it's a napoleon


“how would you like robert vaughn to be remembered?”
“he listened and responded reasonably, that’s all.”
-robert francis vaughn 11/22/32-∞

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: the man of uncle bombed in the box office it has a total estimated budget of $120M and total gross is only at $100M and that means warner bros will most likely not do a sequel which sucks because the movie was great i mean not award-winning great but greatly enjoyable with great characters that break stereotypes and cliches especially in the spy movie genre and among other things, there is a bpd character, the female characters are strong badasses in their own right, and the two top male spies from russia and us have a serious debate about fashion designers like nothing. it is not the thing that will be an iconic fave or cult classic because it was not meant to be one. it is a simple enjoyable ride, the kind that you want to ride over and over again and tell everyone about because it's THAT fun. it's very satisfying but also very unsatisfying because it will leave you wanting to see 5 more movies with those characters, in that guy ritchie cinematic style but you will cry because it is severely underrated and ignored and because of that you won't get the extra five movies you so deeply need.