it's a little high school musical

Imagine Your OTP...
  • <p> <b>Person A:</b> This is a big ass teddy bear...<p/><b>Person B:</b> If you say yes next year's will be bigger...<p/><b>Person A:</b> You're serious?<p/><b>Person B:</b> You're the most beautiful little shit.<p/><b>Person C:</b> Jesus Christ...<p/><b>Person A:</b> What if I say no?<p/><b>Person B:</b> I'll fall into a ditch.<p/><b>Person A:</b> If we date I'll push you in a ditch.<p/><b>Person B:</b> As long as it's you I'll allow it.<p/><b>Person A:</b> Why do you want to date me?<p/><b>Person B:</b> I have a list of reasons I need you in my life, the main being both your inner and outer beauty always captives me.<p/><b>Person A:</b> I don't know if I should be flattered or intimated by the big words...<p/><b>Person B:</b> You also know all the words to High School Musical so we can go as Troy and Gabriella for Halloween.<p/><b>Person A:</b> Buy me Burger King and we binge watch Bob's Burgers tonight.<p/><b>Person B:</b> YES!<p/><b>Person C:</b> *coughs*<p/><b>Person B:</b> I mean yeah, cool, totally.<p/></p>

i cant wait to go see the panic at the disco man in kinky boots and hear him sing that one song from kinky boots that the protagonist sings in the second act thats literally just ‘bet on it’ from high school musical two except its about boots and he will be singing it in his weird little panic at the disco man voice this is the worst best time line

heathers the musical: a bad summary (spoiler-free)
  • Beautiful: optimism is pathetic until it works out for you specifically
  • Candy Store: we made you hot now you owe us your life
  • Fight For Me: hot guy comes in and starts beating up jocks more like yes please
  • Freeze Your Brain: i want to kill myself so i drink slushies instead
  • Big Fun: the high school party song, with a little sad for flavor
  • Dead Girl Walking: my social standing just got fucked? guess it's time to go do it with a guy i met like two days ago
  • The Me Inside of Me: two dorks writing a letter supposedly from a dead person. is this like a common theme in musicals or
  • Blue: they're being fuckboys but....... it's a good song
  • Our Love is God: what the actual fuck
  • My Dead Gay Son: this is supposed to be about two dead guys but it's so catchy and kind of adorable?? probably the best song.
  • Seventeen: god dammit JD can you stop being a piece of shit for like four seconds
  • Shine a Light: a good idea in theory. but in practice...
  • Lifeboat: Real Fuckin' Sad
  • Shine a Light (Reprise): Heather what the fUCK
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: Real Fuckin' Sad 2 - electric boogaloo
  • Yo Girl: ghost chorus narrates girl's life in song, she does not appreciate it
  • Meant to be Yours: That's Fucked Up Man
  • Dead Girl Walking (Reprise): yES veronica you go fuckin save your school im so proud of u
  • I Am Damaged: everybody is sad nothing is okay shit's fucked
  • Seventeen (Reprise): nevermind i feel sort of okay with this now
summed up bom songs
  • hello!: you get jesus and you get jesus and you get jesus
  • two by two: getting paired with some annoying kid in middle school
  • hasa digi eebowai: lmao y'all are clueless
  • turn it off: the no homo jam that every musical has ft. not so repressed ginger
  • sal tlay ka siti: requiem from dear evan hansen
  • man up: please don't cry my sweet innocent baby oh wOAH THIS GUITAR RIFF
  • spooky mormon hell dream: sUch a good song oh my god do you have any idea i love it so much oh and homosexuals in hell
  • i believe: actually a little serious and when taken out of context is a pretty good song really it's quite nice and rlly the ending is so cute
  • baptize me: blue from heathers the musical
  • tomorrow is a latter day: the beginning tbh take my tears, i believe is reprised, group songs in high school rehearsal once everyone has memorized the song and the actually good singers are belting, aww the hello! reprise is cute too, hey did i mention that mckinley let's his feelings out (btw that means he's gay)

@neon-ryan i don’t personally ship them since pearl is a high school student, but i think it would be so cute if she had a little crush on sandy and was her most dedicated insta-follower / alt. title ‘in which pearl is me’. i hope its ok!!!

Distraction - Cheryl Blossom

Anonymous said:

cheryl x reader where cher is afraid of falling kn love with the reader so she shuts her out and ignores her and the reader gets hurt and becomes reckless (drinking and going to parties) then cher regrets it and tried to make up for it?? sorry its kinda weird ahaha

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Fear is the greatest motivator. You knew that Cheryl was too afraid to come out and be with you. So your fear of being alone, rejected by the one girl you love, drove to you overcome another fear : the fear of being wild. You had heard all about the cliche high school parties and how much ‘fun’ they were. Drinking, dancing, and music so loud you might burst an eardrum.

Parties weren’t your normal crowd and people knew that. But people also knew, at least a little, about your crush on Cheryl Blossom. Of course you had to fall for the girl that drama and tragedy follows; the girl that was too fearful of being hurt to fall in love. To distract yourself from your new-found heartache, you upped your party attendance from zero to “I’ll be there.”

You got news that tonight the returning members of the football team were hosting a party at Chuck’s house. You never really liked Chuck, since he had become Cheryl’s new play thing; but some part of your envied the boy. You longed to be with Cheryl in anyway, but not being close enough is what destroyed you.

“Now isn’t a good time Y/N,” Cheryl had said desperately, “with everything going on. I can’t find the time to commit and I don’t think that Jason-”

“The time?” You could remember the angry in your veins, the hurt in your heart. “I love you Cheryl, we can make time. I can help you get through all that’s happened. Please just give me a chance.” The look she gave you then stilled the world around you. She just shook her head and walked away and out of  your life.

You shuddered as you walked to the party, still mentally going over your last words with Cheryl. She hadn’t spoken to you since you admitted your feelings. It seemed this was all your thought about now. Just thinking of Cheryl Blossom, the girl who gave you a sorry excuse for why she wouldn’t love you. You shook your head as you kept walking, trying to clear your thoughts. If you couldn’t do it, you knew that a few drinks and insanely loud music could.

Two drinks in and you had almost forgotten all about Cheryl’s rejection. You were swaying to the music mindlessly, trying to completely forget. You felt a hand rest on your hip and warmth on your backside. You turned your head and your smile faded for a moment.

“Chuck,” you hissed, trying to pull away from him. Get away from the hands that had held Cheryl’s head as they kissed at Jughead’s birthday party. But Chuck only laughed.

“You came here to forget right? Y/N the party queen, hopping from one to the next to find some way to wash away the Blossom touch.” You shuddered at the thought of using Chuck to forget; you weren’t that drunk.

“You’re the last person I’d go to,” you said finally managing to get away from him. You wandered into the stranger’s kitchen and poured another drink. You sipped at the liquid, wishing away the images of Cheryl. You glanced around the kitchen, wondering if Cheryl was there.

After a minute of searching, you poured another drink. You walked back to the living room to dance and get lost in the music; but the alcohol had taken effect. You started yelling along with the lyrics, being unlike your normal self. You had moved from the lyrics shouting about how ridiculous love was. People grew quiet as they listened and the music turned down.

“What?! It’s the truth! Love isn’t worth it if the one you love won’t have anything to do with you!” You felt a soft hand wrap around your wrist and pull you away from the center of the crowd. You were far too drunk to fight back and the hand was so warm on your skin. The person lead you outside to the front yard of the house you weren’t sure belonged to.

“What were you doing in there?” You lifted your head and your eyes widened. Cheryl’s brown eyes were glued on you, but full of concern. “Did you mean what you said?” Your felt her hand tighten a little on your wrist. You just stared at her, only questions on your mind.

“What are you doing here?” Cheryl frowned and let go of your wrist, but you caught her hand. You entangled your fingers with hers and you were surprised when she didn’t pull away.

“It’s a party Y/N, I’m here to have fun.” Despite her words, her tone was saddened.

“No, why are you with me? You didn’t want anything to do with me.” Cheryl’s lips fell and she seemed to search for a way to respond. “Why Cher,” you asked, trailing your free hand through her hair. The drinks you had were making you confident.

“Ginger told me about you attending so many parties. I started to worry about you.” You scoffed, but still traced your fingers through her hair.

“You worried about me,” you said quietly. “Seems unlikely. I’m just looking for distraction, from…everything,” you whispered and Cheryl sighed. You looked down at your joined hands, wishing that it could be like this forever.

“I’m sorry, for what I said. There is enough time,” you looked back up and met her eyes. “I just didn’t want to risk hurting you, like Jason was hurt. I’m afraid of someone hurting you like that.” You raised your hand, brushing your fingers across her cheek.

“You hurt me,” you whispered and Cheryl frowned.

“I never meant to, I’m so sorry that I pushed you away. I realized that I did that because I-I-” instead of finishing her sentence, she let go of your hand and cupped your face. She brought your lips to hers and you wondered if she could taste the beer on your lips. It didn’t seem to matter as she kissed you deeper, slipping in tongue into your mouth. Sadly, the passionate kiss lasted only a few moments before the party-goers start to funnel out of the house.

You were catching your breath as Cheryl pulled you over to her car. She opened the door for you and you sat in the passenger seat eagerly. She walked over to the driver seat and started her car. Before she buckled, you leaned over a pressed a kiss to her cheek. She smiled at you and kissed you on the lips once more.

“I realized,” she said as she pulled away a little, “I loved you too. So much Y/N.” You hummed as she pressed kisses on your neck and pulled away from you. “Let me make up for the lost time,” she whispered. You nodded quickly, feeling warmth spread across your whole body.

“Y-Yes,” you mumbled and she smiled. She turned the ignition and the car came to life. She zoomed to her house and lead you inside. You couldn’t help but smile as she did, because loving her was a far better distraction than anything else.

kangaspark  asked:

Omg I absolutely LOVE your Nintendo high school au, peach reminds me of the style that studio killers use in their music videos! It's so cool! Luigi is so cute, Rosie is a queen and samus has been my inspiration since I was a little girl, and the way you draw her all tough n' buff is so inspiring! There aren't a lot of girls like me, (tall, like over 6 feet, blonde, and strong, not soft) so seeing how you draw her is so inspiring! Samus has been my role model for years! Thank you for drawing her

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This means so much to me!! I’ve always loved and been inspired Samus too. I try to draw her they way I always imagined her. I’m happy there are other people who like the way I interpret her. 

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Its a shame.. I really liked your ow art... wish you wouldn't post sh/ima//d/a//c/es/t..

Oh sweetheart, they are brothers, it’s just them standing next to each other my sweet sweet friend, it was a high school musical au from when we were messing around on twitter. Because Ryan and Sharpay are siblings, nothing serious.

But also next time you want to send an artist something like this, please don’t, regardless of context. It’s a little ridiculous. Although I am glad you at least sort of messaged me for clarification (in a way I guess), you could have just unfollowed me without a word and the problem would be solved, okay ?

Thank you ❤️

I didn’t get your name

A/N: Hiya! This is my first fanfic i’m posting on Tumblr… I’m a little nervous but, its now or never I guess! Anyway, Hope You like it! Feedback is Highly appreciated!  I might make other parts to this but it depends.

Warnings: None really? Just cussing. Underage Drinking.

Summary: (Jefferson x Reader) You’re Alexander Hamilton’s little sister (one year younger). He’s a senior in High school, and he FINALLY lets you go to a party with him. You meet some new people, One being Thomas Jefferson. 

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deh is ableist and its honestly very disappointing to see you defend a show that has had little good representation. sincerely, a blind schizophrenic girl

It is not a diverse show, and I have called that out before and called out theatre in general for that (cough DWSA was snubbed cough high school all-white performances of PoC musicals cough few female roles even though women are a larger part of the fan base and more young girls want to be in musical theatre cough) 

I totally agree there that there is little representation. It has one character displaying one set of symptoms of mental illness. I completely agree that this was very little representation, however it really touched me and many others in horrible times. The production worked with the JED Foundation to make sure it was promoting suicide awareness and prevention instead of glorification and triggers (cough 13 Reasons Why cough) 

Obviously the show is not touching and/or depicting all those with mental illness and people have VERY different symptoms depending on disorder or even within the same disorder. I just felt really touched by this show regardless. 

Of course I wish there was more representation, however I felt so much that hadn’t been displayed before for me. The person I was in high school that was horrible and didn’t know who she was and lied to be something she wasn’t. The bully. In Evan Hansen I saw the manipulative loner that I was when I was in high school but there was still hope. I felt like the only way for me to be better was to kill myself and spare everyone the pain of dealing with a piece of shit like me but DEH had hope even for people that didn’t/don’t know how to cope with their mental illness. That was really amazing for me. 

I think that as we move forward, we can encourage better and more representation from our musicals, writing them for ourselves when there are no blind schizophrenic girls in movies, TV, theatre, etc. or supporting the art that gives the representation we deserve. There is soo much to be done and just because Hamilton and Fun Home and DWSA etc existed, doesn’t mean we have diversity in theatre. 

Starmyu Sibling Headcanons

(just the second years. feel free to comment/add!)

Hoshitani - An only child, but has a bunch of little cousins who absolutely adore him.

Nayuki - Two younger sisters (as we know). Also has a baby sister causing havoc in the Nayuki household. This boy never gets a break (but he loves it).

Tsukigami - An older brother (again, as we know). Like Hoshitani, has a bunch of little cousin who adore him. Haruto never became as close to them since he’s often working abroad.

Tengenji - Also an only child. Has incidentally adopted all the younger kids at his theatre as his own.

Kuga - Only child. Often helped take care of Toraishi’s younger sister.

Tatsumi - (Another) only child. Not much extended family, either, so Eigo was the closest person he had to a sibling.

Eigo - Two brothers, one older and one younger. Closer to his younger brother. All three pretty much do their own thing when they’re at home together.

Toraishi - Has two sisters, one older and one younger. They’re all very close; he thinks his older sister is the coolest person in the world, and he positively adores his younger sister. He tries to protect her from “guys like him,” but as both of his sisters have pointed out, he’s not the type of guy they need protection from.

Inumine - Younger siblings just. Everywhere. There’s three of them running around, plus one that can’t run yet, plus a dog, plus Inumine himself. The Inumine household is hectic, to say in the least.

Ugawa - Youngest of four. Two brothers, one sister. He looks up to them a lot, though he would never admit it.

Ageha - Seems like the bratty only child or youngest sibling type, but actually has a baby brother who he adores. They watch musicals together.

Hachiya - Has twin younger siblings, one boy and one girl, who admire Hachiya to the moon and back. He’s just glad they’re not as clumsy as he is.

Kitahara - We know from the character interviews that he has two sisters. Like Toraishi, has one older sister and one younger, though unlike Toraishi, they are all very close in age. Also has a brother who’s older than all three of them. He’s closest to his older sister.

Nanjo - Has an older brother, though they aren’t close. His parents often put his brother on a pedestal, but unlike, say, Haruto, Nanjo’s brother never offered him much encouragement, which is part of the reason for Nanjo’s “likes himself as he is, doesn’t matter too much” attitude.

Movie Review : Lemonade Mouth

So I watched Lemonade Mouth yesterday and I LOVED it. I liked it almost as much as I loved Descendants. It was epic. The story, the songs the moral….everything.

  • I really loved that it was REAL. It wasn’t minor problems or just two rival bands fighting over nothing or over popularity. They were fighting to be heard and taken seriously.
  • The expectations of some parents was displayed too. A lot of times family expects too much from you. Whether it be living up to someone, being the best at a field or anything. I loved that the movie said in clear terms that you are your own person, not anyone else.
  • Another factor about how parents should be proud of their kids no matter what. That’s very important in a society full of expectations.
  • Also the respect of space of someone is important. Charlie liked Mo and sure he wasn’t happy when she rejected him at first but he learnt to accept it and respected Mo’s decision.
  • They didn’t really make any romance the center of the movie which was a BIG relief. Too many movies do that and it ruins the plot.
  • The fact that they didn’t WIN. I found that very important. Not everything in life is about winning. Sometimes you should just give things a go even if you know they won’t turn out great. The experience is what matters.
  • All the problems faced by the kids were real and they were resolved in a very realistic way.
  • All the songs had some sort of positive message. They weren’t about love or peace or any of that. They were about family, friendship and working hard while having fun. They were about self-esteem and being true to yourself (not to mention they were really catchy).
  • It also explores the topic of how in real life arts get pushed to the side when sciences and sports are advanced and pulled forward. It isn’t fair on the people who love them and work for them because arts are just as important.
  • It also says that YOU have a VOICE. You matter. Use your voice to spread good feelings and happiness and not hate and jealousy. Use your powerful voice to fix the wrong in the world.

If this movie had been released last year or the year before that it would have been a sensation. As it was, it was a little bit ahead of its time. I recommend this movie to everyone. This Movie has great songs and amazing meaningful messages just like HSM and Descendants.

It’s very much worth watching.

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There’s a trend I’ve noticed in fiction that I honestly don’t like: When a book or movie is teaching us about values, they always teach us that the most important things in life are friendship and courage and the like. The bad guys are always the big-picture thinkers, the intelligent ones and the ones who value logic over emotion. I feel like these books are telling us that friendship is more important than hard work, and who cares if you have a future as long as you’re a nice person? I don’t think that’s a realistic message to send, to be honest. Intelligence and logic are important, in many ways just as important as friendship and bravery - in some ways, more important. They should be more balanced in fiction, in my opinion.

Keith (2008 film)
  • Keith: I had it all figured out, so I cut out early? Who cares? It's probably a good thing. Life sucks, anyway. Then I met you, and it got weird. And you were so amazing. And I...
  • Natalie: What? What?
  • Keith: I just wanted a little more time. So all in all, I'd say you're the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Goodbye, partner.
  • John Wilkes Booth: When you kill a president, it isn't murder. Murder is a tawdry little crime; it's born of greed, or lust, or liquor. Adulterers and shopkeepers get murdered. But when a president gets killed, when Caesar got killed, he was... Assassinated. And the man who did it-
  • Lee Harvey Oswald: Brutus.
  • John Wilkes Booth: You know his name. Brutus killed Caesar, what, two thousand years ago? And here's a high school dropout with a dollar twenty five an hour job in Dallas, Texas who knows who he was. And they say fame is fleeting.
Brooklyn Baby

Author’s Note: this idea randomly came to mind the other day, i had such a great time writing this. I got inspired to write this after listening to the queen, Lana Del Rey’s song, "Brooklyn Baby.”

Summary: With your history of being close friends to Peter Parker, the two of you reunite one night at a bar. But what he doesn’t know, is that you’re performing there.

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The Avengers could never go through a day whenever boredom came in, so of course the infamous billionaire Tony, had a few tricks up on his sleeve.

“Tony, it’s already 10 at night and you want to go to a bar?” Natasha asked him while she sat on the couch next to Clint.

Tony shrugged, “Oh come on! We did nothing all day, the least we could do is for all of us to have a couple of drinks and forget about life’s problems.”

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