it's a problem all on it's own lol

the foxes as things i've said:
  • kevin day: *consumes my own drinks and my friend's drinks* alcohol poisoning come at me.
  • andrew minyard: nice guys finish last, which is why i act like a dick
  • aaron minyard: no seriously, fuck that noise. fuck your noise. fuck my own noise. let's all just shut the fuck up.
  • nicky hemmick: "it's only gay if-?" pls. it's always gay. lol no hetero.
  • neil josten: leg days? more like leg life. i'm always running away from my problems, bitch.
  • matt boyd: *stares lovingly into my best friend's eyes* wow, wait what did u say?
  • allison reynolds: when u said pretty, i heard it as petty and i was like: yeah, same thing tbh.
  • renee walker: knives are aesthetically pleasing but i won't hesitate to use them because blood can be aesthetic too. <3
  • dan wilds: really, ur mistake is thinking i'll be nice just because i smiled at u once.
  • coach wymack: what kind of shituation?
  • Bonus- Seth Gordon: i'm dead af but who cares *shrug emoji*

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congrats on second! btw i saw you walking around the venue on your dance day, you looked gorgeous but i saw a beer in your hand which concerned me a bit. i have no problem at all w drinking lol but with so many kids around and you looking young as well as being a member of the same, more young person oriented sport as them, i'm not sure it's the best example or really the right thing to do. not judging at all and i understand it's a party city i was just wondering ur rationale behind doing that

wait is this actually a joke…. i’m 25 years old first of all. i’m of age and have every right to make my own’s new orleans and i haven’t had an alcoholic drink in months in preparation for this major competition. they literally sell alcohol IN THE VENUE OUTSIDE THE BALLROOMS. there are parents and about 99% of the senior ladies all had a drink in their hand right after their set.. also including some teachers who literally started drinking at 8am. lol i’m old enough and responsible enough to have a drink after i dance and i don’t think any consumption of alcohol in moderation is setting a bad example whatsoever. at the end of the day, i am a NORMAL person who lives a NORMAL life and i’m not going to change the way i act to exist in the irish dance world whatsoever because at the end of the day this is a hobby that essentially means nothing in the grand scheme of things and if everyone thinks i’m a bad role model or dislikes me for how i am than whatever. i’ll still sleep at night haha this is actually so ridiculous i can’t deal with this website anymore lmaooooooo

(also jsyk it was prosecco not beer !!! if you really knew me i don’t drink beer 😉)

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May I please have headcanons of kid,law,mihawk and crocodile having a short and curvy s/o?


  • He does his own weird way of body worship, but if you asked it, it was just ‘fucking looking and enjoying at what he was about to dive into’. He runs his hand over your, groping and feeling because he as pervert and he does unconsciously. I cannot tell if her cares that its in public or not.  He appreciates the curves too, thats a fact. Out of bed, in bed the whole nine yards
  • This dude is like 8 fucking feet tall, this fire crotch is a giant omfg. Everyone is inevitably short, he’s used to it. Plus it just fires his ego because ‘the big strong manly man of man’ looks like a buff pimp next too his little girlfriend. He takes advantage of your height too, like if he feels he’s not getting all the TLC from his PYT michael jackson reference then he’s going to make you stop what your doing, if its an object, hell hold it above his head and just tease like no other, the other option is to be carried somewhere else like a sack of potatoes
  • Most of the time you’ll find yourself in his lap, with a beer in one hand, and his other hand on your waist. He then just leans back and kind of stops and just stars intensely which looks like a glare to others at your curves and kind burns the contour of your curves into his mind in case he wants to use it later for sessions winkty wank want winkers
  • A lot less cute though, and he’s a bit more rough in the gif below. in like the next minutes he gonna throw you into the water and laugh

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  • He’s going to be biggest sarcastic shit with his short s/o. I mean he will be like ‘where s/o go’ and then you’ll literally be right in fucking front of him but the guy is going to keep a straight face because he has this dark humor. He also ogling to have the tenancy to lean on you even though your smaller than him when he’s gets tired after going days straight. lol your just going to have to support him and keep him up to prevent both of you from falling
  • He takes extra notice of your curves when you guys are showering or bathing together. He just has this creepy stare when he looks you, lol. you have to snap your fingers a couple of times. he’s probably going to fill you in with his hands in the shower, and because your short, he’s going to have to slide you up the bathroom wall for kisses and what else
  • in domestic times, shachi and penguin are probably going to tease you a lot, and then Law, your shining knight in armor is going to smirk in amusement and continue on with his day. The end.  he finds one of the two things he in his sun way likes in the world getting along. also you get to experience the ‘annoyance’ of his crew. 

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  • You chose all the tall people XD. Mihawk doesn’t mind one bit about your shortness. He’s quite fond of your asking for his help with short people problems as he calls it. He didn’t meant offensively its the truth lol. He went through the castle and tried to shorten own or make things easier where you’d probably get trouble because of your height, in case he was not there. He totally looms over you lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time. And its like, really kinda of hot and sexy. 
  • When he first met you, I wouldn’t say Mihawk was ‘checking you out’ because thats doesnt fit him. He was taking notice of all your best features, which he later learned was everything. So he definitely noticed your curves fro the start, and it doesn’t stop wandering eyes. He’s loves it when you wear flattering dresses too. 
  • common things that would occur would small displays of romantic affection like small pecks in the castle, and you on your tippy toes, and leans down just a bit, and its just a really soft kiss. But you couldn’t reach his lips so he settled with kissing your forehead. Then you two move on with your day  

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  • he is like eight or nine feet tall. So to even maintain eye contact your seat is his lap, almost always in his lap. Thats how he likes it too. Especially is in quite science while he’s working and doing papers and what not. Maybe a cup on the finest win of the side, that really be ideal. Of course without the talking because crocodile is not a talk person. 
  • He’s like Mihawk in the sense that he loves when you wearing clothes that flatter your body, a bit more than Mihawk. He goes out of his way to buy these bunch of outfits and jewelry and shoes and the dresses, all the dresses that compliment. Your spoiled if your with croco daddy. He always keep you next too him when your look particularly extra gorgeous that day, so people keep their hands off. But he likes when people look at you both or you because he’s showing you off, he has then best woman in the room. 
  • power couple 

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its one thing when its a store like milanoo which outright stole photos from expensive lolita brands and then targeted cosplayers and the baby lolitas with too good to be true prices and then had lazy quality and terrible customer service (and i believe they deleted negative reviews and bought multiple redirects just so they could trick people lol)

but its another thing entirely when ppl go to these chinese wholesale sites and sellers complaining about shipping times being more than a week (its… coming from china??? its gonna take a long time anyways?? and on top of that anything shipped over seas is gonna go through customs which can take a long time lol)

complaining about the quality not being top tier even though they know damn well they bought a five dollar dress and a two dollar handbag

complaining about the sizing being too small because no one knows what a size chart is or how to take their own measurements

and then using all of that as “evidence” that asian sellers are all scammers and even though every problem they encountered was a result of their own ignorance 

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Since you mention it's all about "knowledge and understanding" I would encourage you to research ethnic minority groups in Australia, the ethnic slur "wog", and the fact that the Captive Prince author was writing an #OwnVoices story about her own identity. It's extremely problematic for you to apply US racial framework to countries that have different problems with xenophobia. The US has done enough imperialist things in the world.

thought the author was italian lol. also i know the us has done imperialist things in the past lmfao they slaughtered my people and stole our land and act like we’re fantasy even today

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Hi Cherry! I was wondering how each sign would feel when they offended someone?

hey el-euorpa ;)!. not sure really. aries may be shocked, sort of like ‘what … why??… how  could that offend you?” and taurus and libra would become immediately concerned about the disharmony… somebody will be angry at them, and it consumes them. and gemini wont get it cause they will be like, yeh but il believe something different today like this person knows i dont really believe much i say. and cancer and pisces would be devastated. all the bad feelings they sent you away with they would bring back on themselves. leos could feel humiliated, and worried you will go around tainting their name or speaking ill of them, or feeling ill of them. virgos will be sorry but know if they said something at all, it was only for the best. sagittarius is like this too, they will offend out of their blunt honesty and not think you can have ‘hurt feelings’ because its the truth. so the truth makes things not hurt apparently. lol. capricorns may feel it a slight against their own image. aquarius gets a good lesson on human interaction, like sagittarius they can be blunt with the truth because they believe its for a higher purpose. if scorpio offended you, that’s your own problem, if you say to a scorpio “i feel uncomfortable around you”… well thats your own fault for feeling uncomfortable, it’s not their concern. 


Morning Musume '15 59th Single 10th Generation Interview

(I was going to include Sakura in this group, but her responses are long and I wanted a break, lol. Again, there are a couple sentences I wasn’t 100% on, and any feedback is welcome. Enjoy!)

Iikubo Haruna

About “Sukkato My Heart”

The lyrics, “Compliment me, keep complimenting me,” at the moment I saw the word “compliment” this idol of compliments is my song!* is what I thought (lol). I was more excited to record the song than usual, when singing that part of the song, its my song, its my song is what I thought. The “compliment, compliment me” choreography is with a hand to the ear, its like ‘more praise!’ is what I’m voicing to seek more compliments, so I think the choreography is cool. Because this time the three songs are choreographed by YOKO-sensei, I think the choreography is very sexy. I’m happy that I get to look a little different than how I was up to now. Also the costumes, recently they have mostly been flashy and cool; It’s been awhile since we’ve had an idol-like marine look, I’m exhilarated about it. It’ll increase the tension (lol).

Goals for the Second Half of the Year

As the spring tour ended, Morning Musume ‘15’s foundation, solidarity, and our bonds have increased. Our performances are more powerful because we can capitalize on our 13 members; I want to align our movements together more by practicing a lot. Within that, I want to be where I am someone whose personality is understood quickly. With singing, dancing, and of course wanting to speak the most out of the members. Also with expressions, as the only member in her 20’s, its better if my expressions are more mature, right. As a sub-leader, I’m also training the 12th generation, but they are all good girls so its not much of a problem. Without having to do anything I feel a little lonely (lol), taking advantage of my own experience, I listen to the other members and I think I can help them feel better.

Ishida Ayumi

About “Oh My Wish!”

The dance team is the first combination of Ikuta-san, Fukumura-san, and Sayashi-san, although I think the topic is concentrated on Ikuta-san (lol), up until now it’s been said that I’m good at dance; I think that I’m known as being good at dancing so I can stand out among the other members in that sense. The dance is vigorous throughout this song so I don’t get a break and I think that I’m making an unexpected face while dancing. I’m paired with Fukumura-san, which is highlighted with a sexy feeling as we’re intertwined in the choreography. But I have to work hard in representing the crossing-unexpected sexy pose with Fukumura-san! is how I feel.

Goals for the Second Half of the Year

The spring tour was pretty much a stamina game, I have more confidence in my stamina and I was able to not lose momentum up until the end. I’ve been praised by the teacher, I’m happy that it has been properly communicated. Therefore, rather than pulling everyone in with a performance with such momentum, I think I’d like to be the mental support of Morning Musume ‘15. Its not an official position, but I want to support the other members regardless. The members can voice their discomforts, and that I can let them feel like we can do our best together. For the fans also, of course, if they are in a slump at work or school, one can become energetic when watching Ishida, I would like to have that kind of presence.

Sato Masaki

About “Imasugu Tobikomu Yuuki”

I cried when I read the lyrics. This time, it’s the 59th single so I thought that the lyrics would be “crying” (In Japanese, the word is gokyuu, spoken as “five nine”). Its not so much as crying because of the lyrics as it is the lyrics really apply to the current Morning Musume ‘15, I put that feeling into it when recording and was able to do it smoothly. I think that it accumulates as you listen to the song. In this song Nonaka Miki-chan and I are the main; we talked about doing our best together. This combination as main may be the first or last so I want to have fun in the moment.

Goals for the Second Half of the Year

I want god to grant all of my wishes! For example for Morning Musume ‘15 to become known to everyone around the world. I want to stand on an even bigger performance stage. Not everything can be fun, if 4 out of 10 things are bad, I want 6 of them to be good. In this world, I think that when things go well there will be a moment when all things go well.* Doing your best to work hard on your own, connecting with people, will move you naturally towards good things, that kind of thing. Therefore it’s not just relying on god, in order to realize the these things, please tell me god!

Kudou Haruka

About “Oh My Wish!”

Its a song that has a very forward-looking woman image. This time I received many solo parts! To see “My first kiss, I don’t even want to remember,” was my solo part, ‘this is me?” it was very strange (lol). With the fans too I think they thought “Oh? Its Kudou’s?” but, if you have the opportunity to hear Tsunku-san, I’d want to ask him why he gave the lines to me. Overall, the key is lower and is easier to sing, Kudou’s husky voice is at full power!!, I am also the second to sing, Kudou can unexpectedly do it!, is what I want people to think. Also two of the 12th generation members get to say dialogue, it is cute-like, its has a nice feeling that they’re working hard to grow up. Pay attention to that part.

Goals for the Second Half of the Year

In October, I will turn 16! To me, I’ve been a kid up to 15 years old, as I turn 16 I will start climbing the stairs to adulthood, being part of the adult ranks is just around the corner (lol). So, I want to continue learning adult common sense, I want it to be a period to absorb these things. By the time I turn 16 it will be in the middle of the fall tour but, the spring tour wasn’t just the first for the 12th generation, we were all nervous, I want to show that everyone can join forces and do things clearly.