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Stories for Taylor: My Story 

 I figured since I am posting all these stories of how Taylor has inspired her Swifties I should post my own so you (and hopefully Taylor) can get to know me a little better and find out why I became a devoted fan (I’ve never been this kind of fan of anyone before). Prepare yourself, this is personal and a bit long. 

Taylor’s career took off in 2006 with her first album, and the story I’ll tell you begins that same year. In January of 2006 my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and my world was forever changed. I knew by that summer I would no longer have a father on this earth, which seemed unimaginable. I was 25. 

Some things leave scars that never quite heal like showing your dad the place he is going to be buried, trying to find the words to tell him he can let go and not being able to do it, watching your mom kiss him goodbye in the casket for the last time, and trying your very best to get through singing at his funeral because he asked you to do it (but not really making it). 

 What people don’t tell you about pain is that you have to deal with it, feel it, and let it go or it just stays inside you, damaging you for as long as it’s there. Walking through a lot of rainstorms does make you clean, but you must actually walk through them, not run away. 

 But I didn’t know that and I was SO tired of hurting that I did everything I could get away from it. However, doing that built a wall around my heart and while I didn’t feel the excruciating grief anymore, I didn’t feel true connection, love, and joy either (that also included my love of music which was pretty much my identity in high school). I think that’s why I didn’t find Taylor earlier, I’d definitely heard her music and liked it, but nothing more.  I’m sad I missed all those years.

Finally, a little over a year ago, coinciding pretty closely with the release of 1989, I decided that I wasn’t really living and it was time for a change, it was time to find me again.

I loved a lot of the music on 1989, but it wasn’t until I took my nephew to Taylor’s concert in Detroit that Taylor’s amazing presence and her music started to make its way through the cracks in my walls and into my heart. I loved that night so I decided to buy tickets to her first show in DC. That was the first night in 10 years that I finally danced again like no one was watching, I finally felt music in my soul again. 

 I found someone selling their tickets for DC night two and went again. It was a magical experience and like Taylor says, I was able to leave everything behind for those few hours. But more than that, I took some of Taylor’s magic home with me. 

 This was a turning point. It’s not like all that grief and trouble is gone, but Taylor brought music back to my heart again, she helped crack open that shell I’d built all those years ago. For that I will always be grateful. I’m finally walking out of the woods onto that beautiful beach. 

 Taylor, I love you for the amazing woman that you are, thank you for being you and for having the courage, drive, and determination to live your dreams. You are an inspiration to me and so many. I hope in some small way I can give to others what you have given to me. @taylorswift

Keith (2008 film)
  • Keith: I had it all figured out, so I cut out early? Who cares? It's probably a good thing. Life sucks, anyway. Then I met you, and it got weird. And you were so amazing. And I...
  • Natalie: What? What?
  • Keith: I just wanted a little more time. So all in all, I'd say you're the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Goodbye, partner.
Movie Review : Lemonade Mouth

So I watched Lemonade Mouth yesterday and I LOVED it. I liked it almost as much as I loved Descendants. It was epic. The story, the songs the moral….everything.

  • I really loved that it was REAL. It wasn’t minor problems or just two rival bands fighting over nothing or over popularity. They were fighting to be heard and taken seriously.
  • The expectations of some parents was displayed too. A lot of times family expects too much from you. Whether it be living up to someone, being the best at a field or anything. I loved that the movie said in clear terms that you are your own person, not anyone else.
  • Another factor about how parents should be proud of their kids no matter what. That’s very important in a society full of expectations.
  • Also the respect of space of someone is important. Charlie liked Mo and sure he wasn’t happy when she rejected him at first but he learnt to accept it and respected Mo’s decision.
  • They didn’t really make any romance the center of the movie which was a BIG relief. Too many movies do that and it ruins the plot.
  • The fact that they didn’t WIN. I found that very important. Not everything in life is about winning. Sometimes you should just give things a go even if you know they won’t turn out great. The experience is what matters.
  • All the problems faced by the kids were real and they were resolved in a very realistic way.
  • All the songs had some sort of positive message. They weren’t about love or peace or any of that. They were about family, friendship and working hard while having fun. They were about self-esteem and being true to yourself (not to mention they were really catchy).
  • It also explores the topic of how in real life arts get pushed to the side when sciences and sports are advanced and pulled forward. It isn’t fair on the people who love them and work for them because arts are just as important.
  • It also says that YOU have a VOICE. You matter. Use your voice to spread good feelings and happiness and not hate and jealousy. Use your powerful voice to fix the wrong in the world.

If this movie had been released last year or the year before that it would have been a sensation. As it was, it was a little bit ahead of its time. I recommend this movie to everyone. This Movie has great songs and amazing meaningful messages just like HSM and Descendants.

It’s very much worth watching.

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fuck holy shit yes??? ill do chicanx richie since im chicanx and i dont know too much abt other latinx groups/ethnicities ahhh (but seriously please msg me or keep sending asks if u wanna talk about this more because i could go on forever)

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Welcome to my studyblr! Here is a little bit about me:

My name is Cooper, I’m 16 and a senior in a high school in Utah. I’m bisexual and agender.

Interests, hobbies, and passions

- Acting

- Music

- Philosophy (my fav philosophies are Daoism and Stoicism)


My classes are straight theatre and musical theatre, AP literature and composition, and AP music theory. I also teach an improv class and an acting workshop.

My dream college is USC, my target is University of Utah, and my safety schools are UVU and WSU.

Theatre will likely be my major.


@minimalismstudies , @eintsein , @delthenerd , @strugglinglearner

Birthdays(Sam/Dean BSM)


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“Wake up!” A pillow hit you smack in the face. Your eyes snap open, and you find Dean standing there with a smile. “Happy Birthday!” 

You roll your eyes in annoyance, “Dean, why do we still do that tradition?” 

“Cause its your present to me.” He kisses the top of your head. “Come on,” He rushes out the room. 

“I have to get ready for school!” You call. 

“We’ll call in sick later!” Dean yells back. Sighing, you stand, heading to the bathroom first, then joining your big brothers in the kitchen of the bunker. 

“Morning Cas,” You smile to your angel friend. 

“Happy Birthday, Y/N.” He says back, slightly unsure. 

“Thanks, Cas.” He gives you a quick hug. 

“Happy Birthday, little sister!” Sam says pulling you into a bear hug.  

“Thanks, Sam.” You give him a soft smile, grabbing the cereal. 

“We’ve got a surprise for you!” Dean says in a sing song voice. 

“Can it wait?” You ask, mouth full of cornflakes. 

“Nope!” Both brothers, grab on each of your arms, pulling you away from the food, with Cas trailing behind. “Surprise!” Your eyes widen. “Told you she’d like it, Sammy.” Dean grins proud. 

“Remember this stuff, Y/N? Its everything you loved when you were little!” Sam says, pointing over the the table that had a small tea party set, and replicas of your old stuffed animals. 

“Yea, I remember,” You mutter, completely mortified. “What is this?” 

“Its your birthday!” Dean chuckles, “Why?” 

“No reason,” You voice goes high. 

“Come on, we’re gonna watch that old movie you like, ‘High School Musical’!” Dean grins, pulling you the TV room, where Cas was already seated, with popcorn. 

“High School Musical?” You raise your brows. 

“Yea, we’ve got all three movies!” Sam says excitedly.

“Okay that’s it,” You mutter, shutting the TV off. 

“What?” Sam looks at you confused, “We thought you loved ‘High School Musical’?” 

“Guys, what the hell is all this?” You fold your arms, looking pissed as hell. “I love you three, like crazy, but I’m (Your Age), this is embarrassing!” You exclaim, throwing your arms in the air. 

“Well, we just thought-” Sam tries. 

“Well you thought wrong! Will you guys just quit it? You’re treating me like a four year old!” 

“Now just a minute,” Dean attempts. 

“No! I can’t believe you! When are you gonna realize I’m getting older, I’m not a baby anymore and you two have to stop treating me like one!” You exclaim storming out of the room. 

“Y/N, come back! Where are you going?” Sam asks. 

“School!” You yell, slamming your door shut and rushing to get ready. 

“That bad huh?” A friend asks as you stand by your lockers. 

“Worse.” You complain, adjusting your uniform. “Its like they refuse to realize that I’m not a little kid anymore.” 

“Well, Y/N, to be fair, you are their sister.” (Y/F/N) reasons, “You’ll always be their little sister.” 

“I know,” You sigh, “Its just, I want more respect and everything to be more fair, when they were my age they did some crazy shit.” You chuckle, knowing that she’d never know the half of it. “And its like they won’t let me near anything that could challenge me out of fear that’d something would happen to me.” 

“Can you blame them? I mean, Y/N, you’ve got no Mom or Dad, its just them. And you’re their’s, you can’t be that mad. They’re just doing the older brother thing, and protecting their little sister.” The bell rings before you could answer, and they two of you wave goodbye and scurry off to your separate classes. 

For the rest of the school day, you thought about what (Y/F/N) said.

Part two

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hey umu! bit of a strange question, but do you think it'd be ridiculous if I were to sign up for an AP music theory course at my high school when I have very little prior musical background? it sounds like a difficult course, but it also interests me a whole lot... and I can't decide if it'd kill me or not... do you have any input?

Hmm…as long as you know how to read sheet music, I think it’s worth it.

A few people that weren’t in band/ were just singers/guitarists took AP music theory with me in hs and struggled a tiiiiiny bit more then the band kids but I remember they still passed with flying colors!

So as long as you really want to learn (which it seems it does), I don’t think it is ridiculous at all!

i might try cel shading this again but as i am its just been a very long time since ive cel shaded and im tired of looking at this on my computer. ive grown so used to soft shading in photoshop! so have some flats.

i rewatched gravitation during the end of january which is about when i drew this. if anything, i dont think ill ever get over the music in particular in this series. brings me back to high school, man.

also, giving characters body types that are close to mine with a little chub despite what canon says is my favorite.

so this year my school is doing “the little mermaid” for its spring musical and my art teacher does the wardrobe and stuff and today I asked her “how’s the wig” bc frankly if you have a bootleg ariel wig then you have a bootleg ariel

and without missing a beat she says “oh they’re getting a drag queen to make it”

and dammit y'all know that wig gonna be oN POINT

  • what they say: we love heathers
  • what they mean: veronica sawyer is a hero. she struggled with herself and suffered in an abusive relationship, but she fought her way out and won and managed to find happiness despite the fact that she'll probably be pretty fucked up from the whole ordeal. as teenagers, she speaks to us. we're struggling with mental illness or abusive relationships or having to sit by while kids we know or used to know kill themselves or just the brutality of high school in general. seeing veronica sawyer suffer through all of that and more and come out alive? it's such a big comfort. she gives us just a little more hope.

European!reader x Peter Parker

“Hi:) you want requests? Here’s one. How about a hc about Peter and exchange student from Europe??💙💙💙💙💙”~Anon

(Thank you for your request!! Please tell me what you think Lol)

Okay, so Peter would totally be completely in awe of you. He’d want to know everything about you and where youre from, like cultural differences and things like that. And he would be so in love with the pictures you showed him from your home country. If you could speak a different language, like. Homeboy would be so whipped (I mean he knows a little Spanish but its from a high school class setting, but you, you could speak it so fluently and to him, every word would sound like music). of course, you would probably be just as fascinated by him. The two of you would either be up late talking or texting each other questions about the other person and their home and their culture and beliefs and things like that. It would honestly be the cutest and most adorable friendship/relationship in existence!!

for just a second i’m going to try and tell everyone why its so important that Fun Home did well at the Tonys tonight. I try not to get on my pedestal too much but this is really important. 

A musical. 

About a true lived experience in the queer community. 

Of a Lesbian. 

With no editing. 

No glossing over. 

No over sexualization. 

Written by Women

some day very soon little girls everywhere will audition for community and high school productions singing “Ring of Keys” instead of “Tomorrow” 

soon lesbians will have a sound track to express the rush of a relationship.

lesbian actors/actresses will be able to sing something that for once is relatable to them and is more than the same warn out song from rent. 

representation is huge. you can’t be something if you don’t even know what it looks like. this is what it looks like.

Thank you Allison Bechdel for giving us this piece of yourself.

High School!Mike being in your photography class and him being assigned as your partner on the final project. After 2 days of arguing on what to do and how, you both finally figure out what you’re going to do. Deciding to go to your house after school that Friday to take the final few pictures and edit them. Not knowing what to expect from the loud, annoying girl that put up with no ones shit, Michael was a little frightened. After arriving at your house, you both started to set up the cameras.
“Hold on, I hate a quiet house.” You said before leaving him alone in your kitchen as you go to grab some old CDs. He had finished setting up yours and his camera by the time you returned with the stack of 6 CDs.
“Do you think it’s gonna take up 6 albums to get this done?” He asked, thinking you were doubting his photography skills.
“No, but I’m assuming I’m going to end up feeding you at one point and who knows how long that’ll take. You could be here all night for all I know.” You laugh as you put the first CD in the stereo system. You saw a small smile rise on his face as the first song played.
“Bowling for Soup. Nice”
“Well, a loud child needs loud music.” You say while patting his cheek before grabbing your camera and slipping out the backdoor to start. He laughs before following suit.
“MIKE, HURRY! THIS IS REALLY GOOD LIGHTING!” You yell before snapping a picture of the old, semi falling apart fence that separated your backyard and the neighbors. He smiled a big toothy grin before getting a very detailed picture of the half dead plants that seem to haven’t been watered in two weeks. He looked up to see your frame strutting across the yard then proceeding to take a picture of the squirrel who had stopped halfway up a tree. He couldn’t help himself. He had to snap a picture of you. “Clifford? Our project is about nature. Not me.” You said, kinda confused on why your partner was talking a picture of you.
“Sorry I just umm- uhh-…”
“I get it, I looked good as always. Now would you please focus.” You say before walking to the front side of the house.
“Damn.” He said before taking laying down to take a picture of mushrooms surrounded by grass. 30/40 pictures later, you had both gotten more than enough. “Hey we should get these download on the the computers.” He said as he met you halfway through your house. You agreed and plugged your camera in. After both had completely downloaded you had a suggestion.
“You know how earlier I said I’d pry be feeding you?”
“Yeah, why?”
“You have a better eye at this than I do, plus you’re WAY better at editing than I am. So you should do that and I’ll make supper?” You glanced at the clock to know that if it was actually about supper time. ‘6 pm. Ok that makes me feel better.’ You thought to yourself.
“Fine with me.” He said, shrugging slightly before turning back to the computer. You let out a small huff before rummaging through the freezer.
“We’re having pizza.” You say, knowing the blonde boys love it.
“YES! YOU ARE A GODDESS!” He exclaimed while throwing his hands up in the air. You laugh before turning the oven on, allowing it to preheat. You noticed the quietness of your home before slipping another cd in. You hear the roar of laughter come from the living room as he figures out what CD he was being forced to listen to. “High School Musical? Seriously?”
“HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL IS THE GREATEST MOVIE OF OUR GENERATION AND IF YOU DONT THINK SO, THEN FIGHT ME!” You yell across the house, half joking, half serious. He took a break from sorting and editing the pictures to come eat. And dance of course. You alternated between Troy and Gabriella, in an almost perfect duet. At the end of “Just Wanna be With You”, he had is arms wrapped around his waist and yours around his neck, noses slightly touching.
“You cheesy mother fucker.” You say before leaving his grasp as well as him in stitches. By the time he could compose himself, you’d already eating half a slice of pizza. You set the slice down on your plate as he moved toward you. He wrapped his arms around your waist again as you placed yours on his neck, the two of you in the same position as before.
“This is gonna be cheesy as fuck and I don’t even care.” Michael says before gently placing his lips on yours. “I think I agree with you.” He says after pulling away, leaving you confused. “The hell are you talking about Clifford?” “High School Musical is definitely the greatest movie of our generation.” You let out a loud laugh before placing your lips back on his.



2016 Vans Custom Culture: Final Event

Last night marked the final event for our 2016 Vans Custom Culture design competition. We were excited to welcome our top 5 high school finalists to MaMA art gallery in Downtown Los Angeles for a night of fun, music by Echosmith, and a little healthy competition. It was a tough decision to make, but our judges Maddi BraggDylan Graves, and top chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo came together, and decided on the winning high school: John P. Stevens High School from Edison, N.J.. The winning school was awarded a donation of $50,000 for its arts education programs to help foster the students’ #RightToArt, and support the next generation of creative individuals. Be sure to continue following Vans Custom Culture to learn more about the program. 

moving portrait: Ibeyi (ibeyisisters)

NPR Music: Who do you think of the recent interest in Afro-Cuban music? Do you see the interest continuing to grow? Are there other artists we should pay attention to?

Ibeyi: The sharing of cultures always enriches our lives and thus the music we make or we listen to. Blues or jazz would not exist without its African roots, rock wouldn’t either, nor hip-hop. You don’t need to speak the language to feel and love music – music has no frontiers, that’s the beauty of it. 

There are incredible talented musicians in Cuba. Music schools are of very high level, but you can also find amazing percussionists, singers and dancers that learned everything in the streets. 

When we were little girls, around 8 or 9 years old, we sang in the first record of a young Cuban singer, composer, arranger we love very much. Her name is Haydee Milanes. She is one of the great talents of Cuba among many others.“

(Portrait by katiehayesluke / Song: "Ghosts”)

tfc band au (cause im that person)
  • idk if anyones done this or whatnot and this has been sitting in my drafts forever so
  • nicky, the sweet little soul that he is, is jamming out to some obscure music one day and he ends up watching a video of matts band in high school and he freaks. the fuck. out. 
  • matts just like dude? who wasnt in a band in high school
  • and like it turns out a bunch of the foxes know how to play instruments and shit (andrew learned the guitar in juvie, renee being the scret hippee she is plays acoustic, aaron started to play the bass and the drums when he still lived with his mom like he was so into music he can play anything and allison has a fucking gorgeous voice shes a fucking siren)
  • dan and neil really cant play anything bc they werent able to learn anything while they were in high/middle school but aaron teaches neil the drums and hes okay and it turns out dan has a great fucking voice like its deeper and raspier but its so amazing
  • kevin can kinda of play the guitar? like he learned a little but hes pretty bad and “doesnt have time for it” bc hes spends too much time at the court
  • nickys just dying cause he wants to make a band so bad
  • (see: jam sessions that the teams been forced into on the weekend (nickys doing of course) between practice and theyre all exhuasted but they do it anyways cause they always end up doing weird shit)
  • kevin refuses to join in the fun tbh cause all he cares about is exy (he legit just leaves the jam sessions to go to the court rip kev)
  • so one day nicky covertly brings them (with the help of neil because hes basically their manager little child) to this “battle of the bands” contest
  • everyones like “nicky son??? were not even a band??”
  • (they end up winning anyways)
  • after that they do some gigs like at bars and coffee shops and wymack and abby come and watch them sometimes
  • renee and allison are so into it like they get so excited for the performances and they make tshirts and everything
  • and like dan and matt are always super cute together on stage and nicky and aaron go wild and kevin tries to play sometimes but hes still pretty bad and refuses to get help so they just have him go sit with wymack and andrews just there sitting watching neil tbh like what else does he have to do (maybe he could try playing the guitar idk)
  • sometimes theyll have neil on stage playing back up on the drums for aaron but most of the time they leave him in the crowd cause andrew gets too distracted by watching how hot neil is playing the drums
  • eventually they get to be really well known around campus and a lot of students come out and watch them
  • and then one day a reporter asks dan a question about it after and game and she explains how they started playing together and how its been a great way for the team to bond and stuff and she asks people to come out and see them preform the next weekend
  • meanwhile nickys back in the locker room fucing scREamING CAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS NOW
  • hes legit playing a cd that he burned of recordings from their live performances what even are you nick my son
  • at their next performance theres legit people on the sidewalk bc theres not enough room in the place theyre playing
  • and everyone freaks out like guYS thIS is SO FReaKINg CRazY
  • ofc theres a guy from a record label there watching and hes like in love (who wouldnt be) and so he approaches neil and nicky on their way out and is like “i wanna have you guys come into the studio so we can see if well be a good fit together.” and nickys legit almost fainted at this point and physically can not speak so neils just like yuo sure sounds great
  • (nicky just doesnt sleep that night)
  • so they go in and they sign a contract (neils officially their manager) and they agreed to record and album during the offseason
  • dan and matt legit just write songs about each other rip you losers
  • kevin actually decides to help and write some songs but theyre like horrible (no guys! i told you its not about exy jeez!)
  • no he actually writes a couple good ones about the foxes and theyre hella cute
  • renee and andrew have the best songs that are like just so emotional and heart breaking and everyone expected that from renee but anDREw????
  • so they recored their album and its a huge hit and like everyone buys its and theyre all just so cute and they have a hUUggGGE celebration (nicky smol son)
  • the next off season they go on tour
  • just imagine them on tour
  • i dont think i have enough words to describe the foxes all squished together on a tour bus being cute af
  • im just gonna leave this here
  • imagine the tour















Imagine: Basketball


Could you do an imagine where your crush is a basketball player? Whatever you wanna do with that is all up to you cause you’re an amazing writer. Thanks so much love!!!

Hiya I was wondering if u could do an imagine where he leaves you at basketball game w/ his bby sister to hang out with his friends. Then his mom come to pik u guys up and he sits in the back w/ u and its cute and cuddly. And very fluffy. Thanks lovely ❤️ xxx

quick note: I keep getting requests for a basketball related imagine, these are my two most recent one so I hope this is okay. Also i don’t know much about basketball because we don’t really play it in the Uk so most of this knowledge is from High School Musical hahah

C/s/n: Crush’s sisters name

F/n: Friends Name


“I’ve gotta go on now,” Y/c/n said, letting go of your hand.

“Good luck!” His little sister beamed, hugging her brother.

“Make sure you stay with Y/n okay?" 

"I will,” She said, grasping your hand tightly.

“I’ll look after her,” You said, reassuring Y/c/n.

“I know you will.” He said, kissing your cheek quickly before hugging you and walking off to the rest of his team. Today was Y/c/n’s basketball match, you didn’t know much about the sport but you gathered it was an important game and nearly all of the seats were filled with friends and family from both teams. With Y/c/n’s sister still grasping your hand tightly, you made your way up the steps. A few rows from the front you saw a bunch of your friends and standing together, they were all laughing and waving banners. You squeezed past two woman who you presumed were parents and tapped your friend on the shoulder.

“Y/n!” She smiled giving you a hug, “I’ve been looking out for you! When did you get here?”

“Only a few minutes ago, we’ve been with Y/c/n.” Your friends eyes wandered down to Y/c/n’s sister and smiled.

“Hey sweetie, whats you name?” Your friend said, crouching down to speak to the six year old.

“C/s/n.” She said quietly, gripping you hand tighter.

“I’m F/n, it’s nice to meet you.” F/n stood back up, “She’s so adorable.”

“I know,” You said. 


The game had gone really well. Y/c/n’s team won by quite a lot and each time they scored the crowd went crazy. You spent most of the game with C/s/n on your shoulders, in the first five minutes she insisted that she couldn’t see anything. F/n helped her climb onto your shoulders and she stayed up there for over an hour. You didn’t mind though because she weighed hardly anything and she seemed to be enjoying herself (even if she had messed up your hair). Each time Y/c/n came close your side of the court C/s/n would scream his name and clap her hands. Y/c/n would often look over to wave at her and smile at you. At which point, F/n would get very excited and tell you how cute the two of you were together. When the game ended everything started leaving. You were one of the last left in the giant sports hall which by now, spelt like sweat and sports drinks.

“Can we go?” C/s/n said, tugging at your hand impatiently. 

“In a minute we have to wait for Y/c/n.” In fact, you ended up waiting about 5 minutes for Yc/n. Eventually he came of of the locker rooms, his hair wet and messy from the shower he had just taken. 

“Hey you two,” Y/c/n smiled and opened his arms as C/s/n ran over to him. He dropped his sports bag and grasped her little body tightly, spinning her round before putting her down and tickling her. she giggled as she tried to get away.

“Are you okay?” Y/c/n said, and stopped tickling C/s/n.

“I’m good,” You smiled and went to hug him. He put his arms round you and you breathed out slowly, happy to be with him. You had spent over and hour watching a basketball game, this was something you would have never done before you started going out with Y/c/n. Before, you would have found it the most boring thing in the world, but seeing him on the court made you realise how lucky you were to have him.


an. i’m going to try and upload imagines a bit more so send in some requests. also feel free to ask for advice, it really cheers me up when you guys message me :) i’m feeling a bit crappy at the moment, sorry if this wasn’t all that great xxx