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im still drawing the ffix cast saying things from adventures of sonic the hedgehog the saturday morning sonic cartoon!!! (my bad!!)


Demisexual Yuuri is canon in my heart and soul oh my god

  • Does NOT like anyone pushing him before he’s emotionally ready
  • Does NOT like getting touchy feely with someone he’s not comfortable with AT ALL
  • He’s slow to warm up to people but once he is, he loves them to death
  • He’s able to access his emotions really well, but only for a certain few
  • Honestly he sees people in either a familial or platonic sense and has, so far, only seen VICTOR in a sexual sense

like….. I don’t make the rules friendos………….. Demi!Yuuri

Steel, Chapter 2: Sold

“I’ll talk to her, Sansa,” Jon had said.

He had kept his word, too, in spite of her snapping at him like a dog at a fox’s throat after all of his kindness to her, after Daenerys Targaryen had told him he should marry her and she had dashed into her chambers to shake and panic and vomit.  He had fumbled his way around her room until he had found clean cloths and water for her face and hair, and he had piled her bed high with blankets and called one of her maids to fetch tea and asked her repeatedly if she was sure she did not need a maester.  The fourth time he had asked, one of her frayed nerves had finally snapped.  She needed no maester, for she did not need to be coddled any more like the little bird Cersei Lannister had kept in this very same cage so many years before.  When she opened her mouth to tell Jon this, however, a throat full of tears had replaced the words on the tip of her tongue, and when she swallowed them down, she made an ugly noise somewhere between a gag and a snarl.  That only angered her, but at least it made it possible for her to speak to Jon without bursting into tears like the stupid, fragile little bird who had lived there before.  

“I will not be cared for by her,” she had snapped, “and I will not be played with by her like child’s toy.  I care not if she is the Queen!  She cannot sell me off or barter me away, or – or – sacrifice me like a pawn in a chess game!” 

Jon had winced almost imperceptibly then, but Sansa had not heeded him.

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For the second letter of Christmas, Pointless Letters gave to me…..

New games sensation!
And a right old bloody misery!


A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads only lives one.
-George R.R. Martin

yandere simulator: *has a main character who cold-blooded stabs people, burn them alive, drowns them, kidnaps and torture to the point they lose the ability of understanding and willing, brings people to suicide through bullying, blackmails, all for her love interest who she stalks on daily basis*
yandere dev: btw she’s a bad guy ok remember you’re playing as a freakin murderer
people: WHOC ARES I LOVE HER *7*
last update: *happens*
people: this game is bad yandere dev is bad i hope yall get killed until you die

i gotta be honest  …  as much as i love this fandom i feel as though a lot of us aren’t rlly  ???  aware  ???  we need to be a lot mindful of stereotypes ,  whitewashing ,  lowkey racism  &  being understanding towards people who have been offended.  it’s problems i’m seeing happening a lot.

Washington spirit done lost their minds

let’s play a game called: WTF is the Washington Spirit doing?

Instructions: sit in aw, as the Sprit purge all of their players of potential leadership. And wonder WTF were they thinking.

How to win: one simply doesn’t win. If you get close, the spirit will trade you.

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Nickname: Don’t really have one! Everyone just uses my birth name
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Last thing googled: “for you chen lyrics”
Favorite music artists: Dean, gnash, Zayn, Roy Woods, dvsn, Bryson Tiller
Song stuck in your head: Unleashed by Roy Woods
Last movie watched: Arrival (didn’t like it too much tho)
Last TV show watched: The Shannara Chronicles
What are you wearing right now: Pyjamas!
When did you create your blog: A couple of months ago
What kind of stuff do you post: Just k-pop pretty much
Do you have any other blogs: @mitsune
Do you get asks regularly: Not really, but I always get so happy once I get them!
Why did you choose your URL: It just sounds nice, there’s no special reason why I chose it tbh
Gender: Female
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Pokemon team: I don’t know shit about Pokemon, sorry!
Favourite colour: Anything pastel
Average hours of sleep: About 5 on weekdays, 10-11 on weekends

Lucky number: Idk, 7?
Favorite character(s): Raven Reyes, John Murphy, Octavia Blake, Eretria, Amberle Elessedil, Yuri Plisetsky, Phichit Chulanont
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Dream job: Animal behaviorist
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pokemon meme -  favorite legendary 1/??

This Legendary Pokémon, with wings like thin sheets of ice, is believed to possess the ability to freeze water vapor and create snow.

so i almost never do these but I’m bored so ask game!! I was tagged by @snowingscamander

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last movie I watched: elf (a classic)

last song I listened to: I don’t remember bc it was this morning but I feel like it was by lady gaga (my actual mother)

last book I read: I’m currently rereading order of the phoenix, so I guess technically the last book I read was goblet of fire

last thing I ate: grilled cheese

if I could be anywhere right now, i would be in: my bed (where I currently am, omg legendary)

where would i want to time travel to: the future, idk when exactly

fictional characters I would hang out with for a day: the marauders, duh

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Who is MC?

Okay so currently I’m obsessed with Mystic Messenger. I love my boyfriends and my girlfriend of course. And I appreciate Cheritz for this marvelous gem they put out.

Now I just want to talk about our dear, Mc. The one we are playing as. Did they gave her a blank slate so we can filled in our lives with hers?

We really don’t know anything about her.. We can assume she is either a student or works at a office.

I think MM can have sci-fi undertones if we keep in mind, Seven knows about the reset. Its not your average otome game. MC can deliberately manipulate who she ends up with and what kind of ending she gets.

By doing that is MC the most twisted out of all of them? She can be light to the RFA members helping them overcome their troubles and reach their happiness with her.

But she can also push them to their limit and bring the worse of them. Like possessive Jumin and yandere Yoosung by the choices she makes. Let keep in mind Mc knows what she is getting herself into as she can simply reset again…

MC, darling, are you really the angel everyone thinks you are.

*since finally has steady income, thinks about buying a horror game I’ve wanted for like 7 fuckin years*

*Checks their website because the game used to be free before I found it, of course it wasn’t when I wanted to get it, and after 7 years it’s not popular anymore. So figures it will be cheap.*


*Goes to Amazon, finds it for 10$* Hells yeah.

I’m cheap as hell. Still didn’t buy the game yet though X’D