it's a monday that's why

ugh i have all this shit to do today so idk if i’ll be able to make anything but HAPPY KAGEHINA DAY

they’re in love

Tony is really nervous. Even tho his mamma says he doesn’t need to be nervous. And his daddy. Well he can’t know that Tony is nervous or he would be really angry. And he is scary when is angry.

“You be a good boy for me, Antonio you hear?” Says his mamma when they finally are in front of a big building. Tony looks up at her and then nods.

“Use your words, bambino.” His mamma says and she smiles a bit.

“Sí. I will be good.” Whispers Tony, because he is really scared now. What if nobody likes him there? He never had a friend before in his life and… what if it stays like that?

“Hello Mrs. Stark.” A new voice says then and Tony sees a big men who smiles down at him. Tony gasps and then hides behind his mothers legs. He wants to go home now.

“Good morning, Mr. Rhodes. I’m sorry he is a bit shy.” Maria says now and she looks disappointed at her son. Tony makes himself even smaller and looks at the ground.

“Oh no problem. Hello there. You must be Anthony, yeah?” Mr. Rhodes says now and he kneels down in front of Tony. Maria takes a step to the side and Tony now has to face the men.

“Yes, Mr. Rhodes. I’m Anthony Stark. It is nice to meet you.” He says and then holds his hand out. He is supposed to give a firm handshake his daddy says all the time. Mr. Rhodes laughs.

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ty guys for the avohkii stuff. it really helped make a shit day better.

im leaving for the con tomorrow (checks clock) today! i wont be able to post much bc i’ll be busy! but i do have things planned to write and post when im back >:3c

also, another ty to everyone who supported me through ko-fis, commissions, and tarot readings. i’ll have a nice amount of money to spend during the convention for…food, and enough for some fun things too. so tyty <3

love ya guys…all 950+ of you


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