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The Patrick Birthday Project!

Patrick will be 33 soon and I was hoping the fandom would help me make this a birthday to remember!!

It’s pretty simple, the goal is to create a video with fans from all over the world explaining why they love this inspirational, talented and amazing man!!

If you would consider participating in giving Patrick an amazing birthday gift from his fandom then please reblog or like.

I would love to know how many people might be interested! :)

If enough people are interested, I’ll make a post with all the details!!

Thank you!

If you like queer themes, good storytelling, and listening to friends give each other shit and make each other laugh, check out @wheelandway, an actual play podcast I’m on? We played Dungeon World for season one, and season two just started, we’re playing Urban Shadows.

My characters so far have been Mazoga Shattersky, a beautiful trans lady orcish Wizard with two girlfriends who definitely didn’t deserve it, and Talulah, a buff trans lesbian and vampire hunter who prolly will deserve it.

If you want to give us a listen from the beginning, here’s a link with all the episodes in order, and if you want to start at season two, here’s a link to the first episode of it.

We’re also on Itunes!

Leon Kennedy, after crashing yet another car, again: I have done nothing wrong, ever, in my life

Ashley Graham: We know this, and we love you

President Graham, sweating: A-Ashley, sweetie, this is the fifteenth car he’s crashed this week–

Ashley Graham, squeezing her dad’s shoulder harder: We know this, and we love him

The Secret World Legends is being launched for everyone in a little bit and I recommend it to everyone (it’s free!). It’s an action ‘shared-world’ RPG and the story lines for each mission is just amazing. They’ve made it way more easy to get into and way less hard to fuck up, compared to it’s former version.

Also, if you love mysteries, this games investigation missions are great and require digging around on the internet as well as in game.

1071. If Sirius never went to prison, Harry would have had to go to muggle school because Sirius wanted Harry to learn that muggles are just like wizards just with different ways of doing things. Whenever Harry was in a play or musical, Sirius would be the parent in the back clapping way too loud and cheering each time Harry had even the smallest of lines.

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