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A cage of golden glass

Synopsis: There was you. An ordinary human girl, wrong place, wrong time. Then there was Loki. God of Mischief, war criminal. When Thor brings you to Asgard to ensure your safety, there is nobody else you come to hate more passionately than his evil foster brother. Then Odin finally decides on a new and much more effective kind of punishment for Loki, causing your whole world to fall apart. He would simply marry him off to a mortal, someone who is, by all means, “beneath” him. You.

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/1 (Oneshot)
Words: 7217
Warnings: smut, forced marriage

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I like that, in the mornings, I can wake up, take my dog, and go grab coffee and a bagel, then bring back a box to my wife. I like that. I don’t want anything else or need anything. I have a great wife and a great life.

Happy 31st Birthday, Armand Douglas “Armie” Hammer! (August 28, 1986)
  • Introducing the new army bomb
  • Jin: it has 5 different light modes :)
  • Suga: it looks the same but has better quality
  • Jimin: it's worth the money because we added new functions
  • Jungkook: yeah buy the new army bomb because it also vibrates so it's really multi-purposed and...

Maybe don’t do with Joe what you guys did with Calvin (not that I’m comparing them at all, Joe seems like a good dude, and we been knew Calvin was/always has been trash) and place him on some sort of “sinless, can do no wrong, they’re going to get married FOR SURE, ENDGAME!” pedestal? It’s literally an accident waiting to happen. Not to mention, it’s not fair to him? He’s human.

Don’t get it twisted, I, like all of you, am 100000000% here for Taylor being happy, in love, and absolutely THRIVING, but the fact of the matter is, setting Joe up like this when ya’ll will be the same people dragging him to filth if they were to break up? Messy. (For the record, I really hope they don’t, I live for happy Taylor). Humans make mistakes, relationships end, relationships start again, nobody is perfect, even if they’re the reason Taylor is finally getting to write her happy love song(s).

I can’t with how some ARMY are getting salty about BTS getting famous. I mean, this is what we wanted, BTS are finally getting appreciated. Stop complaining about people riding off their popularity, why is it so hard to believe that western artist could generally LIKE and APPRECIATE BTS’s music? You’re kinda saying that no one can like BTS’s music. And even if some artist are just riding off their popularity, SO WHAT? Its just free advertisement and more new ARMYs.

Next in The Fox and The Maiden Fair

Ivar was cupping her face as if she were the most fragile thing in the world. He made her lie down covering her body with his. Emer started caressing his chest and Ivar let out a groan. When Emer looked up at him, she had the evidence of his love for her. His blue eyes were dark with desire and in his lips she saw one of his rare smiles.

“Minn vif.” Ivar grunted possessing her mouth in a desperate kiss.

Tagging: @anniemar, @skadithegoddess because they look like the ones who are suffering the most.

i feel so fucking bad for bts bc in nearly every article abt them the writer mentions army and how intertwined we are and if armys r behaving like this ppl will start 2 associate their awful actions w bts and that’s gonna cost them some Amazing Opportunities sooner or later :(((((((((((


Convo between me and one of my classmates today.

Translation to the last message (Since its in Hindi words written in English, if that made any sense)

- “I saw them of VH1 today and maybe DNA was playing and they were all looking so good Meghna. I cried!”

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Vulture just released a new article on Armie and it's so good! It gives us insight on his psyche and how much deeper and complex (maybe even tortured?) he is beyond the (impressive) facade. I also love the part about his relationship with Luca. It's the first time I've read about it in detail, and it makes me wonder if they all fell in love with each other, to some extent, during filming. Big summer romance indeed. ❤️

GOD. That interview broke me. BROKE ME. I love them all so much. *ugly crying emojis*

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Nissi, do u ever get like upset when u realize how popular bts has become?? Like u see all these new ARMYS joining the fandom and it's gr8 but they're literally so cringe and don't realize the difference between "v" and "Taehyung" and they kind of shame the whole fandom? Like I love how recognized bts is but I'm also upset I have to share with all these rude ass hoes who are literally just jumping on the band wagon ಠ_ಠ (ok sorry rant over heh)

hm not rly.. maybe just a little nostalgic, bc fandom used to be a pretty different place if u catch my drift lmao…. tbh im just endlessly proud of how far theyve come, too much to shed a tear over a few “bad” fans. bts becoming more and more successful is not a bad thing and. ok. it’s true that armys dont have a very good image these days, but dont let that get to u !! lets just be happy that the boys are getting lots of love and support. and the community is pretty inclusive and big, and u can meet a lot of cool ppl, there are lots of positives <3

celebrating new who | favorite episode (3/3) the satan pit

“you know nothing. all of you, so small. the captain, so scared of command. the soldier, haunted by the eyes of his wife. the scientist, still running from daddy. the little boy who lied. the virgin. tnd the lost girl, so far away from home. the valiant child, who will die in battle, so very soon.”