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why Kat Edison is a Daddy
  • shes tall
  • she’s demanding/bossy
  • literally a boss (director of social media)
  • she hates being told what to do
  • she takes lead in the kissing scenes
  • she can be pretty fucking mean ((“why are you here?” “You should probably leave.” “I can walk you out.”))
  • shes emotional af but hides it all 
  • she would punch anyone that threatens her girl 
  • shes confident 
  • shes hot 
  • shes all about the sex and doesnt do relationships (until adena) 
  • shes got a lot of shmoney to spend on her girl (!!!)
  • shes got that smile/smirk. you know what im talking about 
  • she’s   s c a r e d   of love and needs a soft pretty gf to help her with all of that mushy shit 
  • shes cocky 
  • she tries to act strong/tough and hates feeling vulnerable ((when she texted adena “how did you deal with all those death threats. I’m getting them now. Feels like im unravelling.” changing the feels like I’m unravelling to "…Im getting them now. It’s annoying.“ acting like its no big deal.))  

we all know a daddy acts tough but they’re just really soft on the inside don’t @me and fight me on this. also feel free to add more reason you think kat is a daddy

  • Stiles, fidgeting: I have a confession to make.
  • Derek, eyebrow raise: Okay.
  • Stiles: I’m telekinetic.
  • Derek, earth-quaking sigh: I’ll bite. Show me.
  • Stiles, drops fries & licks fingers: Ok, prepare yourse-
  • *smirking at Derek's jeans*
  • Welp, that worked quicker than anticipated.
  • Derek, growly blushing: That’s not telekinesis, Stiles.
  • Stiles, smirking: Telekinesis...TeleKINKnesis. Semantics. Works for me.

It’s been a month since the saturnz barz video came out and I was thinking about it and I had a thought. Was 2D really going to eat that entire huge ass cake… it was as big as his head. he’s so skinny you can see his ribs. how was he going to eat that entire fucking cake. And if he was hungry why didn’t he get pizza??? cake isn’t very nutritious 2D you should know better

I Didn't Mean To Say That part 1 (mature)

“Oh, daddy!” you call out, your fingers tangled in his hair.

         Oh no.

         Ed, who was moments ago kissing and massaging your bare breasts, stops his movements, “What?”

         “Um…” you don’t know what to say. Ed looks at you with raised eyebrows and wide eyes.

         “Did you just call me daddy?” Ed asks with an odd look on his face.

         You don’t answer and avoid looking him in the eye. How entirety embarrassing is this? In the midst of some very titillating foreplay, (pun intended) you moan the word ‘daddy’. This is the first night you and Ed have had sex since he left for tour and you ruin it by accidentally letting something slip out of your mouth.

         While Ed was gone on tour you were forced to pay more attention to yourself and your needs. While exploring different things that you might like and reading the ‘Sex 101’ section in Cosmopolitan magazine (so sue you), you found that you have a bit of a kink. You were always one of those people who thought calling someone other than your father ‘daddy’ was weird and gross. Then after thinking about it some more, you realized it’s actually kind of sexy sometimes. Now you have a different understanding of it; it’s totally not that weird since you’re not talking to your real dad!

         Okay, you don’t really think you’re helping your case here.

         Ed slowly sits up on his knees in front of you, “I had no idea you were into that sort of thing.”

         “I’m not,” you lie, “I didn’t mean to say it.”

         “Are you sure?” he cracks a goofy grin.

         You eye him suspiciously as he lowers his face closer to yours. Your lips brush, but it’s all a tease. He quickly dips his head and starts kissing your neck instead. Once again, you let out a moan, but refrain from saying the ‘d word’ again.

         “Say it again,” Ed speaks into your neck breathlessly. It gives you chills.

         “What?” you say. You have to say, he completely caught you off guard with that.

         Ed doesn’t reply, but starts to work his way back down to your chest, kneading and sucking. This time you stifle your moans. You don’t want this to be any more awkward than it already is.

         “Say it, babe,” Ed says with a bit more pleading in his voice. He takes his shirt off, leaving him in his jeans and you in your underwear. Ed kisses you deeply and wraps his fingers in your hair before tugging just enough to make you hum into the kiss. His hips slowly start to grind against yours and the friction gets the best of you.

        “Daddy,” you whine, separating your lips from his.

        You can tell it’s turning him on by the way he slightly groans and by the growing bulge in his pants. He gently pushes your hair behind your ear and kisses your lips. You watch as his usually bright blue eyes grow dark with lust.

         “Good girl,” he says in a suddenly husky tone. “But don’t make daddy ask twice next time.”

         You have no idea what you’ve just gotten yourself into, but you think you like it from how fast your heart is racing. If he enjoys this too, this could be a lot of fun.

        You whimper and roll your hips against his again. He groans as you start undoing his pants and helps you get them off the rest of the way, his navy blue boxers being the only thing keeping him from being completely exposed to you.

         “Do you want daddy?” he whispers seductively in your ear and nibbles it. You sigh and nod eagerly. “How badly do you want me?”

         “So bad,” you can barely force your weak voice to say.

         “Let’s see,” he says sneaking his fingers down your underwear. He dips a finger lower until he can feel your wetness.

         “Good,” he purrs. It makes you shudder. “Now let’s get you out of these.”

          You happily oblige and raise your hips to allow him to slide the damp material down your legs.

         “You’re such a good girl for daddy,” he says, also sliding his boxers down his pale legs. You bite your lip and blush. Looking at his fully exposed body gets you going even more, picturing him hovering over you.

         To your confusion, he walks over to the closet and opens the door. He turns around, and in his hand you see three of your scarves. Your eyes travel from the scarves to his face, feeling heat rush through your body when you see the devilish smirk on his face.

         He prowls back over to you, his eyes piercing into yours. He moves his focus to the rest of your body, licking his lips at your figure. That’s always been something he’s done when he’s turned on.

         You shiver when he makes his way to the head of the bed, gently taking your wrists and tying each one to the bedposts with the scarves.

         “We’re trying something new,” Ed purrs in your ear.

         Your legs rub together and your body writhes and begs for Ed to do something, to ravish it. He kisses your neck and sucks lightly. You long to wrap your fingers in his hair. You feel him smirk against your neck when you tug, trying to pull your wrists free from the new contraption. The more it doesn’t work, the more heated the both of you get.

         “What’s the third scarf for?” you ask anxiously.

         He raises his face from your neck and lifts the scarf.

         “This is to make it more fun, darling.”

         Sitting next to you on the bed, he gestures for you to lift your head. You do so and he ties the scarf around your head, allowing you to only see darkness.

         You feel powerless. You guess that’s the point after all. Taking away one sense heightens another. Without your sense of sight, your hearing and touch become more keen.

         “Can you see anything?” Ed asks.

         “No,” you say.

         “I think you’re forgetting something,” he says, running his hand over your stomach and causing you to flinch.

         “No, sir,” you repeat breathlessly.

         “Good girl,” he says.

         You feel him stand from the bed, listening to each footstep until he lands at the foot of the bed. Slowly, he lowers his body onto yours. He starts kissing his way down your body, beginning at your neck. Each kiss leaves a ghost feeling as he moves to the next place. He swirls his tongue around your nipple before kissing down to your naval and stopping right above where you want him the most; there’s no better way to describe the feeling coursing through you than to call it lust.

         His hands land on your calves, pushing them up so that your legs bend. He then puts his hands on your knees, spreading them as wide as they will go. With no warning, he gives you one long, slow lick, stopping at the bundle of nerves hidden in your folds. Your breathing hitches and your hips rock forward.

         He takes this as an invitation to go wild.

        Ed’s tongue makes broad circles around your clit, pausing to suck and poke at it with the tip of his tongue. He laps at the sensitive nub and hums to send small, but direct vibrations through you. You moan and encourage him to go faster and harder.

         “Tell daddy how good he makes you feel,” he says before diving his tongue inside of you, making you squirm and arch your back.

         “So good, daddy,” you call out. “You make me feel so good.”

         He picks up the pace, pushing his tongue against you more, multiplying the pleasure. His tongue continues pulsing in and out while he brings his hand up and starts moving your clit in short, soft circles.

         “Ooh,” slips out of your mouth at the new strong sensation. Every feeling is amplified when you’re blindfolded. Your head falls to the side. You feel yourself getting closer and closer. When you think you couldn’t feel any better, Ed slips a single finger inside of you, stopping his tongue movements.

         “Do you like that, darling?” his thick accent making you wetter. Before you can even think about responding, he lands his tongue feverishly onto your clit.

         “Oh, yes!” you call out. “Yes, daddy, please don’t stop!”

         “Fuck, you taste so sweet,” Ed grunts.

         The more you squirm and beg, the faster Ed’s tongue moves. You feel yourself almost at your peak. You let out a long, breathy moan.

         “Oh, daddy, I’m–”

         As soon as he hears your voice, he stops. He quickly grabs your legs when you try to rub them together to create even the faintest friction. So he leaves you like that; throbbing, whining, begging. You were so close to release you could almost taste it.

         “Please,” you cry, “I’m begging you, don’t stop.”

         “Poor kitten,” he falsely sympathizes. “Don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet.”

         He climbs onto the bed with you, reaching over you to untie your blindfold. The first thing you see when he takes it off is his lips. You lean your head forward to kiss him deeply, taking your own breath away. You see his hand snaking lower, taking himself with it and pumping slowly. He’s so hard. Your hands try to pull free and touch him but it’s no use.

         He settles down between your legs and rubs his tip against your still wet core.

         “Now,” he says, propped up with his left hand and hovering over you. “Daddy’s gonna fuck you senseless and your job is to be as loud as you possibly can. No holding back. Got it?”

         “Yes sir,” you say excitedly…

kink: the feeling you get when you drink cold water


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