it's a kink of mine

the other day I was working and what my perpetually single self decided to think up was something along the lines of…

imagine someone you love is waiting for you at home, they can’t wait to see you later when you get off work. throughout the day they send you texts, pictures, snapchats, all detailing how you’re going to be totally wrecked when you get home

*picture of feathers/hairbrushes/etc*

“you’re so getting tickled later”

*snapchat of handcuffs on the bed, or maybe full on X frame restraints*

“I can’t wait to have you all to myself”

*snapchat of nails tapping along a counter top*

“only 2 more hours of work left ;)”

Was stalking through JR’s Instagram and found this picture. All I could think about was how this is literally all the guys I ship Stiles with, like it was a ‘Stiles’ Daddies night out’ or smth


make me choose: memorydragon asked → tony’s arc reactor or steve’s shield


Haikyuu!! ep 1x10, “Yearning.” 

The subtext in this episode is siiick. Someone please write a fic where Kageyama gets unreasonably jealous any time Hinata shows affection towards and/or really admires anyone who isn’t him. And like, he knows he’s being irrational, but he can’t help it, especially when Hinata goes around hugging people and singing their praises and basically not training 100% of his attention on Kageyama. 

And if a fic like this already exists, for the love of kagehina, link it to me. 

King Domistair - Chapter One - The Beginning

(Alistair x Lissa, 852 smut filled words, NSFW)

Warnings/tags: Smut, Shameless Smut, Dom/sub, Consent, Safewords, Spanking, Orgasm Denial ,Orgasm Delay/Denial, Forced Orgasm, Ass Play, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Rimming, Blow Jobs, Forced, Finger Sucking, Vaginal Sex, Vaginal Fingering

The Queen was completely nude on her knees, pale arms stretched behind her back. Each hand grasped the other arm’s elbow. Her breasts were perked up, waiting for her King. Her hair was unpinned, loose blonde curls fell below her shoulders. Blue eyes were closed in anticipation. She was in for it this evening. She had stolen far too many secretive glances at her King, and at one point during the dinner with important dignitaries, she had slipped her hand onto his leg, and squeezed it lightly.

The King responded with a firm grasp on her hand, and a disapproving look of warning. Oh, she knew she was to be punished.

The past ten years as King of Ferelden had been good to Alistair. He proved to be a more than competent leader, and was favored much more than Anora ever had been. His Queen, Lissa, was a noble second in command, and the King had often referred to her with questions. He was assertive and confident, something Lissa was proud to see. Lissa believed she had it in him, he wasn’t just some bumbling fool that Morrigan once thought he was.

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