it's a quote from his dad

Aiden: I just got a new notebook, what should I put in it?

Ted: Put spaghetti in it.

Aiden: I’m taking suggestions from anyone else.

Chris: Put spaghetti in it.

Aiden: I’m taking suggestions from anyone except you two.

Chris’ mom: Put spaghetti in it.

Aiden: I’m no longer taking suggestions.

Imagine being Mama Winchester...

A/n: John doesn’t die in this one, he is alive, and hunting, and as you could guess from the title dating you, [Y/N] Singer. 

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 "Mary.“ John hissed as you closed the door to the bunker, your long time lover looking over the banister of the stairs leading into the open area storing the map table. 

Looking at him, you could see how his knuckles turned white, his face losing its color as he looked hard into the space. 

"John.” You heard a woman’s voice, a softness to it as drifted to your ears, a tone of love to it. 

“Dad, see the hunt went well.” You could hear the awkwardness in Sam’s voice as you pressed yourself against the door, not daring to move into sight, knowing what was waiting below, for John Winchester was not returning from a hunt…. 

“Ummmm yeah, had to work undercover at a elite party, figured I would dress the part. 6 vamps, bitches to kill.” He replied as he loosened the tie. 

“Well please come downstairs, I would love to catch up with you.” The woman responded, causing John to loosen his hold on the banister, and turn slightly towards the stairs, catching sight of you against the door, your own face matching his in paleness. And then he started down the stairs, leaving you alone by the door. 

“Oh how I have missed you.” The female said, you could hear her walking against the floor. 

“Yeah, I’ve missed you too." 

 "Our boys tell me you have become quite the hunter. Even said you escaped death a few times, and helped save the world." 

"Yeah, Mary how are you…" 

 "That doesn’t matter, what is important is that we can be a family again, and the boys can finally have a mother. Now what do you say we all go get some pie at the diner…" 

"NO!” John shouted, your body sliding softly down the door, he didn’t want Mary to see you, you were a secret, a mystery, and as far as Mary knew, not the girlfriend of John Winchester. 

“I mean I’m tired, and I know there is a nice home made pie in the fridge that the boys and I picked up at a farmers market,” (more like you made it for John and the boys), “why not we go to the kitchen and get it, while the boys go get my bag, I think I left it by the door.” John instructed before the sound of footsteps began and faded quickly. 

The silence quickly filled however by the sound of the two giants bounding up the stairs, halting upon reaching the top. 

“Mom….” Dean started, however he stopped at the sound of your sob. 

“I hate school. I don’t wanna go back.” A 16 year old Dean snapped at you as you prepared a pie for the evening in the motel. He slammed himself into the chair, as he did. 

“Well we both know that your father won’t accept that, so why don’t you tell me what’s wrong.” You turned from the crust and sat across from the young adult. 

“We all have to present a paper on the most influential person in our lives tomorrow, to the parents. What are we 5?" 

"Well I am sure they have their reasoning behind it. Besides this should be easy for you, just tell a funny story about your dad and…" 

"Yeah, let me tell the whole school about how me and my dad kill the supernatural, sure it will go over great." 

"Well no, but you could talk about…" 

"I’m not doing it." 

"Fine, you don’t have to, but you still have to go, unless you want your father to never let you have the car again.” You replied before getting up, “now would you like to help me with the pie?“ 

 That morning you got both teens up, lunches already packed for them, along with backpacks. Breakfast sat out on the table. 

"So your father said he would be home by the end of the week, and then I think him, Bobby and Rufus are gonna work a case.” You dictated the message you were left to the two boys. 

“So we get to stay with Uncle Bobby?" 

 "Yes Sammy, and what have I said about talking with a mouth full of food?" 

"Sorry mom.” Sam sighed. 

“I don’t get why you call her that.” Dean snapped. 

“Call her what?” Sam innocently asked 

“Mom. She isn’t your mother, she died remember." 

"Yeah I remember, and I also know [Y/N] has basically raised us since before her and Dad were together, so to me she is mom." 

"That is only cause you don’t remember what Mom was really like, I do! And she isn’t it.” He snapped before looking at you harshly, “and she never will be." 

"Dean.” You hissed back, trying to conceal the tears from your eyes and the lump in your throat as he took his still full plate of food and dumped it out. 

“Sam I’ll wait for you in the car.” And with that the door slammed, lunch still on the counter. 

 After crying for most of the morning, you got dressed up and headed to the school gymnasium, where many couples filled the room, talking amongst themselves about how their child wrote their paper about them. You took a seat in the third row, as a middle aged woman turned her head towards you, “I’m sorry, you must be lost, this is a parent only event, gym has been cancelled." 

"No I am in the right spot, my boyfriend’s son just transferred here, unfortunately he couldn’t get off of work to be here, but I came to show l support to his son." 

 "Oh.” The disgust clear on her face as she turned away from you. 

 And then one by one each student filed out and read their paper; parents and students beaming as they did. 

“And finally Dean Winchester.” The teacher announced as he slowly walked out on stage, his eyes scanning the crowd, hoping as always for his father, yet they only met yours, you could see the disappointment yet acceptance in his face. 

And as he got to the front of the stage, he inhaled and exhaled…. 

 "Hey, I’m Dean, most of you don’t know me, and most of you won’t have the time to know me. I am sure too a shit ton of you are all expecting me to talk about my father, so here you go. My Dad is a shitty dad, I mean yeah he loves my brother and I but he is still shitty at being a dad. See when We were little my brother and I lost our mother, and my father became obsessed with finding her killer, and stopped really taking care of us. He has missed all the important shit, birthdays, holidays, school functions, he’ll he missed my little brother’s performance as tree #4 when he was in pre-school. So yeah I love him, but this isn’t going to be about him, it is going to be about my mom.“ 

 You smiled at the thought of Dean talking about Mary, she would have been… 

"Now I know you all heard me say moments ago that she died, and I was four, so how has she had an impact on my life. See family is more then blood and when I was 7 my father told my brother and I that we were going to see a lot more of a woman who voluntarily watched us for years, she was the daughter of our dad’s best friend. She had never missed a single thing, a single big moment in our lives. She was the one who clapped the loudest when my brother said his one line in the play as tree #4, she is the one who every year makes me a pecan pie for my birthday, and a vanilla cake for my brothers, she makes sure we are fed, doing our work, and just happy kids. She talked my father into taking her car, just so that I could drive my brother and I to school everyday in his Impala. She is even sitting here right now, listening to me rant about her, after this morning I told her she would never be as good as my mother, which is true. She is better." 

 And then he jumped off the stage, and towards your seat at the end of the row, you rose as he opened his arms and engulfed your crying self in his arms. And from that day on, he always called you Mom. 

"Mom.” He whispered as you raised your red rimmed eyes towards him, “Is it really…" 

"Yeah.” Sam responded as each boy sat on either side of you. 

 "So I guess I should go pack my stuff then.“ You whispered, both Sam and Dean pulling you back down as you tried to stand. 

"No. Dad would be a fool to choose her over you, besides she seems like a real bitch anyway." 

"Dean, this is all you have ever wanted though, your family is back together." 

"It was together before she showed up. You are our family." 

"Family is more then just blood.” Sam quoted, as you smiled slightly. 

However the moment was ruined when John screamed up the stairs, “Honey, can you come here a second?" 

"Honey?” Mary questioned as both Sam and Dean helped you up, and then walked to the banister with you, Mary’s eyes widening in shock as Dean said, “Mary, meet the woman Sammy and I consider our mother." 

"So she is gone.” You whispered to John, as you held an ice pack to his newly forming black eye. 

“Yeah, for now.” He chuckled. 

“Guess she really didn’t like the fact that you moved on." 

"Yeah. But I am glad I did, and that the boys love you enough to consider you better then Mary." 

"They are good kids John. You did well raising…" 

"We both know you are the only one I can thank for raising my boys.” John whispered , his hands cradling your hips as you smiled, “I guess now though the surprise is ruined." 

"What surprise?" 

"Well the plan was to come home and the boys were going to decorate the world table, with pie and roses, an old boom box was going to play the Floyd 8-track, and I was going to give ya this, even though it is a few decades too late.” He reached in the right pocket of the jacket and removed a small black box, “and then I was gonna ask if you would still be interested in marrying this old bastard. And I was hoping you would say…”

“Yes.” You interrupted as you leaned forward and kissed him, it was long and gentle, and rudely interrupted. 

“Gross, stop making out in my kitchen.” Dean joked as you both pulled apart, a smile on your face. 

You couldn’t have been happier.


A/N: here’s part two of HIMYM! sorry it took me forever to post!

  • PAIRING: Remus Lupin x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which a 40-year old Remus Lupin tells the story of how he met his wife.
  • WORDS: 2013

Okay…so where was I up to?” Narrator Remus says, trying to remember what part he was up to in the story he was currently telling his two kids. “Oh right! So, when Y/N threw a drink in my face your Uncle Sirius came in…”

Sirius came in after he saw the scene that had unfolded between Y/N and Remus, “De…wait for it…nied! Denied.” Chuckling, he retorted.

Remus held up the business card his dream girl gave him up Sirius’ face, “we’re going out tomorrow night.” He smirked, putting the card safely into his jacket pocket.

Sirius felt hurt by him, “wait, I thought we were going to do something tomorrow night.”

Moony grabbed a napkin to wipe off the spilled Martini on his face by the girl, “believe me Pads I want to but she’s probably the one, just be happy for me for once.” Sirius just nodded, still feeling a bit bummed.

“The next day, I took her out to this small restaurant, out in Manchester.” Older Moony told his kids.

“Wow, that is one badass blue french horn.” The American girl said as she looked to her side to see a large blue french horn hanging on the wall, opposite the pair.

“Yeah,” her date answered, “sort of looks like some sort of smurf penis.”

“Teddy, a piece of advice. When you go on a first date with a girl, you really don’t want to say something along the lines of smurf penis. Girls don’t usually like that.”

She laughed, almost spitting her drink.

“But this wasn’t some ordinary girl.”

“Do you even have the Smurfs in England?” She questioned between fits of laughter.

He smiled, the chuckles dying down. “You’ll be surprised.”

On the walk back to her apartment the pair started up a conversation. “I gotta get one of those blue French horns for over my fireplace. It’s gotta be blue, gotta be French.”

“No green clarinet?”


“Come on, no purple tuba?”

The young woman gave the charming young man in front of her a playful death glare, “It’s a smurf penis or no dice.” To which he chuckled at the sentence.

A van came by, stopping right when it caught sight of Y/N. “There you are! We got a jumper back at the Tower Bridge. Come on, you’re covering it!”

Y/N just looked at her colleague that was behind the wheel in bewilderment, torn between her job and the amazing guy she met 24 hours ago. “Um, okay you know what, I’ll be right there.”

She turned to Remus, “I’m sorry. But, you should know I had a really great time tonight.”


At the trio’s shared apartment, James was sat on the cream-colored couch surfing through a muggle newspaper, Lily seated next to him an eyepatch on her left eye reading the daily prophet she somehow gets delivered at the apartment.

“Lily…” James started, scaring his fiance half to death.

“How long have you been sitting there? Stupid eyepatch.” She frowned, covering the eyepatch.

Right at that moment, Remus came through the brown wooden door, “Mum, Dad, I have found the future Mrs. Remus Lupin.” He joked. “James, how have I described my perfect woman?”

“Ah, let’s see…she likes dogs?”

The charming sandy-brown headed man nodded, “she has five dogs.”

“Drinks scotch?”

“She loves a scotch that’s old enough to order its own scotch.” Moony quoted remembering what his dream woman said during their fantastic time at dinner.

“Quotes lines from The Godfather?”

“Yup, ‘I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.’” He said imitating the character from The Godfather, Vito Corleone the same way Y/N did during their date. He sat down getting enthusiastic for what he’s about to say, “And I’m saving the best for last…she’s also a wizard.”

The couple beamed with happiness for their best friend, “That’s amazing! But the two of you literally just met, how did she come clean just like that?”

“She told me she had a hunch that she knew I was a wizard. However, she went to Ilvermorny whilst we went to Hogwarts.”

Lily interrupted the conversation, “Wait, it’s only the brick of 10:30, what happened?”

“She got called by her job.”

“So, did you kiss her?”

Moony shook his head, “no, the moment wasn’t right.” The young fiancees rolled their eyes, adjusting themselves in their spot on the couch. Remus saw their unimpressed faces and continued his sentence, “look, this woman could actually be my future wife I want our first kiss to be amazing.”

Lily awed, “Remus that’s so sweet. So you chickened out like a little bitch?”

The messy sandy-haired man lulled his head to the side, looking at the redhead before him, “what? I did not chicken out, y’know what…” he trailed off sitting up from his spot on the armchair, “I don’t need to take first kiss advice from some pirate who hasn’t been single since the first week of the 7th year.”

The redhead stood up to meet Remus’ towering height, “Rem, anyone who’s single would tell you the same thing. Even the dumbest single person alive, and if you don’t believe me call him.”

That’s when the man grabbed the telephone next to him and called the first person that came to mind when his friend said ‘the dumbest single person alive.’ Sirius Black.

“Hey, Pads, sorry to interrupt you on whatever…you’re doing. But, I need your opinion on something.”

The ebony haired man furrowed his brows through the phone, “wait who is this?”

Remus rolled his light green orbs, “It’s Moony.”

“Oh! Hey Moons, meet me at the bar right now. And suit up!” He yelled through the phone, hanging up.

“So, they’re thinking I chickened out,” Remus started, pointing at the redhead and brunet as the quartet was sat in their usual booth of their all too favorite bar. “What do you think?”

“I can’t believe you’re still not wearing a suit,“ Padfoot shouted at Moony.

Remus rolled his eyes, “she didn’t even give me the signal.”

Sirius aggravatingly set his drink down, “what is she going to bat her eyes at you in morse code?” He started to mimic exactly what he said, blinking uncontrollably, “Rem…kiss me. No! You just kiss her.”

“Not if you don’t get the signal.”

Sirius frustratedly grabbed James’ face that he was conveniently next to and locked lips with him to prove his point.

“Did James give me the signal?” He pointed at Prongs.

“No! I didn’t, baby, I swear to Merlin.” James gave a pleading look to Lily, who nodded her head at him giving him a forgiving look.

“But at least tonight, I get to sleep knowing James and me, never gon’ a happen. You should’ve kissed her.”

“Ugh, I should’ve kissed her.” Remus said looking down, “well, maybe in a week when she gets back from Scotland.”

“A week? That’s like a year in hot-girl time.” Sirius retorted making a face. “She’ll forget all about you, mark my words you will never see that one again.” The jet black haired man jabbed a stern finger at him, drink in hand.

Remus looked up at the television up at the bar area, “There she is.” The rest of the quartet’s turned towards the box TV. The screen showed a gorgeous girl standing in front of the Tower Bridge.

“Oh, she’s pretty. Hey bartender, turn it up.”

“…persuaded him to reconsider. At which point the man came down off the ledge, giving this bizarre story a happy ending. Reporting from BBC News, back to you Bill.”

“Wow and she’s American.” The redhead gushed.

Remus stood from his seat, “I’m going to go kiss her, right now.”

“Look, mate, it’s midnight. As your future lawyer, I’m going to have to advise you that’s fucking crazy.”

The light brunet man put his hands up in the air, “I never do anything crazy. I’m always waiting for the moment, more importantly, planning the moment. Well, she’s leaving tomorrow this may be the only moment I can get. I have to do what that guy couldn’t. I have to take the leap,” He paused, “Okay, maybe not a perfect metaphor ‘cause for me it’s fall in love and get married and for him, it’s resulting… death.” Remus furrowed his brows at his confusing speech.

“Actually, that is a perfect metaphor.” The ebony haired man said looking up at Remus from where he’s sat at, he then turned towards Lily and James raising his glass in the air, “by the way, did I congratulate you two?”

“I’m doing this.” Remus said about to walk out of the bar until Lily uttered a ‘let’s go’ grabbing her purse.

“We’re coming with you.” The redhead responded her purse in one hand, James’ hand in the other. “Sirius?”

“All right, but under one condition. You suit up.”

The quad was now in the taxi, about to drive to Y/N’s apartment.

“You suited up!” The ebony-haired man said happily from the back seat, “this is totally going in my journal!”

Remus was in the front seat when he told the driver to stop the car, “uh, pull over right over there.” He gestured to the parking space, “I gotta do something.” The light-brunet man told his friends getting out of the taxi.

He jogged towards the bistro the pair went to not long ago, “excuse me, sorry,” Moony uttered grabbing the blue French horn that was hung up on the wall, “enjoy your coffee.” He told the young couple he previously stood on their table to grab the fake instrument.

The waiter called out after him, “hey!”

The moment he got in the car he’s already telling the driver to step on it, his friends just watched him in wonder. “Everyone brings flowers.” The young man shrugged.

After the seven-minute car ride, they were right outside of her apartment. He huffed a breath of air he didn’t know he had been holding, “okay…moment of truth, wish me luck.”

Sirius was rooting for him, smiling a goofy smile, “Remus is gon’ a get it on with a TV reporter. ‘This just in,’ okay.” He held out a hand for his friends to high five.

Lily just looked at him from beside him shaking her head, Sirius shook his head with her realizing the pun he came up with was dumb, putting his arm down. “Kiss her Rem, and kiss her good.” The redhead gushed, fangirling already.

James encouraged him patting his back, “kiss the shit out’ that girl.”

Remus turned towards him, “Prongs, remember this night. When you’re the best man at our wedding and you give the speech, you’re gonna tell this story.” Then he exited the taxi.

The handsome dark-haired man shook his head, “why does he get to be the best man?!” He shouted after him, “I’m your best friend!”

Older Remus’ raspy voice started to explain, “As I walked up to that door, a million thoughts raced through my mind. Unfortunately, one particular thought did not. The fact she had five dogs.”

Once younger Remus had ringed the bell from outside for her to answer, the dogs started barking from the other side. He got scared half to death, “not good, not good, not good, nope.” Lupin kept repeating walking away towards the car.

The taxi was right next to him, the windows rolled down so he could hear his friends yell, “No! Get back in there! You’re wearing a suit!”

“Remus?” Y/N said, questionably from the window of her apartment on the second floor.

“Hi.” He greeted rather sweetly. The girl smiled at him, secretly asking in her mind why the hell he was outside of her apartment all dressed up on the brick of one AM. “I was just uh…” Remus wasn’t really good with words no matter how many books he’s read, without thinking he just held up the French horn.

The Y/H/C headed beauty beamed with surprise and happiness immediately understanding, “come on up.”

“And, that, kids is the true story of how I met your mother,” Remus told his kids.

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that  is  the  question

  • Percy: Annabeth I just watched the best movie known to man!
  • Annabeth: What movie, Seaweed Brain?
  • Percy: It's about a man who's wife is brutally murdered by a serial killer and his son is left physically disabled. Years later, his son his kidnapped and the dad had to track him down hundreds of miles from home with a mentally disabled woman.
  • Annabeth: O.O
  • Annabeth: What movie is this?
  • Percy, smirking: Finding Nemo.
Toxic Dads

You are going to be more than okay. Whether it was because of an addiction, constant excuses for not being there, an irresistible urge to put you down, an indifference or inability to give and receive love, his past, pride, selfishness, the fact that he’s weak or scared, or just the heartbreak of dealing with a man who’s broken, you did the hardest break-up that your heart will ever have to endure. You need to understand how brave you are.

He is your creator but it was his job to be much more than that. There should have been a consistent effort on his part – to nurture and shape you. To influence you with his strength, love and kindness. It was his job to teach you that people don’t leave when things get hard. That people fight for what’s worth fighting for. It was his job to be the one person in the world  who would never hurt you.

A father should teach you how not to be afraid, to be open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. A father should make you feel like everything will be okay.

You didn’t give up – you realized that you can’t change people. You’ve reached your breaking point and said, screw him and all his darkness. You learned how easy it is to get broken in the effort to keep a relationship with a toxic person. You have learned that no, it is not your job. And no, it is not your fault. As the child it is the father’s job to always be there for you.
You need to understand that he should have done his best to make you proud. To be there for your first heartbreak and your last. To help you get back up. To know you: who you love, what makes you happy, what moves you, what your dreams and passions are. To know all the depths of you – and you of him.

Your father created you, but he can never destroy you. You have realized that loving yourself means being strong enough to cut ties with him, and embracing all the gifts you have in your life.

I know that a toxic father’s power can be haunting – comfortable in its home in your bones. I know you can feel it every time you get close to someone. You’re incredibly uncomfortable letting them see your most vulnerable parts. No matter how much you love someone, you guard your heart as a way to protect yourself from any potential pain you might face. But none of that will spill out very easily. You don’t want anyone’s pity.

Your big, brave heart let go of the only man you truly ever needed when you were not done needing him. Because you know you are worth so much more than dealing with constant disappointments. You deserve so much credit that you definitely do not get enough of.

By letting go, by breaking up with your toxic father, you are fully opening yourself up to your ability to love others. Without the toxicity, there is nothing stopping you to be fearless, embrace life, and embrace yourself. Let yourself be with people who support and make you feel safe – who are worthy of your effort and love. And don’t ever be frustrated if you still love him, just be sure to love him from afar.

  • D.VA: This is my boyfriend, Junkrat. And his boyfriend Lucio.
  • Soldier 76: Wait. What's the situation?
  • Lucio: What do you mean?
  • Soldier 76: How does this work?
  • D.VA: Junkrat is gay but he's straight for me and he's gay for Lucio and Lucio's bi for both of us.
  • Junkrat: It's not that complicated.
  • Lucio: No.
  • Soldier 76: Oh. Yeah, sure.
  • [Soldier 76 later talking to Mercy]
  • Soldier 76: The thing about youth culture is I don't understand it.

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*slides you 10 dollar bill across the table* my day's kinda been crap and I would be eternally grateful for a pick-me-up, could you maybe write a jamilton fic based off of 14 or 17 in the new list? :> shhh this isn't a bribe shhhhhhhhh

Aaah I’m sorry this took so long. I hope your day got better! Anyways I decided to go with both 14 and 17 because it links nicely back to the first request I ever got.

Send me a prompt if you want me to write something for you! If you use a list just specify old list or new list.

“You’re supposed to talk me out of this.” And “I have contemplated becoming a hermit.”

“Alex! Come on! It was one bad grade!” Thomas sat outside Alex’s bedroom, listening to the grumbling coming from inside. “It’s not the end of the world.”

“I failed a test, Thomas.” Alex yelled back. “In my dad’s class!”

Thomas rolled his eyes. “Everyone fails at some point, Alexander. One test isn’t going to hurt your average. And do you really think Mr. Washington is going to be mad at you?”

“I failed in his class! Out of all the classes it had to be his!”

“He knows you were busy this week,” Thomas insisted. “Plus, everyone failed that test. You still got the highest grade in the class.”

“But that’s still failing.”

Thomas let out an exasperated sigh. “Well what are you going to do about it? Stay in your room forever?” When Alex hesitated to answer, he pressed further. “Alex?”

“I have contemplated becoming a hermit.”

Thomas let his head drop into his hands, then made a decision.

“All right. Fine,” he said, standing up. “Good luck with that.”

“Wait what?” Alex’s door flew open. The boy’s hair was falling out of its ponytail, and his eyes were red from him rubbing his sweatshirt sleeves against them in an attempt not to cry. “You’re supposed to talk me out of this. Last time I said that John and—”

“Wait, what do you mean ‘last time’?” Thomas asked, making air quotes. “You mean you’ve threatened this before?”

Alex shrugged. “It seems like a pretty solid plan.”

“Oh my God,” Thomas muttered, rubbing his temples. “You idiot.”

Alex stuck out his bottom lip. “You don’t mean that.”

Thomas leaned down and kissed him. “Of course I don’t. Now come on, hermit. Let’s go talk to your dad.”

I spent many hours today writing a Zeke/Gene fic in which Gene is a junior or senior in high school and Zeke is freshman or sophomore at the local college and he works part time at the restaurant.

I’ve spent so much time writing it and didn’t really edit anything so it’s rough but for fun so here you go under the cut

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john lennon was an abuser!

I’m gonna post LINKS to fucking prove you wrong on this one.

  • “… I love you forever and ever isn’t it great? I love you like GUITARS,” he writes. In another letter to Cyn, he says he wishes he were on his way to her flat “with the Sunday papers and choccies and a throbber.”- John Lennon’s Love Letters to Cynthia Powell (soon to be Lennon), yes, the same woman he ABUSED AND BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF? Oh no wait, I’ve got more-Read this to see his personality through his letters, he was more or less very sweet and romanticFew more letters to Cynthia, one with Julian, yes the same son HE ABUSED BUT WHO HE ACTUALLY CARED ABOUT FROM A YOUNG AGE.  I discovered that on his own, away from the cronies to whom he was always trying to prove himself, there was another John lennon. “He was full of pain, full of anger. His father had gone off to sea years ago and his mother, unable to cope, had left young John with her older childless siter, Mimi. Though Mimi had done her best and was devoted to John, he still felt deserted. Then, when he was 17, just as he was getting to know his mother again, she was run over and killed by an off-duty policeman right outside Auntie Mim’s house. In a way he’d lost his mother twice.”-Cynthia Lennon on John, you can read more about their “abusive” relationship HERE. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE- “Although he was still verbally cutting and unkind, he was never again physically violent to me.”- Cynthia Lennon on John slapping her, AS WRITTEN IN HER BOOK. Now hear me out, slapping a girl is a dick move but Cynthia forgave him, so why shouldn’t we? He never hurt her again and was romantic with her after that nonetheless, so its like beating a dead horse.
  • He kissed me, then looked at his son, who was in my arms. There were tears in his eyes: “Cyn, he’s bloody marvellous! He’s fantastic.” He sat on the bed and I put the baby into his arms. He held each tiny hand, marvelling at the miniature fingers, and a big smile spread over his face. “Who’s going to be a famous little rocker like his dad, then?” he said.”- Cynthia Lennon from her book, this quote can also be read HERE. "It’s not the best relationship between father and son, but it is there,“ Lennon said in ‘80. "Julian and I will have a relationship in the future. Over the years he’s been able to see through the Beatle image and to see through the image that his mother will have given him, subconsciously or consciously…I’m just sort of a figure in the sky, but he’s obliged to communicate with me, even when he probably doesn’t want to.” John did deeply care about his son even in his last years, he tried to mend things, he tried to tie lose ends but sadly he never got the chance to. “He was young and didn’t know what the hell he was doing,” Julian told Record Collector magazine in 2011. “He was like a real dad, you know. We used to sit down with guitars and mess around.”- Julian Lennon. You can read the quote HERE. Julian too, has forgiven his dad and has admitted that his dad did care about him but the truth is that John wasn’t ready to be a father AND has had no fatherly figure in his life. You have to realise John never came from a normal household buddy, try to see it from his point of view rather than an angry person reading a very fake article
  • The problem is the MEDIA, they don’t read their facts and judge the man so quickly and they write bullshit articles like the one above. I’ve not seen a single WORD from Yoko claiming that John had hit her, you need to read well on this man to actually understand him and if you don’t read and tell me he’s an abuser, then you’re wrong. I’m not saying he hasn’t made mistakes, he’s made horrible ones but what makes a person a GOOD HUMAN BEING is his remorse to actually MEND THOSE MISTAKES which John did! You have all the right to hate him, IF he hadn’t tried to mend his ways, which he clearly did. 
  • A few more links proving that John was a good man- “My husband John Lennon was a very special man. A man of humble origin, he brought light and hope to the whole world with his words and music.”- Yoko Ono. Read the quote hereWatch this video on Paul talking about John LennonJohn wrote “Beautiful Boy” for Sean and here is Paul’s reaction to this beautiful, touching song. 
  • “Woman I can hardly express, my mixed emotions and thoughtlessness. After all I’m forever in your debt and woman I will try to express my inner feelings and thankfulness for showing me the meaning of success. Woman please let me explain I never meant to cause you sorrow or pain, I love you.”- John’s Song Called “Woman” Yes a song by a man who HATED woman and beat them up, he wrote a song about how he LOVES women and are in-debt to them.
  • I hope the media stops showing John is the wrong light, he really wasn’t a bad man. Why do you think people protect him like I do so? Not because I am blinded its because WE KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS MAN AND OUR HEARTS HURT TO SEE ANYTHING FALSE AOUT HIM.

I’ve collected all the proof I could for you.

  • Xiuhan: Luhan is so thirst y
  • Baekyeol: best bros. bros that do everything together. a lil gay and dumb sometimes but still best bros.
  • Kaisoo: protective jongin and squishy soo = the gayest of the gays
  • Taohun: bros who are gay together but not with each other u feel me?? like they're both super homo but they aren't necessarily gay for each other
  • Chansoo: angry penguin murders giraffe
  • Xiuchen: Greasy
  • Sutao: mom ily
  • Layhan: my bro. brother. ily so much. let's go burn down a building together. yea bro.- a quote from layhan
  • Taoris: ;-; ge ge notice me - wtf get off me im not showerin with you = a classic "Senpai-notice-me" tale.
  • Krisho: used to be like "Aww mom and dad !!" now it's like "BITCH U LEFT ME I WILL SHOW U HOW HOT I AM EAT MY ASS YIFAN"
  • Sekai: bro. ily. ur the best.
  • Hunhan: luhan had a couple one night stands with his biggest fan oh sehun in 2012
  • Suchen: ayy mamacita naega ayayayaya
  • Chankai: used to be like taoris but now it's kinda just sad bc Chanyeol hates everyone now
  • Sexing: kiss kiss fall in gay
  • Baekxing: naega jail ja naga
  • Baeksoo: angry penguin successfully rids the world of the most annoying person ever born
  • Kray: Ge gE~
  • Krisyeol: omg hai- pcy
  • Baekmin: annoying turtle cowers from ab man
  • Baektao: annoying turtle cowers from ab man: The Sequel (*BONUS: turtle's ass is whooped for the second time, but ab man has a weakness: anything with more than four legs!*)
  • Chanhun: wut
  • Kaixing: you seem familiar do i know u ???
  • Xiusoo: angry penguin befriends friendly ab man
  • Chanxing: ears. just ears.
  • Krisoo: the most adorable. angry penguin is adopted by friendly giant
  • Krishun: dad teach me how to dougie
  • Sulay: who are you
  • Baekchen: u wanna go pull suho's pants down? - byun b. bro. are u my soulmate - kim jongdae probably
  • Lukai: cool bros. NOT BDSM DADDY!KAI STOP THIS
  • Taokai: beautiful roasted marshmallow meets beautiful cinnamon bun
  • Chantao: the weather's nice up here LMAO
  • Baekris: dad how do u masturbate
  • Krischen: lol dad ur lame ily
  • Laytao: bros with the deepest connection u feel me
  • Suhun: MOM

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[Excerpt from Inked: Artists-to-Watch Exclusive. PG 35]
[Images: Bilbo’s own tattoos] 

“I try my best to get that warmth and happiness into my work.“ It shows, in every aspect of his art, and perhaps it is this that has made him such a sought after artist, but perhaps it is most obvious in the tattoos he himself has, which he tells me all have messages behind them. 

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I’ve seen quite a few people reblogging the Jared quote about him kinda not liking that Sam had no memories of Dean in Heaven when he got the script, but I haven’t seen any posts about what he said to follow up, which was (paraphrasing from memory):

Thing is, Dean has something good to look back on. He had a family before his mom died; Sam didn’t. He was a baby, so he never knew what it was like to have a mom - his dad was away all the time and he never understood what was going on; his brother was doing weird things and everything was secretive. So I think Sam doesn’t have any good memories of his family in Heaven, because he never really had a family, not in the sense that Dean did. And he never wanted one, you know - if you’ve never tasted chocolate, you don’t know what you’re missing…

Which is something I want to scream from the rooftops.

{{Back from the movie with a ton of new details!

-Hiro and Baymax both copy Tadashi’s speech. Hiro says ‘Unbelievable’ several times after his death and even his 'Yes’. As well as 'Someone has to help’ before throwing themselves into the portal. I noted at least one occasion when Baymax said Tadashi’s line, but I forgot the exact words.

-Tadashi knows how to surf. A surfboard can be seen in his room towards the back.

-Tadashi owns several hats. During a playback of the Baymax tests, he wears a hat with the same logo as his computer- Krei’s company logo.

-Assuming Aunt Cass’s name is actually Cass Hamada as it’s rumored to be, then Hiro and Tadashi’s father is white, and his mother is Japanese.

-Tadashi takes on a more mature and professional old brother feel to him when other’s are around, and tends to rough house with Hiro only when they are alone.

-I can assume Tadashi likes to read, since his room mostly contains books.

-Hiro has a mini fridge in his room under his desk.

-Tadashi’s lab room is usually cluttered and messy

-Tadashi knows/is interested in Karate. He is seen reading a book on karate, and judging from Hiro’s knowledge of the moves he taught Baymax, its possible he taught Hiro karate as well.

-After his death, Honey Lemon is the only friend shown to be told of the news. This implies Tadashi and Honey had a closer relationship than any of the others.


'That is both disgusting and awesome’

'Unbelievable. Ahhh, what would mom and dad think?’

'No, I was just going to tell you your fly was down the whole time.’

'Are you okay? Then What *punch* were *punch* you *punch* thinking?!?’

'Bot fighting is illegal! You could get ARRESTED!’

'Oooh, I don’t know. He seems pretty stuck on his bot fighting career.’

'Welcome to the nerd lab.’}}

Hi. Im livin the dream, on the road in this shitty Volkswagen van making mellow warm coffee house indie with no real meaning that i paid a lot for. Ive got a great tattoo its just a triangle. Ive also got one of a indian which is okay considering im 1/51 croatian which is the same thing. Poverty man… *opens check from dad* Sometimes i harmonize a lot. I used to be rich and in college but i ain’t like that now. Im free. (Krakauer quote) Ive got so many friends so many friends with beards and this poor dog, indonesia, that keeps escaping every time we stop and we have to jump out at night on the road in California screaming INDIE! INDIE WHERE ARE YOU? And we’re all so happy and free and we smell like shit and (Quote by a white male hiker who sawed off his own arm while his border collie licked his face)