so tired bc ive had this fight so many times and no matter how much i try to explain they already establish her as a bad person so they wont listen to me and im so frustrated rn

honestly honestly honestly like on the real……. if they’re really your friends they wouldn’t make you feel bad about the shit you like. none of my friends are anywhere near as much of a fan as i am but like they all text me when shit drops to hear my thoughts, if i’m in control of an aux cord they’ll ask me to put on a taylor song bc they know i won’t bc i don’t want to annoy them, like that’s the kind of support you want. i don’t want to tell you to drop your friends but just…. idk something to think on.

i really dont know why but im currently feeling so… bad, so upset, so sad…and i dont even know why? i have so many mixed feelings inside of me right now and i dont even know what im even feeling rn tbh.. i just feel like crying but at the same time just staying in my room forever and its weird cause everythings been going good lately but i just… i feel bad

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is it okay to be a lesbian but not really like being called gay? ik im gay bc of same gender attraction but i prefer to be called a lesbian. i used to only call myself gay, it took me a long time to use the word lesbian for myself. and now that im okay with the word, i love it. i love being a lesbian. ppl say its dumb when i ask them to call me a lesbian instead of gay, i think it might be bc a lotta ppl still see it as a bad word or a p*rn category though. are my preferences ridiculous?

no, that makes a lot of sense! Lesbian is treated as a dirty word and once you’re finally able to say lesbian without feeling gross about it, you want everyone to call you a lesbian. Because it’s who you are. If anyone protests to calling you a lesbian, they’re a piece of shit.

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ahhh i'm the anon who got the piercing.. i got a septum one, and my sister did it for me ((she's pierced about 6 people's before, and everything was sanitary)).. i love it but it aches really bad rn ;-; i clean it like 3 times a day now with salt water... it hurt so bad D; like i was crying so much.. but legit i looked at your blog and it cheered me up a bit haha. <3 ilysm

yeah, it’s gonna hurt a bit but in like 6 weeks you’ll be all good!!

ok i forgot 2 mention but my dermatologist told me to Never Do Any Facemask Never Touch Any Oil Never Use Anything That Is Not My Cleanser Toner Moisturizer And Sunscreen bc my skin is That Fucking Sensitive

Day 8

Concilliation toward 7 and How did we end up like this were FREAKING AMAZING CHATS. It reveals/summarizes some things just so good. And its so angsty, it hurts!!! But I feel like by this point I understand so much more of the backstory. It’s a great thing.

However I’m falling into the trap of wanting MC to comfort him as a girlfriend whereas I know I should stick to my initial desire of NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOOL! HE NEEDS FRIENDHSIP RN!!!! So I really have to chill but its hard! This route hurts SO BAD.

Also I’m frustrated about Ray. I want to be nice to him bc he needs to experience kindness wothout that being the same as being on his side or creating an opening for him to hurt me or the RFA. I want kindness with a backbone… I’ll have to fanfic it xD

@people who get pissy when mcu doesn’t follow comic book canon to the letter, have you considered the following alternatives:

- Petting a dog

- Looking at the clouds

- Eating some toast

- Going back to your comics and being happy about interesting, alternative storylines instead of acting like you’re somehow superior to people who haven’t read them

- Taking a nap

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Resignation letter? You quitting your job? -buff anon

yeah, no one’s really surprised though (not in a bad way)

theres this Thing that goes on with me and its flaring up again, and i keep having to call out sick. but, we can’t afford to go to the dr every time i miss a shift (mcdonalds REQUIRES doctor’s notes, or so im told) so im handing in my resignation letter

not 2 mention the manager i have to deal w/ is. being unnecessarily passive aggressive about it so. lol

Courtesy Email

From: P. Capaldi [mailto:]

Sent: Tuesday, September 2, 2015, 5:08 pm

To: M. Smith [mailto:]

Dear Matt,

Met ‘The Wife’ today. Absolutely delightful, clever and funny woman. We start filming Christmas Special soon - River Song finally meets the Twelfth Doctor. Steven has a really witty and humorous script this time, with lots of snow and flirting bad enough to melt the snow. Rest all, as wife says, ‘spoilers’.

Best regards,


P.S. The wife sends her love

P.P.S. You might not want to watch the last ten minutes of the Christmas episode. Or, so Steven and Alex tell me.

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Hi! I was wondering if comparing your art to others is a bad idea? I've found myself doing it a lot and it leaves me feeling distressed, like I couldn't possibly improve. What should I do?

I feel like there is more cons to it than pros. its definitely a double edged sword. For me, comparing my art to others has been a REALLY bad thing. I was really insecure and jealous of a lot of people for a very long time and it ruined a lot of relationships i could have had because of a feeling of jealousy and mediocrity i had. i have a lot of regrets literally stemming from this problem so i’m feeling really empathetic to you rn. comparing yourself to others in any way isn’t really fair, because we all grew up in relatively different times, places, had different experiences and people in our lives to affect the outcome building up to How we draw and who we are today. Distressed is a REALLY good word for how it feels when i compare myself to people who i feel are better to me, but iv started to cope with those feelings by asking myself,, WHY are you REALLY jealous of this person, and is it rational? when it comes down to it it’s just jealousy that you’re not who they are, but you can never be who they are, and they can never be who YOU are. you have to face the real reasons why you feel you’re jealous (im assuming) of this person/people.

But comparing yourself to others can also be a really good thing, it can help you learn what you want to put into your art and learn from them, and help you establish some goals for yourself. but in times when im in a mood dip i sometimes have to completely disconnect from the internet and seeing others art because it can negatively effect me very deeply. what matters is how you react + acknowledge to these feelings and decide 2 cope with them. You’re always going to improve so long as you keep going! i’ve always used my envy to fuel me into getting better. i’m pretty shameful about how envious of a person i am but i feel like its really important to recognise who you are. i get really insecure thoughts like i could be/should be/would’ve been/ better if i had done blah blah blah. You just HAVE to keep going. determination is gonna get you through this! :”) keep doing studies, keep  making fanart, whatever it is you love, you’re gonna get better just by doing it! 

when you start overthinking and feeling those anxious feelings in your chest, take a break from everything and breathe alittle. it’s going to be OK. you can always start fresh in the morning/evening and you can always practice alittle bit more every day. restarting and resting is always an option for you.

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hey, could you direct me to some good resources regarding the invasion of iraq in general? it really dawned on me that I have literally 0 clue wtf even honestly happened, and im wanting to kinda fix that. i've been looking around but its really hard to dig up things that aren't really bad and reactive. also i know this is kinda a bad question because its such an exspansive thing but i just dont really know how else to phrase it. thanks! love your blog :D

Thanks! Uhh I’m trying to think of a good single or few sources for this topic rn but at the same time I think @antoine-roquentin is probably more well equipped to give an exhaustive answer for this sorta thing than I am