it's a mockingjay pin

Chapter 3

I feel like Katniss is in shock here at the beginning, (and really, who wouldn’t be?), because at the same time as she’s concentrating on not crying while saying goodbye to her mother and Prim, because she’s afraid to look weak for the many cameras waiting for her at the train station, she thinks specifically at little later in the conversation “I can’t win.”  So, she thinks she can’t win, either because of her size or the fact that she’s from District 12, but she still tries to play the game, so to speak, by making sure to not present herself as weak as she may look to an outsider.  Then, later in that same conversation, she thinks “It isn’t in my nature to go down without a fight, even when things seem insurmountable.”  This quote reminds me of the second half of Mockingjay, when she starts to help Peeta recover from his hijacking, which at first seemed like an insurmountable problem.

Katniss also says “I love you” to her mother and Prim before they exit the room.  One could say that yes, she does love them.  She loves her sister, because later on we hear that “Prim is the only person that I’m certain I love,”  It’s the only time in the entire series that she says I love you to anyone.  Contrast this with her confession to Peeta on the beach “I need you,”.  She loves her mother, and Prim, but she doesn’t technically need them to survive.  In fact, her job surviving would be much easier if they weren’t around.  But she realizes in Catching Fire that she needs Peeta.  She needs him to survive.  That, to me at least, means more to her than loving him.

I also would love to hear if anyone else thinks its symbolic that Peeta’s father comes in to say goodbye to her before Gale does.  I really wish we could have seen that in the film.  And Madge with the mockingjay pin.  Its meaning is so much more loaded when you see how emphatic Madge was that Katniss wear it, rather than her simply finding it in a pile of junk in the Hob.

I’ll post more later, since this only covers about half of the chapter.  ;)