it's a personal choice!!!!

for 2017 I just want the Mass Effect fandom to stop being a bunch of asshats who judge people for the way they play the game

I’m in the process of ordering a Cold Stone pie for my birthday because I have no Self-Control and am debating if I should put a generic ‘Happy birthday’ message on it or if I should have it say something so ridiculous that I won’t be able to look the employee in the eye when I pick it up the day it’s done.

can movies stop making men who get super angry and mad normal??? you always see men in power getting really mad when someone threatens the status quo and they usually get all up in the other persons business and use their physical apperence to intimidate the other person, and sometimes they even break things, but there is NEVER a scene talking about how unsafe and dangerous and abusive and scary those actions were! it is not okay! movies cannot teach men or people in general that if someone is bothering you that you can push tem around like that!!! it disgusts me!!


Okay, tumblr followers / mutuals / everyone else who has somehow found this post: I need a new pair of glasses. It’s official. No real surprises there, but I would like some help: which ones are your favourite?

hate to be that guy oh wait i really don’t but if you associate with THIS BLOG / blogs like it, i’m gonna be blocking you straight up.

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what are you doing after high school like what are you going to be and what classes are you taking rn? sorry i'm being nosey idk what to do with high school and after ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

i want to continue doing what i already do (selling/creating art and making yt videos, just the general things i enjoy), and also go into some art college. i’m kind of considering either a local one thats centered around digital art or SCAD but online… both are expensive so it really just depends on how it turns out. i really would prefer doing it online though because then i can freely organize my schedule without a problem and also i can move to live wherever i want when the time comes without having to worry about staying on campus (as well as others reasons but i won’t make a list now). 

i don’t know though, i have to look into it. a lot of people say eLearning is good, others say its not the best choice, but I personally kind of prefer it for myself. 

as of right now I’m just taking the last core classes i needed to take to graduate and for electives I’m taking AP art, AP psychology (random and unrelated, but you asked) and a game programing class

A Nick Valentine from Fallout 4 fansong by yours truly.

 A little late and a little peaky, but I still like it. <3


The words I speak put shape to someone else’s thoughts.
I am uniquely defined by the person I am not.
My face is lined with the evidence of someone else life
and my racing mind finds paths of personality and faithfully
connects familiar dots.

All I want is to have something that is mine
from the start every part of me chosen not assigned.
all I want is to know for certain that the wanting is my own
And I own what is mine and what is mine is mine alone.

I’m known to speak in a simulated sort of sounding voice.
Its been so long I can no longer tell if its by choice.
I could pretend to be any sort of person I suppose.
But whats the point I’d still be an imitation of a human
I’d still never fit my clothes.

All I know is that there’s nothing that’s been mine
from the start, every part of me chosen by design.
All I what is to be the person no one though I’d ever be.
I don’t want to be anyone but me.

So please…

Is there something new for me under the sun?
Is there a rock unturned?
Is there a new trick up a hidden sleeve that this old dog can learn?
Is this a story I’m doomed to repeat? Or is this a bridge I can burn? And can I find treasure in trash of another man?
I hope I can.

That’s all I want.

All I want is to have something that is mine
from the start, every part of me chosen not assigned,
All I want is to know for certain that the wanting is my own
and I own what is mine and what is mine is mine alone
and what is mine is what I want
and what I want is what I want

That’s all I want…


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Bruh, hits me right in the feels.

Getting out of  bed in the middle of the night, Remy casually opened the drawer of her nightstand, taking out the knife she knew she stored there in case of emergencies. Feeling as if she was in the middle of a dream, she left her room, creeping around the hallways, the knife low in her hand, as if she had picked up a trail and had decided to follow it, hunt whatever had caught her attention before it decided to kill her instead. Upon hearing the sound of footsteps coming from her left, Remy carefully slid closer to the wall and swiftly turned the corner, lashing out with her knife, intent on reaching her goal.



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Why do people act like getting married and having kids is everyone's fucking destination?? This is getting ridiculous, I don't want any of those, and I just want to be free and alone, doing art, and minding my own business without anyone's bullshit... Life is not only about such things, why can't people (AND PARENTS ESPECIALLY) understand this? Sorry hahah, I just feel a need to talk about this with someone. ;;

Ohhhhh well idk tbh like if ure in a family from Maghreb (like me) having kids is rlly important and tbh i just find this pressure pretty stupid like if someone doesn’t want to get married and have kids its their choice but yea thats the old tradition yknow. Personally my parents had parents who got married at a very young age so it’s rlly important for them, but since the mentality changed it’s not the case for some of us! BUT AY JUST DO WHAT U WANT LOVE♥♥