it's a practice thing

“I think I once mentioned that I don’t like rats at the best of times. It looked like you needed this one, however. I hope you don’t mind my getting involved.”

Miraculous Ladybug Coraline AU! This turned out pretty well, I think, I really enjoyed making it.

WIP of an animation.


I Do Wish He’d His Sticky Fingers To Himself, And I Think He Gets Bored With My Hobbies

I’m hyped for Glyph of the Beholder’s Eye!

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YESSSSS but the experience is really different when I’m drawing real people and it takes more time! I’m still..trying to figure out how to balance my usual style with realism to draw them most pleasantly!

i’d just like everybody to know 

- I’ve been working non-stop since 10 am, and it is now 5 pm
- I’ve downed 4 cups of tea 
- I haven’t eaten lunch or dinner
- I’ve barely made a dent in my workload 
- I hate my professors for planning everything to happen at the same time 

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Do you have any tattoos? What would you get if you were to get one/another one?

“No I don’t.” John shakes his head, “Intentionally sitting through hours of pain to get colour and patterns on your skin has never been particularly appealing to me. I appreciate the finished product, tattoos can be quite, uh… what would Virgil say, um, well… beautiful? But I’ve never really considered keeping my own skin anything but clean.”


I don’t know what possessed me to draw it…
But it happened….

Emptying out my coin jar to provide enough ammo against my annoyance while watching the Democratic Debate.  #quartersagainstHillary

Made a new commission sheet! the old one was confusing as heck. If you guys want a drawing with 2 or more characters its going to be 10$ extra.

I will draw:

Practically everything, note the things you see here are my strong suit! which is people but I am still willing to try things out of my comfort zone!  It just might not be as up to par with what I normally draw.

I will not draw:

  1. Real actors/youtubers kissing, making out or the WHOOHOO! I will draw hugs but nothing NSFW worthy with real people.
  2. Any offensive material, just wrong and we all know this.

Method of payment is paypal only and in USD Currency

If you guys have any questions feel free to contact me! you can contact me through any of my social medias, BUT and thats a big BUTT, email would be the best method to contact me which is!

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Pheromones (Love Asks)

In the sense of not being able to particularly help himself, this ends up being something of a shameful topic. Hamathiel doesn’t tend to run hot on the matter of attractions generally speaking, short of the few that bled out due to being in relation to qualities of the one person he did hold a torch for– whiiiiich just makes the man feel guilty and shunt it all off quickly, because that isn’t fair to anyone.

There’s quite the draw to those with, in no particular order: long black hair, blue eyes, work worn hands, and a nicely defined physique.