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The AP United States History Exam is right around the corner. These next few weeks are the most stressful time of the year for most students. So, if you are going to procrastinate, you can procrastinate with style! Here is a list of movies, musicals, videos, ect. that came to mind while I was studying during the year. They are a lot of fun to watch, but they are educational, and most of them are free!

TV Shows:

Liberty’s Kids: a super cute, animated series that takes place during the American Revolution, and highlights some of its aftermath. There are 40 episodes, but each thirty minute episode is full of concrete details. Start watching the first episode here 

Drunk History: Really funny with some topics not often discussed in the textbooks, but very relevant. 


Hamilton: obviously this is a no-brainer. The music is full of concrete details and has helped me so much during my multiple choice practice tests dealing with early US development. You can listen to the full soundtrack here. Below is a shortened list of songs that have the most relevant concrete details.

Dogfight: Probably my favorite musical. It’s one night in America during the Vietnam war, and there aren’t a ton of concrete details, but the parts here (starting at 1:19) and here (10:25) accurately reflect the time period. You can start watching the whole musical here. (warning: there is a lot of cursing)

Pocahontas: Okay, let me preface this by saying that there are a lot of inaccuracies in this movie. A lot. But if you disregard the portrayal of Pocahontas and John Smith, there are some CDs. Listen to the Virginia Company for some of the highlights. 

EDIT (7/9/16) : Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson: Though there is some explicit language I picked out the songs that have some great concrete details on Jackson’s presidency and philosophies.

  • Populism Yea Yea: a helpful definition of populism
  • The Corrupt Bargain: this event always confused, and this song definitly clears it up (featuring Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun and John Quincy Adams)
  • The Saddest Song: really sums up Jackson as a president in a different point of view


Schoolhouse Rock: Reconnect with your childhood and refresh on some historical events!

The XYZ Affair: i

t may be weird, but you will definitely remember it

The Gadsden Purchase:

Never forget

So that’s my list. All of the links are italicized. If you have any movies/musicals/videos/songs/ect that you think would help feel free to message me and I will add it to list. Good luck to everyone on the test this Friday!

anonymous asked:

Would you rather I have had a baby when I was 11 and I got pregnant after being raped? Is that what you pro-lifers are saying?

until you can agree with me that an unborn child is a human life, we cannot have this discussion. 

you and i will never see eye to eye on this issue if we disagree at the fundamental level. people have made abortion about women’s rights when it’s actually about the rights of the unborn to even be considered humans.
science supports the argument that a fetus is its own distinct alive person from the moment of conception. (and yet the conservatives are science-deniers?? smh) 

there are two ways we can go from here.
if the unborn are human, then mankind has committed an egregious sin. 
if the unborn are not human, then are any of us human? where does life “begin?” does passing through the birth canal magically convey personhood? does the action of breathing define humanity? does a heartbeat? do fingerprints? does unique DNA?

the dehumanization of marginalized groups has been the cause of mass genocide in the past. ‘blacks aren’t people’ hence the horrors of slavery and racism. ‘jews aren’t people’ hence the holocaust. we look at our history and think ‘how could they have let this happen?’ yet it happens before us every day, to those weak ones who don’t even have a voice to protest their murders. 

see, if you and i disagree at this fundamental level, that a fetus is or is not a human being, then of course in your eyes i will be an ignorant backwards conservative (I’m actually a moderate but whatever) and you will be the Enlightened One, and neither of us can come to see the other person’s side. 

but i’ll take my stance, no matter how offensive it is to you. 
the scenario you present is an issue of murder for convenience.
abortion is a violation of the most basic of human rights: life.

you would be irate if a woman murdered her children because she decided they were too much to take care of. you would go ballistic if someone went around killing the people he thought inconvenienced him. 
and yet it’s a viable option for unwanted unborn children? where is the logic in that?

anon, if you were indeed raped when you were eleven and you’re not just making up a sticky scenario for me to work my way out of (not to discredit you, but hey, it happens) let me say i’m sorry. i’m so sorry that you had to go through that. it was not your fault, and i hope you have found closure and peace. it’s something that should never happen to anyone and i hope the rapist was brought to justice. (why is castration not the immediate punishment for rapists. idk man.)

but here’s what i don’t get about the abortion-because-rape scenario: it’s basically saying that someone else’s horrific action is a justifiable reason to commit your own horrific action. 
like no?? when is that ever justifiable?? 

“oh my god you cant just say abortions are horrific” well, yeah, i can. it’s killing a child. that’s murder. murder is despicable. 

its a tough choice to choose the lesser of two evils here. do you put a child through the pain and suffering of a pregnancy? or do you kill a child? for me, that’s a no-brainer. every child has the right to a life. 

the rape case is a misdirection that pro-choicers use to play on empathy and say ‘this is why people have abortions!! don’t you support this!?!?’ when statistically, rape cases account for less than 1% of abortions. convenience accounts for the vast majority of abortions. it’s sickening the way people put up a false front to defend their ‘right’ to kill. 

THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS. options that would give your child a life - organizations that were made for helping cases like yours, people who are looking for children to adopt, people who donate money and resources and time to save unwanted children.

just don’t make the children suffer for their existence. don’t kill them for something completely out of their control. we all deserve a right to exist.

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If it's alright, I'd like to request Blaze sporting the most 90s-riffic clothing you can possibly imagine.

Ok, so I was born and raised during the 2000s/10s, so I had absolutely no ideas coming to mind for this. So with that non-existent train of thought, I spent about half an hour just searching up 90s fashion and references for this pic. 

A red scrunchie and the flame leggings were no brainers to me, and from there I just brought together a lot of shit that probably doesn’t even look nice XD 

I don’t have an eye for ‘fashion’ in general, so I have probably failed you on so many levels dear requester. But I do hope that you can accept my humble attempt nonetheless. 



Its kind of a no-brainer I guess, but

if you play as Fumi/Katie in Shinuchi, during one of the quests talking about Whisper’s past, instead of Keinosuke/Natao there will be a Fumi/Katie-like character called Ofumi instead.

Just posting about this cause I feel like few people talk about this character and its sorta interesting to me (being a person that likes Fumi/Katie more as a main protagonist)

Captain Swan Playlist!!

I haven’t contributed much to the CS fandom, as my blog isn’t primarily about them or Once, but I’ve been building this playlist for quite a while now and wanted to share it! A few of these songs are inspired by other CS playlists I’ve found from various places, but most are my own additions. Hope you like it, and please let me know if you have other suggestions that I can add to my playlist. Enjoy!

  1. The Words - Christina Perri
    “And I know the scariest part is letting go, ‘cause love is a ghost you can’t control” (and also Christina literally dedicated this song to CS so there’s that)

  2. A Happy Beginning - Once Cast
    “Leave the past and all its scars, a happy beginning now is ours” (Another no brainer lol)

  3. Piece by Piece - Kelly Clarkson
    “Piece by piece he collected me, up off the ground where you abandoned things.”

  4. Feel Again - One Republic
    “I’m feeling better since you know me. I was a lonely soul but that’s the old me.”

  5. Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars
    “Let me in the wall you’ve built around, and we can light a match and burn it down”

  6. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
    “All along I believed, I would find you. Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years.”

  7. Ours - Taylor Swift
    “The stakes are high, the water’s rough, but this love is ours.”

  8. I’m Yours - Alessia Cara
    “'Cause I’ve had my heart broken before, and I promised I would never let me hurt anymore.”

  9. Fix You - Coldplay
    “Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones, and I will try to fix you.”

  10. I Won’t Give Up - Jason Mraz
    “I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily, I’m here to stay and make the difference that I can make.”

  11. Little Do You Know - Alex and Sierra
    “Little do you know I love you till the sun dies”

  12. Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur
    “I met you in the dark, you lit me up. You made me feel as though I was enough.”

  13. This Love - Taylor Swift
    “Clear blue water, high tide came and brought you in, and I could go on and on.”

  14. It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
    “For you I’ll try, I’ll pick up these broken pieces ‘till I’m bleeding if that’ll make you mind.”

  15. I Believe In You - Michael Buble
    “I know that there are times when you feel worthless. Like all the love you get, you don’t deserve it.” (This is one of my favorites on the list)

  16. I Choose You - Sara Bareilles
    “But then you found me and everything changed, and I believe in something again”

  17. Treacherous - Taylor Swift (yes I may be slightly biased)
    “Nothing safe is worth the drive.”

ROBRON AWARDS 2016: #15: Most Rewatched Scene
“I’ll wait for ya, till you’re ready.” - February 25, 2016

To the seven: Which minor god would you swap for a major god?
  • Hazel: Come on, Hecate should so be a major God!!
  • Frank: She's very passionate about this subject
  • Hazel: She literally has magic, is that not much cooler than starting wars?
  • Mars/Ares: Hey!
  • Hazel: or wine?
  • Bacchus/Dionysus: That's fair
  • Hazel: See!
  • Frank: But who would you swap?
  • Hazel: Ceres because she always tries to give me cereal
  • Ceres/Demeter: It's good for you
  • Hazel: I already eat Cheerios
  • Frank: Okay, calm down
  • Hazel: I AM CALM
  • Leo: Yeah, Frank, she is calm jeez
  • Frank: Zip it, Valdez
  • Leo: Just sayin'
  • Percy: Hazel can get angry?
  • Piper: Did not expect that
  • Leo: Anyway moving on. I think Iris should switch places with Little Miss Sunshine aka Apollo
  • Apollo: Dude, I'm way cooler than Rainbow girl
  • Iris: Uh-uh, I have better cupcakes
  • Apollo: Gurl, I'm a poet
  • Iris: You couldn't make a decent poem if you had a rhyming dictionary in front of you
  • Artemis: Ooooooooh
  • Apollo: You can't have a rainbow without sunshine
  • Iris: And...
  • Apollo: You'd be useless without me
  • Iris: Helios was the better sun god
  • Apollo: Not true, I'm way cooler than that douche
  • Iris: You keep telling yourself that
  • Apollo: See what you caused?!
  • Leo: #noregrets Helios was better
  • Apollo: Fine, your summer is gonna be crap from now on
  • Percy: The weather is always good at CHB
  • Apollo: And who do you think helps maintain that?
  • Percy: Hello, son of Poseidon. Rain is water and water is my turf
  • Apollo: *grumbling* I preferred Greece
  • Percy: *stick tongue out* I think Hestia should be a major God again and swap with Dionysus who caN'T EVEN LEARN PEOPLE'S NAMES
  • Dionysus: I know your name, it's Peter
  • Percy: See what I mean?
  • Dionysus: Patrick? Piers?
  • Percy: It's Percy, P-E-C- forget it I can't spell, it's Percy!!
  • Dionysus: That's what I said, Pierce
  • Annabeth: He's just messing with you, Seaweed Brain
  • Dionysus: See, Annabelle gets it
  • Annabeth: Don't push it. I think Nemesis should be more important, someone has to keep the balance - way more important than Hera
  • Hera: How dare you, my job is much more important!!
  • Annabeth: Oh, go back to you cows
  • Hera: Don't make me throw their waste at you again!!
  • Annabeth: Try it, see what happens
  • Jason: Okay, as much as I'd enjoy to see Hera get her ass kicked we need to calm it
  • Hera: She started it
  • Jason: I find that hard to believe with your reputation
  • Hera: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Jason: Nothing nothing
  • Jupiter/Zeus: Jason
  • Jason: What, I've not said anything
  • Jupiter/Zeus: Just make sure you don't
  • Jason: Fine, whatever. I think Fortuna and Mercury should swap. I mean good luck vs a mailman - it's a no-brainer
  • Mercury/Hermes: That's not my only job
  • Jason: Oh, yeah! I forgot the thief bit, Lord knows we need more thieves
  • Mercury/Hermes: Your next birthday presents may just get lost in the mail
  • Piper: I've never really thought about it. I suppose Harmonia because we all need a little Harmony. And I think she should replace Ares because who needs wars?
  • Mars/Ares: Wars aren't always a bad thing punk
  • Piper: How is war not bad
  • Athena: Without war think of all the dictators who would have power
  • Piper: I suppose
  • Frank: I think she means all the people who die...
  • Piper: Yeah...
  • Annabeth: Frank, you haven't answered
  • Frank: Hmm
  • Piper: Oh yeah
  • Frank: Well, I think everyone likes to sleep so I think Hypnos should have a higher status
  • Hypnos: *yawns* did someone say my name?
  • Frank: Yeah, I think you should be a major God
  • Hypnos: Too much work, I'd rather sleep
  • Frank: Meh, I still think you should be. I'd swap you with Hera tbh because everyone says she's mean
  • Hera: It was Annabeth wasn't it? I knew she talked about me behind my back
  • Annabeth: Oh yeah, that's right blame me straight away
  • Hera: It's an educated guess
  • Annabeth: Educated, you?
  • Percy: Okay okay, don't start another war
  • Hera: It was her
  • Percy: We were literally here whilst it happened, it was you
  • Hera: N-
  • Percy: Not bothered, just leave it
  • Annabeth: *sticks tongue out*

legendsofkrypton  asked:

Undefinable-like-fire-and-heat, atomiism and nationalcityy

Send me three muses and I’ll have mine choose who they would fuck, marry or make out with. // @legendsofkrypton

ft. @undefinable-like-fire-and-heat // @atomiism // @nationalcityy

Marry Kara, that one’s a no brainer. She’d be an amazing wife. And I know Mick’s mostly asexual but… fuck Mick. Another no brainer, have you seen him? And, last but not least, the pretty boy scout. Given he’s kissed some of my friends already, it’d be interesting to see what it’s like. So yeah, make out with Ray.

Seems like the idea of making a Smite reveiw chanel would be nice. so, what should i name the channel?

*I main Hades
*My IGN is Tsupachi
*Im a very CASUAL player. i dont do competitive player stuff. just nope
*im intending on having Swappy be prominent in this channel so he will probably be the vocals on the webcam-less videos. 
*Ive been playing for a little more than a year, so i know at least the last two years of SMITE changes and know about its beta even though i didnt play smite during its begining.

*Im no pro but i usually play mage/supports… cause majik.

I like “HoodiedGames” “SkeletalReview” “OPF15MITE” (looked like a no brainer), 

(Im going to start out with Swap-D-Gaming for starters so you know its still me. i’ll prolly switchout later on.

Suggestions for names?

raven reyes, huge lesbian: a character study

i went for a drive and a frappuccino today and ended up coming up with possibly my fave raven headcanon ever. please consider: raven reyes is a huge lesbian and it’s been staring us in the face for three seasons. i have the receipts.

since this is tumblr i don’t think i have to prove the fact that raven likes girls thats just… established ok we all saw the raven/gina interactions, raven’s super into the ladies. but. for the longest time i headcanoned her as bi, because that’s just what you do when you want a “straight” character to be queer cause its not hard to picture and usually hard to disprove. but im here to ask people to take into consideration the following and join me on the Raven Is A Huge Lesbian train:

she’s been with three guys in the show.


  • this is kind of a no-brainer. finn was family for raven, he was someone she was dependent upon, “he saved my life” is how raven put it. without his rations she probably would have starved. that’s not to say raven was using him, but it’s so easy for girls to fall into relationships they may not have pursued independently because of the situation they’re in. finn was her world. their relationship wasn’t built on mutual attraction but mutual trust and support.
  • so finn comes to earth, cheats on raven, and she’s heartbroken. but, the only scenes where raven appears truly heartbroken are the ones where the person she relies on for emotional support (finn) relies on someone else (clarke) or provides emotional support for someone else (still clarke)
  • she breaks up with him because that mutual support is broken. “i love you” “not the way i want to be loved” it was never about the cheating, never about sex with clarke, never about the romance. what they had was broken and she didn’t want what was left of it.
  • fast forward a bit and its the ep where finn dies. he apologizes to her for falling for clarke and she says “hey maybe it’s for the best” (hey raven, it’s every queer girl on earth calling, they want you to step back and ask yourself what you mean by that) even finn is shocked and says “hey dont let me off the hook so easy” yeah, raven. wyd girl. 
  • complete sidenote - let’s flashback to 17 yr old finn and 18 yr old raven. what was it finn said? oh ya. “you’re running fluid dynamic specs while we’re having sex” “multi-tasking” raven says, because that’s how it is for everyone.
  • sex isn’t that exciting.
  • right?
  • anyways, back to raven forgiving finn for cheating like it’s nothing: “truth is, things change”, she says, and oh honey you’re just so…. gay…. honey….
  • so the scene ends on raven saying “we’ll always be family” and finn nodding. “always”. raven smiles. that’s all she ever wanted from him.


  • possibly even more of a no-brainer than finn. you’ll see, raven actually gets gayer as this post progresses, its a blast. 
  • so backtrack to the initial raven/finn break up and raven’s just lost. she throws herself into making bullets, avoids finn, and tries to run away. the guy who’s been her emotional crutch through a childhood of neglect and probably abuse is off hunting with clarke and she has nobody to turn to. so what happens?
  • bellamy happens. he’s there for her in the beginning of 1.11, tells her she’s brilliant, tells her he needs her, tells her the entire camp needs her, he gives her the support she’s so desperately craving in the wake of finn. 
  • like i cant stress enough how completely alone raven must be feeling at that point. she’s not one of the delinquents, abby’s presumed to be dead from the exodus crash, her boyfriend (read: only family) is falling hard for a girl who mostly avoids her, and that leaves raven alone.
  • so when bellamy tells her to move on and she realizes she has to, who does she sleep with? the one person who gave her emotional support and the one person she can count on not rejecting her. 
  • “i’ve never been with anyone but finn” she says, a little curious, maybe hoping it’ll be different. better? not missing something?
  • so they have sex. can you guys see where i’m going with this because this is probably my fave receipt so far.
  • no it didnt. it didnt help and now she feels like crap, so she gets dressed and she leaves the second they’re done.


  • this is getting…. too easy… 
  • WICK
  • so i searched and i couldnt find the receipt for this but im 105% certain that either kim or jason confirmed at one point that wick and raven knew each other on the ark and wick was one of the friends who helped raise her (i remember cause the fact that he was a teenager when she was a kid is one of the things that weirded me out about them hooking up so i know this is a thing for sure)
  • so bellamy goes undercover in mount weather, finn dies, and clarke loses all her remaining chill and starts dumping on raven a little bit because everything’s scary and she really needs those tone generators done like 10 days ago if not sooner
  • aaaand who does raven latch on to? wick, someone who’s familiar and supportive and there for her. they joke and they laugh and they’re good friends, she likes his company. she’s definitely aware that he likes her in a more than platonic way. 
  • so bellamy shuts down the acid fog, they’re going to war, and wick was there for her for all of it: recovering from the loss of finn, the loss of her leg, everyone relying on her, etc. so she goes to him and initiates sex just like she did with bellamy
  • hey maybe this time it’ll be different right?? i mean fuck, the law of averages has gotta work in her favor at some point 
  • n o p e
  • when they’re finished, wick moves to kiss her shoulder. raven jumps up immediately and distances herself, visibly uncomfortable. he reaches for her and she immediately starts to cover up, looking lost and depressed the entire time. you can see her holding back tears because she’s not about to cry in front of him but the emotions are there for sure.
  • wick backs things up for us and explains what just happened off screen: “you kind of, uh, shut down on me there. what’s up?” “what? nothing” she says, acting as if she doesn’t know what he means. she knows what he means.

so to wrap things up: 

raven loved finn dearly but first and foremost, he was family to her. when she saw he loved someone else, she let him go. when she needed support, bellamy and wick were there for her and she gave them in return what she thought they wanted and what she thought she needed. both times she left unhappy, confused, and on the verge of tears. between season 2 and 3, raven supposedly pushed wick away and never pursued that relationship. abby said it was because of her insecurities regarding for disability but abby, here’s a thought: raven reyes is a huge lesbian


Fringe Rewatch: 26/∞

↳ 1.12 The No-Brainer

Hey everyone! How are all of you doing? It’s been a long, long time since I last wrote something on my blog. I guess I got caught up with adulthood the past month. I already started working and I have had my first in a lot of things like driving on my own, getting my ATM, etc. I can’t believe I’m officially adulting!!! Anyways, I made this post months back and I only got around to finishing this now. If you haven’t read what’s on the cover photo, it’s all about my planner DIYs! I always think it’s quite impractical to spend so much on planner decors that you won’t get to use after sticking them up on planner pages. So, without further ado, here they are:

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anonymous asked:

i honestly have hard time believing that k fans chanted jongin's name entirely by accident and that kind of rude immaturity is making me slightly upset because zyx deserves better treatment but i think he's used to that in korea? so i guess it's fine for everyone. who cares anymore right. his solo album will be titled kim jongin at the k fans' request

I’m just…I’m so disappointed. They were chanting Jongin’s name half way through Yixing’s solo. Come on. Like you mean to tell me that Lay suddenly disappeared from the stage while Jongin was still up there dancing to Moonlight and then immediately afterwards a solo featuring Yixing’s self-composed song begins but it would be Jongin up there dancing in a completely different outfit than he was in a second before? Yeah. Okay. And just the idea that it’s a no brainer that Jongin would get the solo so by default it must be him up there, that’s awful in itself. Jongin is fantastic, his stages honestly floor me every time, and he deserves a hundred dance solos no doubt. That doesn’t mean the rest of them don’t deserve solos too. But it can’t be solo time all the time obviously and Jongin has gotten his solo on some pretty huge platforms already, i.e. the MAMA awards and Gayo Daejun. 

I feel so incredibly bad for Yixing. He was up there finally showcasing his dancing, to a song he made himself, only to have someone else’s name cheered. He doesn’t deserve this. He deserves so much better. I really hope in my heart that this wasn’t done maliciously but at the same time it still happened. He can never get those moments of hearing someone else’s name to his performance back and for that I’m really, really sad. Maybe I’m overreacting, I don’t know. I’ve always been really touchy about things like this. I’ve seen bands, local and bigger, that have been performing and somebody in the crowd will scream a different band name and it’s always left me a bit nauseous over how rude it is. Somebody is on stage performing for you, putting themselves out there to show something that they’ve created and you should have the utmost respect for them.

But on a not so down note, I truly believe that Zhang Yixing will get the appreciation he deserves one day. He’s too talented of a performer and a composer not to. And he’s got so many fans that really love and support him so I know this incident is just a small blemish on the overwhelmingly successful career as an artist he has ahead of him.

anonymous asked:

I'm a little confused (I haven't slept in over 24hrs - I might just be too tired) the grand jury has until January to decide if they will CHARGE Darren Wilson, not CONVICT? Or they have until January to convict? Please tell me it's convict. Because regardless of your 'views' on his guilt, he needs to be charged and then a jury should decide on his guilt if he doesn't take a plea deal. Charging is a no brainer, he killed someone and it needs a criminal investigation.

The grand jury now has until January 7, 2015 to decide whether or not to charge Darren Wilson with the murder of Mike Brown. They can make a decision soon than that though.

Here’s some more info on the grand jury:


theflyingdoe asked me what my Croatoan Day kit would look like, so I set a timer for 5 minutes (cause Croats aren’t gonna give you an hour head’s up before they come knockin) and grabbed stuff from around the house.

  1. This is Teddy, my stuffed bear. She’s been with me since I about 4 years old. Obviously, she’s not much use against the Croatoan horde, but I think everyone should bring at least one personal item to give themselves comfort and keep em goin, and Teddy is mine.
  2. Toilet paper. This is a no-brainer (worth its weight in gold, apparently). I have a 12-pack in my bathroom, but it wouldn’t fit in this shot.
  3. Salt. It’s not gonna protect you from the virus or infected people, but I’d bring some just in case I encounter other supernatural baddies. Also good for cooking.
  4. A Chinese Cleaver. This is my weapon of choice. A cleaver is sturdy, can be used for simple cooking tasks, and yet is strong enough to hack through underbrush if the need arises.
  5. Waterproof matches. Fire is good. Good for cooking. Even better for a salt n’ burn.
  6. Sonic Screwdriver. Wait a second. This isn’t real. Why did I grab this? Sorry, I’m mixing up my fandoms here.
  7. Portable lantern. When shit hits the fan and you’re stuck camping out in places that aren’t well-lit, a lantern like this goes a long way.
  8. Pain relievers. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, I think.
  9. Wire clippers.
  10. Floss + Toothbrush. Just because there’s a demonic virus goin’ round doesn’t mean I want cavities. Plus, floss can double as string in a pinch.
  11. Basic first aid kit. This is a little bag I usually have in my purse. It contains bandages, spray-on Neosporin, hand sanitizer, antacids (post-Apocalyptic food isn’t exactly gentle on your stomach, okay), chapstick, nail clippers, wet wipes, etc).
  12. Knife. It pays to be prepared. If you get separated from your weapon of choice, always carry a backup that you can stash somewhere on yourself (yeah, I clip this onto my bra).
  13. Wire. I grabbed this with some vague idea of setting up snares for catching food or setting traps for Croats.
  14. Samulet. For luck, cause I’ll sure as hell need it.

How about you, followers? What’s your Croatoan Day kit look like?

Elton John talks Ed Sheeran with Rolling Stone Magazine.
  • Rolling Stone: A lot of people don't realize that you work with Ed Sheeran. What's your role in his career?
  • Elton John: I've been advising him, and own the company that manages him. He asks me for advice. For example, a couple of years ago, he told me that the record company wanted a follow up to +, but he was also offered a tour with Taylor Swift, 88 shows in America. He said to me. "What should I do?" I said to him, "It's a no-brainer. You do the 88 shows with Taylor Swift. She'll be on top of the bill. You'll be coming on when people are coming in. It's not your audience. It'll give you so much backbone, and you can't buy that experience. And you know Taylor. You like her. Do that — there's plenty of time for a second record."
  • "He's such a good musician that he will not be satisfied with just playing on his own. And on the new album, x, he didn't want to put "Sing" first. Pharrell has had so much success recently. I'm worried people are going to be burned out by him." I said, "Listen, it's a song that people don't expect from you. If you want to put out 'Don't' first, it's gonna take a while to get up the charts. If you put 'Sing' out first, it will go straight in, and it will be the biggest thing on radio you've had so far." Every record he put out before that, "The A Team" and "Lego House," they took a long time to get up the charts. I think that "The A Team" took a year, and they wouldn't put him on the Grammys. I said to them, "Listen, I'll do a duet with him on 'The A Team.'" That got him on the Grammys because that's what I do. I'm a manager. It was a vital move for him."
  • "But I just give him advice. I've been around for so long and I know the scene. I knew that "Sing" should be the first single, and of course, it worked. He emailed to say, "Thank you so much." He says thank you. He listens. I'm doing it to make sure his career goes the right way. I'm very good at that."
  • RS: It's amazing that he plays stadiums with just an acoustic guitar and no band. I've never seen that done before.
  • EJ: That's unique. I mean, I played Madison Square Garden on my own, but he did Wembley Stadium three nights, which was 85,000 people a night on his own. It's astonishing. It's very brave. But sooner or later, he's gonna have to get some other musicians. He's such a good musician that he will not be satisfied with just playing on his own. I tell him that it's great for a while, but then the novelty wears off. Playing with other musicians will give him a whole new twist, and I think he'll love that, but for the moment he's very happy doing what he does. But putting on my management hat, that has to change soon."