it's a lion phil


“Phil continued to make YouTube videos, he just wouldn’t film below the nipple. He had to keep this secret from everyone.”

one of my submissions for the community fanfic collab for @amazingphil‘s fanfic “the hand”! the top is the full picture, the bottom is what we would see when phil uploaded the video ;0 i hope you enjoy!

This River Is Wild

Title: This River Is Wild 

Length: ~5k

Summary: Phil decides to attend a show put on by the circus traveling through town. When he stumbles across a boy with brown eyes and bruises, he knows he has to do something.

Warnings: cursing, violence/abuse, mentions of alcohol, Dan and Phil are kids for a large majority of the fic (is that a warning? idk)

Author’s Note: will I ever write a normal phanfic again? here’s to hoping. anyway, here’s a oneshot. it was inspired by the song this river is wild by the killers (though the song and the fic aren’t similar at all so idk how that happened. I still ended up putting song lyrics at the end bc I’m a loser) annnnnnd yeah. I don’t really know what this is but I hope you guys like it anyway.

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