it's a horse pun


Happy Birthday @providentially-demonic !

Have some Calders! (I will admit, I haven’t read to much on him because I haven’t had the time to read the fic he’s from YET, but I know he’s a horse man and likes to eat flesh so have this sh*tpost and a lovely b-day!)

BTW, I have the hardest time with horses and after just doing one side portrait of him…I lost my mind, so now with a crap load more memes and puns. Hope dats okay :P

Thanks @arthur-tristan-kingsmen for telling me some details on Calder (looks mainly)! Yah, I planned to make a human version, but I was away from the internet, so I couldn’t see them when I was drawing (ipads are great). Thanks anyways for telling me it’s this goobers bday though and you also have a good day!


Arsenic and Old Horse test animation