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I was thinking about my someday wedding, and then about lesbian weddings in general and having to remake heterosexual rituals to suit your relationship, and then I thought about how my grandfather wouldn’t come to my mother’s wedding. So she was like “fine,” and she and my dad walked down the aisle together, and then realized when they got up to the alter that they were standing on the wrong sides, and as they switched around dad said, “sorry, we’ve never done this before,” and everyone laughed, and it’s like. That is so much better than anyone’s father giving away anyone. I like that so much more than anyone presenting themselves to a waiting partner. Like, this is our wedding, let’s do the damn thing together. And same-sex couples need to refit heterosexual rituals to fit their relationships, but like heterosexual couples should really look into doing that rethinking as well.

spend weeks working on a health care replacement and then cancel the vote #wastehistime


this video has changed my life


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #271

(Context: in my head, this post continues from this one. Sometime after a failed plan that resulted in Warfstache totally kidnapping Mark, lol.) (Dialogue from Atlantis.)

When you say a fandom is dead, it’s a bit of a blow to people who are still producing and enjoying work for that fandom. You’re basically saying what they’re doing doesn’t matter, doesn’t count, which might discourage them from continuing to participate.

If one person is creating content, the fandom isn’t dead.

If one person is consuming content, the fandom isn’t dead.

If two friends are chatting on skype about their OTPs, that’s fandom.

If someone doodles drawings of their favorite characters on a napkin, that’s fandom.

Just because someone is producing content for one fandom doesn’t mean they have to leave another.

Not every fandom can be the big, new, shiny and popular thing.

Not every fandom *should* be the big, new, shiny, and popular thing.

It’s okay to have small, tight-knit fandoms. They can be just as fulfilling and entertaining as the big ones.

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.