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I was wondering when we would get the obligatory airport pic and voila there it is. Why is he so sweaty?

He’s hot AF and his autonomic nervous system knows it? He’s 6'3" and built like a brick shithouse so his body always runs warm to keep those muscles primed and ready? He’s feeling a telepathic kinship to my underboob area which is currently doin’ its swamp thing thanks to a warm day and a little bit of stress?

wild how someone can look like a physical representation of a gingersnap cookie beside a cup of tea

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I still can't decide if I like James' mullet or not... like it's a pretty horrible haircut on its own but he looked quite badass, idk. It's tearing me apart.

See he had two sort of versions of it. 1994;

And 1995;

I’m much more a fan of the ‘95 look, the shaved off sides then the longer sides but yeah, it’s a look that takes a little bit to warm to it!


Tiny rock pile with tiny backpack and tiny water bottle, for my 3D class. Inspired by my various backpacking adventures, and to some extent Firewatch.

I wish that were real moss, but sadly I both didn’t have the resources to do that and didn’t think of that ahead of time. Buuuuut this was fun so who knows

Materials: Super sculpey, acrylic paint, miniature foliage, clear varnish (because the miniature model water was too expensive)

some victuuri around the world dates no one asked for (as discussed with @instantlymysticalcoffee)


  • victor would literally spoil yuuri okay
  • we’re talking. the most expensive hotel suite complete with roses and a massive balcony
  • they go to dinner one night at this rooftop restaurant overlooking the water
  • the moon is out and its candlelit and there’s a quartet playing over in the background
  • it probably smells like wine and flowers
  • the mood is just so Ideal like i imagine victor is in this nice bright red shirt that makes yuuri weak in the knees
  • victor plucking one of the flowers from the vase on the table and sticking it behind yuuri’s ear, calling him “the most beautiful flower in all of spain”
  • also headcanon that victor is very well-versed in the tango
  • they go tango dancing… oh my god victor telling yuuri to let him take the lead and he just sweeps yuuri across the floor
  • yuuri’s a skater he knows how to move so he just lets his body move with victor’s and theyre hot and sweaty and when they get back to the hotel suite they collapse on the bed and the rest is history


  • it would be rainy as hell right
  • imagine one day they’re leaving a nice little restaurant and its pouring outside but they didnt have any umbrellas so they try to book it back to the hotel room
  • once they get tired they realize they’re still like, several blocks away and the rain is not letting up so they just decide to have fun
  • they start jumping in puddles and splashing each other and its v cute
  • victor probably starts singing “singing in the rain” what a charmer
  • eventually they get back to the hotel, cue cuddles to warm up
  • yuuri probably gets a cold poor kid can u imagine his cute lil sneezes
  • victor wraps him up in tons of blankets and makes him tea and they cuddle on the couch and its v cozy and v nice 


  • they do a lot of shopping around cute old villages in france
  • yuuri’s totally captured by the rich history and beauty of the buildings and victor lets him lead him wherever he desires
  • once they go to montmartre
  • and they pass a man playing accordion on the sidewalk and he’s singing a song and they just watch him for a while
  • yuuri’s looking at some scarves at a booth and he tries one on and asks victor how it looks and the man cries out “monsieur! magnifique!” and yuuri blushes so hard and victor laughs and takes a picture of yuuri and the man because yuuri looks so cute and red but he’s happy
  • yuuri buys the scarf
  • he wears it when they visit the eiffel tower and victor is absentmindedly playing with it when yuuri leans in for the kiss
  • oui oui


  • okay this one is my favorite
  • they go up to finland and stay in one of those hotels where the rooms are outside and have glass ceilings so you can look up and see the northern lights
  • its a really cold night and its snowing a little bit but their room is warm and theyre laying on the bed covered in blankets
  • and they just look straight up and watch the lights
  • yuuri is completely enthralled with how beautiful they are but he looks over at victor and he just has the most enchanted expression
  • the lights are reflecting in his eyes and yuuri just catches his breath bc it doesnt matter how many times he sees him, he is always so floored by how beautiful victor is
  • victor’s just so excited, he keeps looking over at yuuri and laughing and poiting at the sky, he can’t contain how happy he is to be here with yuuri

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Klance for the shipping thing

  • where did they first meet:

the garrison. we all know lance saw keith as his rival but keith didnt even remember meeting him and seemed mildly annoyed when he did finally remember. lance probably sat behind him in class and competed with him, unbeknownst to keith. if lance ever answered a question right in class he would lean forward and mutter hah take that and keith would just be like?? take what what is he talking about and then ignore him. if lance ever beat keith in scoring, he would give keith a smug glare and keith would be completely confused because??who is he and what does he have against me? lance was motivated to beat keith at everything, meanwhile keith was always preoccupied

  • how did their relationship start:

a collection of increasingly intense bonding moments. from butting heads in rivalry to cradling each other in their arms to realizing they make a good team to sharing meaningful smiles after a mission to remembering the others’ touch and missing it when it’s gone until they both realize they love each other and they could die at any moment. lance gives keith the opportunity and keith makes the first move and kisses him. it’s probably really private but as soon as theyre with the other paladins everyone knows something changed.

  • do they ever wear each others’ clothes

only all the time!! even though everyone pretty much knew they were together, keith showing up in lance’s shirt to dinner was confirmation for everyone. keith likes to steal lance’s jacket because its warm and smells like lance and is a little bit big for him but thats what makes it so comfy. lance would never fucking wear keith’s atrocious half jacket but he and keith’s clothes have been mixed beyond distinction, but he knows when he puts keith’s shirt on because it’s a little bit tight for him. he still wears it anyway because he’ll take any opportunity to show off the fact that keith is his boyfriend

  • who apologizes first after an argument

theyre both stubborn as heck hardheads and spend hours into the night arguing with each other, but they handle arguments differently. lance is the type to stay and argue, and hates when keith tries to leave without talking about it because once you walk away, then what? lance is the first to compromise, but he’s the type to be like “I’m sorry you feel this way…but [insert explanation].” keith never apologizes until after the heat is gone and he’s able to think more clearly, and 1000 sorrys get stuck in his throat and he can only choke out a small but emotional sorry. lance already knows.

  • Who sings along to the radio in the car?

LANCE. whether he’s absentmindedly humming along or screaming to adele he’s always. singing. keith suffers from second-hand embarrassment. occasionally keith sings along too, but when lance points it out he clamps shut and turns red, and he wont admit aloud he was enjoying himself

  • Who has the strangest interest?

keith is conspiracy_theorist51 on all the forums he can talk your ear off about every damn conspiracy out there this is not a joke. he has a conspiracy board in his room and a box of files full of the most intricate details. lance doesn’t get it at first but he has to admit keith knows his stuff.

  • Who cries the most at films?

lance cries at every movie. he cried when the toys in toy story 3 all held hands. he cried when the king told ella to kill charles in ella enchanted. he’s just so emotional and cant contain it and they have to keep a box of tissues labeled Movie Night just for lance. keith makes fun of him but at least he gets to cuddle with a soppy lance during every movie.

  • Who worries most when the other is sick/hurt?

lance worries the most because keith is so used to taking care of himself that he never tells anyone when he’s feeling sick. lance gets angry whenever keith lets himself get worse without telling anyone, so keith is slowly learning to rely on others, especially lance.

  • Who steals the blankets at night?

keith steals the blankets and to top it off he has a fking death grip so lance can never get them back. lance ends up clinging to keith for warmth until keith eventually rolls over and lance can steal some back.

  • Who takes the most photos of the other?

lance is the one who takes gratuitous couple selfies but keith is the real winner for taking the most candids of lance without lance knowing. he has an entire album dedicated to lance’s Lance moments, which he cherishes.

  • Who starts a food fight when the other is cooking?

keith but accidentally. he’s not a good cook and would totally accidentally turn on a blender without putting the top on and make a mess of the entire kitchen, including lance. lance naturally has to get him back for it and starts a food war of which neither are the winner, but sloppy gunk-covered laughing messes by the end of it. also lance would definitely offer keith a taste of what he’s cooking only to smear some of the food on keith’s face, prompting another food war

General Ashton Imagine- You Give Birth

I blame this on the new Snooki & Jwoww episode and my overwhelming amount of Ashton feels. It’s kind of long, but once I started writing it I just couldn’t stop. Hopefully it’s not horrible and I apologize for any mistakes. I’m posting this at one o'clock in the morning and didn’t feel like editing it. I hope you enjoy it and send me any requests for imagines, preferably 5sos or 1D. (:



“Babe, I’m gonna go pack the car!” Ashton shouted up the stairs.

You heard the front door open and you waited for the telltale slam, announcing his exit from the house. It didn’t come, however, and you had to bite your lip to keep from laughing, knowing that instead of making two trips like any normal person would, Ashton had just scooped up everything into his muscular arms and carried it out to your awaiting vehicle. You only prayed that he made it to the car in one piece, without tripping or dropping your luggage.

With a small heave, you lifted yourself out of your bed and waddled over to your bedroom door, pausing to slip on your flip flops and the proceeding to make your way down the hallway. You came to a stop outside a closed door and with a slight hesitance, you opened it silently and automatically feeling the wall for the light switch. Locating it, you gently flicked it up and the room was illuminated with a soft glow of the lights overhead.

Your hand rested gently on your belly as you made your way into the soft, pale pink room. Your eyes swiveled here and there, taking in every last detail of the nursery you had painstakingly planned and decorated over the last six months, ensuring that it would be perfect for your little princess who was due to make her appearance into the world within the next eight hours or so, depending on how fast your labor went.

Your daughter was stubborn one already, getting it honestly from her mother, and she was three days over her due date, forcing you to schedule a date at the hospital to be induced. Now that the day had arrived, you were anxious beyond belief, a million thoughts racing through your head, going over every possible situation that could be thrown at you within the next couple of hours.

You were beyond excited to meet your daughter, but at the same time, there was a small part of you that wanted her to stay inside of you for just a little longer. You wanted her to stay safe from the world, tucked inside of you, where you could feel her move and kick within you. Your heart ached a little bit at the thought of not having her there anymore. She had become a part of you and you were beyond terrified of bring her out into the world where you could no longer protect her against every little thing that came along.

You smiled softly at the beautiful white wood crib that was the center piece of the room, running your hands reverently over the cool, polished surface.

You felt a small nudge against your hand and you looked down at your belly and smiled.

“Hey there princess.” You whispered, gently running your fingers across your belly.

You felt tears burn behind your eyes, all the emotions that had been swirling inside of you the past few days were finally overflowing and making their way down your cheeks.

“What I wouldn’t do to keep you in here for a few more days. I’m gonna miss feeling you kick and move and grow inside of me, knowing that you’re safe and happy,” you admitted to your belly, “I’m gonna miss having someone to talk to all the time and I’m gonna miss your daddy rubbing my belly and singing to you at night because you’re keeping mommy up with all of your kicking and moving around in there.”

You smiled tenderly, wiping a few tears away with the hand that wasn’t still stroking your belly, “But I’m so excited to see you and hold you and kiss your tiny little cheeks and count all your little fingers and toes. I’ve been waiting what feels like a life time to meet you and I can’t wait to finally hold you in my arms.”

You felt a small nudge in response and you laughed, giving your belly a gentle pat. Your eyes travelled back to the crib in front of you and you couldn’t believe that the next time you looked inside of it, there would be a small human in there, sleeping and dreaming away.

You felt arms wrap around your waist, gently pulling you into a warm and sturdy chest. Lips softly kissed your hair and you hummed in contentment.

“Car’s all packed,” Ashton told you, his hands running over your belly absent-mindedly, “are you ready to go?”

You nodded, reluctantly pulling out of his arms and letting him take your hand and lead you out of the room. You paused in the doorway, looking over your shoulder one last time at the empty crib across the room. You smiled, butterflies-a mixture of nerves and excitement-fluttering in the pit of your belly. In a matter of hours, that empty crib would no longer empty, it would be holding a little baby girl gently in its soft and warm embrace.


You bit your lip as another contraction ripped its way across your lower stomach, and you clutched the strong hand holding yours tightly. Sweat and tears made their way down the sides of your face, and you failed at keeping a small whimper of pain from crossing your lips.

You had been in labor for over eight hours and the contractions had been getting progressively worse over the last half hour or so. Your epidural had yet to kick in and you were one more contraction away from begging for more drugs.

You had a pretty high pain tolerance, or at least you thought you did, but nothing could’ve prepared you for the pain of child birth. It felt like some was slowly ripping your insides apart with a dull and jagged knife, each cut getting deeper and deeper until you were about ready to scream. You had bitten your lip to the point where you were sure that you could taste the tang of blood. It took all the strength you had in you to not scream at the top of your lungs and the only thing that was making you hold on was the look on Ashton’s face every time he even saw the slightest grimace of pain cross your features.

“You’re doing so well, babe, I’m so proud of you.” he whispered when the contraction was over, the pain fading into a dull throb for now. He kissed your sweaty forehead as you leaned your head back against the pillows.

You gave him a weak smile, giving his hand a small squeeze as a response to his earlier encouragement. You would’ve spoke, but your breath had yet to return to you after that last contraction. They kept getting stronger and stronger and you were beginning to get antsy.

“I want her out of me.” you said, unable to help the small whine that slipped into your voice.

Ashton laughed, rubbing soothing circles on the back of your hand, “I know babe, but trust me, she’ll be here soon and all this pain will be nothing but a memory once we see her.”

You smiled but it soon turned into a cry of pain as the sharp pains returned, this time with an overwhelming feeling of needing to push and push now.

“Ash, I think-“ you whimpered, another pain cutting across your stomach, this one much quicker, but twice as strong as the last one, “-I need to push, think she’s coming.” You panted.

From there it was a flurry of movement.

You heard Ashton shouting for the doctor, you heard the nurses come in along with the doctor. You felt the sheets being removed from your body, pushed up and out of the way. You felt hands gently guide your feet into the stirrups and you briefly heard the doctor command you to push.

You felt a familiar hand join yours and Ashton’s gentle voice in your ear, soothing your frayed nerves and your racing heart, encouraging you stay strong and keep pushing. You focused on his voice, and his hand in yours as you pushed with everything you had in you to bring your baby into the world.

It happened so fast, you barely had any time to register the fact that you felt something move from your lower belly and how weird it was to actually feel that odd sensation, to then feeling nothing at all.

Nothing until-

Your baby’s soft cry filled the room and you felt the tears fill your eyes immediately. You looked up at Ashton to see him him beaming down at you, his hazel eyes bright with pride and shining with tears.

He opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it and you took a moment to revel in the fact that for once in his life, Ashton Irwin was rendered speechless.

Your revelation was cut short, however, when the nurse returned with you’re a baby girl, who was now clean and wrapped snuggly in a pink blanket with a soft white beanie on the top of her head.

“I think someone is anxious to meet you.” she said, smiling as she gently place your baby in your arms.

You cradled her gently, your eyes never once leaving her delicate little face. She looked like a china doll, so small and fragile, her features so petite that they looked to be hand carved. You could see little tufts of hair sticking out from her beanie and you could tell already that she had her dad’s dirty blonde curls. Your eyes took in the shape of her eyes, the exact number of eyelashes brushing against her soft, pink, chubby cheeks. Her little nose wrinkled slightly as she slept and it reminded you so much of Ashton that it made you giggle softly. Her pale pink, pouty lips parted in a small yawn and you couldn’t help the small coo that left your lips.

“God, she’s beautiful.” Ashton whispered, and you took your eyes off of your little girl to see Ashton’s eyes trained on her, absorbing every detail and feature like he wanted to commit them to memory.

You scooted over, fighting back a wince, and cradling your daughter with one arm, you patted the small space beside you and Ashton crawled in the bed next to you, adjusting himself until he was comfortable. Once he was settled, you gently set your daughter into his awaiting arms and you watched as he held her gently against his chest.

You felt such an overwhelming amount of love and warmth wash over you as you watched him interact with your daughter, that it brought tears to your eyes. You never knew you could feel so full of love for one person, let alone two, but yet your heart was threatening to burst at the amount of love you felt for these two. You would do anything to protect them, to love them and make them happy and know that they were safe in the little world that you and Ashton had created.

He looked up at you and the tears you had been holding back, slipped free and ran down your face at the look in his eyes. You could see the pride and happiness and awe and love in those hazel depths and it was all for you, for bringing your little girl into the world.

“I love you both so much and I can’t-“ he shook his head, a laugh of disbelief passing his lips as he looked back down at your daughter, “I can’t believe that we made this little human. She’s so perfect and tiny and cuddly and I just can’t believe that she’s ours.”

You smiled, resting your head on his shoulder, “She is pretty perfect.” You agreed.

He gave you a small smirk, “How could she not be? She has my genes, after all, and I’m pretty beautiful if I do say so myself.”

You shook your head, giggling quietly, “You’re so full of yourself.”

He laughed, giving your forehead a quick kiss, “You didn’t let me finish. She also has the world’s most beautiful, strong, smart, stubborn and caring woman for a mother. Someone I love more than anything on this planet and who I can’t thank enough for carrying this little angel for nine months and bringing her into the world without even screaming once. If she’s got half of your strength and your determination, then she’s gonna be one hell of a kid when she grows up.”

You smiled up at him, wiping away the tears that just wouldn’t stop falling.

“I love you, Ash.” You whispered.

He smiled, leaning down and brushing his lips against yours softly, “And I love you too, Y/N,” he replied, pulling away, “both of you.” he added, gazing back down at your daughter. 


Warm down sketches that were semi-inspired by Monster Hunter 4U since I’ve been playing that game a lot recently….I’m obsessed….I apologize again for the lack of activity. I’ve been out and about a lot and I’m in a bit of an art rut :P