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Decode Talker
2+ Effect Monsters
Gains 500 ATK for each monster it points to. When your opponent activates a card or effect that targets a card(s) you control (Quick Effect): You can Tribute 1 monster this card points to; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that card.

Can Be Found In: Starter Deck: Link Strike (YS17-EN041)

Link Monsters are the new group of cards to feature in each players’ Extra Decks, as well a way to weaken most of the powerful setups that dominated the game for several years. Link Monsters are quite unique as they have no DEF to guard against attacks, effects based on the arrows pointing at certain cards, as well alternative methods to be Link Summoned. The addition of the Extra Monster Zone restricted several playing styles, but if the player is able to bring a Link Monster thanks to its arrows they’ll obtain additional slots to summon further creatures from the Extra Deck. Overall, Link Monsters are able to take full dominance of the board depending of where their arrows are pointing at.

“Decode Talker” is the debutant monster of this new series of cards, providing the basics of how Link Monsters work. “Decode Talker” gains 500 ATK for each monster pointed by its arrows, so by staying in the Extra Monster Zone as well facing an opponent’s monster will reach up to 3800 ATK quite easily. If “Decode Talker” isn’t powering itself depending of the cards on the field, instead will allow us to negate an opponent’s targetting effect by tributing a monster that is pointed by an arrow (Not the opponent’s). Overall, “Decode Talker” can become one of the strongest monsters on the board or a powerful option to deal with certain threats, and with an archetype of its own gradually joining the game we might see more of this creature and other potential members in the future.

Since is one of the first Link Monsters to appear in the game, “Decode Talker” doesn’t ask any heavy conditions for its Link Summon. By requiring minimum two Effect Monsters, any Deck is capable to summon “Decode Talker” with simple options. From “Summoner Monk” or “Tour Guide From the Underworld” starting the Duel with two monsters, to late game effects like “Crane Crane” and “Junk Synchron” which are mostly known for other Extra Deck setups, pretty much any build can fit “Decode Talker” in their Extra Deck without any difficulties. An alternative to Link Summon this monster is by using its Link 3, allowing us to use the Link number of other Link Monsters to match his as if were Synchro  Monsters.  "Decode Talker" in particular makes things even easier with the archetype card “Recoded Alive”, allowing us to banish a Link 3 monster in our field or Graveyard to be summoned from the Extra Deck, or even banish itself for this card or other effects to be brought back later on.

The abilities of “Decode Talker” are pretty straightforward and with basic goals. By being brought to one of the two Extra Monster Zones, “Decode Talker” will increase its ATK depending of which monsters are pointed by its arrows. By summoning other monsters (Including using the arrows as additional slots for our Extra Deck summons) and literally facing other monsters, “Decode Talker” shouldn’t have any problems to reach a high ATK to confront any threats on its own. Keep on mind that since Link Monsters don’t have DEF they are unable to be in Defense Position as well be unaffected by cards like “Book of Moon” or “Stumbling”, allowing “Decode Talker” to keep the offense against all sorts of circumstances. Things are even tougher for the opponent with its negation effect, as will allow us to stop any dangerous cards such as “Compulsory Evacuation Device” or “Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer” no matter which turn their effects are used. Obviously tributing a monster of ours might be a tough cost specially as will weaken “Decode Talker” in return, so try to manage your summons properly or use its Link number to summon stronger Link Monsters as soon the chance comes.

As the first of several Link Monsters to come, “Decode Talker” doesn’t provide any complicated summon conditions and effects to work with. By staying in the Extra Monster Zone, “Decode Talker” will get stronger as well survive against all sorts of targetting effects by tributing our monsters pointed by its arrows. The problem is that “Decode Talker” exclusively works in the Extra Monster Zone, as once brought to other zone thanks to other Link Monster’s arrows and/or summoned by a revival effect or a card like “Recoded Alive” its effects will only have the monster in the Extra Monster Zone if placed in front of them. Still, as the starting point of this new group of monsters “Decode Talker” is an efficient Link Monster to obtain some strong pressence by cheap, and with an archetype of its own ready to assist this monster and other possible members it might become a powerful lead for several Decks and strategies.

Personal Rating: A-

+ Gains ATK for each monsters pointed by its arrows
+ Negates targetting effects by tributing a monster of ours pointed by its arrows
+ Very easy to summon including the Trap Card “Recoded Alive”

- Effects only fully work if is in the Extra Monster Zone
- Negation effect can become very expensive
- Its archetype is new and lacking in options for now

Bought Nameless: The One Thing You Must Recall
  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Hmm, I don't feel like going the path of the "Innocent Kid" or the "Cold Jerk Who insults my intelligence" just yet. And since the two I WANT aren't available yet (Red and Tei), I guess I'll play the "Lecher who (probably) shows his redeemable qualities" route.<p/><b>Me:</b> But that's just for lack of options, it's not like I'll like it.<p/><b></b> *Later, after finishing Yuri's route*<p/><b>Me:</b> *in tears* BUT WHAT HAPPENED ON CHRISTMAS? I DEMAND ANSWERS. HE HAD SO MUCH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE THINGS LIKE THIS.<p/></p>
Reasons why PBG has one of the best routes  in Asagao
  • Jared and Mai get together
  • It gives Hana more spunky and individual personality
  • Jared and Mai get together
  • PBG is such a pure cinnamon roll the game notes that he even smells like one
  • Jared and Mai get together
  • despite the lack of options compaired to the other routes, its story is one of the most nerve-wrecking
  • Jared and Mai get together in a hot spring
  • it has one of the most statifying endings with no guilt trips
  • Jared and Mai get together

The saddest thing is that America wanted its system to change so much, it did this. From sheer lack of options. Like a ship led reluctantly to mutiny by its cook, who’s an unconscionable choice but is allowed to handle the ship’s wheel because he “uses a lot of wooden objects and seems to do ok”.

Naturally a large portion of blame is on the Democratic Party — they genuinely preferred a Trump presidency to a Sanders one, because now the gravy train of lobbying donations will roll on for them, and Bernie would have worked against it — but part of it is on you and me, and I want to lay out why I believe that is.

Real talk, we can’t just ridicule and shame people without progressive opinions anymore. It’s too easy. It’s self-defeating. It does not help. Hillary was more qualified, a better person, and lost to the walking embodiment of what is undesirable in humanity. Why? Well, because she didn’t represent a diversion from the political status quo, which is what most people wanted, and because fear is easier to play up than love. But also because of this: we struck a pose and said, ‘I am right’, without explaining it. We offered no inroads into our thought process. We thought being on the right side of history was a self-evident position, and we didn’t debate it with them, lest we’d get our hands dirty. It’s because we shared our opinions only on social media, in our bubbles where we knew they would have a soft landing. You walked a path to become a considerate person, you weren’t born with it. It’s learned from observation and sharing. It’s time to talk to the people who need to be spoken to:

- Your Dad, who lives in poverty but doesn’t think he has more in common with his black neighbours than with the elites in charge. You need to ask him why he thinks that. 

- Your lover who admits they hate Muslims, and it’s a hate propped up not by Fox News but by a personal anecdote. That’s an emotional response you need to coach them through. 

- Your friend who lets slip that she doesn’t want gay people around her new child. You need to find out where that feeling comes from and help her empathise or the cycle will continue. 

You won’t change the mind of the guy bashing up a Latino woman’s car, because change doesn’t work that way. You’ll talk to his co-workers, his mechanic, to the girls he matches with on Tinder, and time will do the rest. Many of us already do do this and come up against a wall, because it’s not always possible to change people. Sometimes we don’t have the means. But at the very least, don’t shame them, don’t tell them they’re stupid or wrong, just — reserving judgment, holding back snark — that you disagree and are ready to explain why.

It’s hard medicine, but you’re going to swallow it or they’re going to elect him again in 4 years. You and I have a duty to debate our position, to ask people about their beliefs, and to help untangle the threads of fear that have now entwined us all.