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based on this one post i cannot get out of my head

also i cannot believe nalu is canon, like wow it only took me a decade to see this happen but it finally did

If the trolls didn’t play Sgrub, assuming they all live long enough, they’d each have decedents of their own. So I made some edits for hypothetical ones!

This is all just for fun and purely hypothetical, but here they are! I’ll put names them, i only put a little bit of research into each name and used some from an old conversation, so sorry if they’re off base myth-wise and all.

Kionna Megido (From Yuki-onna, a Japanese spirit. The name literally translates to “snow woman” a reference to Sn0wman.)

Auroch Nitram (From the ancestor of modern cattle, aurochs) 

 Teomim Captor (From the Hebrew name for Gemini)

Kardin Vantas (From the shade of red and a Catholic title)

 Lodari Leijon (From the Greek word for Lion)

Zaniah Maryam (From a triple star system in Virgo)

Kaegor Pyrope (From the Aramaic for prosecutor and the caegar coins Terezi flips)

Lesath Serket (From a a subgiant star in Scorpio)

Elatus Zahhak (From a centaur in Greek mythology) 

Amalth Makara (From Amalthea, who is sometimes identified as Capricorn in mythology) 

Aquari Ampora  (From R. Aquarii, which is notable for being a symbiotic star in Aquarius)

Kanloa Pexies (From Kanaloa, a god of the ocean with forms of cephalopods in traditional Hawaiian religion)


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ShukaBlog 2017.03.21: I don’t like rain after all.

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You must be thinking…
“When is she going to post the CYaRon! pics from the Live?
Isn’t she late?” Hehe. Wait just a little more.
Sorry, it’s getting late.

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I know the prop design and little allusions to the books are amazing in the show, but look at this. We see Beatrice’s letter to Lemony in TMM pt2:

it reads as follows:

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The Vindolanda Tablets

Some of the oldest known Roman writing in Britain, the tablets - written between the 1st and 2nd Century AD - were found at the fort of Vindolanda on Hadrian’s Wall.

This one, from 100AD, is a letter from Claudia Severa to Sulpicia Lepidina, inviting her to her birthday party.


If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)

anonymous asked:

i love fear no fall so much and still want to know so much more aaa!! like, was the admiral actually neil's dad who had gone human at some point or was he somehow still his dad as a human or was the similarity in their facial features a coincidence? neil isn't going to become human, right? if not, will andrew be spending the rest of his life mostly at sea to stay with neil? u don't have to answer all these, just want u to know how happy i am u gifted us with this au!!! thank you!!!!

hey!! thank you foremost, and – you are nowhere near alone in your questions. :’D hoping to answer this plus two other anons here!

about Neil’s parentage: if a mermaid/human could reproduce, wouldn’t it be something like a swamp monster……. (good thing andreil can’t reproduce)

BUT Y'ALL ARE FAIR TO ASK in the FnF universe, Nathan and Neil’s resemblance is completely coincidental. :’D Nathan needed to work for the King but I couldn’t figure out why a pack of mermaids would help humans. So, the similarities were mostly me lamp-shading canon.

now, about background! the basics of Neil’s timeline pre-Fish nor Fowl was:

  • Neil & mom lived with a larger mermaid pod
  • mom left the pod because of rumors about humans heading North and specifically targeting merfolk. the two of them traveled together for aaaages; Neil was much younger in comparison to canon.
  • though they did basically everything right in terms of hiding, Lola netted Mary while they were traveling. really Lola should’ve netted them both but Mary kept her busy and Neil got away.
  • after a month of wandering Mary’s efforts went to bust when Romero spotted Neil from the Admiral’s ship. they put a magic tracker on him (the “follow the dot!” trick Renee & Dan talked about) and caged him when he finally passed out.
  • cue tank, torture and transfer to the Laughing Jackal because the Admiral can’t just go anywhere he wants without arousing suspicion
  • then the Foxes! yay

I hope that clears things up! the information was pretty spread out, aha.

and finally [rubs hands together] ah man andreil growing old together makes me so happy to imagine nonny I don’t think I can ever put into words just how much I adore it

(I tried to put it into words and it got tl;dr: thus, check under the cut!)

rly though

grumpy couples becoming grumpy old couples

what’s better than that

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This is Halloween

Summary: Dean x Reader - The reader and the winchesters have to go undercover at a halloween party to catch the demon they’re hunting. 

Triggers/warning: None, maybe some light swearing and 1920s slang XD

Word Count: 5354

Y/N = Your name

I’m back! Thank you for all the lovely messages. I have sorted things our (kind of) and will be able to come back and write again now. I’ll try to get the final part of wonderland and possibly a sequel to mirror people out as soon as I have settled again. Until then I hope you enjoy!


“Ugh, do we really have to do this?” Sam asked reluctantly after Dean revealed how you were going to get your next lead on a hunt. You had to infiltrate the next possible victims house, well mansion really to be more precise. And as luck would have it you had an easy way in this time. No B&E necessary. But it did however require costumes and taking part in the merriment usually associated with a Halloween party. Which was why Sam was leaning back in his chair looking unimpressed.

“Well, I don’t like it anymore than you do Sammy. People dressing up as monsters and other things that go bump in the night for their own entertainment doesn’t sit right with me either. But it’s the best way for us to get in there,” Dean said over the long mahogany table in the Men of Letters bunker, his eyes sharing the same despondent look as his brother.

“Don’t bullshit me Dean, you like Halloween,” Sam said grumpily.

“I like the candy part, and maybe the slutty costumes, but that’s it,” Dean said with a shrug. It was true enough. The Winchester brothers weren’t really fond of Halloween, understandable of course, considering their job.

You, however, were elated. You loved Halloween, a quirk that the two brothers didn’t understand. For you Halloween meant pretending to be someone you weren’t. And it also served as a fond trip down memory lane to a time before you knew all of the nightmarish creatures were real. So the idea of getting to celebrate and dress up didn’t bother you as you tried to keep from smiling at the idea of going undercover.

Not smiling became easier when Sam, happily, pointed out one major downside. “We don’t even have costumes though, and the party starts in a few hours. So, I guess we’re better off finding another way in,”

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