it's a plush

Please remember that today Jin is ALSO graduating.  He’s graduating from having to wake up at ass o’clock in the morning to drive a grumpy, half-asleep Kookie to school.  

Some edgelord who only has a cursory knowledge of Pokemon lore: What if Pokemon were REAL then they’d only have animal-level intelligence and ATTACK people! Haha, not so fun now, is it?

Actual lore of Pokemon: Phantump is the soul of a dead child possessing a tree, Lampert hangs around hospitals to suck out the life force of sick and dying people, Gorebyss sucks all the body fluids out of its prey and is literally described as cruel in the Dex, Sliggoo can accidentally melt its friends with acid…yeah Pokemon was already pretty dark.

So IndyPopCon.

Oh. My. God. Now that I’ve slept and can write coherently, it’s time to pour my heart out into a massive text post!

Okay so I know a lot of people probably don’t care but, fun fact of the day: I have some pretty intense anxiety around travelling to new places, and meeting new people. Much rather just stay home and chat through social media instead of socialize.

No words can do this justice, but lemme tell u anyways.

This trip was entirely an impulsive “You know what, I have money to spare for this. I wanna go meet some lovely Tumblr content creators. LET’S DO IT™!” and yeah… This was probably the best impulsive desicion I’ve ever made in my life.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO @ghostofpokeninjager​ FOR BEING THE MOST RADTASTIC HOTEL ROOMMATE EVER! SERIOUSLY! Also for tracking down the hotel room in general and being willing to put some level of trust in a random internet stranger lmao. Having a buddy there really helped curb any anxieties I had about this trip. And Poke themself is such a pleasant person to chitchat with and 10/10 would be totally okay with hanging out with them again! Also thanks for letting me hog your Switch and play Breath of the Wild during downtime lmao. Very much appreciate that, you have no idea.

ALSO!!! It was so nice getting to meet and throw hugs at and meander around the convention with lovely people like @xedramon and @mouseonthepiano, who were both such fantastic and friendly people. Not gunna lie though CP kinda spooked me when I first met her cus of all that INTENSE ATTITUDE SHE GIVES EVERYONE. But no, it’s all fake, she’s a huge sweetheart and probably one of the most entertaining people I’ve seen playing solo Mario Kart lmfao.

AND XEDRAMON!!!! One of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time. Has that kind of face you can’t really get spooked by, no matter how bad your anxieties are. Super sweet about everything. Don’t forget to hmu about those drawings I need to do for you to trade for that merch!!!

AND!!! ALSO!!! GETTING TO ACTUALLY MEET AND BUY ART FROM ARTISTS I RESPECT AND LOOK UP TO IN PERSON??? I mean besides Xedra, cus her art is just A+++ all the time but she wasn’t selling so she got her own corner of love. No, this time I’m talking about @alainaprana and @loverofpiggies.

ALAINA!! IS SUCH!! A SWEETHEART!! AND SO IS HER HUBBY!!! and Alaina’s a lot tinier in person than I thought she’d be omg AND JUST AAAHHHH! It was so nice being able to finally get to meet such an inspirational person in my life and get my hands on some plushies and posters! Especially Kohath. That jelly will forever be special to me and nobody can tell me otherwise. Same with the Freshified skellies poster. Ya know why.

And CQ. Goshdarn CQ. Seriously. One of the best people ever. Speaking from personal experience, the fact that she was perfectly okay with me sitting next to her table for most of the con in a Mooching Hobo cosplay, just doing whatever was already great. Watching her interact with her fans and patrons really melted my heart since so many of them came up just to say how much they love her and her work, or how inspirational she is to them. And thanks for quintupling my love for AfterTale. <3

And BOTH OF YOU! This definitely marked the first time I actually WANTED to meet some people in person. And y’all are definitely the most awesome people ever! It was a nice learning experience just sitting around watching customers come and go, and helping tear down the booth on Sunday. 10/10 would do it again, so look forward to more help next year! ;) ;) ;)