it's a real number

The biggest problem with this boy
is that he doesn’t seem to believe
that he’s beautiful.
This is a problem, of course,
because he knocks the wind out of you
every time he so much as looks at you
and you can’t help but think
that if he understood his own radiance
he would never touch you

One Piece Ladies - Viola

Episode 632: “A Dangerous Love! The Dancer Girl - Violet!


Stranger Things meets Harry Potter as Matthew Lewis reveals “inspiration" behind his tattoo

As it turns out, Lewis has actually had the tattoo for several years now (sure, it was way before Stranger Things premiered, but nothing a Time Turner can’t fix, right?) and said at Dragon Con in 2008 that its real meaning comes from his soccer squad number. “It was on my mind for ages what to get, so I said, why not get that because it’s always going to be my squad number, it’s never going to change,” he said.

if theres one thng that my ethnic friends hav taught me its tht horoscopes are real and tht stars and numbers dont lie. all white ppl hav evr done is call me problematic for appropriating tarot culture and burn sage in my ghost-free distinctly unhaunted Safe Space


this is one of the best songs ever written and its a real shame that its not a number one smash because i swear this is a true smash 

I’ve spent a long time trying to contact this artist but she’s impossible to find which makes me more obsessed with her weirdness and high quality 

literally watch this video like at least once every 2 months for at least 2 years i don’t know why I’m addicted to it

for some reason i feel like engaging with stalkers and receiving nasty messages aren’t the same thing but maybe that’s just me

Jack Zimmermann, looking confused at his laptop. Bitty Bittle is written where the name is meant to go in order to book some plane tickets. Something is wrong. Oh yeah, it’s Bitty Richard Bittle. How could he forget?

oK bros. the other week, a couple days before january 30th, my boyfriend was walking outside and some guy stopped him and asked for a phone number and to hook up or whatever and my boyfriend said he has a Bf and th guy asked for the number still and to be friends. Ok so he gets my bfs number and calls it to make sure its real. then my bf leaves caus e hes scared? thas scary? and the guy texted him and stuff snd my bf never replied. He started calling and texting. and i told my bf to give me his number. I texted him and i got someone saying its his SISTER. LOL OK BRO. IM CRYIN THEN AFTER A WHILE HE KEPT GETTING PRIVATE PHONE CALLS AND MY BF ANSWERED AND HE SAYS IT SOUNDED LIKE THE GUY. AND HE SAID GROSS STUFF. SEXUALLY HARASS MY BF. OK. and now my bf is scared to go outside and stuff or talk to men because of him! and its so annoying

Do The ABCs

A- Age: 16
B- Biggest Fear: being forgotten
C- Current Time: 11:14 pm
D- Drink you last had: milk 
E- Easiest Person To Talk To: my bff shannon :))
F- Favorite Song: ride by twenty one pilots
G- Grossest Memory: ugh this one time my dogs rolled in some animal poop and it smelled sooooooo bad and it took 5 washes to get them clean :/
H- Hobbies:  singing mostly 
I- In love with: ?? no one really
J- Jealous Of: everyone and everything :/
K- Kissed Someone: never ever :’((
L- Longest Relationship: never had a real relationship
M- Middle Name: Em…… no its a secret!!!
N- Number of Siblings: I have 2 half-siblings if those count, but other than that i don’t have any.
O- One Wish: to have a real good group of friends that I never worry if they hate me
P-Person who you last called: my mother
Q- Question you’re always asked: “is that your real hair color???” (btw it isn’t)
R- Reason to smile: im finally getting over worrying about someone
S- Song you last sang: blue by marina and the diamonds
T- Time you woke up: like 11 am
U- Underwear Color: gray & white
V- Vacation Destination: australia would be a dream
W- Worst Habit: having a hard time holding a conversation sometimes :(
X- Xrays you’ve had: i had an xray when i was in kindergarten because i broke my arm
Y- Your favorite food: chocolate
Z- Zodiac Sign: aquarius

When you start working full time, make a real effort to hang out with friends who invite you to hang out with them

The days really start to fly by when you’re working full time and you’re going to have fewer and fewer opportunities to see your buddies from school or college as the number of responsibilities you have increase. Its a real bummer when you clear part of your weekend to see someone and they flake out on you. People remember that.